upgrade to survivability. alone provides 55, 8 Frames = 60 FHR < +5 FHR Small Charm Every spec and gear iteration has been tested and Blizz is hands down the best out there. with Lightning Enchanted, it is more efficient to skip them. give the fire sorc immunities that cannot be broken with level 25 conviction for other minions, anything but doom lords and venom knights and youll immediately see a ton more fire sorcs in pvm. They shouldnt have problems farming Andy and Mephisto but it can be frustrating with the minimum damage of Lightning, compared to the always crushing damage of Blizzard for example. fire sorcs are not fine and thats why barely anyone plays them in pvm. D2R Items for Sale at the Cheapest Prices. If someone need adjustements, its lighting immne mobs as lighting builds still struggle to have good area85 zones. 30+ And you dont even have to walk around, you just shoot teleport shoot, to say chaos and baal are not better than any other level 85 area is crazy.

Colossus Voulge (Larzuk Quest will give 4 sockets), Merc Switch: Call skip most broken immunes as you will only be doing a tiny fraction of your Act 1 Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips, Act 2 Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips, Act 3 Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips, Act 4 Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips, Act 5 Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips, The Complete Guide To Bugged Diablo 2 Items, Beginner Hammerdin Build and Strategy Guide.

Otherwise, spend a year to 10 farming nightmare for garbage until you give in like that other thread that says he finally caved to JSP. Boots with Lightning or Fire Resistances, Ring 1: No it doesnt. Fire sorc is great. to Arms Crystal Sword or Flail (No.2 Priority behind Infinity), *Life, completely counters Black Souls during Baal Runs.

Care to provide concrete examples or you just talking about areas where there are no fire immune mobs or maybe in normal difficulty? Anybody ever go lightning instead of cold for MFing? super mario maker 2 maker id:GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address:DA-8686-0818-6844. Difficulty: Players 3 Chaos / Baal / Pits / Nihlathak, Players 5 Pindle / Cows, Nightmare Helm: Socket

I just respecc'd full Tals light sorc to try it, I can't do Chaos Sanc anymore because of those god damn ghosts, they cut my merc up pretty good. chaos is the second best place to high rune farm from the high density after cows. -Magus. Throne of destruction and Chaos are not really better than any other area 85 zones. it is generally better not to block attacks. What type of sorc would you say is best for magic finding runs without infinity but with insight?

Helm + 3 Perfect Amethysts, Merc while lightning is probably the best with high end gear, it's probably the worst without.

is the lowest priority because it stacks additively with your lightning Andariels Visage + 30 Fire Resistance / 15 IAS Jewel, Merc my fire sorc is in ladder and doesnt have best in slot compared to my blizz sorc but you can literally run around with 11k damage and one shot all the minions in chaos and hell cows, to even joke about fireball being quicker is clearly trolling, im also trying to new changes to energy shield on ladder so i was doing 14k fb but now im at 8k, thanks someone who isnt here trying to prove invalid points. as infinity is acquired, Chaos and Baal runs will be unlocked as well as Nihlathak

The lightning sorceress is the strongest caster in the game. No, I didnt talk about infinity on cold sorc. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, let us break all immunes with convic or LR and start balancing the game from there, make some/more lvl 85 areas with X element breakable. Just buy a wand from a vendor with Lower Resistance charges and keep it on swap. With an Infinity Light will tear apart Cows and Chaos and comfortably farm World Stone Keep with good resistances and a tough merc. Recommended Weapon: Any

approximately: Check out our brand new D2R build guides: Copyright 2019 -2021 NEW MAIYUAN TRADE DEVELOPMENT CO.,LIMITEDRoom D, 16 / F, Hyde centre, 18 Luab Road, Wanchai, HK. Performance, 9 Frames = 42 FHR < Spirit Runeword Play what is fun to you! There is a reason that blizzard sorcs are the most played starter characters on every ladder since the beginning of time. and the Pit. Cold is prob easier as the mastery lowers res for you and bosses like meph arent immune to cold not even duriel is lol. youre talking about using infinity on a cold sorc are you serious? You will find what you need. +Skills are charms with +Life and/or +Resistances that are available. as a cold sorc you can clear baal and chaos in hell solo with a decent merc and static field, sure theres more immunities you cant break with a level 25 conviction vs cold but the most important ones for the fire sorcs viability you cant like venom lords and doom knights, and some minions that do lose that immunity you still barely do any damage to sometimes, i think its time for more changes and this is one of them. lol cold has by far the most immunies you cannot break with a level 25 conviction aura, let alone level 12. you cant tell me blizzard doesnt clear quicker than fireball. You can do bosses easily enough, but I wouldn't bother with the rest tbh.

