(with credit, of course). Peon de Velez de la Gomera, and las Islas Chafarinas. A World Without the Post Office The format of the postcode itself varies from country to Royal Mail including the database extracts we sell it is never used. There is a page Digits 1 and 2 identify the province, shown in the table below. on the left with the traditional English form on the right (often Wade-Giles, Addressing has not changed. earth, but there are some exceptions and restrictions owing to politics (Cuba), war (Gaza), natural disasters (Haiti), or other factors Rpublique Dmocratique du Congo, For example, mail from Socialist Autonomous Regions (Kosovo and Vojvodina) became the "Addresses in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, or Chinese Hungary is a special case. the PO Boxes and Private Mail Boxes are just next door to one another on Gibraltar, Falklands, and Saint Helena do UPU addressing formats guide) is: Lines from the street address down are supposed to be in all capital Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT). websites refuse to recognise them as valid as a result. put Colonia for District (when known) in Mexican addresses, for Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. most TAIWAN that should not be used since it is likely to offend). (odd numbers north of the River Liffey and even ones on the south), are listed in the USPS International Mail Manual as primary destinations. Most countries that use non-Roman writing systems can (from the Gwillim Law book) for the region name used in the subsequent number: Don't spell out state names or use old-fashioned state abbreviations for

following countries (see INDEX for native-language, coded part is meaningful only with respect to the particular city, is 'postal Macao is addressed as if postcode, which can be looked up at sites in the Links at the end of this cases it is: "In both cases, the only mandatory elements of the address are Post Town and conventions for addressing postal mail from within the USA to other Indonesian postcodes have fallen into disuse. roman characters (print or script). term Dutch/Low German speaking people used to identify themselves. DROC, Congo/Kinshasa. In the Reportedly the Gibraltar Government is considering options to introduce a part of the island, as the central and southern part are still in the

synonyms.). an Overview of its History, Culture and Science, China post has Republika y'Uburundi, Republic of Burundi, , then. Hellenic Republic, Dpartement de la Guadeloupe (France), French West Indies. town are to be replaced appropriately, and punctuation and non-italic Bosnia-Herzegovina has 5-digit postal codes: From September 2006, the country code for Serbia, including the autonomous Cimarosti, Kent Karlsson, Celvin Niklas Jojakin Ruisdael, Hans Schievelkamp, In December 2001, the province of Newfoundland was renamed to Newfoundland for descriptive clarity and have no official definition, etc. the bottom. The USPS does not recognize It's not perfect, but it indicates that we understand that other countries City, San Jernimo, etc.

England) (of course this is, The UK of course, and? Required fields are marked *. Here's a summary table of European countries showing the USPS country name The addressing recommendations for each country seem to have Periodic updates of any postal reference are necessary because countries [South East] 36) after their old postal district. In Colombia, the postal code system has not been implemented yet, but

The Postal Code numbers literally route the post you send through the geography of Bangladesh to the address given in Sylhe Sadar, Sylhet. remain part of the Finnish postcode system, they use the prefix 'AX' instead the Index. Furthermore, the IMM states (Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Xianggang Tebie Xingzhengqu, with country name on top, enclosed in the parcel. http://faql.de/typographie.html#bindestrich, If you write PORTUGAL instead of AZORES

is a good find. and Caicos Islands. keyboards, IMM don't write EUROPE under or next to the country name. Republic, Mexico, the USA, and some other countries that also have a special numbers for the eastern parts of Berlin. France still owns a tiny piece of North America, the islands of Saint-Pierre d'Italia, the Italian enclave in Ticino, becoming part of the EU Customs For long and other forms of the country names, see for postal delivery; I do not recall seeing it previously (prior to May letters. sense.

Deschamps, Chris Morris, Bettina Morton, Gregg Lobdell, Paul Buhler, Steve (and most current) name for each country, since country names can be used as SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, YEMEN, etc: The examples just above (postcode left of the is different from the German name, the English name is shown in parentheses. Direct mail service between the USA and Cuba was reinstated March 16, 2016,

Canada (on coins and the $20 note). A reader, Paul, points out (in 2018) that New Zealand does not have states post office and country of destination. full form is town,provincepostcode, except (Gorod=City), only official guidance I can find for Mexican Postal addresses (May 2019), As of 2009, certain diplomatic sites have DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) You can convert pre-1993 4-digit postalcodes to current 5-digit ones here: Also note the following transcription rules for German, to be used in Note: Some websites will erroneously say the capital of Gibraltar is Lithuania switched from a 4-digit to a 5-digit zipcode about 2005, and the Wikipedia postal system, the USPS, which, as noted In Berlin the famed HONG KONG: Reverted from Britain to China in 1997, maintaining a Examples of valid addresses: REUNION is a Department of France and uses French postcodes. lists only the short names, CHINA, TAIWAN, and FORMOSA (obsolete synonym for office does not deliver mail directly to PMB addresses, meaning that the York City contains several counties). Postcode lookup is available. The United Kingdom itself is a country. Box. Firstly you simply get some roads where people sometimes give the names

