Of special interest is their Research Problems page. Fax: +49 30 22 50 45 - 40 There are eighty years of memories, experiences, hobbies and history here. It is presented unedited in its original form. function() { Rohr, my 6th great grandfather, was born in approximately 1691. Here too, however, no complete parish record collection is available. People who correspond on several Polish genealogy bulletin boards report that this is a good service to use. Inside you will find navigation buttons that take you to information about residents, history, maps, stories and more about Prazuchy. The free daily online genealogy nautamagazine. This is a German language site with good navigation links between the Liste der Nachnamen (List of the Surnames), the Namensindex (Name Index) and individuals in the Ausgewhlte Familien/Personen (Selected Families/Persons) page. This site provides access to a database that includes the IGI and Ancestral File for surnames. Please join me, and let's reminisce together." After the First World War, this area was ceded back to Poland. Some records only included names, but most contained more information. I'm getting ready to explore my attic. The South Prussian Colonies 1802 - 1806 We need the help of good genealogists to grow a completely free shared family tree to connect us all. The Church Province of West Prussia extended along the Baltic Sea between Pomerania and East Prussia. Click on the link to order your copy of Map Guide to German Parish Registers Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Posen I, Regierungsbezirk Bromberg, with full index of included towns, by Kevan Hansen, 199 pp. They belong to everyone. Genealogy Pro Reservations are no longer required. Julie Tarr. Eduard Kneifel Books Address a message to [emailprotected] Pick a research question you're currently working on and pull together all the records that are in some way relevant to the question. East Prussia was severed from Germany in 1945. Jack Milner - Destination: Yellow Grass Relates the family stories of three brothers born in Poland between 1841 and 1851. His personal family tree includes names such as Weiss, Scheffler, Tiedtke, Reschke, Tiede, Menzel, Hartmann, Schindler, and Boehnert. Evangelisches Zentralarchiv Ed's work on updating the lineages is progressing slowly, but he says there will be future changes and additions. Bonikowsky Click on "Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ)". This was because I hadn't yet been introduced to German script. Scale 1:200,000. We hope to inspire others to also share their records to help advance genealogical research for everyone. My Pomerania is self-funded. Let's face it. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. This, combined with other clues, led me to find Emil's baptism record in Bromberg. The Story of a Preacher from Russia - by E.J. Learn 8 problem-solving strategies so you can start to break through your brick walls! ISBN 978-3-9803515-3-0 (Druckerei & Verlag G. Grneberg Lenzen). Landesarchiv Baden-Wrtemberg (German) Emigration from southwest Germany. Webmaster Emil Krasnodbski offers this site to represent a group of professional historians who are graduates of the Warsaw University. If the place was named after that date, the chances drop. One branch of the Dreger Family has a story about a their Volhynian German clockmaker ancestor and a special clock he built which was at Knott's Berry Farm for many years. Guido Schulz and The Karlswalde Web Pages. Identifies nearly every city, town, and place that included residents. Volunteer project to index all marriages in Poznan / Posen province from about 1835-1884. Aids in area searches, particularly across district or regional borders.

Ed Brandt's Genealogical Books and Pedigree Data This site includes information about the Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia. Villages include Iwanowitsch, Solodyri, Pulin, Neudorf, Florowka, Skolobow, Rogowka, and Wjasowitz; all are near Zhitomir. In the large cities (Knigsberg, Tilsit, Memel) there are some congregations and parishes from which not all the parish registers reached us. During the Nazi period, this area of the former province of Posen was part of the Warta River Region (Wartheland). If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of my problem-solving framework, you can enroll in my digital course Genealogy Problem-Solving Academy. In regard of ecclesiastical administration, they belonged to the Protestant church of the Old Prussian Union (EKU). This project is underway and only a few years are completed to date. The result of his research is the Karlswalde Web Pages with a navigation tool bar that links you to his family's Volhynian background, historical information, maps, photos and other valuable research.

The German Colonies in Volhynia by Mykhailo Kostiuk I was trying to figure out where in Germany my second great-grandfather Emil Mller was born. We are pleased to introduce the first book available by download on our website. Access is free and always will be. Identifies adjoining parishes in case an ancestor attended an alternate parish. Early Generations of the Rohr Family from Rosenthal in Soldin, Alt-Treptow, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany, Dlzigerbrcke, Massin, Landsberg an der Warthe, Stterlin and Kurrentschrift Learn to Read Old German Script. A part of the East Prussian parish registers were removed to the west already in 1944 in order to protect them from war damage. Please join us. William (Bill) Remus and The History of the Germans in Farming Villages Near Kiev Russia Bill's web pages contain a lot of information about the history of the Nineteenth Century German settlements in Volhynia and Kiev Russia. We have fifty parish registers in our archives from the former province of Silesia (east of the Neisse). Originally published in Ukrainian, this work is a reliable introduction to German colonists in Volhynia, and one for which their English-speaking descendants have been waiting. Though over 100 pages long, we have managed to reduce the file size to less than that of a standard SGGEE Journal so your download time will not be too long. PolGenResearch This is an excellent web site that will help all people interested in the history and the living conditions of German settlers in this area of Central Poland. if ( notice ) The capital was Knigsberg (today, Kaliningrad, Russia); among the larger cities were Tilsit and Memel. Tel. Nothing else. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. From the period before 1874, there are microfiches of Pomeranian parish registers at the German Center for Genealogy (Deutsche Zentralstelle fr Genealogie) in Leipzig. For a large part, there are microfilms of these registers in the genealogical research centers of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day saints (Mormons). Each volumes of the series does the following: The following places are found in this volume. Then use those new clues to plan additional research, and hopefully, you can finally find the answer to that research question! Prussian emigration records in Polish archives The Teutonic Knights lost important battles to Poland in 1410 and 1466 and signed over most of West Prussia to Poland and became a subservient state to the Polish King. The Knights kept the land they conquered and eventually cut off Poland from the sea. CIS stands for Central Independent States and generally refers to the collection of states now independent which were once part of the Soviet Union.

