He gunned his victims down at their homes, planted bombs in their vehiclesit didn't matter if he killed innocents along the way. The criminals take advantage of protection that isn't available to victims and a lot of the criminals who turned informant will wind up being recidivist.". [3] In the 1970s, the Popeyes had successfully fought against the Devils Diciples and Satan's Choice biker gangs, and as journalist Patrick Lejtenyi noted: "The violence that ensued cemented Quebec's reputation as one of the most dangerous places for organized crime to do business in North America. "He was very professional, very meticulous, and that's why they used his services.". [5], After Buteau's assassination, Michel "Sky" Langlois became the president of the Angels while Lessard continued to lead the South chapter. Upon his release from prison in 1994, he was given a new identity and a job at a seniors' residence in St-Eustache on the north shore of the St. Lawrence near Montreal. Robert TinyRichard Robert Richard was acquitted of the first degree murder charges. However, Canada has complicated laws regarding these services, so the club has to be very careful with their presence in the country. [13], The massacre was considered extreme even for the criminal underworld, and it gave the Hells Angels a notorious reputation in Quebec. Jacques Pelletier is returned to prison for associating with known criminals. Rjean Lessard is granted full parole. Boucher began to increase pressure on the Rock Machine shortly after the arrest, initiating the Quebec Biker War. Cocaine addiction didn't slow Trudeau's killing, though. The murder of six Hells Angels by their one-time comrades-in-arms shocked the underworld, law enforcement, and the public, and almost led to the club's complete downfall in Quebec. Sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. They were invited to meet at the clubhouse, then beaten and shot to death. Rock Machine would go on to form alliances with the Bandidos MC. Get Hotcars Premium. 2 members could make it over and built connections with local bikers. (In an odd twist, O'Connor says he was living nearby at the time and heard the detonation as it went off but didn't know what it was. 2004 30 August, 2004. That cancer is justice.". Red and white are the main colors. [3] Trudeau carried out one killing, but was arrested for possession of illegal weapons in July 1985. There are many stereotypes to overcome and basics to learn if you want to have a pleasant time. "They talk about a brotherhood but when they find someone is no longer useful they just get rid of him.". [3], When the leader of the Hells Angels' Halifax chapter, David "Wolf" Carroll, paid Trudeau C$98,000 dollars for killing someone, he learned that the North chapter was actually entitled to one-quarter of the money, and that Trudeau had instead used the money to support his cocaine addiction.

(Bizarrely, Cazzetta would eventually wind up reconciled with the Hells and even become one of its leaders in Quebec.). However, Hells Angels sued Disney because they used their name and logo in the movie Wild Hogs without credit or permission from the club. ", Asked about his terminal illness and what he thought about death, Trudeau said, "I see it as a punishment." [13] Despite the original plan to kill Trudeau at the Sherbrooke clubhouse, he was instead contacted in rehab to be told he had been expelled from the Angels, but that he could rejoin if he killed three people whom Lessard wanted dead. The Strange Reason Why Australia Is Testing Car Performance Underwater, Check Out IndyCar Driver Romain Grosjean Showing Off Interesting Machines In His Garage, Heres Why The Florida Sheriffs Office Now Drives A Drug Dealers Corvette, Heres Why The Chrysler 300 SRT8 Was Discontinued, 5 Collector's Cars To Buy Before It's Too Late, Here's Why The Land Rover Discovery Sport Was The Best SUV Of 2019, SSC Tuatara Lights Up The Dyno On Fire With 1890-HP, This British Army Truck With A 5.9-Liter Cummins Is The Ultimate Camper Van, What Makes The Porsche 911 The Best Supercar For Driving Daily, Kiefer Sutherland's Vibrant Car Collection Proves He Is A Real Gear Head, Heres How Ducati Upped The Ante With The 2023 Panigale V4, Why The BMW G 310 RR Is A Better Sports Bike For Beginners Than The KTM RC 390, VW e-Performance Golf R Concept Hints At VW's Electric Plans, The Topless Mini Cooper SE Convertible Concept Is Electric Gone Cool, Here's Where The Cast From American Restoration Is Today. Jacques Pelletier is granted full parole.

The violence also attracted the attention of motorcycle gangs based in the US, especially the Chicago-based Outlaws and California-based Hells Angels, who were both looking to expand internationally. One of the Angels present at the massacre, Richard "Bert" Mayrand, who was the older brother of victim Michel "Willie" Mayrand, refused the Crown's offer to testify against his brother's killers, saying the Angels were his family and he would never betray his "brothers" who had killed his biological brother. The explosion, writes de Champlain, blew the four men to pieces and badly damaged eight other apartments in the Concordia University student ghetto building. Here's What The Need For Speed Mustang Is Worth Today, Check Out These Rare Photos Of The Hells Angels Out And About, 15 Cool Vintage Photos Of The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, 15 Things You Didnt Know About The Outlaws Motorcycle Club, 15 Mistakes And Fails From The Original F&F Movie, Here's What Happened To The Ghost Rider's Suzuki Hayabusa, Skoda Rapid: A Highly Capable Compact Sedan That Eluded Americans. But it would take more than what they had to effectively decapitate the club's leadership. He sensed something was brewing between Sorel and Laval and that it would end in blood. Luc Michaud is granted full parole. Parts of the St Lawrence River have been known as the Hells Angels Graveyard.

