I thought at that time, and still believe, the main showed by Perry were the best long heel cocks I have ever seen. Later I found out that they sometimes order cocks with thirty scales on each leg calling such a cock 30-30 as in a repeating rifle. These were known as the side-stepping Roundheads. The old cock was a spangle. 1907. He believed the tale Mr. Stones Irish agent told when he procured a trio of birds from a flock that had been carefully and zealously guarded for a century or over: that they were the best in Ireland and so far as known not a feather had ever gone out of the possession of the owners of this particular estate. When oure they are prone to man fight, but cross very well for battle. Wilson White Mug cock and crossed him over the black Bigger Mugs. Participated in the Anzio campaign and the Battle of the Bulge. Background Information. This cock was old, but did not show it, and had won quickly in the main. Well, as the years passed Dennis Oakley became Cocker of the Year at Clear Creek II, our local pit, which is tough and if you dont believe me try it or ask Oscar, Ray Alexander, Carol NeSmith and the top cockers in Alabama and Tennessee. Mr. Starnes had one that he had just fought in a couple mains or a derby and a main, cant remember which. Are there any photos around of McK. They are known all over the South as the Chappell Doms. He was a great stickler for extreme gameness, along about 1881-83 used to come into the law office and read with great interest the articles written by Joseph Wingate who at that time was having a controversy in the pages of Dixie Game Fowl and upholding the claims of 1 1/4 heels as the only game cock heel, and the old controversy never has been settled. Both won a great many fights and both lost a great many too. I also bred him to the last of the old hens from the mating of the cock I gave Carl and Russell and their hens. We believe a main could be selected from among the better long heel fowl that could take the gamest fowl in or around new York. In the course of three years the demand for the Arkansas Travelers and the Newell Roundheads continued to increase. Cecil Davis, who was a friend of Mr. Kelso, walked cocks for him and had access to Mr. Kelsos best fowl. I have seen others white in both hens and cocks whose only variation in color was a few pencil stripes of red, black or yellow in hackles. The owner of the horses and the trainer to a liking to him helped him in many ways. Championships in these days rests but lightly with the laurelled brow too many better ones in better fix than they were before are appearing and a championship that holds more than a year or two is one not often obtained, so let us only say that the Doms were champions of their day. However what is recorded is that he was on of the greatest sportsmen of his time. However, the largest proportion of them come with white and yellow legs, pea-combs and in color black breasted reds. Since her offspring by these cocks comprise much of the foundation of my Lacy family, I will describe the most important cocks she was bred to. Both Law and Madigin got gray fowl from Hanky Deans, so evidently they were of the same breeding. While many showed true dominique color, some had a tendency to come speckled and even white. They were first seen in India and they must have come out of the Jungles as did the Bankiva, and when you cross them they are no longer a Hennie. From here on, our previous writings on these fowl are correct. Through his extensive enthusiastic correspondence with prominent cockers from one end of the country to the other, his fowl gradually became associated with his name even though he contributed nothing to them other than their downfall. mottled breasted brown red, one-half Gilder, one-half Irish Brown Red. I tried to buy him from Pr. This same Rogers fowl was named and became famous as the Arkansas Travelers. Some had whipped me and I whipped some. I do not know who bred this cock or what strain he came from. One such cock was a large pumpkin colored straight comb that he secured from his days in Memphis Charlie Babb. Around here there are many canning factories and they use many migrant workers of mostly Mexican birth and they are great on cock fighting. The High Creek Blues are very aggressive fowl. This cock was famous throughout all the Islands and a most sought after bird. At that same time I heard a cock crow behind a high solid board fence. One thing is very evident, the grays are very well built, and are power cocks, and I can see no difference in their ability. the cocks came red, brown red ,pyle and blue red. From this mating I got a son that was one of my most used brood cocks.

Russell gave the baby stag to the owner of the yard where he was bred and the owner sold him for $1.00. Each cock had three fights to this credit and were fine as I ever saw in a life time. The Whithackles were DEAD game, had lots of cut, and were smart fighters. The Dom blood has never been bred into the other families and they never show Dom markings.

