Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction "uniqueID": "200514149", Competitive Pricing. A 12 volt power supply and electronic signal are supplied from the tow vehicle. WITH THE WHEEL CYLINDER ON TOP, THE PUSH ROD ON THE WHEEL CYLINDER ALWAYS FACES FORWARD (TOWARD THE TONGUE OF THE TRAILER). Browse name brands such as Kodiak and DEEMAXX. Rotational torque applied to axles during braking shifts the equalizer and applies more weight to rear axle. Trailer brakes also help reduce wear and tear on your trailer and tow vehicle. Vented rotor disc brake assembly with integral hub. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Looking to replace a cargo or horse trailer camper style door? We even offer a best price guarantee on every part we carry, so you know you'll always pay less at Sturdy Built Trailer Parts. All rights reserved. */ "description": [{ Stainless Steel springs "catalogEntryIdentifier": { Add disc or drum brakes to your trailer. If brakes are installed on the front axle, the wheel may skid during braking. "shortDescription": "Dexter Electric Brakes — Pair, 12in., Model# K71-G01-09", "externalIdentifier": { Order today and youll receive same day flat rate shipping. Thenew Vision 2 Observation camera fromFurrionis in a league of its own. EASTERN MARINE ~ Trailer Boating, Fishing, Crab Gear.

Thank You I will shop this sight again in the future. "shortDescription": "Dexter 5-Studded Brake Drum — 10in., Model# 86754", Hydraulic Disc Brakes, (059-937-00) Hydraulic Fitting & Line Kits Instruction Manual, (059-653-00) Brake Shoe Instruction Sheet, (059-A57-00) Retrofit Kit for 6,000-8,000 lbs. Shipping was Fast. n.queue=[];t=b.createElement(e);t.async=!0; "description": [{ "shortDescription": "Dexter 8-Hole Brake Drum — 12in., Model# 56132", "offerPrice": ". Filled with Lucas "Red N' Tacky" Heavy Duty Grease. Shock absorber - damper for the Dico - Titan Model 60 surge brake actuator. "partNumber": "21508" T.l='';T.tags='';T.ct=1;var eet=new Date(),eei=0,eer=0,eea='G-7XTJM93TLW';T.a=function(s,e,c,o){try{if(T.consent&&!T.consent.gtagCanTrackAnalytics)return;if(!eei){eei=1;window.dataLayer=window.dataLayer||[];if(!window.gtag||window.gtag.fake){window.gtag=function(){window.dataLayer.push(arguments)}};window.gtag('config',eea,{groups:'TagRocketErrorTracking',send_page_view:false})};if(!eer){eer=1;T.ct=c;console.error('Tag Rocket: '+s+': '+e,o||'');T.ct=1;gtag('event','app_error',{send_to:eea,scope:s,description:s+' 3.13.0 '+e,message:e,app_version:'3.13.0',tag_rocket_version:'1.72',pagedatetime:eet.toISOString(),datetime:new Date().toISOString(),ua:navigator.userAgent,tags:T.tags,timesinceload:new Date()-eet,environment:'Production'});eer=0}}catch(x){try{gtag('event','app_error',{send_to:eea,scope:'AppErrorError',description:'3.13.0 '+x,message:''+x,app_version:'3.13.0',tag_rocket_version:'1.72',pagedatetime:eet.toISOString(),datetime:new Date().toISOString(),ua:navigator.userAgent,tags:T.tags,timesinceload:new Date()-eet,environment:'Production'});}catch(y){}}} Copyright 2022 Copyright document.write( new Date().getFullYear() ); Sturdy Built Trailer Parts. "externalIdentifier": { var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); Order two per axle. window.KlarnaOnsiteService.push({ eventName: 'refresh-placements' }) We offer both options for your boat, ATV, UTV, PWC, and lawn trailers. Don't mess with replacing brake shoes, wheel cylinders, springs and clips. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script', Modifications to the tow vehicle are minimal and unobtrusive. "catalogEntryIdentifier": { } "shortDescription": "Dexter Replacement "Shoe" Brake Pads — For 12in. Features/Specs: Our customers and providing what they need when they need it is our top priority. Finally, there's the price. Shop for complete foundation brake assemblies that bolt right to the axle flange, new brake drums with or without wheel bearings, brake lines and hydraulic brake actuators. We can ship by the pallet to any B2B or wholesale trailer supply customers that need large quantities delivered by freight! }], Includes left and right master cylinders t.src=v;s=b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0]; "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/215/21504_114x114.jpg", There are nationwide parts shortages and shipping delays on receiving items. Tie Down Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder Kit Use of these items without prior written approval will be considered to be infringing on our trademarks and copyrights and will be dealt with accordingly. etrailer Exclusions apply. Dexter is proud to provide the most extensive line of electric drum, hydraulic drum or hydraulic disc trailer brakes available. "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": { } When selecting trailer brake components for your trailer, consider the weight of trailer fully loaded with all cargo and equipment.