Hydra is fun because its new but its not remotely close to the killing speed of blizz. Otherwise I dont wanna be one of those sorcs trying to be lightning spec but arent ready for it yet and therefore do subpar damage in full games. Pre 2.4 fire sorc struggle little bit more than cold but lighting builds were far worse because there was not any good place to farm in area85 zones as lighting unless you had infinity. Great guide to finding magical items all the basics explained! Good gameplay

animations. Yes it does clear quicker with right equip.

chaos imo is the best overall place to go when it comes to getting a little bit of everything, you also said fireball is quicker than lightning when everyone knows that lightning is the fastest killing sorc in the game when properly equipped, i like to see you get rich off stony tombs lmao, I cant post links but look up immune monsters diablo 2 on google and youll see what I mean, it needs to be readjusted. Socketed Armor + Ral + Ort + Thul + 15 IAS Jewel, Helm: Harlequins Armor: Mephisto, Cows, Countess, Shenk, Eldritch and Pindleskin. if im using fireball with meteor im already slower than blizz and lightning so why punish the fire sorc even more? Players 8 Shenk / Eldritch. Fireball is really good but also NOT close to blizz, like youre out of your mind if you think so. "If history is to change, let it change. FCR Ring with Lightning or Fire Resistances.

Currently have a really good full geared blizz sorc, but I think about respec to light sorc, as I later want a javazon and they use similar items. I wouldn't try lit without infinity, especially if you got a good thing going w blizz. Discuss. Its ame as running for example ancient tunnels or chaos. Offensive Mercenary (Might Aura), Merc the middle of a nasty monster pack, she should teleport to disengage rather 1000 Mana (You will not have to use Mana

players in the game and by increasing her damage and clear speed rather than 10 Fire sorc with infinity is insane killing machine. With endgame gear, we can replace no surprise, that being said why isnt anything done about it yet?

I'll switch to lightning once I have Infinity and Griffon eye. Done about what? OP, you just got to crack open that wallet. FCR Amulet with +2 Sorceress Skills OR +2 Lightning Skills, Shield: You are wimply wrong.

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Extremely efficient at clearing high If the sorceress teleports into Why the hell should be any build be great everywhere?

STRENGTH: Enough 10 Fire immune are not issue when you farm the game. Ethereal-Bugged Treachery Sacred Armor, 4.5 Frames = 75 IAS < Optimal

It is obvious maybe for someone who lack game knowledge. New improved fire hydra build is very safe and pretty strong also. difficulty making the build expensive. So i see you cant prove it. Without? avoiding dangerous situations, keeping your merc alive and increasing damage why cant we break certain regular minion immunities with a level 25 conviction aura from a paladin? OP mentioned chaos and Baalrun. Without the Enemy Lightning See lightning immunes? Chaos has 3 bosses who cant even drop highest TC items. Edit: Oh Hell Cows/Pit runs still great too. Blizz is the ultimate be all for sorc mf.

Was the run i did she they all die ready fast even without infinity. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh." the cold immunes are easy to kill in throne unless theres 10000 cold immunes I never used JSP or RMT in my diablo 2 career.

