Each of the perks listed above also has an upgraded version.

There are several categories of weapons, and each weapon allows the wielder to use one or more different skills. But sadly, no. You're punished for using a glaive as a melee weapon, when it should be rewarded! Both! This week at Bungie, we seem to have written a short novel about upcoming weapon sandbox changes. For example, Enhanced Kill Clip increases the duration of the Kill Clip buff; Enhanced Thresh increases the amount of super energy you gain from kills; and Enhanced Impulse Amplifier increases the weapons reload stat. I just want to throw it.. Both. This account is already logged in to Trendsmap. If the Glaive executes a kill or other perk trigger, it should immediately execute for the next proper time frame. Especially if I have a smaller magazine, I'd need to reload before I could its ability. Im going to list a lot of possible options below. I think that would make the glaive seem more fun and enticing to use. Honestly, some of the least used perks on swords would be much more popular on glaives. Just about every perk is for the projectiles, but it doesnt feel like the other half of the weapon isnt as important, i think as long as youre getting damage or kills, perks like rampage or frenzy should proc, and if youre taking damage, frenzy should work on the stab part of the glaive. I really wish Glaive melees worked with exotic armor melee perks like Dunemarchers chain lightning. Id say give it x5 Swash when you get a melee kill with the glaive and have the damage apply to both the melee attack and the projectile. Cc trng bt buc c nh du *. Stacks 3x. We have indicated the required level in the list below. Is It Better To Lease Or Buy A Car In Summer 2022? Target gets decapitated when killed with this skill (if possible), has a damage bonus that scales with lost health, Has a range of 3 tiles, inflicts two stacks of 5. Digital Trends Media Group may earn a commission when you buy through links on our sites. Using a glaive should reward MELEE first and foremost. Innate Damage Protection While I know that glaives have a shield that will allow you to get closer to enemies that might otherwise kill you, it sure doesnt last long, and fundamentally, in high level content, its just pure suicide to be in glaive range most of the time. In general, I just want a reason to use the plethora of Warlock melee focused exotic armors that have to date, virtually zero usage outside of patrols. Select the Shape option to begin crafting. Reading it I would expect it to do both. PvE melee damage for glaives aren't as great. Originally classed as a polearm type, Bungie adopted the original design and combined the sci-fi aspect with a weapon from the Middle Ages. The biggest thing that annoys me of glaives is the inconsistency of what-works-with-ranged and what-works-with-melee. No Reloads This may be a rather wild suggestion, but maybe we justdont have to reload the glaive? Though I think surrounded and frenzy at least should work with the melee, I'm very new to D2 and destiny as a whole.

It has played a part in the player's build, simply because of the artifact mods of Season 16. Swords have always had this issue to a certain extent, but swords are also heavies and not trying to compete with fusions, snipers and shotguns. I do not expect all these suggestions to be used at once, as stacking them all together would probably make glaives OP pretty quickly, but these are the kinds of things Ive noticed when using glaives that I really would like to see changed. Id be fine taking away power from projectiles or maybe shields themselves if melee hits actually mattered on glaives. if i use a glaive, i'm using for it's true purpose, melee. This will usually trigger off melee damage or kills. Unstoppable Glaive mods alongside Suppressing Glaives have made the weapon type somewhat useful yet pretty weak overall. The glasses, to me, gave off the impression of high melee damage. I feel that glaive melees should be able to ACTIVATE and BENEFIT FROM most if not all damage perks. The Glaive damage for both the melee and projectile is pretty ass right now. If you need a refresher on weapon crafting, you can read up on it in our weapon crafting guide. Next, simply put if an effect would trigger or affect normal melees then it should work on the Glaive. Personally I seen the vidoc at beginning of season and glaives feel underwhelming. I just want winters guile to work with the glaive melee.

Unless stated differently, each skill deals the listed damage vs. HP, against armor it deals that damage modified by the armor effectiveness.

Other comments here point out other lack-of-interactions, Any perk that triggers on a melee hit or kill should trigger with a glaive melee.

While they occupy a strange space as both projectile and melee weapons (sort of shared by caster frame swords), melee perks not proc'ing of of what looks and feels like a melee kill is confusing and doesn't feel very good. A few other combinations of benefits to consider: As of this writing, Glaives arent great in PvP, but they can be fun to use. My thoughts are damage perks working on ~50% of attacks feels underwhelming.