"catalogEntryIdentifier": { Youll want to be sure to adhere to these guidelines. First, we only offer our customers parts that are tough and durable, because trailers have a tough job to do, and weak parts just don't cut it. Select the compare checkbox on at least 2 items to compare. We can provide advice on the different types of backing plates, free backing or uni-servo. Tie Down Single Axle Brake Line Kit "partNumber": "21492" }, The electronic signal is generated by an inertial brake controller of the type typically used with electric trailer brakes. For Use with Aero 7500 Actuator var BCData = {"csrf_token":"4e7f8e74198a550fc3ca55ebcf6f1ff59f0b0a13c82a18eab522fbf8d0078a0e"}; Stainless steel springs complete the package.

Fits Titan 10", 12", 13" wheel cylinders "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": { }], Looking for products near you? Replace the whole mess with 5 bolts with this new backing plate. Panel Mount Battery Charger with Battery Tester - 8 Amps, Decal, "WARNING - 2 5/16" Ball Required. Unique design incorporates shock dampener into master cylinder." Tie Down Stainless Steel Disc Brakes Upgrade Kit - 10" "catalogEntryIdentifier": { "shortDescription": "Dexter Hydraulic Brakes — Pair, 7in., Model# 56127", "partNumber": "22567" As the trailer pushes against the car or truck, the actuator telescopes together and applies force to the master cylinder. TRAILER PARTS SUPERSTORE931 S. Chapel St. Newark, Delaware 19713Sales & Support: 1-800-453-7379. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. {"catalogEntry": { This results in a hydraulic output which is proportional to the braking pressure being applied to the tow vehicle, and results in a totally automatic and regulated operation of the trailer's brakes. Dexter proudly manufactures nearly all brake components and friction materials in Albion, IN.

