is there a newer chart ? Dispatched from Factory on Feb 6th, Any AdviceDealer offer to trade in 2019 X5. Would you order white leather seats in the Northeast? Amazing! Cars delivered to the NE are also by truck. The trucking company makes the schedule once it has the car.

It's marked as released to carrier on 4/29that's it. My x5 did the same thing with about 10ish days between queue and assembly. My car has only been sitting a few weeks but if this is going to drag on as the Summer starts I'm not sure what to do. It was minuscule when compared with MSRP updates from other OEMs in 2021. ETA to arrive in Oxnard March 19th. Oh well. sport cars dodge wheels sxt super door vehicle Every single threads top comment has to be about how bad the front is and its getting old. Reads as follows: WTF? Im wondering how much of a delay the xDrive would have added to your build. 2021 G05 xdrive40i signed, with PenFed incentive, BMW's Drive to End Hunger Test Drive Event $1,000 New Vehicle Credit Link, For those in California additional $1500 on X5 45e with no income limits, Driver Assistance Pro pkg or Luxury Seating pkg. 2019 X3 xDrive30i Alpine White | Cognac w/ Fineline Cove Matte | 20" 699M Wheels | M Sport | Dynamic Handling PKG | Drive Assist | Parking Assist | Navigation | Trailer Hitch. I bought my 320i used and had it delivered on a truck. As someone who doesn't like the design, I'm sick of comments whining about it too lol.. like we've made our point in the beginning, whining about it further doesn't add any meaningful discussion. Harman Kardon, continued. I've seen the G82 and G84 in the flesh, can honestly say I do not like the "nostrils". Wow you really got a fast build! . This is not the first time that M cars were plagued with engine bearing issues. 2021 M50i; Decision Process, Ordering, PCD, First Impressions. Manhattan Green now available on X5 with M-Sport! It even resembles a Mustang in the rear 3/4. At the end, M models were not affected. 2-axle air suspension just disappeared off my build. It would be good to know if the process has even started. THE LARGEST BMW 2-SERIES FORUM ON THE PLANET. I am picking up this evening. Same for the trains. I've seen the G82 and G84 in the flesh, can honestly say I do not like the "nostrils". The last days are the most agonizing. My car is at the dealer getting final prep for delivery.

), How am I doing? E90 330i delivered 6/29/2005, ZSP/ZPP/ZCW/Step, Arctic/Gray/Walnut, New and Preowned M3 Pricing, Ordering, Tracking / European Delivery / Dealer Reviews,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My X3 was stuck at the "At The Port" phase for almost 2 weeks, so be prepared to wait once it gets to that phase. Take some pics for us! I dunno, just not my thing. Anyone else hearing of delays on production now (April 2021)? (US), Trading in with an extra set of wheels/tires. When mine dispatched i called my dealerships inventory manager who gave me the ETA. I still cant stand the gaping nostrils on the M3 and, lets face it, this design isnt gonna stand the test of time, but its squat stance with the clearly flared fenders definitely makes it look better than the M4, no question. Cant wait!