In 1968, George Harrison of The Beatles played a small role in getting the club into the UK. He is believed to have been one of the ringleaders in the murders, yet still claims his only role was pointing a gun at a member in order to keep him under control and the burning of a leather jacket owned by one of the victims. Police are dispatched to a park to investigate 2 men acting suspiciously. "Killing to him was like buying a bag of milk," the sister of one of his victims told the Journal de Montral the day after his parole hearing. lennoxville massacre angels hells clubhouse In 2004, he was re-arrested on sexual assault charges involving a boy under the age of 14. Dubro says Trudeau pulled the trigger on Kennedy. "He hired Yves Trudeau to send a message to the rest of the West End Gang that you don't fuck around with Dunie Ryan if you owe him money. [3] The plan devised by Lessard, Carroll and Beaulieu called for two members of the North chapter to be forced into retirement, another two members to be given a chance to join the South chapter and the rest to all be killed. [7] Carroll went to Montreal to meet with Lessard, and demanded that he take action against the North chapter. In the biker world it's known as the Red Zone.

Still in detox, Trudeau was offered a deal by the Hells: kill two bikers who weren't at Lennoxville, as well as one of the dead biker's girlfriend, and he'd get some money and his life back. The other Hells Angels wanted to be businessmen. [13] Over the next few days, the Laval clubhouse was looted of all the money and drugs stored in it, together with six Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It was decided that an example would be made of the LavalChapter members. Trudeau must have known his days were numbered. Only 3 members are available to come, so the meeting is postponed until the following day. The Hells Angels could build a strong case and deserved their victory in court. Over a dozen members are believed to have been involved in the beatings, shootings, the cleanup of the bodies and disposing of evidence. Jacques Pelletier was granted full parole on May 6, 2013. [13] One of these people was Ginette "La Jument" Henri, the accountant to the North chapter and Mathieu's girlfriend. The Popeyes were known for doing the usual gangster stuff: drugs, prostitution, extortion, theft. Accessed January 31, 2022 (in French), Mayrand was a local with long standing connections included a biker club in Asbestos page 68, "How Canada's Most Prolific Hit Man Turned Informant on the Hells Angels", "How the Hells Angels slaughtered five of its own in Quebec 30 years ago only to become more powerful", https://numerique.banq.qc.ca/patrimoine/details/52327/4006039?docref=9AdvxlVSCsHrCeh44_0Q1w&docsearchtext=membres%20des%20Atomes%20et%20des%20Gitanes, Multiple murderer, ex-Hell's Angel biker granted day parole, Quebec Hells Angel doing life for murder gets closer to parole, Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lennoxville_massacre&oldid=1099058619, People murdered by Canadian organized crime, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Five men were killed in the Lennoxville Massacre, all were members of the Hells Angels North Chapter: One man was killed in the weeks following the Lennoxville event: One of the believed initial targets of the massacre wasYves Apache Trudeau, who was a prominent member within the LavalChapter and a known hitman, later admitting to 43 murders. [3] On December 5, 1977, the Popeyes "patched over" to become the first Hells Angel chapter in Canada.[3]. Luc "Sam" Michaud was granted full parole on May 6, 2005. Over the spring and summer of 1985, cops would haul in a number of bikers and carry out a number of raids aimed at fatally disrupting the Hells Angels in the province. "[3] The Hells Angels, who had been looking to expand into Canada, decided that the Popeyes were the best gang to take into their organization. Accessed January 31, 2022 in French page 58, even in 1970 Beaulieu was well established as president of the Gitans club. "[3] Journalist James Dubro told Lejtenyi: "There's always has been more violence in Quebec. It is believed that some members who had previously been considering joining the Hells Angels, as well as former associates of the Laval chapter, decided to form their own new group, which would come to be Rock Machine MC. Michel Genest Found guilty in a seperate trial for the murder of Claude Roy on 31 October, 1986and sentenced to life in prison. He publicly delivered his first bombshell testimony at a coroner's inquest that August. "The girlfriends of the guys who'd disappeared were approached and asked, 'Have you seen your boyfriend lately?' [1] The name "Lennoxville massacre" is a misnomer: the killings took place in Sherbrooke, with misconception that the killings took place in Lennoxville arising from the fact the victims had stayed and partied at a motel in Lennoxville before going to the Sherbrooke clubhouse. Trudeau was the motorcycle club's most prolific killer. Trudeau's reputation was solid enough that he began taking contracts from outside the Hells. [3], Gilles Lachance, who was profoundly troubled by the massacre, contacted the Sret du Qubec to state his willingness to work as an informer and to wear a wire. He has written for many publications including TheRichest, TheClever, TheQuiz, and ListVerse. By the end of his sentence, Trudeau, then 62, was dying of cancer. Trudeau described relations between Sorel and Laval by then as "ice cold." Yves "Apache" Trudeau | Image via. Also a possibly motive was