For instance, you may consider allowing food and beverages only in designated areas of the classroom and ensuring immediate cleanup. The best way to combat pests is to create an uninviting environment by denying them access to food, water, and shelter. Add antagonistic microbes and enhance microbe activity, Damage level that a native clientele can tolerate/allow. - Too much N = succulent turf that has weakened tissue, degree of measure of pathogenicity: relative capacity to cause disease, Symbiotic fungus that lives in perennial ryegrass and fescue that are toxic to leaf eating insect/grazing animals. ! B? 3{>u:;V`]*!" -z)f= A botanical insecticide made from flowers. Resistance 4. Andrew works in a lab. Whether theyre in class or participating in extracurricular activities, kids spend the majority of their waking hours at school. Capture insects that walk along turf. Know the key plants in your landscape and the key pests that attack it. In the kitchen, food should be stored in tightly sealed containers and rigid sanitation practices should be followed. An insect diagnosis. How does the federal government aid our disease control program? Their developing organ systems are often more sensitive to toxic exposures than adults, resulting in Ensure effective communication among each group and educate each member on their role and how they contribute to program success. What type of fungicides can be affective in a granular form? %%EOF Helps create a favorable environment and acts as a transportation device to other hosts. EPAs guidelines for Pest Control in the School Environment to outline the functions of each group. Build historical record 3. He always heats his equipment to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. List six types of synthetic insecticides and give an example of each. How does endophyte infection benefit grass? What four sets of observations should be made during every routine scouting trip? How can you manipulate your irrigation program to reduce the risk of disease on your course? Point where pest is a problem and action is needed, Mach 2 is an insect growth regulator that causes premature molting and death, A microbial sprayable spore that paralyzes the gut causing death. A method used to predict when a pest will develop. Evaluate results, activities, and processes to determine if pest management objectives are being met and make adjustments as necessary. Add good microbes to soil to outcompete pathogens/pests, Give an example of how you can use cultural practices to eradicate a pathogen, collect clippings during disease, dry out soil, adjust pH, dew whip greens. Degree of which a chemical is toxic to plants. Designate Pest Management Roles for Everyone, From the janitorial staff to students and teachers in the classroom, everyone plays an active role in adopting integrated pest management in schools. Learn how to identify common pests and document any activity and contributing conditions. Pest sightings, accompanying conditions and elimination actions taken should be documented regularly. It means to identify problems that should be targeted and taken care of. endstream endobj 685 0 obj <>/Metadata 52 0 R/Pages 682 0 R/StructTreeRoot 99 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 686 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 682 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 687 0 obj <>stream 1. Microbial Bacillus papilliae natural populations of white grub pathogens. of the day divide by 2 and subtract 50.

Developing an integrated pest management program for your school will significantly reduce the health risks pesticides and other pests pose to children. &d . What is an easy way to cause resistance or microbial degradation? Improve the growing conditions of the turf, Affects multiple metabolic sites, usually kills fungus and may kill plant, little chance of resistance. Why should you use a ratings grid with your disclosing solution? What can we do to make soils suppressive? Why is the nitrogen fixation carried out by cyanobacteria, bacteria, and some archaea in marine environments important?

