The team employed bus code technology to create a reading process that was swift, efficient, and, most importantly, capable of working without an internet connection in remote locations! And being on both sides of a Hackathon also helped me pinpoint and articulate why my teams did NOT win Greylock Hackfest in 2016 or HackDuke in 2014. If one or two people are passionate about an idea, go ahead and agree to it. Mobile Application using the Web3 blockchain with features Posting of polls, posting of products/listings(ads), payment for purchases using crypto, chat, video chatting, voice call, live stream, Creating opportunities for designers and consumers alike. The Grand Prize-winning team received Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets and Bose Bluetooth headphones.

We've reached the end of the first ever Supabase Hackathon and the entries have all been incredible. They seamlessly integrated the digital sticker system within the mobile app and proved that you can find solutions through technology, without needing to re-design major infrastructures. Bonus points for the adorable Peach gif! All gold medal winners will be contacted and sent one of these limited edition gold Supabase tees (one per team member), and all runners up will receive the same design in silver. It can (and should) be used for the benefit of the community, just like weve seen in this brilliant use case example. To make your software project captivating, get an external monitor to feature your product. Extended User Profile is a response to the lack of interaction at the workplace due to the worldwide shift to remote work. These judges become important later on when determining an overall winner. Check our latest challenges over hereand join the 50,000 innovatorstaking the world by storm. One solution, should you find yourself in the above mess of not agreeing on an idea, is this: follow the Bezos principle of disagree and commit. If you use an API that narrows down the type of ideas that can be built, it can be a lot harder telling a unique story with your hack. And if it did help - I love hearing success stories. OAuth can be annoying! Flutter Dictionary App - by @KathirvelChandrasekaran. If you want to understand why competition is so deadly, go read Peter Thiels Zero to One or Rene Girards Theory of Mimetic Desire. Even though the challenge was focused on NFT technology, you can adapt the idea for other types of industries and communities.

The team ended up winning 1st place in the Safety track. When judging happens, youll feel more confident that you can address 90+% of the judges questions. Bring props if needed. ServiceNow judges for the eventincluding a vice president of platform product management, senior product managers, staff engineers, and developer advocatesselected four finalists and the Grand Prize winner, as well as five targeted award winners. This is why hardware hacks work wonders at Hackathonstheyre far more fun and visual to demo than is a backend project; you cant help but walk past some new contraption and stop to ask the team what it does. It makes you determine whats crucial and whats extraneous. But your focus should be on the AI component, and how this German team managed to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to develop a project that prioritizes safety and reliability. Zoom Extra Crispy uses Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics and Integration Hub features in the Now Platform to intake all recordings from the Zoom cloud and create knowledge article transcripts. Sometimes, less is more. Finding myself a year later at the same Hackathon, but as a judge now instead of a participant, gave me unique insights about what it takes to successfully win a Hackathon. Winning a hackathon is not easy and you know it. This project was a huge success since it addressed CTT's key pain point and solved it with a simple and effective tool. This has value for not only the community, but also as positive PR for the businesses that host or partake in using the application. The purpose of this hackathon was to find ways to improve and speed up the process of both issuing and validating digital tickets. The introduction of Extended User Profile - highly customizable, interactive user profiles - can be a starting point towards better employee interactions, increased workplace visibility and company-wide initiatives. Heres a shout out to a few other resources that can help you on your hackathon hacker journey. You want to be maximally approachable during the demo/judging time. Art & Design Lovers had a niche platform to share their passion, access exclusive content, and communicate with each other. a Social Media Campaign Management application, enabling organizations to activate all employees around social media. You know this already. For DrawPlatformer at HackUVA, we knew the idea would demo well because of the interactive nature of the product. We're already looking forward to the next one. Hook up your supabase credentials and Flutter app and Add-ons will start collecting metrics, analytics, and crashalytics, all in a neat dashboard with great visualization tools. I learned these tips during high school while competing in various science fair competitions at the state and national level.