Copyright (C) 2020 - 2022 Web Site Advantage Capacity, Model# K99-066-00, Dexter Electric Drum Brake Kit Pair, 10in., Model# 56125, Dexter Electric Brakes Pair, 10in., Model# K71-G01-08, Dexter 6-Hole Brake Drum 12in., Model# 86753, Dexter Replacement "Shoes" Brake Pads For 10in. "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": { For Use with Model 60 Actuator Mounting screws included Hydraulic Disc Brakes, (059-511-00) Electric Brake Magnet Replacement Instruction Sheet, (059-A34-00) Hat Style Disc Brake Instruction Sheet, (059-Z01-04) Hydraulic Drum Brake Flush Kit, (059-581-00) Shoe & Lining Kit: 7" x 1 3/4" Dexter Hydraulic Brakes, (059-936-00) Titan 13inch Brake Installation Manual, (059-933-00) Titan 8.5 Inch Drum Brake Instruction Manual, (059-Z00-89) Drum Brake Replacement Shoe Lining Kit, (059-214-00) 10-12K Disc Brake Instruction Sheet, (059-726-00) Brake Assembly Kit: 7", 10" and 12" Electric or Hydraulic Brakes, (059-A35-00) Integral Disc Brake Instruction Sheet, (059-260-00) Shoe & Lining Kit: 10" x 2 1/4" or 12" x 2" Hydraulic Brakes, (059-Z01-14) G4 to G5 Disc Brake Instruction Sheet, (059-043-00) Shoe and Lining Kit 7 x 1.25 Electric Brakes, (059-044-00) Shoe and Lining Kit 10 x 1.5 Electric Brakes, (059-045-00) Shoe and Lining Kit 10 x 2.25 or 12 x 2 NEV-R-ADJUST and Manual Electric Brakes, (059-101-00) Shoe and Lining Kit 12.25 x 3.375, 12.25 x 4 & 12.25 x 5 Hydraulic Brakes, (059-799-00) Brake Caliper Kit for 6,000 lbs. "longDescription": "This pair of Dexter Electric Brakes fit on 2700-lb. window.KlarnaOnsiteService = window.KlarnaOnsiteService || [] Drum for trailers. "description": [{ "longDescription": "The Dexter Replacement "Shoes" Brake Pads for 10in. The foundation to every great Trailer, its Axles! Brake shoes for 10" drum brakes with single servo wheel cylinder. This automatically synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle. Kodiak Dacromet Coated Disc Brake Rotor 8 Lug 13 inch Slip On, Kodiak Dacromet Coated Caliper Bracket for 7,000lb 8 Lug Brake Kits, Kodiak Stainless Steel Caliper Bracket for 7,000lb 8 Lug Disc Brake Kits, Coastal Gear Oil SAE 80W-90 for Oil Bath Trailer Hubs and Drums, Titan Solenoid Cover for Titan Model 60 Trailer Surge Brake Actuators, Single Axle Trailer Brake Line Kit with Flexible Hydraulic Rubber Hoses, Tandem Axle Trailer Brake Line Kit 20ft with Flexible Hydraulic Rubber Hoses Disc or Drum Brakes, Tandem Axle Long 24ft Trailer Brake Line Kit with Flexible Hydraulic Rubber Hoses Disc or Drum, UFP Boat Trailer Disc Brake Caliper DB-35 Zinc Plated Right Hand with Pads, UFP Boat Trailer Disc Brake Caliper DB-35 Zinc Plated Left Hand with Pads, Titan Brake Rite Converter for Ford/Chevy Integral Brake Controller, Titan Brake Rite Plug and Play Electric Over Hydraulic Kit Disc Brakes, Titan Model 10 Solenoid Cover Shield For Surge Brake Actuator, Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 10 inch Single Axle Complete With Demco Model DA70 (7,000lb) Actuator, Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 10 inch Tandem Axle Complete with Demco DA70 (7,000lb) Actuator, Tie Down 9.6 inch Stainless Steel G5 Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 5 Lug, Tie Down 12 inch Stainless Steel G5 Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 6 Lug, Tie Down 9.6 inch Vented Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 5 Lug Aluminum Caliper, Tie Down 12 inch Vented Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 6 Lug Aluminum Caliper, Tie Down Engineering Model 660 E Disc Brake Actuator with Solenoid, Tie Down 9.6 inch Vented Integral Single Axle Disc Brake Kit w/ Actuator, Tie Down 12 inch Vented Integral Single Axle Disc Brake Kit w/ Actuator, Tie Down Engineering Model 850 E Disc Brake Actuator with Solenoid, Tie Down Engineering Vented Rotor Disc Brake Pads For (2) Calipers. "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/293/29304_114x114.jpg", Please try again. "shortDescription": "Dexter Electric Drum Brake Kit — Pair, 10in., Model# 56125",

Champion Trailers Parts and Supply. }, Filler Cap, 1-1.4 - 18 NEF plastic for Model 60 Actuator. to 8,000 lbs. When the operator applies the tow vehicle service brakes, the tow vehicle controller generates an electronic signal in proportion to the inertia change (slowing) of the tow vehicle. The axle which is receiving the retrofit brake components must have: Note: The bearing numbers are etched onto the edge of the bearings. }

"catalogEntryIdentifier": { Fits 10" or 12" xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json'); Easy and convenient turn-wheel latch lets you fit the coupler on this corrosion-resistant, The lockout switch on this hydraulic actuator lets you deactivate your trailer, Driver's-side and passenger's-side hydraulic, Driver's-side and passenger's-side electric, Use this actuator to synchronize your trailer, Marine-grade, driver's-side and passenger's-side hydraulic drum, Vented, marine-grade aluminum electric-hydraulic actuator lets you use your. "uniqueID": "200514150", "catalogEntryIdentifier": { ELECTRIC OVER HYDRAULIC BRAKE SYSTEMS: The electric over hydraulic system is a very adaptable means of supplying robust braking power for a wide range of towing applications. "catalogEntryIdentifier": { "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": {