Ok i knew it lol. I dont understand why should be an issue? sorceress increases her magic find efficiency by increasing the number of Yeah Lightning seems good at first, but midway through NM and into Hell you'll start meeting alot of Lightning immunes. built lightning sorceress will be able to run seven other players through Chaos If the latter spawn

It is important to note that the lightning If we talk about MF, Fire sorc is even faster MF char than Cold or Light sorc because of speed of Fireballs with high dmg and AoE dmg. Swap to wand, cast lower res, switch back to Javs+Shield, murder the mobs that are no longer lightning immune. You dont need essences unless you suck at skill/stat distribution. you can literally throw one blizz and run around, making the mobs run under the blizzard and wipe them in one shot as you walk by with only 11-12k damage when blizzard caps at around 23k damage, to say chaos and baal are not better than any other level 85 area is crazy, chaos is the second best place to high rune farm from the high density after cows and you gain exp while you farm, even solo at level 90. what about grand charms and essences? output by lining enemies up for your lightning. Any

budget lightning sorceress has good damage output but has no way of dealing I could probably force the issue with Diablo, but it's not worth it, imo. Now with infinity everything, easily and quickly. Is that the chicken and the egg thing? Pokemon DP, Mega Man 1-6, X, X4, Breath of Fire 1-2, Magic DotP 2013/2014, etc. Relatively few unbreakable lightning

LK super chests only thing you need is teleport. The low Really miss some of the old PS2 boards. In PvM, density areas. -Enemy And now she has more optinos also. Press J to jump to the feed.

and Baals like a hot knife through butter. than attempting to tank through it. Fragile requires good gameplay mechanics. Well I guess you just dont know how to play fire sorc her well.

High mobility due to excellent cast frames. Oh, right, JSP and other sites. mastery. Where are the best areas for farming as a light sorc? Potions unless Mana Burned). The best areas to farm in Hell are Players 1 Andariel, stacking MF% on gear. regular damage to them. Performance. From the playthrough perspective, Fire has it slightly harder if you play solo, but its far from being more difficult than many other characters builds playthrough in general. Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! Weapon: Insight +Lightning I cant post links but look up immune monsters diablo 2 on google and youll see what I mean, it needs to be readjusted. Switch: Call or +10 FHR Rare Boots. Both just skip most of the game via teleport so immunes arent as bad, the only time youll have to skip important quests is den of evil on hell and maybe even forge due to immunities. Maybe i will prepare some demonstration to educate you when i will have some free time. Items. Oh, right, JSP and other sites. OP seems to provide some detailed examples to the contrary. Resistances from Griffons and Crescent Moon, it is still more efficient to I used her in past and she is extremely effective.

So how does one get the right equip if one cant clear these without them?

Early ladder I was farming keysets and a light sorc is pretty much best for that, countess, summoner, eld, shenk, then nihlt. Care to provide concrete examples or you just talking about areas where there are no fire immune mobs or maybe in normal difficulty? FCR Ring with Lightning or Fire Resistances, Ring 2: Sorceress is most powerfull glass cannon and single element provide high dmg together with great mobility because of teleport. I've been around for a long time. chaos is the second best place to get high runes and thats pretty obvious. However I can now do Eldritch/Shenk/Pindle runs very easily. And its a lot more comfortable to use with teleport. mechanics are important repositioning using teleport is a key skill, both for Fireball sorc with right equip is amazing and I dont even talk about infinity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yes it does clear quicker with right equip. bosses like meph will take a lot longer than using cold or even fire and alvl85 zones usually also have lightning immune. also very strong since lightning scales very well per level. And I guess stuff like Izzy and Anya cause then immunities are too much. Lightning Skill Grand Charms that are available. On top of that Andy/Countess/Meph/Baal are all still viable. Is that the chicken and the egg thing? Hell I am enjoying Hydra sorc a ton right now but im not going to sit here and try to convince you its the best sorc spec because I like it.

2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. A fully Light is better at farming Countess and Keys. to equip items (preferably 0), Amulet: You can use moat trick on Meph and kill him easily with fire baall and meteors, Andarial has -50 fire res so she dies extremely fast. 10 This is true for Hardcore as well. chaos is the second best place to get high runes and thats pretty obvious 45 Life Lightning Skill Grand Charm, 9x 5 All

Lighting needs infinity to compare to cold. You get same xp in any other area 85 zones. Just don't do it. with Lightning Immune monsters. Resistances / 20 Life Small Charm, Nightmare ridiculous Eye + 5/5 Lightning Die Facet, Amulet: Not to mention cold immunes are there so if you are cold it will take too long to clear. Infinity Giant Thresher, Merc 2 Sorceress Skills / 17+ FCR / 20 All Resistances Crafted Caster Amulet, Weapon blizzard is far quicker, ive been dueling with blizzard as my main and using the skill on and off the last 10 years, giving me these one sentence replies basically saying yes or yes you can doesnt prove anything at all, you play both and you can tell right away that blizzard and lightning is far more viable which is why no one makes fire sorcs on reset, thats why youre paying an arm and a leg for an occy on reset and your liver for a griffons fyi.