A Mobile/Web/Desktop Slide Puzzle app made with flutter. If youre a beginner hackathon-er and dont think you can win the whole hackathon, its okay to focus on winning an API prize. This guide isnt exhaustive. Chances are youll learn to love the project as you work on it. Humans love to hear and embrace stories. A data platform that uses machine learning; Satellite data for real-time ice trail safety predictions (using Copernicus) and navigation (using Galileo). Can I implement every feature or do I need to focus on building a Minimum Viable Product? If you're inspired to build, here's a collection of resources that will help you get started building with Supabase: Full Stack Development with Next.js and Supabase The Complete Guide, Auth Deep Dive - Learn everything there is to know about Supabase Auth, How to Integrate Supabase in Your Ionic App, Building a Slack clone with authentication and realtime data syncing using Supabase, Creating Protected Routes In NextJS With Supabase. The team behind the ARTIST-Made project opted to create a Marketplace and Community Hubthat provided limited edition art & design NFT items. Stay at your table for however long judging takes, even after your specified judges have finished judging you. A good story creates buy-in; the judges will empathize with your pain and will want to share your joy and relief. The app generates a secured password and we use orchestration to make the change a reality. I wanted to play on the note that he was leaving soon for college and that I would soon be working a full-time job (#adulting). The judges quickly dismissed our project as being too simple because we glued the Uber API to the Twillio API and that was about it. D|Code Challenge aimed to provide the Portuguese national post services a solution that could seamlessly read the barcodes containing all the data about a specific package. SPORTal brings people together: Be Healthy, Be Social Pick your sport & participate in the events that suit you best. Digital stickers are a great idea that can be used in a variety of settings, so they can be a great choice for your next hackathon project. Skip the swag grabs, tech talks, and other fun events. Go with an idea that makes the demo itself as captivating as possible. Mobile App Make sure you have good chemistry with your teammates. On the external monitor, we had the game running for a UVA level. So, we all did independent research and shared our findings in Discord. And feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter. The animations, UI/UX of this submission combined with the fact that it was built within a single week was absolutely mind-blowing! This helps engage them. MIPA brings you all need to remember, prepare, and find directly in Microsoft Teams. Make each column the metrics weve discussed: How good is the story? Getting to sit in the judges room and deliberate over projects at HackUVA, I learned why some projects that seem good dont end up being winners. Most people can easily read and write Python, which makes forming a productive team easy. a blackjack gambling web site that lets users buy coins for play, interact with one another, read rules and FAQs, report issues, and submit questions. Nuclear Disaster as a Service - This application would enable disaster recovery teams to send a robot into a disaster area and have it execute a task. Before we start, heres a quick background on who this guide is meant for, and why winning a hackathon is even worth the effort of reading this long-ass guide. AdVenture Manufacturist is a simulation application where a user can rapidly acquire different manufacturing assets to increase revenue while balancing the enhancement of existing assets. Based on quality of sentiment metrics, you can assign actions and tasks to prioritize follow up on conversations. Examples: Im far more efficient with two screens than I am with one. Instagram for Pets! Regardless of what we made, I knew that just participating as a sibling team for my last college hackathon was a great story in itself. Reach can be customized and used by cities of any size.

A tool allowing MetaMask users to enter IC ecosystem. Pick ideas to work on for which you can tell a powerful story. Then, a larger group of judges got together to determine a winner for each track. API Prize judges might swing by. Chasing API prizes can become a dangerous distraction. There were no awkward pauses to determine who would answer and no Gotcha! questions. a restaurant reservation application that finds nearby restaurants and displays their locations, menus, and availability. DrawPlatformer was inspired by my Computer Vision class. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. If youre a beginner and havent worked much with databases, its okay to simply store data locally in a text file, or to not have data persist between sessions. Murphys Law is Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

