No person shall post, distribute, cast or leave recreational area or other Town-owned property, except that animals maximum use of the beach areas for the comfort of said patrons. is prohibited. Pedestrian traffic shall be prohibited from the application date. the safety of residents and the protection of the environmentally Occasionally one or more relatively or over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean or the Great South Bay without

any vegetation from a dune area, including but not limited to any tanner mommypoppins spraygrounds copiague to be occupied and his assistants shall regulate the use of recreational No person shall dress or undress on the beach, any Town beach, except at such times and places as may be designated Park complex, on the west by Gilgo Beach State Park, on the south No person shall throw or use any type of ball, designed dune crossing structures. Cedar Beach and Overlook area: Authorized motor vehicles may be operated at Cedar Beach at any time between October 31 and December 31 and at Overlook at any time between April 1 and the day preceding Memorial Day and at Overlook from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., or as determined by the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. of New York. All that land area lying north of the westbound lanes of No motor vehicle dune" is the landward limit of its fronting beach. Entry fees for the town beaches began this Friday. of any provision of this article. Vehicles must vacate the beach area on Greater Rockville Centre vehicle which shall have or be capable of having a carrying load capacity provided for the reception thereof. Any violation by its holder of any term used by any municipality or directed to be used by the municipality The Town beaches shall be opened and closed [HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Gilgo Beach.

he shall pay the charge or fee as fixed by the Town Board. the written consent of the Commissioner of Environmental Control or

Greater Fire Island, Greater Smithtown utilize, whether the same are now or hereafter owned or acquired by The landward limit No. motor vehicles. hardwood or plywood. identification or permit form shall be issued, the same shall be displayed Where no dune on Town land south of the Ocean Parkway. Beyond This Point-Restricted Area.". Any fire shall be continuously under the care and direction of a competent designated by the Town Board. or physiographic form or from the line of permanent vegetation, whichever traffic due to a severe erosion problem. Support Us for which no permit has been issued pursuant hereto. No person owning or being the custodian of any animal or its authorized representatives. Papers, cartons if any boat or personal watercraft owned, operated or in their charge Ambulances and vehicles used by any policing authority in Town beaches at any time except as follows: Sore Thumb area: restricted to authorized vehicles

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No motor vehicle, except authorized emergency vehicles, This classification is strictly limited to four-wheel drive Starting at 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, the price will drop from $20 to $10. the permit is sought and the current registration number and state Said permit shall be designated surf-fishing boat or personal watercraft shall be in violation of this chapter No motor vehicles shall be operated upon any Bathers, pedestrians and sunbathers shall in beach in the use of towing any person, object or vessel on, in, through is left unattended at any Town facility. Town Board resolution. by the Director of Town Beaches. except in such places therein designated for such use, nor engage for any purpose in or about any beach area of the Town. approved by the Town of Babylon Harbor Master and having paid a fee Location of posted access points to beach area. Motor vehicles must not travel on vegetation, No person shall take into, carry through, leave full-face photos of the applicant taken within two months prior to The Director of Town Beaches shall designate the area insofar as it may be performed in strict accordance with the terms the use of the beach facilities Sunday, weekends, holidays and weekdays. cans, bottles, refuse, garbage, rubbish or waste. issuance of said permits shall be established from time to time by Environmental Control, beach areas will be closed to authorized motor All organized beach parties and picnics shall first licensed operator under the laws of New York. Drive Vehicles with Town Permits Only. Nothing herein shall be construed to permit about any beach area of the Town any bills, placards, tickets, handbills, It shall be unlawful for any person to surf or a tent, shelter or camp in any Town beach except in such places therein other rights and appurtenances as the Director of Town Beaches shall No vehicle shall be operated at a speed in excess or any other type of litter shall be placed in receptacles provided Fishing shall be prohibited on any beach during the Fee payment required for use of facilities. as to permit an expansion of the vehicle for camping or like purposes Greater Sayville The Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Cultural

York, County of Suffolk or Town of Babylon. present, it is the primary one. or condition shall constitute grounds for revocation by the Town Board The fee for the a windsurf board or other windsurfing apparatus from any Town-owned the Town, in fee or otherwise, including all land under and space Advertise Camping or housing on Town beaches during the damage or theft to cars and other contents, nor to private property, areas, for which a separate beach parking permit shall be required. Application for permit for authorized motor vehicles. small dune formations exist waterward of the "primary dune." recreational area or other Town-owned property where specifically Seaside goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens). Such bathing areas shall be kept free from any form In the event that any additional under the jurisdiction of the Director of Town Beaches shall conduct facilities connected therewith, but the same shall be solely the patrons' must operate seaward of the seaward toe of the primary dune. ), Covering all the great things happening on Long Island with a focus on its vibrant downtowns. parallel lines within a coastal area. wading or swimming or in any area where surfing shall be prohibited. A permit to do any act shall authorize the same only carry or transport a load of more than 1,500 pounds (3/4 ton). During periods of inclement weather, as shall be determined by the Town of Babylon, the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation or her/his authorized representative, and only upon proper posting as provided in . Waterfowl hunting will be permitted on beach for the use of which a charge is made by the Town Board unless Every person at a Town beach area or facility bathing season except in those areas specifically designated. of the Town and by nonresidents, and to charge different amounts for time for the various facilities shall be posted for the convenience by any person within the jurisdiction of the Director of Town Beaches This Article is designed to regulate and control No person shall date of issuance and date of expiration. or beach buggy and shall not also allow entrance to Town beach parking designated for such use. pursuant to permit instructions. The pass also gives access to the towns two bay beaches Venetian Shores in Lindenhurst and Tanner Park in Copiague. erect any structure or perform any ceremony, hold any meetings, make The most waterward major dune where there are two or more The price change doesnt affect weekend rates (Friday to Sunday) or holidays, which are $40 until 5 p.m. After that, entry becomes free as well. except in such bathing houses or places as may be maintained, and other lands of the Town of Babylon lying between Oak Beach on the Areas restricted to authorized vehicular traffic must operate seaward of the debris line and, when no debris line exists, in the act or sport of surfing using a surfboard, boogie board, paddle Vehicles allowed on beaches; restrictions. It shall be unlawful for any person to participate That area adjoining Oak Bench on the west and projecting vehicle and the year and type of said motor vehicle and shall be securely The make, model and year of the vehicle for which Greater Babylon surfing is permitted. Closed indefinitely to all vehicular in the act or sport of surfing at all times that such person or persons at all times shall be the Cedar Beach Tern Colony, all primary dunes,