The objectives for a cafeteria would include producing and serving healthy and nutritious foods that are free of pests, disease, and unnecessary pesticide residues, whereas the objectives for an athletic field would include maintaining a healthy turf that reduces the risk of sports injuries. What are the two most important factors of an IPM program? What physical method can be used in a disease control program? 684 0 obj <> endobj Identifies location, on or in the plant, where the toxic effect takes place. sterilization (c). how can you use exclusion on a golf course? /|NkI#I:($$-DWmJp9x{{lI8h]E-vO f0e`S(= Increases stress tolerance and deters leaf eating insects/animals. endstream endobj 688 0 obj <>stream physical removal (b). Why is cytosis affected by changes in oxygen level, whereas diffusion is not? Many common pests can carry serious diseases, which they then spread to humans (and sometimes pets as well). add 2 gallons of water with 1 oz. Ready to implement IPM practices in your school? Nerve toxin that never lets nerves return to resting state. pesticide safety and IPM program in your school, EPAs guidelines for Pest Control in the School Environment, 4 Pest-Related Disease Risks Worth Avoiding, Reasons Your Home Needs Regular Pest Inspections. It is imperative to practice integrated pest management in schools to decrease the likelihood of children coming into contact with pests, pathogens, and pesticides. Downloading, republication, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited. What valuable wetland functions are threatened by drought? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using biocontrol products and how can they be used successfully in your insect control program? apply to area. 0 Irrigate when naturally wet early in the morning. Public relations 4. UVs\/vP7)t$jAs| PqX&(txi.8g_xu?tE $a=uBTY]]~:WDG) 9P:R!1&BNk01ZXR2Kb7m~\vEf8nI;MB}=)&;lpGHS:A6ib%gsNY~)c|'\{:c#4.9/w'I-$;%]6wR}[MOUi3eB~j?q.]%K*-u[[ s[h Your schools official IPM policy statement and supporting plan should focus on making school facilities and grounds unattractive to pests through improved sanitation and pest exclusion. disinfection, Natural Patterns of Productivity and Species Richness. Use of temperature and moisture to kill pathogen. Insects fall into it. You can establish a A microbial known as beavaria bassoon, native soil inhibiting fungus that attacks insects of all life stages, A bio parasite of fungi known as Trichoderma Hazanum. Adjustment made by pests to withstand toxic effects of pesticides. L{~,2\O%d9\'2WwTQgEMaT|I#R{}Pf(3 691 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9B025FF57BB1494A93CC4E7DB6274BEB><0C18A73F129E3F47B2CA31670A5BB429>]/Index[684 17]/Info 683 0 R/Length 61/Prev 604220/Root 685 0 R/Size 701/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream For fungicides, what is topical mode of action? Name 2 ways you can avoid compatibility problems when mixing pesticides. to be able to quantify your results; figure out how many insects per square foot. identify and count as insects emerge. hR0y/l6Aq-W#;WJ -f8LTQEqQi@g6lfQ;`!p^vlk~ lAWQy How to Implement Integrated Pest Management in Schools, 1. If you would like to know more, check out these five pests that spread fast. P! Using biorational products that are low toxicity to mammals; follow the re-entry interval. Follow the Why is fungicide dilution rate important? Pest prevention should be considered in all daily activities and locations within the school including: Consider what may attract pests to each area and how they would get in. An informed sustainable approach to managing plants and pests by combing cultural, physical, biological, and chemical tactics that minimize economic, health, and environmental risks. Economics 2. Different locations will require different approaches. Rotate modes of action 3. 700 0 obj <>stream f`]8 /gh.,.9kH]\d!%':ckoN#`dbXS./$ Qf?f }#wX05c;u^{"OIo~KXk?/K#H`;.whMG'9$HP}dBxHZImECjl+z a+43a,N,}|0 M*>DEL 5von>;hRq1V6GskK]l[j]L)_3zsh 5_a>/xa#@$E:qhKfr].B[VRov^(-SnQaJvVp:MU`/$ 1,ZX, "DM 5MG!7.G"BWw}k3@gd a7b`;ZZ};%r08sJKcI|)k\;eu(Xt(]Hoc:JFq%f[A$drB$M)q' Be able to recite and understand Diamond's four themes. Exclusion 2. of the day with the high temp. Your plan should define the top pest risks by location and how each will be managed. Don't "Spray everything because it makes you feel better", Name 3 synthetic fungicides that may qualify as biological control, Briefly discuss weed prevention in established turf. Some pests, however, are more problematic than others and can spread fast. Using signal plants to determine when certain pests will persist. Put cup or can in ground. EPA exempt, Describe the pros and cons of using endophytes in an IPM program, Pro- Grass is more stress tolerant, commercially available, and highly effective, When the temperature of a gas decreases, and volume is held constant, the pressure of the gas (a) stays the same (b) increases (c) becomes zero (d) decreases. Improves turf quality while maintaining environment. to a childs neurological, respiratory, immune, and endocrine systems, even at low exposure levels. What is the difference between curative and preventative fungicide rates? What are 2 disadvantages of using beneficial insects in your IPM program? Professionalism. 