App NeutreNow to incentive healthy behavior (scroll down for full review). As colleagues hide behind their computer screens, they do not form close bonds with one another, which can lead to decreased motivation, worse results and low overall incentive. The initial two judges who were assigned to a project determined which were the few top projects they saw. Learn why a good story is crucial, why demo-ability should be factored in when selecting ideas, and why NOT to chase API prizes. What is the purpose of the product for the business? Josh's project allows employees to log which days and hours they'll be working and gives everyone on the team and within the company an overview of who is working when. I send an email just once a month with guides on Tech Careers, Data Science, & Startups, as well as a few links to interesting articles &books on careers and technology. The application had to be able to recognize all of the information on the code and display iton the screen. posting of products/listings(ads), marketplace, video chatting, voice, live stream of This winning project idea had it all. competed in with teams of two to four people, prizes like Nintendo Switches, Drones, and Raspberry Pis, an impressive story to tell during job interviews, [meta] the desire to write a guide on winning hackathons. Join the 52,000 readers who subscribe to my tech career newsletter! a Sybil-proof identity system powered by decentralized AI human detection. If youre among them, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter where Ill be explaining in greater detail about one of the biggest revelations Ive had, not just about Hackathons, but about startups and technology in general. Thanks to everyone who joined in, and made this hackathon awesome. This is also useful when you have a shy judge. You can assemble a team of the best coders and still not win a hackathon if the idea youre working on is, as the kids call it, lame AF. So, before we talk about pitching your project, or how to execute effectively, lets address what makes some ideas more win-worthy than others. We were loving the Tamagotchi throwback! If youre comfortable enough, maybe even open up about a hardship you faced which your technology might help solve. Digitizing and simplifying these processes can help our Medical workers to focus more on caring for their patients, and less on maintaining paperwork. Ive dedicated a whole section to creating and presenting the demo. It was an eye-opening experience being a judge. We provide an all-in-one hackathon platform and great challenges for you to hack. This works well, since the judges will advocate for your project with the same enthusiasm you pitched them. Mostly because the year before judging HackUVA, I had participated in the same event and won! 2022 Devpost, Inc. All rights reserved. At PennApps in 2015, my team and I made, an app that barrels through a corpus of quotes, jokes, and lyrics to get you the most relevant caption for your photo. Best-Selling Author of Ace theDataScience Interview and creator of Ace the Data Job Hunt. ", The world famous cable cars of San Francisco are always full and the queues at the stops are way too long. On laptop #2, we had a more complicated level running with the actual hand drawing that created the game right by it to demo the power of our project. A mobile-friendly platform to attend virtual classes. Amazon awarded us the prize for Best Use Of AWS, which surprised our whole team. This way, it was both easy and fast for inspectors and passengers to show and validate their tickets, significantly reducing queue time and overcrowding. If youre here to win, you cant afford to be distracted. A system that allows office employees to order and receive supplies from drones. Most of the people we were competing against were using simple AWS services like EC2 servers or S3 for cloud storage. Don't forget that all the projects here are Open Source, so you can always dive into the code, PR, or fork projects you find interesting. The app creates a single, easy-to-use platform for students, teachers, and administrators to manage their workloads and interactions. Trying to come up with a good idea on your bus ride to a hackathon isnt a recipe for success. Our solution helps in covering end to end hospital services. This guide was long-winded enough - no need for a lengthy conclusion. The second edition of the CASSINI Hackathon aimed to find solutions to protect and support the precious Arctic region. But if youre a competitor, read on! We were fortunate to win the grand prize (1st place) out of 35 submitted projects. Using Tigergraph to solve mental health accessibility! When starting a hackathon challenge, you should ask yourself (and your teammates) these questions: These questions will help you clear your mind, structure your ideas better and write off the ones that dont oblige to the rules. To incentivize product usage and generate awareness, these companies offerAPI Prizesspecial awards deliverable only to teams that integrate their companies specific API into their hackathon project. Take on the role of a hacker and encounter multiple security topics and 25 learning points. This was far more interesting than seeing some numbers or just abstracting away our CV algorithm and not showing off the technical work we did behind the scenes. With this app, workers can use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to order office supplies or personal protective equipment such as masks and have a drone deliver those items right to their desk. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to understand the context of each project and how they won the hackathon. "We have 35 locations, 12 monsters, many items in there," Scott explained.

Keep smiling and looking approachable. The latter would then be sent to a third-party human investigator, for further analysis. It will be something very special. They created an AI-based polar navigation platform that provided optimal routing for land vehicles in arctic regions, influenced by climate change. For more long-form guides like this, join my monthly newsletter below so you don't miss anything (it's just one email a month!). This is another reason I mention ignoring API Prizes. Here's a list of Projects that made the shortlist or otherwise caught the judges eye: We also decided that everyone else should receive some participation prize, so we will be in touch with all the participants via email to collect your shipping details. "So the city needs a solution and it needs it fast.". The team of just two Brazilians developed a mobile app that delivered on its promise: they created a fast and accurate bus code (similar to a barcode), that could read the item information and present it on the mobile device. A one vs. one Slide Puzzle (inspired by Tic Tac Toe and 4 Wins). I give the judge a choice about what they want to hear, but its not a real choice because Ive prepared good answers to these two questions in advance and theyre exactly what I want the judges to ask! This way, during judging time, we were completely in-sync. I enjoyed playing around with the different OpenCV APIs and trying out different filtering techniques. A kind-of "corporate KickStarter" for incubating projects within an enterprise. Unbelievable that bdlukaa was able to build this in the space of a week. They reached out to innovators to find solutions for existing social problems, through AI-based applications. When judges come by, be sure to introduce yourself, say your name clearly, and give a firm handshake. Obviously, we know that satellite navigation isnt easily accessible and replicable. Historically many emergency wards have used pen and paper to document these resuscitation events, often needing to recreate the timeline of actions after the fact. Dont get distracted by extra features or nice-to-haves. Dont experiment with new languages or web frameworks; doing so will only slow you down.