As you use this weapon it will gain XP and level up, unlocking more and stronger perks. Enhanced perks are almost always worth aiming for, but arent required. In this Fate 2 guide, we will see how to get the first sword you have access to, The riddleand what are the benefits to consider in both PvE and PvP. Glaives are relatively new to the Destiny 2 sandbox, where the weapon type is loosely based on a player's approach to melee combat from a safe range. Swash, unrelenting, kill clip, etc. I'm just not sure why the void part of it doesn't transfer to the Melee, it makes sense, Seems like a common point of confusion is the disconnect of the projectile vs the melee. Ideally both, but if melee gaining damage is an issue, I'd settle for just being able to proc Swashbuckler with the melee, and damage only applying for the shot. Swash and Rampage damage should apply on melee attacks, same for other damage perks like Surrounded and Frenzy. Basically I put all the effort in to get an exotic glaive and I feel I'm barely able to use its ability.

Shape the weapon. Just feels off when you see this bladed weapon, and yet only a handful of the perks actually interact with the "blade" part. It seems unintuitive that glaive melee doesnt proc exotic perks like necrotic and winters guile. i just want glaive melees to proc unrelenting, I want to throw my glaive, I know it could fuck the weapon system, or not be worth it wit the dps/losing a weapon, nor be easy tu justify loosing a weapon and having to recover it. i want to kill a major knight with far fewer melee hits than however many it takes right now. Therefore, Glaive in Destiny 2 does melee attacks without consuming any ammo, which counts as kinetic damage.

Another general thought is that given the melee of the glaive doesn't count as elemental damage, it doesn't work with Orb Generation, and Elemental Well mods and stuff like that, Good to see the team taking feedback on this!

Lu tn ca ti, email, v trang web trong trnh duyt ny cho ln bnh lun k tip ca ti. Moves next to target, ignores zone of control, scales with current. How to get The Enigma You earn and can craft The Enigma after the first mission of The Witch Queen campaign. Highlight the purple box to the far right, and either hold click or long-press your selection button. It's just not very intuitive. so clearly that applies to the melee swipe. And speaking of suppressing glaive, that mod is going away at the end of the season, which is going to make glaives even less viable than before. it feels weird when it doesnt. Really fun otherwise.

Not ideal. These are the blue circles, and provide bonuses to the Glaives capabilities. Perhaps less than on projectile shots, but something. The changes are as follows: Destiny 2 Season 17 is scheduled to release on May 24, as the community gets ready for this season's Guardian Games on May 3. Your subscription allows access for one user. So you could get a melee kill, then reload and fire off a few empowered kill clip shots. unstoppable force becomes a great option if you plan to use a more defensive playstyle in PvP and take advantage of the glaives shield. Email ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. I think that the focus on Glaive perks should be the melee part, and not the shooting part, thats all. As you progress, there are exotic Glaives specific to each Guardian Class, and another universal Glaive called Lubraes Ruin. Swash should probably be replaced with adrenaline junkie, maybe tune damage down slightly, but all dmaage perks should apply to the glaive. Id just like to see more incentive to use the melee/more perks built around or tuned to it because right now it feels like an afterthought. Also hit detection with the projectile in PVP is extremely wishy washy.