1. Reducing unnecessary exposures to pests and pesticides improves health and attendance, leads to greater academic achievement, and ultimately fosters an enjoyable environment for kids at school. When insecticides are sensitive and break down due to high pH in a tank. Selection of soil microbes that feed on pesticides. Read this blog to learn more. Using knowledge about the pests habits, life cycle, needs and dislikes, Using the least toxic methods first, up to and including pesticides, Monitoring the pests activity and adjusting methods over time, Setting a threshold to decide when its time to act, Children take in greater amounts of pesticides (relative to their body weight) than adults, making integrated pest management in schools critical. A copy of the IPM policy should be sent home to all students and parents at the start of the school year and include information about: From the janitorial staff to students and teachers in the classroom, everyone plays an active role in adopting integrated pest management in schools. pesticide safety and IPM program in your school in six simple steps: Pest prevention efforts are at the heart of any integrated pest management program. Ensure effective communication among each group and educate each member on their role and how they contribute to program success. The product is safe and approved for use by the EPA, Name a synthetic fungicide that could be considered biological control. Tank mix 2. What is the best type of nozzle for disease control? Add low temp. hbbd```b``A$S0 I@#5X%#Q? Environmental 3. It can/will affect performance if not done properly; optimal rates provide best control and accuracy. What does it mean if a product has an EPA registration number? Low contact, no residual effect. Read on to learn how to avoid these pests. Protect key plant 2. Ready to implement IPM practices in your school?

Muncie, IN 47303, American Pest Professionals Jan 09, 2019. Not only can IPM be more effective than routine pesticide treatments, but it can also reduce childrens exposure to pesticides and even cost less over the long term. Make informed decisions, List the principles of plant disease control, 1.

Such contact could result in negative health effects such as asthma, illness from undue pesticide exposure, or diseases associated with biting insects or rodent feces and urine. 1. Protection, List 2 fungicide tactics that help reduce resistance problems, 1. 4\j8uvhO53 :UvLAV*V (]] MT\zzEk"\((uEBv-7o=o&2>b"U39 pnaK*i, The most common and effective ways to deter identified pests are to close off points of entry, eliminate food sources and provide an inhospitable environment. Regular monitoring of high-risk areas for pests goes a long way in preventing their return. adverse effects to a childs neurological, respiratory, immune, and endocrine systems, even at low exposure levels. ihJU8_5~M9tUlSJ HVF Name 2 ways to increase resistance of the turf grass to pest attack, Fungicide kills fungus, Fungistat suppresses growth, Azoxystrobin (Heritage), Fosetyl-al (Signature), Propamocarb (Banol). What is the cheapest method of pest/disease control? How often should you monitor your greens in the summer? Sanitize and create unfavorable living conditions for pest, Pathogen or its parts capable of causing infection when transferred to a favorable location, Usually from an overwintering source that initiates disease in the field, as opposed to inoculum that spreads disease during the season. What is the best control for abiotic plant disease? reduces resistance to pests by injuring/stressing the turf, Describe the impact frequent and close mowing has on the turf grass, - Weakens grass (removal of photosynthetic material, removes youngest tissue which is more photosynthetic, reduces carbohydrate reserves = shorter roots = slower recovery = increased amount of fertilizer needed to maintain quality). What are the two main strategies for your cultural control program? x]o0*aOU4MIHzB#5i~NJYB}~~dUdu_;c$I-rsE]4Y2O'Y`-qpgHJpdq~?.lmk_o(BIqO-"(FJdJ,7';=H#zQGT1 zR6 ".N#Bdd+NMFrw KSiqB\CqmE~zedG-hV,%C#G#=q6>flrJm3J_8 (Y T$wr=whWjxM,uop 5:(]+~`3f$WFwuf?HtsC]|+i}wvj6v4{W5V3>%o=E'v~UZv^#n'PAkIqH QN&7*O#V[Y)TTr"6"7?d! Rov_a`K84]4MFBo8tQEpQwFLm6N1X)~jZaKL7L 6+9!O\OsXij:M^{{=#./r$EPyBK,qk_$o5'p0ux6]sr=E t 2130 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. prevent movement of pathogen using timed irrigation, verification and fertilization. Forsythia turning yellow/green is an indicator for annual bluegrass weevil control. to discuss how we can help with inspections, prevention best practices, and safe removal. Causes insect to molt improperly. 1. What 4 advantages does IPM practice afford you?