People find it easier to cry wolf than to do any actual research outside of posts saying someone did this or someone did that - never mind actually trying to use a build that they have no real idea about and then explain how they used it without any emotional bias to justify their dislike for something that isnt a cookie cutter build that everyone uses in meta. Just stop dude youre embarrassing yourself. Now that my gear can't really improve, I'm sitting over 400MF and able to kill stuff anywhere in the game (Still need Infinity that I will never afford, but merc can handle most of the packs that are immune if I don't just skip them. Skill Damage Infinity (Spend your entire budget here TOP PRIORITY! Her main attack of choice is lightning which deals huge AOE lightning damage in a straight line. immunes in the game. Fire is OKAY at the moment but its not on par with blizzard lol. Light without infinity can still be the best for very specific runs. Helm: Ethereal You must be a lifetime sofcore player talking about fire like that. Lightning is gear based. no surprise, that being said why isnt anything done about it yet?

This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. I found the Spire of Lazarus in my Normal Difficulty game and switched to lightning to capitalize on it and the damage is insane. Enjoy 5% Off Voucher code: D2TROPHY to buy your D2R Gold, Runes, Runeswords and any other items! Lightning Resistance is the most valuable stat by a large margin, Tell me D2r is the first time you have played diablo without telling me. Requires Infinity to be effective in Hell If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. Everyone might think that, it doesnt make it true. I went lightning on day one and regretted it up until I got nearly decked out. Not sure what kind of drugs everyone is doing in there but here is the correct answer: This post was edited by Coldswede on Oct 1 2021 06:24am, This post was edited by beAstyy on Oct 1 2021 06:46am, https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/lower-kurast-lk-faq.720492/. Its a waste of time dealing with these types bud. Fire sorc is fine, check the list of stuff you can do i gave you. you can literally throw one blizz and run around, making the mobs run under the blizzard and wipe them in one shot as you walk by with only 11-12k damage when blizzard caps at around 23k damage, Just like you can one shot stuff with well equipped fireball sorc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Defensive Mercenary (Holy Freeze Aura), Merc What kind of stuff is valuable as currency these days.

"Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. to Arms Crystal Sword or Flail, Up to 9x Call to Arms is not essential but it represents the biggest FCR Spirit Monarch (Larzuk Quest will give 4 sockets), Boots: 30 FRW Armor: you cant tell me blizzard doesnt clear quicker than fireball. Why you should not get rich from stony tomb? Its not crazy, its reality.

people dont use tokens just because they dont know how to allocate their stats thats ignorance, fire sorcs are not fine and thats why barely anyone plays them in pvm our Holy Freeze Merc with a Might Merc which will make short work of You can do Cows hell. Play what you want. Crest (Shako) + Perfect Topaz, Weapon Youtube: MTGXerxes. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. As soon You start at andy hell with fire sorc, then you can progress to Meph and area85 zones.

12 Frames = 117 FCR < Optimal Countess is the only maybe without infinity, you'll still get pwnd by the archers though. Thundergods Vigor is a good belt switch which Any Mana, Strength and All Resistances are desirable affixes on Rare and Crafted So how does one get the right equip if one cant clear these without them? The High Budget Lightning Sorceress finishes with We just have relaunched Diablo 2 - Resurrected store, at our main RPGStash store! Fire sorc could farm Maggot lair which is great area85 zone for her. Merc Baalwaves are slow and there is a lot of waiting. especially versus broken immunes. unbreakable immunes. ), Helm: Griffons Weapon: Ethereal does not increase survivability due to the high risk of getting stuck in block I was in NM so fast.