The United States, according to Massey, is my polar opposite and his work would suggest thatperhaps Id be happierin Nepal or Burma. The family-oriented culture of Italy embraces these values whole-heartedly with a country steeped in history and artistic creativity to boot. Theyre independent by nature and adventurous in spirit more or less the precise definition of a Kiwi. @ Lukmor Thanks for chiming in with an insiders perspective. [], I also disagree with my countrys type. Rio de Janeiro is alive and thrumming with music, culture, passion and excitement, which is perfect for the vivacious ESFP.

Although very responsible and dependable,among friends,ISTJs have been known to have anan oddsense of humor. Its just not right. They want to be on top of all the latest developments and if theres one place where the action never stops, it is in the big apple.

Thanks Reannon! I consider it to be an ESTJ kind of country, run by strict Confucian rules and an emphasis on what is logical. Further, sensitive is not a word Ive heard used by anyone who has traveled there. I took all my stereotypes and organised them using the mbti!. Small enough to comfort them, wild enough to let them roam free. [] I wrote that post about personality types and their correspondingcountries, a lot of you have found this site through google-searching Where in the world do I []. But by the way, I forgot to add ENTJ. @ Anonymous Unfortunately, the author of the book didnt collect results for either of those personality types, otherwise I would have included them. []. As is it, you sound uneducated and daft. This buzzing, vibrant city mirrors the attitude of the effervescent ENFP in almost every way possible. Central Italy: yes ENFP by Brent Massey, The Personality Pages, My Personality.Info. ), 30 Things to Do When You Can't Travel (A List for Broke Travel Addicts), 20 Reasons You Should Live Abroad at Least Once In Your Lifetime. ISTJs like clear-cut, upstanding efficiency and Germany offers the ideal cultural fit. Ive lived in 6 different countries and visited many others. Its a perfect fit. Known as the economic, commercial and financial center of China, Shanghai is an ideal fit for the business-savvy ESTJ. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. It can be argued that cities, like people, all hold distinctive personalities. Surfing two blocks over? What do you think?

They are not as courteous but they certainly arent oblivious to peoples emotions. Personality Description: Practical, straight-forward, honest and task-focused,ESTJs are natural-born leaders. But Czechs are quite roundabout in their talking, for example using negative and conditional clause in suggestions, trying to not be offensive or out of place etc. Since the beginning of mankind, people have packed up and moved to avoid famine, warfare, religious persecutionor(these days anyway)tanking housing markets. I love many things there, and I miss them, and I think that being immersed in my opposite helped me develop my no preferences more. According to the book, Poland and the Czech Republic are both ISTP (adventuresome, independent, spontaneous and good at mechanics and working with their hands. Ive found NZ to have a lot of artistic, creative and free thinking, spiritual types. And, Jordan is an Islamic nation, which is also obviously very _S_P. [] guys, again, Here is an interesting link: Which Country Best Matches Your Personality? I lived in the US for 12 years. Are you completely stupid? INFPs are perfectionists and this can make it difficult for them to see the value in their own accomplishments. The Burmese struck me as generally shy but easy going (IP) and the culture is heavily influenced by mystical Buddhism, making it quite NF. I can compare myself with the rest and sometimes I see that my ideas are not accepted because they are too progressive, modern or just different perhaps, and I dont think that ENTP would be so shallow with the judgments. | Taken by the Wind Here is the book they refer to (extracts): Where in the world do I belong?? So how do you know where you [], THis explains why I feel more at home in Ireland than in the USA. Country Matches: Dutch-Speaking Belgium, China, Cambodia, Micronesia, Lichtenstein, Slovakia. This type loves exploring new avenues of thought and new methods of experiencing life. Lets move to Mars. I currently live in Italy and was extremely surprised to find many Americans unhappy with Italy and its culture. Youve got a sick, sick blog here. If one feels out of place, that person is bound for an endless search for it. My first attempt says Im an ISFJ and I should live in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Latvia and Sweden. India: ISTP + ISTJ. Country Matches: USA, England, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands. Since its not listed I looked I decided to go with INFP and it actually makes a lot of sense. Just be the person youve been waiting for.

| Taken by the Wind Reply With Quote + Reply to []. Country Matches: Mexico, Guatemala, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Tibet, Australia, Bangladesh, Thailand, New Zealand, The Dominican Republic, South Africa, Melanesia Soloman Islands, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, American Samoa, Tanzania. INFPs find comfort in the liberal values of Amsterdam, while enjoying the space to fully consider their own beliefs and values. The historical city of Berlin holds a heavy focus on education, development and intellect, which appeals to the no-nonsense nature of the ISTJ. First of all, people often present a different face to foreigners hence many people have a distorted view of the Chinese after meeting them. Thai: ISFP I was just thinking this morning that its been a while since your last post. This is so interesting. Lately I have begun to ask myself if moving abroad is the answer. They tend to place the needs of others before their own and feel happiest when helping or nurturing people. I was thinking myself about how a culture is developed and was putting it together with how people of certain personalities have an affinity for one another. Reserved but polite, the citizens of Switzerland dont like to raise much of a fuss unless they have to. (?). ESFJs want to be where the people are particularly where the people are hooking up, shacking up, breaking up and living it up. Country Matches: Lithuania, Serbia, Afghanistan. But perhaps their best trait is theirsensitivity to the feelings of others and ability to alwayssee the best in people. Czechs often criticize themselves as being jealous of the success of others and too provincial. With all of the charm but less of the chaos of most Italian cities, Florences delightful streets practically beg for ENFJ invasion. Personality Description: ENTPs are quick-thinkers and love to debate. I just saw that Hungary is supposed to be ESTJ.