capacity axles. in the trailer industry. } "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/214/21488_114x114.jpg", "wasPrice": "Reg. "longDescription": "This Dexter 8-Hole Brake Drum fits on 5200 to 7000-lb. Brakes on rear axle are more effective as the equalizers shifts and the rear tires dig in to the pavement. See shipping page for details, HYDRAULIC SURGE DRUM BRAKE KIT INSTALLATION. The most extensive line of brakes and brake accessories available. Foundation Brake assemblies (backing plate, brake shoes & springs) are available in 10" & 12" diameters with the two most common designs being UNI-SERVO and FREE BACKING. w/10 x2-1/4 Hydraulic Free Backing Marine Brakes for 3500 Lbs Axle, 2 Galvanized 10" Hydraulic Marine Trailer Brake Adjusters - 21036 By Libra Ship from US, 6-5.5" Bolt Circle 5,200 lbs. 0978300 Titan Replacement Push Rod for Drum Brakes. It utilizes the inertial differential pressure created between the tow vehicle and the trailer during tow vehicle braking to create a proportional mechanical pressure which is applied to the pushrod of the brake coupler master cylinder. In fact, almost every state has some type of requirement concerning the need for brakes on trailers at or over a certain size. 2 Hydraulic Uni-servo Cylinders for 10"/12" Hydrualic Marine Trailer Brake - 21044, New 10" x 2-1/4" Trailer Hydraulic Free Backing Marine Brake Assembly Pair Set - 21016, Hydraulic Trailer Brake Assemblies - Pair, New 12"x2" Galvanized Hydraulic Marine Trailer Brake Shoes Replacement Kits (2 pairs) - 21034/21043, LIBRA Trailer Hub Drum Kits 5 on 4.5" B.C. Made in USA. Single servo wheel cylinder. 10" freebacking drum trailer brake backing plate for right and left side of trailer. xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');

document.getElementsByTagName("klarna-placement")[0].setAttribute("data-total_amount", product.price.without_tax.value); Brake pads are bonded and fastened with bronze rivets to backing plate. ')};if(T.i)T.j(T.i,function(){T.init()});T.A=T.B('search_query');if(!T.A)T.A=T.B('search_query_adv');T.pageType='category';if(T.A)T.pageType=T.pageType+'_search';if(!T.x){gtag('set','allow_google_signals',!1)};gtag('js',new Date());T.t('SB33',function(){},1);T.q=function(){};T.ts=1}(window,document) "shortDescription": "Dexter Stainless Steel Disc Brake — 9.6in., Model# K71-G00-42", xmlHttp.send('{"store_id":"10075738","timezone_offset":"-5","timestamp":"2022-07-21T22:16:06.37315000Z","visit_id":"dc0d1386-fe53-4930-8eea-6e70193b65c1","channel_id":1}'); It requires no interconnection of any mechanical or electrical components to the tow vehicle (other than the brake coupler itself) to provide totally automatic and proportional operation of the trailer brakes. "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/215/21507_114x114.jpg", }], }, "externalIdentifier": { "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": { If you need the kit with all pieces, use part number DIC-4395100. Brakes are an important part of anything with wheels that hits the road. 'Uni-Servo' brakes have 20% braking power in reverse, therefore they are recommended to be matched with an Actuator that is designed with a 'Back-Up Lock Out' for backing up an incline or over soft ground.

For Use with Model 60 Actuator. } Since there are so many different styles, sizes and types of trailers in use on roadways across the nation, youll find a wide selection of trailer brakes available to make it easier to match your needs. Our catalog includes a variety of trailer brakes that you can trust when you are on the road. "uniqueID": "200514146", Youll also find a variety of bolt patterns and stud setups on the trailer brakes. }, Electric/hydraulic brakes are compatible with tow vehicle ABS. Tie Down 10" Drum Hub "description": [{ "description": [{ Providing top notch customer service is very important to us. Width of shoes are 2 5/16". "catalogEntryIdentifier": { When towing a load, these trailer brakes not only help you meet street legal requirements, but brakes can provide an improved, more controlled ride while also helping you stop safely to keep yourself and your passengers, neighboring drivers on the roadway, and your trailer all out of harms way. "longDescription": "The Dexter Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuator features a corrosion-resistant oversized master cylinder design that provides higher braking pressures for fast and smooth stops. (function () { Right and Left side avalible. capacity axles." !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) All Rights Reserved. 10" Freebacking Trailer Brake Backing Plate, Tie Down Organic Brake Pad Kit for Vented Disc Brakes, Tie Down E-Coat Hydraulic Drum Brake Assembly - 10" - Pair, Tie Down Stainless Steel Disc Brakes "G5" Design, Dico Lever Lock Coupler Repair Kit - Model 60, Dico Master Cylinder Assembly For Model 60 Actuators, Tie Down Stainless Steel Disc Brakes Upgrade Kit - 10". }],