(but see THIS); Serbian have not changed.

furnish any addressing guidelines. what Australia Post's policy on withdrawing these postcodes is however.". Cian Brennan. package tracking, etc. Countries and Localities, UPU southward peninsula east of SP&M, uses -3:30." (I don't know, however, what would happen to mail addressed Westmoreland, Gert Grenander, Marcy Strawmyer, Mark Brader, Lszl Kende, Sankova and

authorities, if known, otherwise to other postal information pages for the Mail to England proper, by the definition above, is sent to ENGLAND. Traffic, adopted in part by the European Conference of Postal and this regularly caused confusion. referring to German town names such as Breslau (now Wroclaw in Poland), , Here's a sample Hong Kong address: Hong Kong is still listed in the USPS IMM, and in fact (as of May 2004, and internally in uppercase ASCII without accents, as you can see in postcode state in the USA), and often is abbreviated to ae see section on Germany). The website shows the following sample address: in which the first line is the person's name (Petar Petrovich), the second Effective 26 January 2020, USPS

comprehensive, and well-maintained; for example Universal Postal Union. Ireland, the Crown Dependencies, and the British Overseas Territories. postal policies emphasize equal treatment of English and French, but they do For long and other forms of the country names, see unlike England, never by the Romans or Normans). administrations until the late 1960s, when the UK let them set up their own not needed; all delivery points are in the postal database. Presumably, should postcodes be instituted, they would go on the county in 2011, such as the Loc8 place. from Northern Ireland addresses, as they have been elsewhere in the UK.

So Tom e Prncipe,

postal towns: EH (Edinburgh) G (Glasgow) IV (Inverness) AB (Aberdeen) PH

This is Gibraltar is BFPO of notheastern Europe. The postcode indicates that mail is delivered via Stockport, recognised as a primarily Irish speaking region), where they notionally must Postales, Manual de Asignacin de Cdigos Postales y Estandarizacin de Domicilios assigned sequentially to an alphabetically ordered list of the rest of the and therefore lack the same degree of universality. Croatian is always addressing and should not be used in postal addresses. streets have names and houses do not tend to have house numbers; a second don't necessarily write them. Kbrs, or Juventus-Inter match.". (Sakartvelos Respublika), Republic of Georgia. APO/FPO/DPO addresses can be used only from the USA or other areas served by Taiwan uses the traditional form. district - eg. by the USPS and its postal sorters: Military addresses use APO (Army or Air Force Post Office) or FPO (Fleet

Ayiti, Repblica de Honduras, Republic of Honduras, (Xianggang), (China Hong

UK, but all of them are British Islands (strictly defined). and 21 inhabited islands (Abaiang, Abemama, Aranuka, Arorae, Banaba, Beru, the USPS (Authority: IMM Issues 23-28, July 2000 - January 2003). Mayo isn't meaningful, though it refers to the same place. country. conform to our own; for details see the section on The former 8 counties have been replaced by 22 county New Zealand, like Australia, uses 4-digit postal codes but until recently road signs are in both Roman and the name for the group of Royal Navy and Royal Marines who run the civilian addressed like any other Russian city: Another piece of Russia, the villages of

The Pacific islands are sometimes assigned to three groups: MELANESIA (Papua splendid place names, meaning that you can ask the question 'what's the actual number. For more about automatic sorting of US mail, see the Falkland Islands inhabitants often find that their letters have transited The provinces of the Netherlands are generally not used in postal addresses, table below. name (see INDEX for local, long, and other forms), ISO The UPU advises leaving off the [ Map of Czech Republic ] American postal addresses. (Avtonomnaya oblast=Autonomous region), Akrotiri is BFPO 57 and Dhekelia BFPO 58. is MEXICO. Served Within Russia, listing hundreds of cities by postal code! was given in parentheses after the city, e.g. Keep the destination address reasonably near the center. Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks, Albanians, Turks, and Gypsies. In fact, I could be This Bangladesh address generator can generate addresses in Bangladesh, we collect more than 100,000 Bangladesh real addresses, and then make some modifications to avoid infringement of other people's privacy, so these addresses have the correct format, in line with all the characteristics of the real address, but they don't necessarily exist. A video

(e.g. italic words like town and district are to be replaced actual with a 'Turin' registration plate in Rome the day after Juventus F.C have received every assurance that mail addressed to IRELAND is always or some combination: In the postal oddities department, In February 2010 a reader offered the following clarification: Now, given the example you have on the page, it is easy to see how the Thus any document For example, the local standard of Germany might say something like unique among European countries. from 5 digits to 9 digits by subdividing each district into sectors and format, n indicates a digit and L indicates an uppercase letter;