Theyre loyal, reflective, idealistic and creative with a highly-developed skill for the written language. If theres one thing ENTJs love its getting things done in the most efficient and progressive way possible. Personality Description: You could say that ENFPs are in love with life. Quebeckers have high moral values and ideas about what humanity should be. This can lead to frustration or depression if they dont have an outlet for their intense emotions. In fact, he offers up the theory that every countrys culture has a predominant personality type which coincides with one of the 16 personalities first outlined in thefamous Myers-Briggs personality assessment model. San Francisco barfs rainbows. What better a place for this progressive type than the center of the world, New York City? They frequently place the needs of others before their own. ISTJs possess a strong understanding of the differences between rightand wrong. The sprawling city of Hong Kong is as diverse as the ENTPs mind constantly presenting a new opportunity to learn, progress and change. NE Italy might be ESFP, This is pre cool but it does not have the istp and my father is the istp i think. Plus the ever-changing nature of the film industry provides ample opportunity for people-centered work, which is what the ESFJ truly shines at. They excel at activities that require an eye for detail and thrive in structured, controlled environments. As my dear old Dad wouldve said, biggest bunch of bullshit Ive ever heard. Hong Kong offers a diverse fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds, with enough food, entertainment, languages, religions, diversity and opportunity to keep the ENTP intellectually stimulated until the end of time. If youre unsure of your pesonalitytype, youcan take a shortened versionof the personality test on thethis website. Country Matches:English-Speaking Canada, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Namibia, Uganda, Taiwan and South Korea. ESerbiaTP. They are incredibly in tune with their external environment, which means the outdoorsy nature of Capetown appeals to them. It fits pretty well if I wasnt a huge procrastinator But college kids, whatre ya gonna do? Since Im only 11% on the Introverted side, I just use the result from ENTJ for myself. It may be that your personality is best suited for another country. Known for its hippy-dippy attitude and intellectual focus alike, the city is a perfect fit for the idealistic, liberally minded ENFP. As I am born in Romania and I lived there for a long while, I can say that Romania fit me (I am an ESFP). Nice to see you back.

INTJs find themselves perfectly at home in this progressive city, as the science and technology fields attract NT types in hordes. And then just to get the average, I took it for the third time and it gave me INTJ, Two S and Two Ts so I guess I really am an ISTJ (Although I have problems with concentration).

Interesting! Anyway, Im an INFP while my boyfriend was [], [] Have you ever felt like you dont fully mesh with the culture and lifestyle of people around you? Their loyalty, observational skills, sensitivityand hyper-vigilance is what has earned this personality type the title of Defender. ISFJs have rich inner worlds but tend to shy away from expressing their feelings. Which Countrys Culture Fits Your Myers Briggs Personality Type? Im just summarizing what he said in his book and as I mentioned before, I happen to think a lot of it is wrong. I assume that the INTJ and INTPs are homeless. Oh, correction, you had that for Entj. The Introverted Traveler, Dear America, Stop Trying to Change Us! Great post! Finally, the Chinese are far more insightful and astute at understanding people and their motivations than any caucasian that I know. They are able to explore their interests in depth, engage with the history of the nation and keep to themselves as much or as little as they please. Uh. Whoever thinks that France falls under ENTJ understands nothing about the culture. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. An Italian checking in Well, in my expirience: This type puts a heavy emphasis on aesthetics, which makes the lush backdrop of Honolulu an ideal spot for the artistic ISFP to find inspiration. Without Introverts, there is no society at all. Thats interesting about Czechs placing a lot of importance on ridiculous niceties. For me, that means: Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bhutan. Not so much a city as a suburb of one, Silicon Valley is an ideal spot for the innovative INTP. | Taken by the Wind, 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Live a Life of Travel, Translating your Myers Briggs score into a travel type | Bu Nedir, Ties That Bind What makes us belong? Because according to Brent Massey, author ofWhere in the World Do I Belong?

Daring and bold, this type enjoys collecting new experiences and moving quickly toward novel endeavors. They also have a difficult time saying no to people.

I didnt see the country listed on your post. But when considering places to relocate, most people dont think beyond the borders of their own country. Paris offers an unprecedented combination of class, culture, history and style.

As the most highly educated and most literate city in the United States, Seattle offers an ideal fit for the cerebral INTJ.

Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. So the idea that a country would have a predominant personality preference makes since to me. I hear theyre setting up a human colony there soon. PS. Country Matches: Greenland, Ghana, French-Speaking Canada, French-Speaking Belgium. I have to disagree with JTK regarding China. It is the ideal fit for the ever-evolving existence of the ENTP. Personality Description: ENFJs are charming, self-confident, honest and sensitive and have a knack for being able to read people. France and Jordan for ENTJ is even worse than INTJ. INTJs would be anywhere from stoned to a social outcast in either of those countries. fear of anything new or novel. I will agree that it is a Thinking country and in terms of J/P is probably pretty borderline between the two. Personality Description:ESFJ take things quite literally and base decisions on concrete facts. This type thrives on hands-on activities and is drawn to extreme sports like heli skiing, skydiving, mountain biking and hang gliding. [] The most popular way to use MB is by HR for thejob recruiting process but whenever I talk to S, I find our MB score shows itself through everything you do, not just work. These are,of course,sweeping generalizations, andthe author is first to admit it. It doesnt fit me well, but I spent good moments there, with parties and so on. According to Massey, it isnt. Seattle itself offers similar contrasts: It is progressive yet secluded, wealthy yet humble and urban yet environmentally conscious. I even came across this blog post that matched countries with Myers-Briggs personality types. I dont know for the rest. I used to be an ENFP. A friend suggested Bhutan for INFJ its Buddhist like Nepal and Burma (the INFP countries), but has the reputation for being more organized/strict. Was pleasantly surprised when I read this because Ive been in love with Japan for a long time, and have been planning to move there for a while. One is better off going by politics, religion, their looks, and their lifestyle for what country to move to. Dont worry, I dont either! Ive lived all over the U.S. and have not felt at home anywhere. ESFPs like it hot in every sense of the phrase. Funny because during my 2nd year college days, I took the test with our psychologist and I was the exact opposite. They have a natural ability to absorb and analyze large amounts of information and then make quick, often accurate assessments. Im from Barcelona, and Ive never felt at home in Spain. Born in Hawaii, Reannon has lived in five countries, at Disney World and on a cruise ship. Theyre warm-hearted, conscientious and responsible.

How To Celebrate The Holidays With Your Loved Ones, Based On Their Myers-Briggs PersonalityTypes, This Is How Understanding Your Type Will Change Your Life, Based On Your Myers-Briggs PersonalityType, This Is Your Zodiac Sister Sign Based On Your Myers-Briggs PersonalityType, Stay Single Until You Are This Kind Of Person, Based On Your Myers-Briggs PersonalityType, This Is What The Internet Is Telling You About Love Vs. What You Should Actually Do Based On Your Myers-Briggs PersonalityType, Here Are The Top Three Potential Matches For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs PersonalityType. But its still an interesting theory. They dislike uncertainty and prefer to live a life steeped in the traditions upheld by their communities. Ever-neutral Switzerland is the ideal spot for the peace-seeking ISFJ. but would me nice iif it had it, South Korean: ESTP I think this is very interesting. You just need to look at China now to see that not many people are happy. if you are going to use the Myers-Briggs based on Jungian personality types, it would be best to include them all. It is true that strangers are not very nice, but friends are for real. William Shakespeare has been labeled an INFP as has Jacqueline Kennedy and Helen Keller. I guess Biology took away my idealism. I am absolutely not moving to any of the countries listed for that! Help! 2010 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. The fearless ESTP will find plenty to occupy themselves with in the stimulating city of Capetown. maybe I havent matured enougheven though I am 57. They may be successful at business now and have a flourishing economy, but this doesnt mean that they are working in tandem with their natural personalities. I just have to convince my husband, (Hmmm. That is, until a value they hold dear is challenged, then they can become quite aggressive. Personality Description:ESFPs are spontaneous,optimistic andenjoy beingthe center of attention. Theyre generous, extremely social and place a high value on their personal relationships. Independent, quiet and often private people, ISFPs can be difficult to get to know.

They are sensitive and tend to get their feelings hurt quite easily, butthis sensitivityis also what makes them exceptionally good at bringing the best out in people. Over there, people make deep, meaningful friendships. Mountains in the backyard? They never lose their sense of wonder and are curious and keen observers, with an intensedesire to understand and help others. !, and less I than I used to be, but still a strong one. Are somepersonality typesmore dominant in certain cultures than in others? Very N, very P, too much F! Theyre skilled at seeing multiple possibilities and this, combined with their need for excitement and change, can make it difficult for ENFPs to remain in relationships. But they dislike attention and are unemotional). On the other hand, they are quite pragmatic, cynical and suspicious of pathos, often criticizing things like political correctness. I disagree for ENFP and Saudi Arabia. There are some good tinkerers, though. Theyre self-confident and aggressiveand have strong convictions and beliefs about the world, which, if they arent careful,can sometimes lead them to becoming too critical,rigid and narrow-minded.

This type thrives on connection, which makes the celebrity-ridden matrix of Los Angeles an ideal spot for ESFJs to keep up to date with the latest goings-on. Maybe BS but everyone has an opinion and the opinions often agree. Total bs. But due to ENFPs highly-evolved value systems,this is a rare occurrence.