Their winning record for several yearswas phenominal, and probably never will be equalled by any cocker or combination of cockers for that class of fighting, derbies and tournaments. If the cross was successful, he would add other sisters to the pen. DISTINCTION OF THE LEMON 84 He gave me one of his first stags from this cock, also one of his daughters and in 1922 traded me the old Blinker for a brood cock of mine that had won several times. He tests nearly every loser and they have to be right for ihm or he has no use for them. No way can I tell you with accuracy what went in this excellent Hatch blood and anyone that tries is completely hear say as all Hatch families have so many different bloods in them I doubt anyone knows. The original Amesbury Gray cock, a 17 time winner, whose blood was infused inot the Dan Tracy Pyles when Frank Welsh, Daves uncle, lost every Dan Tracy he had except one pullet. This covers the crosses I have made, in a lifetime. There are several versions of how they originated. We must have been an awful pest to him and I often wonder how he had the patience to fool with us. In the spring of 1916, I bought from Shelton of Miss. Shelton and Allen had a main closed to be fought at Allison Wells, Mississippi, with Mr. John Taylor. Hoy liked to bet on the harness horses, and not far from Poughkeepsie was the Goshen Racetrack where the Hamiltonian and other harness horse races were held. Judge Lacey was a master breeder and like Mr. Allen believed in the invincible. Now, the reader will have no difficulty in following the history of the Stone Irish through their first twenty years of breeding, nor the Warhorse from Store Keepers time to the morning they landed at Harrison Butlers place. Spencer. I will also add that when Lord Cromwell was here some years ago he visited Mr. Kearney who presented his lordship with several Whitehackle cocks and hens to take back to Ireland. I often wondered why these fowl have not been more prominent in the game fowl journals. I found a family in the colored quarters of town who agreed to keep a pen of chickens for me. (Reprint from Histories of Game strains). Bruner (1924). he was brought up in new Orleans, Louisiana, bred and pitted cocks for a number of years for judge Claiborne of that city. Description, Grey, dark eyes and legs, st. comb. Ill have 64 single mate pens all breeding hybrids because the best combination could be 1/2 Radio 1/4 Hatch and 1/4 LRH. They whipped marsh six straight fights and won the main. She was a gray hen with chocolate colored body, with lots of chocolate color feathers, hence the name Chocolate. When they got good cocks they hesitated to tell where they got them. This would be about the 5th or 6th strain of Pyle fowl I had tried crossing on my Roundheads over a period of a half century. They are still extensively bred throughout the country. by M.D. King Charles of England was their originator, and it was he who took them to Ireland. The wrong kind of inbreeding will ruin any strain of fowl, just as the wrong kind of crossing will ruin any strain of fowl. Years have proven that his Blues were the best that he had and were the only ones that he kept when he got old. He purchased three stags, a dominique, a blue-red Gladiator and a red, a half cork Irish and half Seven Strain Inside Red. The blade was thick with the point more or less blunt. How our family of Lacy Roundheads has been carried on by friends and me since 1942. This is difficult and Ive spent nearly a year on just the list and feel Im no where close. (LogOut/ Church. The Gordons was made from 2 well know strains of fowl. That is now almost 50 years ago. They are ready to kill one another and I have no coops, what will I do with them? Well, I have some empty coops, and you can bring them over and leave them just long enough for you to get some coops built, then get them out of here as I have no time to waste with chickens of that sort, said Berg. Mike mated the yards at Red Bank and generally ran things with the fowl to suit himself. This was before I started fighting in the knife but when I think about the Blue Shuffler cross, I wish I had them today because they would have been super in the knife. All that I will ask you to do is to pay the express charges both ways. They are over nine years old and are strong and healthy brood hens yet. The Charlie Brown Shawlnecks that I bred years ago were cocks of medium station (no stilty feature about them) and, as a rule, their legs stood wide apart, the color being yellow, green and leaden in shades. Insofar as I know there has never been a drop of gray blood put into the Allens or Cowans, or Big Fours; or hatch either for that matter, notwithstanding some of the writers who have had the Hatch coming every color of the rainbow. I was gone eleven months and four days when I received my discharge. Carls best cocks were Lacy- Hatch or other power blood. Once again I refused. The Butcher family is a cross of Grove Whitehackle (Lawman and Gilkerson) and the Marsh Gray Speeders, which are reported to be a combination of the old Santo Domingo Grays from the West Indies island of that name and Burnell Sheltons old Knob comb Blues. As to the exact bloodlines of the Pink Hatch it would figure out about as follows: one-half Long Island Roundhead, which strain carries one-quarter Sandy Hatch. Carl and I later became very close friends and I held him in the same esteem and affection that my uncle did. Many have asked Nick what blood they were and I have asked him where he got them, but he never would say, his reply being to all they are my old Blues. However, Nick was born in Wales, He moved from Pennsylvania to Steator over 50 years ago, was a coal miner and later went into the saloon business.