The Forbes Worlds Most Influential CMOs List: 2022, Todays Quordle Clues And Answers For Friday, July 22, Todays Wordle #398 Hint And Answer: Friday, July 22nd Word Of The Day, Todays Heardle Answer And Clues For Friday, July 22, Naughty Dog Shows Off More Gorgeous The Last Of Us: Part I PS5 Remake Footage, Confirms A Bunch Of New Features. Most of the perks on the glaive don't proc unless it's the projectile getting the hit or the kill. Can we have the exotic glaives get a separate charge system for their unique trait? Just make the Glaive attack elemental so we can actually pair it with certain perks/armor pieces. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. This is not applicable against bosses or vehicles, Reduced energy drain speed while shielded by 30%, Projectiles got an additional buff where 0 stat increases speed from 30 to 60 m/s and 100 stat from 80 to 100 m/s, Titan Glaive: Edge of Action will grant players a Void overshield while inside the bubble Helm of Saint-14 will apply to this bubble alongside Ward of Dawn, Warlock Glaive: Edge of Intent will have its speed and acceleration of healing turret projectiles increased, Hunter Glaive: Edge of Concurrence will have the damage of wave explosions tripled, alongside the number of chained enemies from 4 to 8. You are able to assign four perks to this weapon. PvE perks and rolls to consider A good PvE version of The Enigma glaive in Destiny 2s crafting menuImage: Bungie via Polygon While glaives do have their place in PvE, overall they are being carried by the seasonal Artifact Mods like Suppressing Glaive and Unstoppable Glaive (meaning they might not perform as well after May 24). I personally find it rather confusing what does and doesn't work for the melee, for example echo of leeching works to get healing off of melee kills, but something like syntoceps doesn't work with the glaive melee. Wielding a glaive should possibly give you some sort of baseline damage protection so youre not going to be instantly blown up the second you try to go whack something. Just go all in on the melee. The launch of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, has introduced a slew of new mechanics, abilities, and weapons to the Destiny universe.

The former trio is earned by completing quests on the Evidence Board on Mars, the latter is a reward from the Vow of the Disciple raid. i want the damage boost to apply to the melee. A good PvE version of The Enigma glaive in Destiny 2s crafting menu. According to Bungie, their main intention for the perks on Glaives is to have something for activation. A void Glaive melee kill should count as a void kill. Rampage or swash should proc immediately if the player is juggling the interplay properly, Honestly I think my issue is that the melee doesnt feel like anything special. The main problem with them is that they all feel the same. The campaign walks you through this process, guiding you through the new weapon crafting system via a in-depth tutorial. Glaives have been a part of the game's sandbox since the start of The Witch Queen. Glaive melee give x5 swash for projectile and glaive melee. A few other perk combinations to consider: Lightweight Emitter, Light Mag, Impulse Amplifier, and Unrelenting Low-Impedance Windings, Light Mag, Grave Robber, and Unstoppable Force PvP perks and rolls to consider. These are the two most impactful stats on the Glaive at this time. In high-end content, they can fall behind their special weapon counterparts, though there are times when the utility of the glaive shield can really shine. Steven Yeun 100% Rules Out Returning To The Walking Dead For Any Reason, Resident Evil Season 2 On Netflix Feels Increasingly Unlikely To Happen, A First Look At Adventures In Rokugan For Dungeons & Dragons. Heres our baseline recommendation for a PvP glaive: Haft: Auxiliary Reserves (shield duration) or Ballistic Tuning (range), Magazine: Light Mag (reload/range) or Swap Mag (swap speed), Perk 2: Kill Clip If Impulse Amplifier becomes less impactful after the projectile speed buff coming in Season 17, Threat Detector would be a great option to increase your handling, reload, and stability when near enemies. PwC Cloud and Digital Transformation BrandVoice, 4 Steps To Help Your Kids Build Smart Money Habits, How To Earn Cash Rewards For Everyday Spending. Glaive seemed like it could be that reason. Melee Energy If we are keeping the shield and energy generation system, the glaive should gain at least some amount of energy on melee hits and kills. (1/2). They're not intuitive when 1/2. Id expect that all buffs would apply both equally, but some do, some dont, some only to one so in the end its really confusing figuring out rolls with them. Suppressing Glaive does make shooting with it worthwhile for me, but I'd honestly rather I could just go wild with a spear. All come with a standard and more powerful Enhanced version, which can be equipped as your Glaive level increases. So in Swash's case, one kill would grant Swash x1, and the dmg increase would also apply to the melee. Battle Brothers Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Few of these are as versatile and useful as the Glaive. The changes coming in Season 17 are as follows: Aside from the Legendary Glaives, Exotics will be getting a whole lot of buffs next season as well. Graverobber should work exactly the same as it does now but it should be renamed when it's on glaives to glaiverobber, I think glaive projectiles triggering melee perks like Sealed Ahamkara Grasps is a bit OP, but I think it should work with the melee attack with the glaives And with something like swashbuckler, i think a glaive melee kill should give 5x instantly, and apply the buff to both. For now it seems like it doesn't count as either, the only thing the melee procs is grave robber it seems. However, weapon damage buffs such as Rampage and Kill Clip should not benefit from Glaive melee kills. Appreciate asking for clarification. Personally I think it causes confusion on what the Glaive melee really counts as (a melee or a weapon attack), and I'd actually prefer the latter. Exotic armor melee perks should also work with glaive melees intentionally. Destiny 2 is about to drop a big sandbox patch on us for next season, with some notes to come next week during the TWAB, and hopefully theres going to be something in there about glaives, and how theyre getting buffed, because theyre already actually been nerfed at least once this season with changes to suppressing glaive. Melee attacks should also charge the shield Imo. Image: Bungie via Polygon At the time of this writing, Glaives are not great in PvP but they can be fun to use. For being a melee weapon it doesnt trigger a lot of melee based perks. Next season, while there won't be any mods that might go into collaboration with the Glaives, Bungie is looking to make them useful on their own. For tactical use of some weapon types, visit the section page.For more information about a certain weapon, visit the corresponding page. More information about Destiny 2 Guide: best crafted perks for The Enigma Legendary glaive. If you need a refresher on crafting weapons, you can read it in our weapon crafting guide. These badly need to be streamlined and lean toward being OP rather than absurdly underpowered and illogical to use or waste an exotic slot on. Seeking clarification on glaive feedback. But it's gotta be one. Maybe a future perk? Its a weapon every Guardian will want in their arsenal.