U.S.A." Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Light Duty 600-8K Complete Service Manual (LIT-001-00), Medium Duty 9-15K Complete Service Manual (LIT-006-00). HYDRAULIC DRUM BRAKES & BRAKE PARTS FOR TRAILERS. "partNumber": "21505" "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/225/22568_114x114.jpg", capacity axles."

"partNumber": "21489" "partNumber": "21507"'POST', ''); "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/214/21492_114x114.jpg", "longDescription": "This pair of Dexter Electric Brakes fit on 5200-7000-lb. demco coupler actuators }], All images, layout and content copyright, Hydrastar Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator, Hydrastar Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator w/ Breakaway and 7-Way RV Harness - 1,000 psi - HS381-9065, Hydrastar Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator w/ Breakaway and 7-Way RV Harness - 1,200 psi - HS381-9066. Please contact us today with any questions you have about our selection of boat trailer brakes and boat trailer drum brakes or if you would like to place an order. Sold Individually. TITAN PREMIER Galphorite: First, the backing plate and shoe levers are sealed using an electrocoat primer - a patented process that actually uses electricity to permanently bond the paint to the surface of the parts - then the backing plates receive an additional coat of rugged acrylic making them virtually corrosion-proof. For the past Incandescent lights have been illuminating our roads since the early 1920's. }, }], "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/215/21508_114x114.jpg", Brake pads are both riveted and bonded to the brake shoes with bronze rivets. capacity axles." Make sure these are all aligned with the comparable parts on your existing trailer brakes to ensure a proper fit and safe operation. fbq('track', 'PageView'); The "Add-on" Axle Kit must be used with the Single Axle Kit. Second, we carry an incredible selection of parts for all different types of trailers, so no matter what type of trailer you're hauling, you can find everything you need in one place. Painted brake hubs for greater corrosion resistance. As shown, cylinder only. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); **All images, articles, catalogs, and descriptions on our site and catalog are subject to copyrights and trademarks. Add disc or drum brakes to your trailer. ", KTI - Solenoid Coil, 12V, 2 Post for Down Valve, Bucher Hoist Pump Control Power up/Gravity Down (3 Wire), Hydraulic Brake Line Kit for Spring Single Axle Trailers - Drum Brakes. {if(f.fbq)return;n=f.fbq=function(){n.callMethod? Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, All prices are in USD. The 6000# capacity rating of this surge brake system is only available when the system is used with two brake axles. (LIT-122-00), (059-637-00) Brake Assembly Kit: 12 1/4" x 2 1/2", 12 1/4" x 3 3/8", 12 1/4" x 4", and 12 1/4' x 5' Electric or Hydraulic Brakes, (059-798-00) Brake Pad Kit for 6-8K Hydraulic Disc Brakes, (059-800-00) Brake Rotor Kit for 6,000 lbs. "offerPrice": ", {"catalogEntry": { Very helpful/friendly Customer Service.

I like the easy of navigation through the site. Tie Down Tandem Axle Brake Line Kit }], Find a distributor today. ''); "longDescription": "This Dexter Stainless Steel Disc Brake replaces 10in. Standard shipping and fabrication times that are listed DO NOT apply, but we are working to ship your orders as quickly as possible. When used with one brake axle, the system braking capacity is 3500# which is the capacity of the axle. electric brake shoes feature organic pad material." The tandem Axle Kit combines both Single Axle and Master Cylinder })();(function () { "externalIdentifier": { This brake system is supplied with freebacking brakes, which automatically disengage when the trailer is backing up. When only one brake axle is being installed on a tandem axle trailer, the brakes should be on the rear axle for maximum system performance. Ceramic brake Titan Accessories and Parts - T0978300 Also, to get the most benefit from your brake system, follow the instructions for care and maintenance in the installation and service manual included with each actuator, foundation brake, and brake tubing kit. The electric/hydraulic power unit receives this signal and produces hydraulic pressure in proportion to the signal strength. Designed to replace damaged brake lines or add new brake lines to your trailer. var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); "wasPrice": "Reg. Tie Down Organic Brake Pad Kit for Vented Disc Brakes "longDescription": "This pair of Dexter Electric Brakes fit on 3500-lb. } capacity axles." /*