It was there 2 days and arrived at the dealer 3 days later. It actually doesnt look that bad in my opinion. LINK (My 2019 VW Golf GTI DSG (Rabbit Edition)). Looking for new X5 M50i and 330i in Nov/Dec, 2021 X6 xDrive40i Order - Detailed California delivery timeframe. To see it being assembled just for you, and only you..(insert intense McConaughey smoking image). BMW Not Being Transparent to its Customers? I got it when I got it. I got a 0 instead of a 5 for the production year My car took 10 days from Bremerhaven to the NEAT port, NJ. Thanks - mine just updated to dispatched an hour ago. Ordered mine 2/9 - arrived at dealership 3/5. About to place an order for 2021 X5 40i. Production: Production completion was pushed by a day. I tracked the thing almost daily via phone call to the rep at the 800# and at one point NOBODY knew where it was for a few days it just showed up at the dealer. It is a big help as I not-so-patiently await my new ride. Ordering even if dealership doesn't have allocation, How Long Btn [Final Assembly/Production Completed] to [PCD]. Awesome and congrats! I am picking it up Sunday. There were tons of speculation as BMW was hardly providing any updates to dealers or impacted customers for several months. Not VPC, from SC. I'm in the Midwest so hopefully faster to ship here. Leases are up! 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Will follow up. Most of CW11 vehicles were pushed back towards the end (instead of a staggered delays for all builds) and they ended up being MY23 builds. 3 days later it was Dispatched From Factory. Mine sat in order received for 2 weeks and now another week still sitting in "Scheduled for Production." Cannot wait to see the car at the next meet. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. The tracking isn't accurate anyway - if you're using it to plan ahead - be ready for a surprise. During this timeframe, I missed 5 ships which sailed to Charleston. You only put in information on the "Export" side, no need to put anything on the "Import" side. did anyone get the $2500 apr credit and 0.9 apr on 2021 x45e? The look *has* grown on me since I first saw pics, it looks much better in darker colours AND I find when a number plate is mounted on the front, it breaks up the gaping holes a bit, but stillprobably my least favourite M car design of all, with the possible exception of the Bangled M6. Could be Monday or Tuesday coming up. F5 just to see the status stay the same for weeks at a time. My info from the dealer is that ETA at the VPC in Oxnard is 19 March. My deal is my X5 is coming from SC so it shouldn't take 10+ days from being released from VPC in SC. 45e ordered - Spartanburg Holiday Closure? You put in the date your car finished production and transfer to the port for shipping schedule. Here's a comprehensive BMW tracking guide originally put together by Jeff G. BMW uses different shipping companies for east and west coast. No. BMW would probably save themself and their customers a lot of heartache and worry if they would keep it basic. Mine still says "In Transit" and it has been at the dealer for a week tomorrow. How much off MSRP should I expect for 2021 X5 s40i in the Houston area? [ US 2010 X5 3.0 | Space Gray | Black Nevada Leather | Dark Bamboo Wood Trim | Premium Package | Sport Activity Package | Premium Sound Package | Technology Package | Heated Front Seats | Multi-Contour Seats | Smartphone Integration | Space Saver | iPhone 3GS ], Here you go.. charts for decoding your VIN. Five months must have felt like forever to wait for the car to arrive! It's only a week today. Its fun and excruciating at the same time. It is now 5/6. after I got production number, there is no update on mybmw after 10 days. Order guide - post mircochip shortage changes? If that's true and your/our order is sitting at Port, you might as well cancel and order a 2018. Can I assume that if your order is delivered to your dealership complete before you have new new car, you'll still take it? This sub-reddit is dedicated to everything related to BMW vehicles, tuning, racing, and more. When is a reasonable time to expect delivery? Saw today that my vehicle was "Dispatched from Factory". The G82 M3 definitely looks better than the G84 M4, to my eyes. I also am seeing this status change to "At the Port". They're happy to talk to you about it.

Brooklyn Grey (BG) exterior with Fiona Red (FR) interior, Brooklyn Grey (BG) exterior with Yas Marina Blue (YMB) interior, Isle of Man Green (IOMG) exterior with Kyalami Orange (KO) interior. My car was releaed to the carrier on 4/29. Sit tight. I called today as well. Nice Post LWL.. what dates do you put in to expect your car on the west coast in a couple of weeks??? It was a known deletion when I submitted my build and wasn't a deal breaker for me.

X5 purchase in Scottsdale - any dealer recommendations? Looking forward to its arrival at dealer soon thereafter, a week or less, I hope! The waiting is painful, kind of reminds me of the old days when I ordered my first Harley. vBulletin v3.8.11, Copyright 2000-2022, vBulletin Solutions Inc. UK Configurator - only X-drive 45e or M-sport 4.0? That ZL-1 is a beauty! In Jan 2022, there were reports that Laser lights were deleted for this platform and this would remove the signature DRLs. Thanks segobi and LWL for the comments, i've updated the first post, scroll all the way up. Travel time is just about 4 weeks from Germany to San Diego. Thank you Speedy, I will call the dealership. Depending upon when the train actually departs, should be in Oxnard before end of the month. Shipment from factory: Once production was complete, my vehicle sat in Munich plant for 5 days waiting for rail carrier assignment to Bremerhaven. My car reached the Port of NY on Saturday May 21 and already has been delivered to my dealer (today May 25) in VA about 430 miles from the port. I am getting towards the last couple days of my 10 day grace period on my lease so I am a bit pissed offthis is the third week I have been told it's coming just to have no newsgrrrr. BMW issued a new bulletin yesterday. I've had them tell me both weeks on a couple of occasions. So pumped! That's your best bet for all the possible ships your car might go onto. Went to dealership and placed order on 2/17/19 as a FYI. Finance guy lying abt agreed upon price and protect/maintenance, Order Recommendations Miami X5 45e British Racing Green, Actual production date vs. assigned production week, BMW X5 45E Custom Order Help (Dealer v. Dealer), Newbie and worried we've made a mistake on new X5 order. Anyone picked up the car in Spartanburg and not do PCD ? We seriously need a low sodium BMW sub for the new models. As are most people, at least I'd like to think. I got those exact words from the BMW Genius when I called in for a confirmation as well. Shipping: Boat arrived at the destination port 3 days later than the initial schedule. Exhaust note could have been more aggressive. So I guess if its truly a week 18 build I should be seeing it arrive in 3 weeks or so. After a long wait, few people reported that their engines were completed replaced by BMW under warranty. I'm also in CA. Mine took 8 days to travel by train to the VPC in Oxnard.

