Not all students are naturally organized and have strong executive functioning skills. hbspt.forms.create({ This Spanish classroom has a shallow U arrangement for the desks, plus an interior row.

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Below are the benefits and challenges that come with having desks in your classroom.

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Who says students have to work at desks?

If you have students who require extra support, How to Decorate the Classroom of Your Dreams in 2022, Teacher Desk Organization Ideas: How to Declutter and Organize Your Workspace in 2022. they need to make teaching easier and more enjoyable.

Read below to get some helpful tips! Can flexible seating work in a middle school classroom?

They shift and drift apart from one another.

Think through how you want your classroom setup to work for you, and draw inspiration from these different ways to set up a classroom. In my experience, I have found tables, even in the upper elementary grades, to have many benefits. Below are 10 tips for teachers with tables in their classroom.

I clustered them in groups of either 4 or 6. My name is Brandi and I'm a classroom teacher turned homeschooling mom turned online teacher. I am a National Board Certified teacher with 17 years of experience in the classroom.

region: "na1", A post shared by Megan King (@thetiedyeteacher). Basic black also works. Some teachers like to use chair pockets that slide over the back of each students chair. What do I love most about this awesome nook?

Sliding flat cardboard boxes in desks that open from the front creates a drawer and makes sorting and organizing easier. If I had a class of 25, I would instruct 5 children to take 5. Those 5 students would take the top 5 journals from the container and pass them out to their owners.

Tables create my favorite types of seating arrangements for classrooms. You can call them the art boxes and each table can have a basket that holds all of the art boxes for that table.

Scour the thrift stores for some comfy chairs on the cheap.

A post shared by Teachers Trove (@teachers.trove). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.. A post shared by Beths Music Classroom (@bethsmusicclassroom). They dont shift and drift apart from one another. They provide a space for inquiry-based, hands-on learning. Try some of these classroom setup ideas for middle school.


Im Jodi.

This classroom uses large tables and a bar table. The classroom configurations are unlimited. Check out how the desks fit behind the soft seating.

They are also responsible for getting the materials as needed.

Do you work individually with students or in small groups?

There is no single right way to set up a classroom.

Schedule regular times for desk clean outs.

Posted on Published: June 24, 2022- Last updated: June 27, 2022, 5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Engaged During Online High School Classes. These hightop tables and backless stools mimic the cozy atmosphere of a coffee shop.

Consider using them for holding individual supplies and books. If you opt to use table caddies, use them to hold individual community supplies. However, in my experience, I have found that children take much better care of the supplies when they are their own. This process takes less than a minute.

This is an important one! 1) You dont have to go rainbow- or pastel-themed to make a great-looking classroom. If you have students who require extra support, print an individual photo showing how the desk should be arranged and allow the student to keep it in his or her desk to reference regularly. Why not make a classroom where you and your students feel relaxed and happy?

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organizing classroom supplies and teaching materials, SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOM, Clutter-Free Classroom Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Flexible Seating Ideas for Elementary Teachers, How to Set Up Your Whole Group Area in Your Classroom, How to Set Up Your Small Group Instruction Area, 75+ SEL Videos for Elementary Students 2022, 8 Tips for Assessing Writing Skills in Your Elementary Classroom, Gratitude Videos for Students at the Elementary Level in 2022, Jodi Durgin | Clutter-Free Classroom, LLC. Not all students are naturally organized and have strong executive functioning skills.

Learn more.

I'm a CPT, Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM) & Certified Adult & Kids' Yoga Instructor.

Over time, I accumulated more tables by writing grants, trading with colleagues, and scavenging around the building. Grab this freebie and engage your students in a fun seasonal activity.

Mama Teaches.

The key is to find an arrangement that works well for this years cohort of students. Hi!

This Montessori classroom has many activity stations centered around a nature theme. Isnt this rainbow-colored shelving and bin system positively drool-worthy? I'm Brandi and I create resources for educators to help them save time and make teaching easier and a lot more fun!

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Show what a clean desk should look like by drawing a diagram of an aerial view, a cross section, or both.

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The table captain is responsible for making sure everything is put away correctly.

Thanks so much for stopping by! You even see the color theme in the art above the window! But this shelf does something that book covers cant. Students learn important organization skills.

They might struggle to organize and manage books and supplies. You will be able to spread them out with ease for assessments. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Consider not having students keep anything in their desks except for their independent book bags. This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you.