There has always been two strains of this breed, namely, Barclay and Brown. At that time I was working in my fathers store and a mon by the name of Ed Foley ran a hotel next door. Little or no opposition appeared, therefore the native sport state became the center of the Dominique breed, and its greatest activity. He was very close to 80 years of age, looked less than 70. Fashion is a eccentric in the course it takes and goes chasing through a labyrinth of paths most unheard of and ridiculous, but once steadied and on the serving back to reason ever turns first to some past object of popular and meritorious favoritism, hence it is not surprising that the fancy of game chicken men is turning just now to the two greatest families if fighting fowl ever sent ot America from the British Isles. Col. Bacon brought of Marblehead, Massach. I did not hear from them for several years, when a letter came from Mann saying that he was winning with what cocks he could match but that they were coming so big that he could not get them matched. I asked him one day what the white leg red cock was and he said that he was just the same as the Blues and added that some of them came red. He watched them for a moment and said they were good, not to fool them away. I hope you enjoy the history of the Nigger Roundheads as much as I did. My introduction of the Shepler Albany-Claret into our Lacys, which as said above I would not do today, proved to be a fortunate introduction of new blood which nicked with and freshened our Lacy family. This particular family came 99% peacomb and though the Bumblefoot was a family of greys no grey rooster ever came out of Manolos breeding. At any rate this man told me he visited Kearney on long island one time and told him he would like to see a pure Kearney Whitehackle, Mike reached in a peb and brought out a typical Whitehackle exept he had a round head and pea comb, he told mike he did`nt know Whitehackles came pea comb. GREY SPEEDERS: Originator, E. E. Weller, N. Y. Bloodlines: Bohler Fair-Warhorse X Smoke Ball-Sangamingo Cock. Chappell of South Carolina. These were made by Mr. Doyle and not Henry, although Henry furnished Mr. Doyle with brood cocks on several occasions. Later Ill tell more about this. He was 3 years old and had never been bred from on account of his color. I remember her this day almost as well as the day I received her. Cooke had Perry come down to look after things for him, including the chickens. These were actually the first good Blues I ever had my hands on. While Mr. hatch has been known in gamefowl circles in the north ending neighborhood of 50 years, it is only in recent years that he has become, more or less, nationally known as a breeder, this is, due to his condition with the long island entry at Florida tournaments ,and also to the fact that he is fowl have been become commercialized, to a considerable extent, in the past years,prior to that time, it was considers something of a accomplishmentto get a hold of a Hatch cock, close free and an associate for about the only was able to get to the first base. The first line was Warhorses. There was still enough of the original Bradford in them to make them valuable, especially in the early 40s. In the year 2000 he won another prominent 6 cock knife derby.

For five years Sammy ruled the roost.

Men became frantic in their efforts to place large wagers on the issue, wildly offering their homes, their negroes, bank accounts, big plantations and favorite horses on one side or the other. BLUE BOONES: Originator, Alva Campbell, Ky. This experience should prove interesting to the young chap who may think he can breed cold blood out of a strain of pit game fowl. Hasel bred this stag that year and as a cock for two years. Harvey, of South Carolina, about twenty years ago, and are well favorably known all over the Southern states. Though the BAGO CITY GROUP won the circuit with an over all score of 28 pts., the MESCALEROS scored 27 1/2 pts. The Nigger Roundheads of Sam Wactor have been kept pure and have maintained their absolute gameness, body structure and feathers. That was my first time to see Mr. Shelton. The old friend who was to care for them had taken a war job in another city and had not raised any young from the brood fowl Id left with him. John Hoy, a great cocker around 1900 until his death in 1929, work for Murphy for seven years as a feeder and, Hoy was associated with Billy lawman and had the lawman whitehackles and muffs. I matched Sweater with a 4-8 Black Hennie stag; Sweater had a hot Grey Toppie that coupled and wry necked my stag in the first buckle. McLean were on the floor of the stock exchange. I never saw any of the straight ones myself as they had been crossed up and gone before my time. He was a big cock and didnt fall in (but in a hack after the main won a very classy battle), and was sent on to Army Fox for a brood cock. Dont anyone write and ask me what are the J.D.

