Also, it seems that live DVR controls are becoming more ubiquitous for Peacock, which is a major improvement. This has NOTHING to do with the EPL broadcast but with Peacocks original content.

The video quality is outstanding, the way a premier league game should be seen. than the current packages. Check out the TV guide for more info:, This year wont be on E!, Bravo, and Oxygen channel this Sunday. David, NBCSN going away shouldnt affect you, whatever Premier League content used to be there will be moved over to USA, Comcast appears to be positioning USA as more of a sports destination, so if you previously could DVR NBCSN you should also be able record that content on USA.

The people / fans as well, let the greedy buggers know a thing or two by venting their distaste. Obviously, people are not paying attention here and using this one strategic move to suggest that NBC is losing viewership to the EPL. Its entertainment, and it is NOT at the expense of good feedback and analysis of the games. It all reeks a bit of an amateurish approach. First there was Gold and now freakin Peacock! Give it 5 years and you will be able to get reliable 200mbps+ from any mobile phone company, Elon Musk or a traditional wired provider. For now, Americans spend a majority of their TV time watching conventional television rather than streaming video. For those on the West Coast it means having to get up before 7am (or earlier) to watch Sat games, and sometimes before 6am on Sundays. If true, that is interesting. WTF! Its like they do it on purpose so you can have cable. Its been quiet on here about NBCs update to the Gold app. Firstly, download a complimentary copy of The Ultimate Soccer TV And Streaming Guide. Is it just me or is this so cringeworthy? If Schar was more active, if he was facing Pope or jumped up into Pope, then I bet the goal would not have stood. Oh, and all college basketball broadcasts cancelled, because I hate the game and it clutters up the menus on my TiVo. Here in the U.S. a company called DON BEST publishes the official schedules for Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball. I have tried on various occasions of finding a site; if any, that would allow me to watch all of Arsenals games with no success. All this said I will admit and do actually find it odd how NBC/Peacock chooses which matches will be aired live on USA vs Peacock.

$65 gets you the On Demand for all 380 games in addition to the 140 exclusive live games, plus additional football programming fluff (or not fluff if you have no Cable/Sat/IPTV). @Mercator. Not all PL games are live on Peacock, its not a new stick to beat Comcast with and its not a mystery why. I tried the Gold this year, but never had enough discipline to not look up the scores until 9 pm. Even if I was in a house with my own TV, I could not afford to keep adding apps for things I already had on cable. Bingo access to the Prem! I find it very funny that someone would suggest that ESPN and CBS are the only ones who have a chance of getting the EPL simply because they subjectively think NBC is bad. Other than CNBC, USA, Golf Channel, NBC, NBCSN. We have no ability to record such matches. @dave, you are certainly right about the differences in NBCSN/FS2 compared to ESPN that dont make it feasible for those to remain. No other provider comes anywhere near close to that. Yes. Where can I find the Premier League TV channel schedule streaming on peacock. Makes no sense to carry as a CBS Sports exclusive property. What questions do you have for us about the Premier League TV schedule? 1st requirement was High Speed Internet access, only then from any prospective area came the house selection. Signed old disgruntled City fan Rex Hearn. Heres the link for the full Belloni piece that Hans likes: Id suggest Comcast knows full well they have created lots of value around the Premier League, both in the UK with Sky and here in the US with NBC, and I bet Belloni would agree the way they are already positioning the Premier League on peacock is to Comcasts advantage, not to their detriment. Fox has nothing except for the Copa America, MLS, and World Cup. Rex Hearn. $40 gets you 140 mid and lower tier matches or upper tier mid-week games live (and only live). @Michael F. I want all games on streaming, not necessarily a change in the provider.

(or get ESPN+, Hulu & Disney+ for $13.99/mo. Only when I make the trip to the store with cable box in hand. To add to what SteveK just said, and I wont pretend to believe I know for certain who gets the EPL rights beyond 2022, (like some here), but why would the Premier League want to be added to ESPN or CBS lineup that already has most other euro leagues, plus Champions and Europa?? I dont have the vocabulary to describe how awful this is. So if you have an option to go cheaper than a traditional cable company provides like Spectrum, good for you. Any ideas? yuppies just dont get it. Includes: Premier League + 84 Sports Channels.