Instead of teaching at the front of your classroom, try the side! They give you flexible seating options because students can easily relocate to a new table. If you can forgo desks in your classroom, try this seating option that has hidden storage.

It invites wonder.

Teachers now are showing interest in alternative or flexible seating as well.

This eliminates conflict over who each pencil belongs to and makes it easy for lost pencils to be returned to the proper cup when found. If you are working with desks instead of tables, you will have several things to consider when setting up your classroom and planning how they will be used.

Are you looking for a new classroom configuration? Whether you teach elementary, middle, or high school, there is a fresh idea to set up a classroom on this list. Do you like to move around the classroom while you teach? This resulted in no class time ever being wasted by students looking for assignments, books, or supplies in a messy desk. Copyright 2010-2022.

The best part?

Typically, an elementary classroom comes furnished with all desks, all tables, or a combination of both. This music room uses padded milk crate seats.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have a projector and a tablet, why not devote an entire wall to your screen?

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Although each student can have a home base to start the day, they can also then move around the room for guided reading, guided math, and center work.

We're Located in Texas, too. Desks lend themselves to an endless amount of possibilities for different types of seating arrangements for classrooms.

Dont get me wrong; I love books.

I've taught everything from PreK to High School.

Keep journals, notebooks, and textbooks all together.

Incorporate multiple seating options into your classroom by decorating the floor with color-coordinating sit spots. Color-code each table and then use bins that coordinate with each tables color.

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Read below to get the pros and cons of the different types of seating arrangements for classrooms! Are you in need of separate spaces for reading or activity stations. Absolutely!

If you are an online teacher, your classroom looks a lot different from one with students.

I began with a classroom full of desks and one table. Place a sturdy plastic cup on each table for the students to keep their pencils in.

A post shared by Rindy Roberts- Phonics Fun (@learningwithheart). Set the stage for academic success and engagement with these ideas to set up a classroom. Most importantly, no children ever felt embarrassed because they didnt have the developed executive function skills necessary to manage a desk full of materials.

Create pathways with your desk arrangement.

They will make your reading nook all the more enticing.

There are lots of benefits of having desks, but they have some limitations as well.

Assigning table numbers helps everyone navigate around the room more easily.

This better facilitates class discussion and participation as well as small group work.

Label the contents.

I created Clutter-Free Classroom to support busy elementary teachers like you!

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Purchase a sturdy plastic pencil case for each child and use them to store students scissors, glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, and a hand-sharpener.

They wont have to struggle to organize and manage books and supplies.

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Not all students are comfortable accepting help from classmates, so always check with the student first. Students can easily get their own box for individual projects or the entire basket could be brought to the table if you are working on a whole-class activity that requires those supplies.

Using small containers in the desks will help your students to compartmentalize items. You must find alternative ways to house the student books, journals, notebooks, and supplies. Youll never find a moldy snack in a table. Older students deserve a dynamic classroom, too!

You need to take into consideration the size of your space, the number of kids, and your teaching style.

They provide spaces for aides / volunteers to work with small groups.

Our beautiful catalog is full of innovation. In closing, we hope you found this information about types of seating arrangements for classrooms helpful! Project this image when the students are doing a desk clean-out or print a large version to display as a reference. Many classrooms have an individual desk for each student.

If you did, then you may also be interested in the resources in our Clutter-Free Classroom Teachers Pay Teachers Store, as well as these posts: Clutter-Free Classroom is the place where elementary teachers get the time-saving tips, ideas and resources they need to make teaching easier and more enjoyable.

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Below are the benefits and challenges that come with having tables in your classroom so you can see why! Jodi Durgin | Clutter-Free Classroom, LLC Website by

Notice how the center of the room is a rug. A third idea for students who need additional help is to assign a peer to help keep the child on track. Moctezuma (@maestramoctez). Write their student numbers on the top of the pencils.

Desks dont have to all face forward. Some classes do best when spread out a bit, while others work well in multiple combinations. All rights reserved.

Also, I noticed a dramatic increase in illnesses (cold and stomach viruses) during the years when I used community supplies. Perks (@theperksofteaching). A post shared by Prof. Fernando Cabral (@matematicabral).

Using plastic drawers to hold items for the table mates helps keep everything organized. The comfy teacher chair! Effective Classroom Management Strategies for New Teachers, Fun Ways to Celebrate Students Birthdays in the Classroom, Alternative Seating in the Classroom and Homeschool.

I didnt always have tables.

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This intervention teacher created a space where kids love to be and where the lightbulb moments can happen.