This is where I got to love White Doms. Now, so far as real facts are concerning as to the original blood, I know very little, only that the old Nick Arrington fowl, of North Carolina. They take bench work well, if youre into that (Im not). We asked him about some fowl he had tried out for three years. I bred by stag two years, walking my young stags, mating the old cocks with pullets, and my choicest stags over my old hens. ), From a Copy of Judge Lacys Letter as given to me by Carl Saia Eldon Molish and Randy Wallace aided me in this slaughter. To keep the record straight I may say for the information of those not informed that the Bacon fowl are not in a vital sense Warhorse. In the first place they are not descendants of Peter Sherrons fowl of the old cock. I told Clay I had better get something else as I didnt want ot get one of his best brood cocks, but he said he wanted me to have the best and to take him, which I did. with many of them having white feathers in there wings and tails. Mahar won seven straight battles. In these events a certain breed may win, but more often there are several bloods and colors in the winning entry, so that it is unfair to say that John Smiths ?Bear Cats? This grand old strain was originated in the 1850s by Col. Thomas Bacon, of Edgefield, S.C. by breeding a Baltimore Cock (known as Burnt Eyes) over a yard of Irish Gilder hens direct from John Stone, of Marblehead, Mass. no one ever saw him again with fowl that looked anything like them. In 1923, Henry Flock sent me a blue-red, white leg, red eyed, straight comb cock from El Paso, Texas and wanted me to breed him. I wish I could tell you more about the Dan Tracy Pyle side of my Pink Hatch, but I do not wish to pose as an expert where I know so little. As to the result I can only say that they not only never lost a main, but it was a rare ocasion for them to loose a single battle. Fighting under the name THUNDERBIRDS, the Aranetas in partnership with Duke Hulsey dominated the competition in Manilas cockpits from 1963-1967. And how he could talk about them! I dont know what is the matter, look here, showing the cocks in the yard. He entered another derby and used two of his 3 Spur Grays, and won six straight again. In 1855 my honored old father J.W. And, its a certainty Perry did have some of the same bloodlines later on. At such times they did not any males in their brood pens you or anyone else. These are high class fowl and are getting nothing but better. He has won two big mains already this season. After listing the good qualities of the Black and Tans the reader may wonder why they are not so popular as some other strains. A month later I sold Gus Frithiof the 22 that were left and told him that when he shipped them that he was not to tell anyone where he got them. He said his uncle Frank Welsh told him that he never regretted putting the Gray blood into his Dan Tracys, for it sure did help bring them back, as he was about finished with only one hen left after a dog raid on his yards. He, containing a shot of Mansell Pyle blood bred in Spain, threw them many whites and was used in 1917. They had condition and won, and they were exclusively short heel cocks bred in a short heel country and had no right to win according to the controversial disturbances among the long and short gaff enthusiasts. Sherron was an Irishman, a cocker on the sod and again in America. They get the black eyes from an infusion of Eslins black eye stock. When breeders have pure Blueface cocks that go 6 pounds, or even 5 pounds, they can do more with them than the old master breeder, himself, could do. Franklin showed a Chappel Dom that the Columbia contingent thought invincible. His country had the best breed of Whitehackles in all Ireland while the adjoining county had the best Brown reds and many were the mains fought between these counties with honors about even. Smart, one stroke clippers who seldom had body contact with opponent. In fact they were so close feathered that they were heavier than they appeared to the eye.