Unstoppable Force becomes a great option if you plan on using a more defensive playstyle in PvP and taking advantage of the glaives shield. The Enigma isnt the only Glaive. Just saying, I am hoping we see a big glaive buff section in the patch preview next week. The ranged attack of a glaive should be the secondary option. 2 main things The internal lock out timers for Glaives need to be removed, like I should be able to shoot then melee without have to wait. I unlocked Feeding Frenzy on my Glaive and then added Thresh THINKING I could proc FF with the melee hits therefore giving me a faster reload and more damage for the shot. In higher-end content, they can fall behind their special weapon counterparts, though there are times where the glaives shield utility can really shine. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. So yes, glaive melee kills should proc perks.

Its a fundamental part of the glaive, and it wouldnt negatively impact PvP to have the melee effected by things like vorpal and swash. Not a perk/trait feedback bit, but I would like to see the glaive gain shield power from melee attacks (at a reduced amount) vs only from projectile kills. Make some of the perks actually work with melee, or add new ones. Remember the shield goes down when you melee attacks so I dont see why melee attacks shouldnt get the benefits from perks like rampage or frenzy. Since the melee is free, I think it's difficult to balance extra damage for that. For swords, it's a great perk for getting into a tough mob and cleaving things through. Given the aggressive playstyle required, I don't think it would be OP for the melee to proc and benefit from damage perks. Like I am still using the weapon getting kills why isnt the glaive melee kills not generating orbs. Swash is in a weird place because reasonably you could let it work its way up from x1 as if its a weapon attack, except bc glaive melees are considered meleesdoing this would mean you have to rework the perk entirely for glaives. Melee kills can proc frenzy but the melee doesn't benefit from frenzy being active I believe. Rampage, Frenzy, etc all need to work. The weekly TWAB (This Week at Bungie) consists of around 8,000 words that talk about tweaks and tuning in archetypes, weapon types, and perks. Just treat glaive melee like you would a sword light attack. This weapon combines fast-flowing melee strikes with powerful long-range attacks and a lifesaving shield ability. I expected Subsistence to function with melee kills.

Concept drawings of some in-game melee weapons. Id love for swashbuckler to affect the damage of a glaive but I do understand that might be somewhat nuts. Ive heard melees counting towards charge but to a smaller degree than the charged shot. Here are all the perks you can put on The Enigma. The campaign guides you through this process, taking you through the new weapon crafting system via an in-depth tutorial. Once the Glaive reaches level three you can upgrade the Intrinsic at a cost of 40,000 glimmer, 12 Enhancement Cores, and 20 Resonant Alloy. Both, tbh. The latter would make more sense imo. These are the two most impactful stats on the Glaive right now. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. I just really want the glaive melee to proc and scale with Winter's guile. Id like to see perks like rampage and the likes buff the melee damage of the glaive, Id also like to see exotic armour perks that are triggered by melee kill work with the glaive too. So, how to buff glaives? Bungie teases weapon changes for Destiny 2 Season 17, How to get the Nightmare Harvester artifact in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted, Glaive shield grants 97.5% damage resistance in PvE, with 75% in PvP, Increased damage in melee vs PvE enemies by 25%. Like sure damage might go crazy but its close range. Only thing that warrants their use are Seasonal mods. you got this question Chief! As one would expect from a bladed pole-arm, it is very strong in melee combat. Ignores the defense bonus of shields, will make 3 separate strikes for 1/3 of the weapon's damage each. Surrounded was the big letdown for me.