My car went 11 days from Production Begins to Exterior Body Assembly Begins. For west coast, BMW uses NYKLine for shipping, however, NYKLine did not have the updated schedule on the web like Wallenius Wilhelmsen (east coast deliveries) has. Said "At the dealership" a few days before it actually was. MY 21 G06 xdrive40i - Carbon Black with Coffee, M50i Build Tanzanite Blue vs Dravit Grey (and Ivory/Blue vs Coffee interior), 2021 X5 M50i for my wife - Finally arrived! Harman Kardon audio system might not be the best. :). I don't know how the system is updated? I talked to the sales manager at my dealership this weekend, because having a car in "completed" state for over 2 weeks but not shipped yet is NOT normal for Canadian orders. Thankfully this recall was only impacting vehicles built during certain build weeks. Do you not get snow in the winters? Curious if your timing is similar. Anthracite-Brown Poplar Matte Wood Trim dropped? just received my order number, but since it's a german order it it not in the database Yep, there is a VIN guide somewhere on this site that talks about how to decode your VIN to determine where its manufactured from. Funny, never thought I'd call a Chevy beautiful. 2 Series Pricing, Ordering, European Delivery. They also go into port Elizabeath, NJ. Looking to order X5 - realistic discounts? Anyone ever have a dealer sell you a car that someone else ordered? I'm cursing the design team in my head as I customize my new bimmer online. Silverstone Mettalic has entered the room (anybody going to know why I mention this color). Headlight - LED vs Laser - styling preference, Thank you for helping with this purchase! hmm the germans don't have the possibility to enter their production code on the. I was expecting it to take quite a bit longer. NYKline is so weak. Congrats on the new car! Lack of light blue exterior shade in standard options list. It should be here anyday. ignore, accidentally posted, can't delete. Luckily, US MSRP increase was limited to $100 for base and $200 for competition trims in the following month with immediate effect. HUGE Thank You to Jon Shafer at Santa Maria BMW! I am slated for week 18 production or week 19 depending on which genius answers the phone. The M4 has just lost the plot as far as Im concerned. Was it going to take much longer to build? Location - Chicago. Anyone ordered X5 40i with red calipers recently? Mine is in the previous step. Yeah I stopped browsing the subreddit a couple months ago because I couldnt handle it anymore. Dodge bumped Charger HellCat Widebody MSRP several times for MY22 and the total sum was close to $3000. Head-up display shortage. May never see that. Cool idea but not really sure about accuracy. It would be nice to know when it is scheduled to start production. Remember, due to the boot cover part saga, I bailed on the 230 that has been sitting in Newark since early March and flipped instead to this M240i. View Full Version : Pricing, Ordering, Tracking. No update yet. Yeah, thanks much for putting this information out there. Imagine being a grown ass man and spending that much time and energy on hating a car you don't like, Have yall seen one in person though? how long does it needs to ship to bay area after "Dispatched from factory"? I'm feeling more confident that the missing boots have become available Just heard from my dealer, and it seems like anyone with a car at the port is screwed. Thanks for the thoroughly detailed post, covering the entire experience! What info should I have about my car/build before ordering? I spoke to BMW Customer Service yesterday and was told my car was expected at the dealer on 5/8. Here's what I don't understand.. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for putting together this guide fellas. Does anybody know the promotion incentive of BMW X5 45e starting March 2nd? - 13.24% total discount / build, Order Status Progression Timeline on BMW Genius, Delivery questions regarding out-of-state purchase, Need Dealer In Southern California for X5, discrepancy in rate between bmw fs and dealer.