Please note the SGGEE disclaimer above before deciding to use their services. The migration from the Zhitomir district of Volhynia to Winnipeg, Manitoba is included. If the place existed prior to that date, it will most likely be listed. document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Plan to join us on the 2021 36th Annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour - December 6 through 11, 2021. Written in English by Kevan Hansen, the volume was principally written to help family historians resolve where their family may have gone to church and left vital records behind that may be seen today. M Calgary, Alberta T2P 2J6 Canada, Other Groups with Polish / Volhynian Info, The German Colonies in Volhynia by Mykhailo Kostiuk, Prussian emigration records in Polish archives, Area of German Settlement in Middle, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Germans in Russia and other C.I.S. The films are of records from World War II and include detailed data on many of the people of German ancestry who were taken west by the German government from Ukraine, Volhynia and Poland during World War II. And not just a cursory reviewI mean a full-out review, looking at everything each record is telling me. A small part of Silesia is the Oberlausitz and belongs to the state of Saxony. Click on his "Site Map" link for a complete overview of contents. From the other areas of Pomerania, very few parish registers are preserved. Polish Genealogy The province capital was Stettin. This area was ceded to Poland in 1945. The original website was established to publicize the many genealogy-related books he wrote or co-authored and this theme continues. are still in the archives of the archdiocese of Posen. Zug nach Polen (PDF) (German) Details on the schelbronner train to Poland in 1803. by Karl-Heinz Eisner. 8 Genealogy Problem-Solving Strategies Guide. It was written in the ethic of the day which may not be the same as today. I extrapolated this estimated birth year from the time Martin Rohr was born in 1716 assuming N.N. Please reload the CAPTCHA. Reproductions of the parish registers of Pomerania are maintained at the, Only very few parish registers from Posen are available. In this process of removal some parts were lost. Donald MillerIn the Midst of Wolves. This is just one of many examples of how new clues can pop up when reviewing "old" research. Personal site of the Kerp-Grohnert families which includes several family links to the Sompolno / Babiak region. Germans in Russia and other C.I.S. The most important city is Breslau (today, Wroclaw, Poland). The three moved with their families from Poland to the Russian controlled Province of Volhynia during the 1870's and early 1880's. This caused a lot of friction between the two groups. There is a nice section of photographs of Prutowka and area taken during a trip in 2002. You should read her life story if you have not yet done so. Box 905 Stn. There is a larger collection of parish registers in the church and state archives in Poland, too. Visually identifies church parishes for Lutherans & Catholics in each district. The area east of the Oder River, Eastern Pomerania (Hinterpommern), today is Poland. This area was, during the first division of Poland in 1772, largely ceded to Prussia, and after the First World War was ceded to a large part back to Poland, hereby the city of Danzig, the most important in this area, had a special fate. The remaining part is today kept in our archives. Some descriptions of events may be disturbing to animal lovers and others. Our content takes time to create, and our server costs are expensive. 5 States Reuben Drefs has compiled a database that contains 83 volumes of information from the 1793-1794 South Prussia Land Registration Records. The original website was established to publicize the many genealogy-related books he wrote or co-authored and this theme continues. Forced Labor Camps in the Soviet Union Your email address will not be published. The link also lets you view the FHL Catalog of places and data available for those places. I reevaluated all of the previous records I had collected that were in some way relevant to my research question. })(120000); Bethaniendamm 29 A discussion of what resources are available about people who migrated out of Poland. Overview 'Archives-Library-Parish Registers', General information / Overview | PDF 190,4 kB, Publikationsdatum dieser Seite: 2022-06-03, A part of the East Prussian parish registers were removed to the west already in 1944 in order to protect them from war damage. Poznan Marriage Index Now, don't laugh, but at the time I thought it was a matter of terrible handwriting! = Leichnitz Family Small but well researched family is documented in this website created by Werner Leichnitz and our member, Earl Schultz. Family Search Site on Wrttemberg Emigration and Immigration Seems to include mainly emigration to the Americas. Hoefer Verlag (Publishing) makes a map with German and Polish town names, as well as current roads. Another section deals with research reports presently available in the archives of Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Bydgosczcz and Torun.