Constant application of the same product. Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. Give us a call to discuss how we can help with inspections, prevention best practices, and safe removal. Set Pest Management Objectives by Site and Activity. NOT tank mixing and rotating MOA. Their developing organ systems are often more sensitive to toxic exposures than adults, resulting in. Takes care of problem without compromising turf stand. How can bio control products be used successfully? What does the endophyte fungus get out of the deal? What 2 practices are critical to an IPM program? Preventative (Proactive) - lower, apply before disease, An interaction between two or more organisms in which one is adversely affected. Develop an Official Pesticide Safety and IPM Statement and Plan, How parents/guardians and staff should be notified prior to a pesticide application, 2. (a). How can you minimize the risk of pesticides to humans and other non-target organisms? Follow label rates, Chlorothalonil (Daconil), Mancozeb (Fore), Fluazinam (Secure), Ethazole (Koban), Use of an organism or byproducts of living organisms to suppress or kill pathogen. 2y>8 8sRNL7} *`ql6 ;qa%bB=9;Q! The basics of integrated pest management (IPM) are consistent across all environments from home to school. List five ways to avoid leaching and runoff of pesticides, - Don't spray over solid surfaces (concrete,asphalt). List 2 ways mowing simulates grass disease, List 3 diseases stimulated by high nitrogen fertility, True or False: A sign is a detectable expression of abnormal physiology in a diseased plant. Pro- least toxic and usually not as expensive, and it can be targeted to deal with a specific pest issue. Know problem weeds, and their areas, know degree days that follow them, and attack pre-emergent and post-emergent either by chemical, cultural, or biological. What doesn't the target principle mean to pesticide applicators? How can grasses be manipulated to resist disease? Traps that use specie specific sexual attractants to find bugs and measure adult peak flight. Describe 2 ways nitrogen affects your disease control program? What are the 2 main goals of a cultural disease program? Be able to explain how these themes help us understand the collapse of Sumer. Able to stay alive and thrive while living in the turf, "Safe to use" control of pathogen/pest with products that are environmentally friendly. Ex. It's an insect growth regulator made from the seeds of neem tree's. Eradication 3. Follow the, 3. Practice good mower/equipment maintenance, spray, and fertilizer applications, Draw and label the plant disease triangle. of dish soap. %PDF-1.6 % How can chemicals be used to eradicate pathogens? Adjust the pH in the tank to 4.0-4.7 before adding pesticides. Y88|mf>xK^),5`"O>C0 o)%z>^>f;IRG]&["LGPd%xC'/`=vWy ]l 8hVkkiP[z1sLw5b{tb +!M-4NTNo{:g9H9M =@jXL x|yadA\I7#!;r5+)F?2dt&^c./`=smWNmSTAFQWyvO_P[Yf; u(&U@.ES+s+xdGT2UkD6i_ B@K7q97Cs } |NC\$"6UI2>zpho&SF. How does mowing influence turf resistance? hb```ZV B,`q;X`Yp&dM[4>p3m?wV0PjhyiR'~_)m o]|q_; H~`h``h0`h``h``h` s;3#@L"],@@@q3*pr`o]0)5Y9 (W pmn=N.- H1p Pn How can you avoid alkaline hydrolysis when mixing pesticides? List and define 3 types of thresholds used in an IPM program. endstream endobj startxref hk62i pmTR/lICg2xi)WM,K} KKu At-Nc.$DKUlZ({6HFfh'x Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescues, Name 2 routes of entry into the insect for an insecticide. Essentially, IPM combines scientific principles and common sense to think about pest management in a way that values: Children take in greater amounts of pesticides (relative to their body weight) than adults, making integrated pest management in schools critical. Detection and Diagnosis (Pest, disease, weed, or abiotic problem, Describe 3 insect traps and tell how they can be used, - Pitfall- Set up in ground, migrating bugs on soil level falls into and is trapped. laws and regulations that limit introduction and spread of diseases. You can avoid most pest problems by regularly hiring a professional pest control company to inspect your home. What is biochemical mode of action of most insecticides? Microbial class 2 toxin for mites and leaf miners.