Another combination of benefits to consider would be: Image: Bungie via Polygon The glaive is Destiny 2s newest weapon type. Enhanced perks increase either the duration of the perk, the effectiveness of the perk, or a weapon stat. You cant miss it. For Swash in particular, I feel like a melee is a melee and should proc, even if it's the Glaive melee, and especially because the Glaive melee *overwrites your melee*. Shooting to activate the exotic perks, even after the cost reduction, just feels bad and not what an exotic should feel like - a passive charge would've sufficed. But some part of that was with boosts like suppressing glaive to make it more useful, and I have yet to use any of the other four glaives in any meaningful capacity because the exotics are excruciatingly bad and Lubraes Ruin cant roll Impulse Amplifier. Melee Damage Perks It remains pretty counterintuitive that so many damage perks do not apply to actual glaive melee damage. Otherwise were going to see a whole lot of glaives go straight in the bin as soon as next season rolls around. Rampage only activating on the projectile was a shitty thing to learn when I reshaped with that perk.

Subscribe to my free weekly content round-up newsletter, God Rolls. Another example is frenzy. First, play through the introductory mission, The Arrival. Yeah perks like rampage for example should proc on melee kills not just projectile kills. You may opt-out by. Will The OnePlus 10T Emerge As A Top-Tier Gaming Phone? While I have had a lot of fun with my glaive since Destiny 2 made me craft it during the Witch Queen campaign, I cannot dispute that A) really only one glaive is even sort of okay, The Enigma, and B) glaives are not endgame viable, or at least not remotely better than their alternatives. Glaive melee not working with the orb generating mods. Be the first one to comment on this story. Here is our basic recommendation for a PvP glaive: Yes pulse amplifier becomes less impactful after the projectile speed buff coming in season 17, Threat detector would be a great option for increasing your maneuverability, reloading, and stability around enemies. Look, I think glaives are fun. Not only is it harder to get abilities kills now but normal kills hardly increase the percentage. Perks that give damage bonuses like rampage, frenzy, swash, should apply to the melee attack and ranged hit of the glaive. Melee needs to be triggering damage perks when using the Glaive. I don't care which! I had a blast taking my Enigma through the legendary campaign. I also expected the melee to be elemental and would love if that could be changed. The following article breaks down the changes coming to Glaive, both for Legendary and Exotic. The Exotics All three of these needs more or less top to bottom reworks so they arent three of the worst weapons in the game. In this Destiny 2 guide, well go over how to get the first glaive you have access to, The Enigma, and what perks to consider in both PvE and PvP.