I can still watch the EPL games I want, but they are not part of my solution. You can subscribe to NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass to access every Arsenal game. With regard to Kartik thinking the overall quality of NBCs coverage of the EPL is slipping: This is incredibly subjective and I personally feel this opinion has no weight at all. Surely after all these years some enterprising fan has collected them in book form to which you may refer. Heres what seems more likely to meI suspect when the PL worked behind the scenes with Comcast to rollover the UK rights deal for another 3 years, with Sky committing to another 4 billion pounds, they also privately agreed to let Comcast keep the US rights as long as they can agree on a fair market value. You should get with the times. Liverpool v. Man. The incompetence is on their part this is clearly an oversight and not a deliberate decision (=incompetence). Is there any news? thank you.) So they were also charging me for that service, feeding to nobody or someone lucky! As s Leicester City fan I was miffed there was no game scheduled so went to their site and see they are scheduled to play Sunday v. Woverhampton. Great, Liverpool on NBCSN the last Sunday. I guess I dont understand all the editorials from you then on it and NBC in general.

But Peacock it is. It still sucks though. The NBC Sports highlights clip link is And Universo isnt running anything special. I noticed that!!! For a ten min halftime show? But I just dont get what NBC are doing with Peacock in the following respects. Interesting to see where rights go around the globe and what effect that has on those global companies bidding for rights on the US. Do they exist? Get real guys, they are trying to attract a broader audience, which is all good for the game in the US. (It did have the Olympics, but just some bits, same with EPL.

Oldsters cant afford all the Comcast and NBCSN is so expensive on its own. jesus fan game nesn bruins I dont expect much from them, and I am actually pleased to see most of the coverage on Peacock. . Most people cant afford to keep paying $4.99 for this app and $4.99 for that app, etc. . And most of you know I dont usually complain on this site, but this is a legitimate complaint I have for this. . I get what theyre doing, trying to drive sign-ups with Peacock, but Id worry theyre going to erode their more casual fanbase and see overall viewing numbers start to drop. What is live on Peacock is a bargain, @Michael F I am waiting to see if you or someone else from customer service can help me get my Peacock refunded . If youre like me, you want to watch all the games and you have to pay the price. According to the listings we have access to, the game isnt being shown on Telemundo or Universo. It did actually sound that you were pointing out I was the incompetent one for not performing the search by team. Make sure that your WiFi connection is excellent (5 bars).

World Soccer Talk is reader-supported and may earn a commission through our partner links. 2. . The problem, Hans, with you continuing to trot out this quote from Matt Belloni: When the epitaph for broadcast television is written, it wont be streaming video that is credited as the killer; itll be the networks inability to adapt to an on-demand ecosystem and co-exist with (and even capitalize on) what streaming does well is that it is taken out of context, hes actually referring to scripted programming, traditional episodic TV shows, in other words, and recognizing their value on streaming platforms. Im glad theyre getting rid of NBCSN, too much chaff, just give me the wheat. Also almost no one really needs gigabit at this point. @Rebecca since Peacock allows multiple streams at the same time your old iPad installation will not prevent you from installing the app from the Apple App store and than being charged again. Do the brave thing everyone and cancel Peacock! If a game is on Peacock originally, the replay is available almost immediately after the game ends. With roughly half of each matchdays games on Peacock, that subscription is essential. The other key provider is Peacock Premium.

Does anyone understand the rationale behind NBC replays on Peacock being delayed until the next day? Can stream that, wont be able to stream NBC. Also, when the League starts up, why not run the words the fans sing across the bottom of the screen. They are charging for Gold and yet MU TV has way better quality, as does Espn Plus. ESPN and CBS are the only ones who have a chance of getting the EPL. Meanwhile, Im spending the afternoon enjoying a proper streaming service in ESPN+. Its impossible to be completely objective when you are not watching all of what the provider offers throughout the match day. So apparently, if you want to watch the reigning EPL champs, you need Peacock at the moment. Search within Peacock for Weekend Preview and Weekend Review and youll find those on demand via Peacock. . Ok Im done, just felt it needed to be said. @greg. Benefits of Peacock include access to the 24/7 Premier League Channel. But technology can change entrenched ways of doing things slowly and then very quickly. Here? The rest are live on Peacock. Thanks again. Not going to pay anything when I already have cable that has NBCSN and NBC, I used to watch every single one that was on those channels, and there were a few on Gold, but I pay enough to my Cox Cable company. Their strategy resembles a pendulum. Chris: thanks for the link. There is no meaningful audience for that, so NBCSN commands $5/year/sub in carriage fees where ESPN commands $100/year/sub in carriage fees . Roger, rewatched the Newcastle goal you are talking about on the Peacock highlights and I think the two situations are different rather than inconsistent. Meanwhile, I have the option of ATT fiber, Google fiber, spectrum, and I still advocate for more competition. I am not sure what on earth you are trying to say here, but the reality is many areas only provide ONE true option for high speed internet to suit their household and/or work-from-home business needs. Not providing the whole story that defines the reality. @Mercator The gigabit internet will come in handy once we finally get our matches in 8k HDR10+ The case for speeds greater than 300mbps is that these are the advertised speeds the actual speeds are usually lower.