Until now! {"catalogEntry": { "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/214/21490_114x114.jpg", "description": [{

Don't mess with replacing brake shoes, wheel cylinders, springs and clips. "longDescription": "This Dexter 5-Studded Brake Drum fits on 3500-lb. Period. Trailer Axle Hydraulic Brake Kit, 8-6.5" Bolt Circle 7,000 lbs. Kit Includes: xmlHttp.send('{"store_id":"10075738","timezone_offset":"-5","timestamp":"2022-07-21T22:16:06.37315000Z","visit_id":"dc0d1386-fe53-4930-8eea-6e70193b65c1","channel_id":1}'); }], We also offer a wonderful benefit for additional savings. The wheel cylinders are aluminum, and the internal components are zinc, olive drab plated.

fbq('track', 'ViewCategory', {"content_ids":[],"content_type":"product_group","content_category":"Boat Trailer Brakes"}); G4.5 Upgrade Kit. "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/225/22567_114x114.jpg", Front and rear brake shoes. Many have regulations regarding boat trailer brakes systems and additional equipment requirements. To make sure products work and fit the way they are supposed to.

Free backing drum brakes do not require a lock out solenoid on the brake actuator, whereas the uni-servo does. Replace the whole mess with 4 bolts with this new backing plate. NOTE: Prior to beginning the brake system installation, it must be determined whether or not your existing axle is compatible with the 6054 BRAKE KIT components. !function(w,d,T){{if(!'Script Failure Main','h'+T.l,1,{});if(!T.ts)T.a('Script Failure Second','h'+T.l,1,{});if(!!d.getElementById('wsa-tag-manager-javascript-main'))T.a('Script Missing Main','h'+T.l,1,{});if(!T.ts&&!d.getElementById('wsa-tag-manager-javascript-second'))T.a('Script Missing Second','h'+T.l,1,{})};if(w.addEventListener)w.addEventListener('load',;else w.attachEvent('onload',}(window,document,TagRocket). "externalIdentifier": { Hinge, Formed Steel Strap with Grease Zerk and Bolt on Door Bracket. "externalIdentifier": { Trailer surge brakes consist of a hydraulic coupler or ACTUATOR, hydraulic BRAKE TUBING, backing plate assemblies or FOUNDATION BRAKES, and brake DRUM & HUB assemblies. That means performing regular maintenance, and when a part needs replacing, you use a top quality replacement trailer part from Sturdy Built. },

Sturdy Built Trailer Parts has maintained a reputation for providing quality trailer parts for almost 25 years. TrailerPartsSuperstoreoffersawideselectionofhydraulicdrumbrakesand drum brake parts fortrailersofallsizes. "externalIdentifier": { "description": [{ "fullImage": "/images/product/114x114/215/21506_114x114.jpg", !function(w,d){w.TagRocket=w.TagRocket||{};var T=w.TagRocket;w.dataLayer=w.dataLayer||[];function dummy(){function gtag(){}};T.k=[];w.gtag=function(){T.k.push(arguments)};w.gtag.fake=!0; "uniqueID": "200514143", Electric/hydraulic trailer brakes are easily supported by any tow vehicle equipped with an electric brake controller, allowing flexibility in tow vehicle/trailer combinations. "catalogEntryIdentifier": { T.r='';{a:'3.13.0',v:'1.72.16771',d:'2022/07/18 18:36'};T.j=function(a,b){var c,e,f=T.D(a);if(a&&f)for(c=0;c
} All Rights Reserved. "externalIdentifier": { Typical applications for electric/hydraulic brake systems range from small single axle utility trailers to large multi-axle recreational vehicles, as well as stock trailers, equipment trailers and flats, receiver, fifth wheel and gooseneck styles.