So Swashbuckler TRIGGERING OFF but not BUFFING melee seems consistent? Enhanced perks increase either the duration of the perk, the effectiveness of the perk, or a stat of the weapon. I really hope the Suppressing Glaive Mod becomes a permanent mod! Ikora will assign you a quest called The Relic. Lets Synthoceps . Kill clip and other reloading activated perks work with transversives. Perhaps just on the exotics? I think the charging should activate on melees OR projectiles as well. How to transfer your Destiny 2 account to Steam, Watch Dogs 2 headlines light July lineup for Xbox Game Pass, Breath of the Wild 2: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more, PlayStation VR2: Release date, launch games, price, and more, Monster Hunter Rise: How to unlock all secret Palico support moves in Sunbreak, How to pre-order Modern Warfare II: retailers, editions, and bonuses, Peacocks Vampire Academy unveils first trailer at SDCC 2022, Best Microsoft Office deals for July 2022, Disney+ shares first look at National Treasure: Edge of History, Best laptop deals: Get a portable workhorse from $98 today, Clayface and Man-Bat should get the Joker movie treatment, The best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cases and covers for 2022, Teen Wolf: The Movie trailer teases a new evil in Beacon Hills, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer debuts at SDCC 2022, How to make and edit playlists in Spotify, Twitch now lets streamers share info on banned users, Instagram continues its TikTok makeover, will convert all videos to Reels. Pick up my sci-fi novels the Herokiller series and The Earthborn Trilogy. Like, I have a VOID Glaive but my melees with it are Kinetic? With the lunge range and weapon damage already being applied to the weapon type, Bungie had to be very careful not to overdo anything while applying any changes. It hits hard, similar to a sword, and can perform short combinations to unleash multiple attacks in quick succession. The sword is Fate 2it is newest type of weapon. Heres our baseline recommendation for a PvE glaive: Haft: Lightweight Emitter (reload) or Ballistic Tuning (range), Perk 2: Frenzy Grave Robber is another good option for the first perk row, as it reloads your weapon from your ammo reserves when you get melee kills, including melee attacks with the Glaive. Personally, Damage dealing perks, Rampage, Swash, Adrenaline, Vorpal etc should just count for melee just how shooting would with the 1 stack + 1 stack after every kill. Weve denoted the required level in the list below. Projectile Speed Enhanced Impulse Amplifier on The Enigma is the only reason I really use that thing at all, as glaive projectiles feel terrible without it. Charging energy, then reloading, then mode switching, then shooting a shot to activate a singular exotic perk is goofy and feels terrible. both. Its not clear what does and doesnt work and its a pain point for sure.

We've seen some feedback items of "Perks should trigger on glaive melees", Stats are based upon replies and quotes of this tweet. However, one of the crucial points of discussion was the change in Glaives. Enhanced Perks are almost always worth aiming for, but arent mandatory. On contest/GM you just die at that range without cover. The Glaive sits in your secondary weapon slot and is extremely useful.

If you require access for more users, you can create additional subscriptions. Is Destiny 2: The Witch Queen a good intro for newbies?

i think having them apply after a 3 consecutive hit combo is a good tradeoff. Keep in mind the weapon must be unequipped to be re-shapeable. Another perk combination to consider using would be: Auxiliary Reserves, Light Mag, Threat Detector, Unstoppable Force, #Destiny #Guide #crafted #perks #Enigma #Legendary #glaive, Email ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. Thats a lot of forced(yeah you can skip it technically) Crucible. Either way I can build around it. You can return to the Relic at any time to change the Intrinsic and Perks assigned to your Glaive by selecting the Reshape option from the Relics menu. Ideally melee would also get the buffs. It should benefit from all perks, it should match the damage type of the glaive (right now they're kinetic which is cringe), proc volatile, swing faster with frenzy, do more damage with vorpal/surrounded, etc. Anything that increases weapon dmg should benefit the glaive melee. A hit to the head with any weapon causes 50% additional damage to HP, but not to the armor. Since these weapons can be crafted, you will first need to unlock perks by leveling up your weapon (using it in combat and in activities). Frenzy and Rampage should be boosting the damage of not just the projectile, but the actual melee damage the glaive does, which is not currently the case. Reloading a melee weapon seems fundamentally stupid in the first place, and we dont do it with swords, so why glaives?

2022 Forbes Media LLC. Right now, that is flipped. , Would love for melee kills with glave to provide the benefits.

That feels bad. I think its a little awkward if it doesnt. Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour: Can Oddish be Shiny? If youre building The Enigma for PvP, youll want to specify range, or shield duration, or a balance of the two. When glaives were revealed, I was honestly hoping for a sort of longer range sword that we could carry in the special slot. Perks are divided into Hafts, Magazines, and Traits: There are two slots for traits, each with a different set of options. i rolled vorpal on my lubraes ruin and i can feel it does more damage than my enigma. I would say, have it either count as melee for anything that interacts with melee (like swash or Synthoceps), or have it count as weapon damage (so kill clip would buff it). Im sure you could provide the feedback they looking for. While glaives have their place in PvE, by and large they are carried by seasonal artifact mods like Suppressing Glaive and Unstoppable Glaive (meaning they might not work as well after May 24). You can not miss it. As of this writing, you dont unlock enhanced perks permanently, so test out the normal perks first to see if you like them, then consider upgrading to their enhanced versions. Hits both head and body for additional damage.