However I dont see the Review, Preview and World shows listed on there. Absolutely!! Inertia is very powerful. I love that all soccer fans are so literate. My cable shows Leicester v Burnley on Sat. Are all Premier League teams playing on May 4th and May 12th?


Its another example of them being kind of blind on their UI/UX. Thats right, Comcast. @Ra, do you think theyll add live MotoGP races this spring to Peacock? Even shameless pirates have to pay the Comcast piper unless they live in an area with real high speed internet competition.

It just doesnt make sense to buy a soccer property to drive cable subscriptions in the US.

I blame all three of them because they have cheated a huge number of Premier soccer fans from a great deal of pleasure. The schedule hasnt been finalized yet. 2) They take the world feed for so many matches on Peacock, but cut away abruptly less than 30 seconds after games end. OUTRAGEOUS. Yes Pope had possession for a split second while he was in the air but I suspect VAR thought it was his own actions, his leap and lunge forward, that caused him to then lose the ball as he came down on top of Schar and Tarkowski. Hi David, its been added now. For me, thats Spectrum and there is no other option close to meeting this requirement.

Now, one on Saturday and none on Sunday!? However that may change in 2022. No blockbuster. Also, this is a good read from the Streamable web site: New Figures Reveal a Slower Erosion of Sports Channels When Compared to Non-Sports Channels. I pay for Peacock Premium on my old pad, how do I get to install it on my new one without having to pay twice? I dont understand how this is hard when other platforms can manage it. This is a failure for Peacock. I wont even watch to see them fail, I am indifferent. I can live with one outstanding bill to get my high speed internet from Spectrum.

So I tried again but this time more cautiously opting for the monthly, as my confidence in Peacock ebbed. Finally buy from Amazon an HDMI adapter for your iPad it plugs in where you charge the iPad and then connect the iPad via an HDMI cable to a free HDMI port on your TV. Do you want the shock of being wrongly charged? Wow another crazy comment on here, so these different leagues and associations in different countries should all get together with the U.S. TV and streaming networks, forget out about who is paying more for rights and the networks should forget about their other programming and revenue and they should put it all on one channel and all lose money TO GROW THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! NBC owns the rights and they have tons of streaming channels. You are getting a bargain at $70 for unlimited gigabyte while using their modem.

But NBC needs to put big games on cable TV. These cord cutter hacks are not living in reality.

But apparently you need 1200mbps down if you want 35 up, so I have to get the highest plan for Teams/365 stuff also. For me it looks like from the present setup Comcast/NBC have yet to find a solution to adapt to the on-demand ecosystem and implement what streaming does best. Which lately have been scheduling more marquee profile matches live as you pointed out. On the podcast from a couple of weeks ago, Kartik was very positive about the transfer deadline day coverage, and watched it practically all day long. @Stevek. But if you are paying for it then it should be available wherever you want to watch it. This page continues to be the most reliable and accurate source for Premier League TV schedules in the United States. FA Cup games are available through ESPN, but only through their ESPN+ app ($4.99/month) And finally, the League Cup (Carabao Cup) is also only viewable through the ESPN+ app. Ok ready for this. . . I think you call that extortion!? The Peacock app also suggests like all of Sundays matches at the end of the season will be streamed on Peacock as well. It was rushed to the market because Comcast/NBC was late to the streaming game and the start of the EPL season was upon us. Bookmark this Premier League TV schedule page and return to it often. How many Premier League soccer fans are now screwed out of watching games even when willing to pay additional monthly streaming fees when most games have gone to streaming on Peacock but Peacock owners refuse the App to Amazon Fire Stick and Roku users because Peacock, Amazon, and Roku refuse to come to agreement terms. Like any fan of any team cant quickly figure out when and where their team is being shown. No. As I said, it was fun while it lasted. #MyPLMorning. Wow! Does not inspire confidence. I dont care about this anymore, but know millions more do. Will Arsenal-Liverpool really be on USA Network? ronaldo birthday cristiano 28th cake nesn scored goals them club before portugal nesn