Merrill H. Smith closely inbred some of them and about 30 % came slate-legged, low stationed, pea combed black fowl with broad, flat-iron bodies. Other people who have inbred their Docs have also found that they will occasionally throw a spangle. I examined the eggs while she was setting and they were all uniform and appeared to be from one hen. One thing I want to do for my 2 sons is make a complete list of base bloodlines as well as their most successful strains. At one main, he told me he had no more pure Chets left. After Clay passed away, I gave Mrs. Clay two of the 4 Webber Gray stags to mate with some highly inbred gray hens she had. When I returned from World War II, I found a tale of woe with my chickens. Col. Bacon purchased a Glider and an Irish cock out of Mr. Stones coops at the pit and later received a shipment of six hens from Marblehead, three wheaton colored Gliders and three whippoorwill brown Irish hens. One writer stated they were a cross of Gilkerson fowl from Lohman over Mahoney Ross fowl. About 50% of my hens come straw colored, and about 50% of them will come buff. Edward located a pyle colored, pea-comb, white legged Typewriter cock for me and I purchased a hen from the Judge. Their value then, is only as an ingredient to produce battle cocks. Always landed in perfect balance, ready to snap the next lick; high-headed, quick breaking. Henry saw a great need to raise his own top weights as this was the big weakness in the show of cocks, so it was natural that he was always on the lookout for a broodcock large enough to improve the size of the Hulseys. In fact, when a well conditioned Hen Cock was theown into the pit, it was almost impossible to get a bet on him. He was an ardent amateur sportsman, a crack pigeon shot and a successful yachtsman. In the spring of 1945, a group of local cockers came to me and asked me to build a pit knowing that I had an ideal location for a pit less than a mile off a state road and a quarter mile from the road in the edge of a woods. Mr Wooten asked him if he had brought some of his bad Blue with him today. Sounds silly, but its true. Then Mr. Murphy was called to the house to answer the telephone. The sporting freedom which the people had so long enjoyed began to be more interfered with by the authorities, until just prior to the year 1870, cocking was entirely prohinited. He mated them with a 6.0 cock that had won several times for him and gave them to me. I could produce hundreds of letters where they have defeated the best in America, but space and time will not permit. Next morning, the cock could not stand, but he would show against another cock. They come all colors of the dom family, and run in weight 4:12 to 7:00. Being a game family will do no harm to another game family, but the cold blood will utterly destroy them. He had established this as a strain and they were so good that almost everybody wanted to have some to breed. The friend told Sammy that he was better than any Christmas present that he has ever received. The baby stag left on Clyde Claytons yard was from the hen from Uncle Ernests yard and Manleys Lacy cock. they were black with brown spots on their breast. although he had been breeding and fighting cocks before that time. until Mike hooked up with Duryea and took complete charge of the breeding and fighting of his fowl. Mr. Chester A. Lamb imported the Black Thorne, also the brown Hennies in the early eighties.

Army said he would send and get him. I never told him any different or who I was. What does A.W. Gay many times. They all came the same color, with tiny variations, and even breeder selection to a tint or a hue, made them consistent. I would appreciate any information you may have on them. At that time, he gave up the fowl. friend `s of frank tried to console him by saying he got some tough breaks, but he was too smart a cocker to swallow that.

Fernando a genetic expert in the Philippines, and Gerald Ware of Arkansas. Old White Leg, a four time winner that I raised is a grandson of the 4.14 and the old white leg Vipond cock. Also, it is my observation that writings about a family of fowl in the journals generally promotes inquiries about it by chicken raisers of every type and every degree of knowledge and dependability. It may be that the trio which I planned to send you will not suit your idea or be just what you want, and after receiving them you are not pleased, I do not want you to hesitate to say so, because I certainly do not want one to buy and pay for any of my fowls and not be satisfied. to breed over them and so gave hom to the boy. The next year, while I was in France, Shorty and J.D. At present they breed pure white, pale blue, mottled breast and hackle and saddle speckled. He bred them for fifty years and sold most all of the old time King of College Park, Georgia received some of these fowl in their purity in 1924 from Mr. Tranthan, who had them direct from C.F. In spite of the numerous and varied crosses that have been made, these fowl today are surprisingly uniform in looks and in action and winning qualities.

They were oriental cross of some sort, according to Kearney they were very strong fowl good cutters and fighters but no bitter {game} enough to suit Kearney `s. However as Duryea liked then, they bread some and used them along with their Whitehackles and some crosses of the two. The High Creek Blues have a long and distinguished History. Starnes to fight and certainly had the opportunity to put some into his Hatch fowl if he felt the inclination. When we arrived home, he found someone had stolen three cocks from his shipping coops, the ones he had taken along for the main. or ?Canary? Perchance the owner desires a public demonstration. Clearly, she considered a liking of gamefowl to be a family weakness.