the rumour that money was owed by the Hells Angels Laval and Montreal chapters to West End Gang leader Frank Peter Dunie Ryan. Besides being almost constantly high on cocaine, the North Chapter was also withholding profits they made from selling $300,000 worth of speed to the West End Gangprofits that were supposed to be shared equally. There are only 4 European countries that still don't have an association with the club. If there's one crime that Yves "Apache" Trudeau is most closely associated with, it would be the Lennoxville Massacre of March 24, 1985. Wikipedia Commons. However, joining a club is a commitment, so it helps to understand what you're signing up for. If you want to become a club member, you should be ready to make sacrifices. shedden ontario scene crime murders canada body mass canadian cbc bodies field farm found shown ont steve saturday near Girlfriends and wives died alongside their men. In the early hours of Sunday, November 25, Trudeau associate Michel Blass showed up at April's apartment at 1645 de Maisonneuve West bearing gifts: a TV, a VCR, and video cassette copy of Hells Angels Forever, a pseudo-documentary produced by the gang's Manhattan chapter. lennoxville massacre hells clubhouse angels quebec ha murders gangland sherbrooke gangsterism dead chapter members shot north were which Heavily addicted to cocaine though he wasde Champlain writes that he went through $60,000 worth of cocaine in just three weeksTrudeau was no dummy. While there are some books which briefly cover the events of the Lennoxville Massacre, there are none that we could find which are dedicated to the subject. Here he points specifically to Apache Trudeau. Gilles Lechance was present at the Lennoxville event and turns police informant after he is arrested. The Lenoxville Massacre event shook up the biker scene in Canada. RELATED:15 Cool Vintage Photos Of The Bandidos Motorcycle Club. In February 1980, Trudeau murdered the grandmother of a former Hells Angel he believed was talking to the cops, along with the suspected snitch and his wife. He was sent back to prison in 2014 after he violated the terms of his parole by associating with Hells Angels. For many people, motorcycles are a crucial part of their lives. He only made the connection years later, when he was researching his book.). [16] Carroll moved to Montreal in 1990 and later played a very prominent role in the Quebec Biker War. They needed someone like Yves Trudeauand fortunately for them, they had him. The trio, led by founding Montreal Hells Angels and former Popeyes member Denis Kennedy, had come up with a plot to kidnap one of Ryan's children and use the ransom money to pay back the coke money they owed him. Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of the best outlaw motorcycle club booksif you are after some reading. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. In attempts to stop people from making profits off them, the club sued Toys R Us, Amazon, Saks, Zappos, Alexander McQueen and Marvel. 2010 3 March, 2010. Once Blass was safely out of the apartment, Trudeau detonated a bomb hidden inside the TV. A couple of months later, while incarcerated, Trudeau cut a deal. Gerry Coulombealso assisted police with their case. They also use military-style patches, but their meanings are kept in secret. Even Lichtenstein has its own chapter. "Makes it a little easier. [4], Other Hells Angels soon regarded the North chapter as too wild and uncontrollable, often using drugs they were supposed to sell and allegedly skimming drug profits at least C$60,000 that were meant for other chapters. The Port was then run by the Gang's leading light, Frank Peter "Dunie" Ryan. As a rider, one of the best decisions you can make to expand your social horizons is to join a motorcycle club. This was the nickname bomber crews used during the World War II. The Laval chapter was told to appear at the Sherbrooke chapter's clubhouseactually in neighbouring Lennoxville, home of Bishop's Universityon Saturday, March 23, for a party. The informant program in Canada was overhauled in 2013 and is now administered by the RCMP but Boisvenu still believes it should be used sparingly. He was significantly overweight, believed to weigh around 300 pounds, and died from a heart attack in February 1996. In the motorcycle world, this club is considered royalty. Michel Genest, found guilty of the beating of Claude Roy in the weeks following the Lennoxville event is granted unescorted day release visits from prison. His fifth murder would be committed within weeks of joining the Hells, when he shot a young Outlaws member outside a bar in Montreal's Little Italy, sparking a full-fledged war. The number 81 is used very often, representing the placement of the letters H and A in the alphabet. Ross didn't have to wait long. They've been seen with Jerry Garcia, Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey. Rjean Zig Zag Lessard Rjean Lessard was the former Hells Angels Montreal President. The [Laval] guys weren't following the steps the others were taking. Receive the next edition of "The One Percenter Throwdown" to your inbox. [4] The North chapter, which had often chafed at and had broken Buteau's rules about not using drugs, quickly spun out of control under Viau's leadership as Viau himself abused cocaine and alcohol. In 1994, Salvatore Cazzetta was arrested at a pit-bull farm for attempting to import eleven tons of cocaine. lennoxville trudeau yves apache biker hells angels massacre clubhouse 1985 dead sherbrooke chapter gangsterism mass murders march north murder took