This I found with a colored man on our farm. Mr. Bradford referred to his fowl as the Sanders Roundheads. Judge Lacey bought the chickens hatched from these eggs and continued to breed the Roundheads. Morgan Whitehackles One can see at a glance that the little Tacy cock is much smaller, also slimmer in his body and lower stationed, while the Pink Hatch is larger, taller, more robust in his body and a little more red in his coloring. Light-red, yellow legged fowl, same as the cocks made famous by Dennis Mahoney. I told Clay I liked his looks and he was too old to fight, how about that one? Mike said some of his did and offered no further explanation. Although he advertised only power breeds at the time, Hugh told me in the early 1960s that his best cocks were his Lacy-Hatch crosses and that when someone paid him top prices for his battle cocks, the Hatch-Lacy crosses were what he sent them. So the Nigger Roundheads are actually half Shelton Roundhead and half Grimmie. Wingate won 20 out of 21 battles. Such plumage enables a cock to be fought several times during a season in good feathers. In two different issues of the Warrior some time last summer, we gave you the history of the Albany fowl; one of todays winning strains of fowl. At any rate, that was the method used to produce the Out-and-Out Kelso family that is still the foundation stock for many of the best winning cocks fought in the major pits today.

At least I dont know of any and I had it available to me 100 percent for years but did not recognize its value until too late. My pure 4 Webber Grays did not throw any white fowl, but if crossed on the pure Madigin Claret, you would get some white ones. The dark side were more uniform with a dark mahogany color, green and blue legs, and had a straight comb with the occasional lemon hackle around the bottom of the hackle. These were shipped to the plantation in Florida.

They went together like bombshells. I cant remember which pit we were at but it was on one of those trips that I was first exposed to Blue game cocks. Bill still raises and fights the Walton Hatch fowl. One is as I mentioned before is their disposition. During this time Henery was selling to others some good Walton Hatch to others unknown to Paul. Very few people ever received a pure Chet from him. They were a distinctive type, typical of what were known as the Boston Roundheads from Marblehead, Mass. I know of at least one case where at least $500 would have been paid Mr. Kearney for a trio and the man was shown the fowl and then shown out the back door of the yard as the easiest way to get to the cars. The man was not even allowed in to buy a drink in Michaels hotel after he made the offer.

I would probably be a pretty safe bet that the first Blue fowl could have been a result of crossing Pyle colored fowl onto red fowl or brown-red fowl or etc. I wish it were possible to record a more complete account of the great Murphy Whitehackles, but so many of his close friends have gone-Walter Kelso, John Madigan, Messrs. Hatch, Flaherty, and Story. Obviously as the heels got faster their ability to win lessened, so they are useless now if fought pure. Among these fowl was a little imported Scottish hen. Hens are black to whipporwill brown, and both have dark legs and daw or hazel eyes.

They are light boned birds appearing big for their weight. My First Years of Breeding (1945-1952). They were sort of a rusty red with white in wings and tail, call straight comb and all yellow legs and beaks. In fact, this year we have many whites and a few spangles. Jerry Chappell son of J.W. This is not only a fallacy but tis a mooted question as to whether Mr. Hopkinson owned a pure Warhorse five years after Col. Fair made him a present of the trio. They won four straight to tie for first money with the Van Horne entry of Kentucky. The Horsemen asked him if he was willing to pay a good price for fowl and he told him he would. Many of ny yard carry more or less of his blood on each side. The smooth head Claiborne got into the hands of John Stone in this way Stone and Saunders made a main to be fought in Richmond, Va. Stone took his Irish Brown Reds there to condition them. Now, at 86, he is mentally alert, remarkably healthy and his memory fails him not. Tom ONeal of Louisville, KY., said that he gave an old Irishman $40 for a trio of dominique chickens many years ago, and they are what were later, and are today, known as the ONeal Doms. After about three years of this, Flato quit the game. Mr. Kelso bred this cock to his Kelso hens and the offspring from the mating proved to be outstanding pit cocks.