The WEA system is a public safety system that allows customers who own compatible mobile devices to receive geographically targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent threats to safety in their area regarding: The WEA system does not track your location. Sections of road that fall outside of that estimate will be grayed out. It is a fun app to play with but, it isnt as functional as I would like when planning a trip across country. Traveling by car does provide a level of comfort and flexibility that people may be looking for given the recent challenges with flying, continued Twidale. The map will zoom to the highways along your route, with the weather information included based on travel time. Privacy & Security Policy The PERFORMANCE/Monitorsm is a comprehensive study measuring the travel behavior of U.S. residents. If youre tired of the heat and ready to get away somewhere cooler, dont worry, weve done the planning for you. Travel Notes Weather Channel. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. Fort There is also an option to receive severe weather alerts: Checking the Severe Storm/Tornadoes box will give you detailed information regarding the threat of tornadoes, hail, wind, lightning, and flooding as indicated by round icons on the display: If you click on those round icons, you will pull up two pages of detailed information concerning the particular alert: Finally, one of the best features is the ability under Styles to choose to display the roads clearly above the weather layer so that you can track exactly where the storm is and when and where it is likely to go: If you prefer not to use an app, however, you can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to access similar interactive radar information using your internet browser. VA. Oakland, Leveraging big data and the cloud, INRIX delivers comprehensive services and solutions to help move people, cities and businesses forward. How About A Trip To The Middle Of Nowhere. NC; Chicago, Knowing when and where congestion will build can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. Baltimore, |. OR; Providence, . The biggest surprise car travel will set a new record despite historically high gas prices with 42 million people hitting the road. This app is best suited for longer trips. TxDOT Media Relations Privacy Policy, Travel Notes is a Trademark of SC; Grand We expect nationwide travel times to increase about 50% compared to normal. There are other things that make the app not so user friendly, like not having a location for Death Valley, a National Park, and not allowing you to add a waypoint off the designated route. Thanks for reaching out!

Watch carefully for snow removal equipment and stay at least 200 feet behind. Today, AAA provides roadside assistance, travel, discounts, financial and insurance services to enhance the life journey of 62 million members across North America, including 56 million in the United States.

Angeles, CA; Louisville, AZ; Pittsburgh, Once youre on the road, the free Weather Channel app will give you severe weather alerts, future radar information for 6 hours ahead as well as future 48-hour precipitation, snowfall, and a driving difficulty index. PA; Atlanta, Our services ensure you have more time with your loved ones and can focus on the aspects of your life that are more important to you than the cleaning and maintenance work. Questions? AAA provides more than 61 million members with automotive, travel, insurance and financial services through its federation of 32 motor clubs and more than 1,000 branch offices across North America. Los Weather.coms. To join, visit On my smartphone and tablet, for example, I created folders for all of my travel-related apps and website links to make co-piloting easier on the road. Our cleaning services and equipments are affordable and our cleaning experts are highly trained. Use the left hand side menu to select "Navigation and Overlays". These cookies do not store any personal information. According to the US DOT, 1 in 5 Driving Accidents are due to the weather. With every one of our offerings, we help the worlds leading organizations plan for tomorrow, today. If you want to determine the size, direction, and anticipated severity of the storm, it would help to have an interactive radar that will allow you to move the screen and adjust for the opacity of the clouds to see your vehicles location with respect to street names and highway numbers. In cooperation with AAA, S&P Global Market Intelligence, a world-leading provider of financial information and solutions, developed a unique methodology to forecast actual domestic travel volumes. google_ad_slot = "7757189138"; 2019-2022 H+A AT HOME AND AWAY, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Drivers around major metro areas must be prepared for significantly more delays, says Bob Pishue, Transportation Analyst, INRIX. PA; Phoenix, (425) 284-3825. Given that approximately 21% of all vehicle crashes in the United States are weather-related, however, bad weather can adversely affect not only your highway speed but your safety on road trips. Travel Forecast, Current Conditions We recognize our responsibility to use data and technology for good. Local Storm Reports For more information, see the developers privacy policy. As summer travel heats up, so does its impacts on the environment. AZ. Use the left hand side menu to select "Navigation and Overlays". This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All NOAA, Dangerous heat to continue affecting portions of the southwestern, south-central, and eastern U.S as we approach the weekend. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Franais, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano. Enter your departure location and time, and your destination location. Dropdown to filter by a specific type of media, I-495 Counterclockwise; New Hampshire Ave to I-267. (WEA). I am so anxious to find an app that does what this app claims to do, but this one isnt there. But not all destinations are within driving distance, which doesnt mean you have to abandon your vacation plans. Weather History Archive, Weather Safety NWS Aberdeen Conditions, Climate Drivers can request roadside assistance, identify nearby gas prices, locate discounts, book a hotel or map a route via the AAA Mobile app. DK SHIFFLET boasts the industrys most complete database on U.S. resident travel both in the U.S. and worldwide. Rapids, MI. | This is nothing less than awesome for an RV owner. FL. Click update! OH; Denver, google_ad_slot = "8186581629"; You can also find similar Interactive Radar Maps on local news websites: You can easily save a website link to your smartphone or tablet for your next trip. Copyright 2022 AAA. MD; Birmingham, Vacation Guide: Nine Ideas For Walkable Trips. google_ad_height = 600; Information on road conditions in the state is available at DriveTexas or by phone at (800) 452-9292. INRIXs partners are automakers, governments, mobile operators, developers, advertisers, as well as enterprises large and small. CA; Oklahoma 120,000 Square Miles of Ocean Turned into Park. I cant possibly leave a stop at 6AM, make another stop, 50 miles away, and stay there 4 hrs (leave here at 10:48AM), drive another 50 miles, and get to my next stop at 7:58AM. | General Disclaimer and AAA data shows that bookings for air, car rentals, cruise, hotel, and tours are up 60% over last year for the top domestic Independence Day destinations and up 252% for international. In the latest reaction to airline travel trouble this summer, Londons Heathrow Airport has announced its capping the number of daily flights. Enter your departure location and time, and your destination location. You can stay safer and save time by factoring the weather forecast into your route selection before leaving your home or hotel.

TX; Dayton, Consider Creating A Microadventure. An interactive radar app that displays at least a few hours of future radar predictions is more likely to show you exactly when the highway will be free from cloud cover. Drivers in major U.S. metros could experience double the travel times compared to a normal trip. Now that you are at the travel forecast page, you can see how the forecast is changing through time. Simply click on the 6 hour time blocks at the bottom of the page to see weather conditions for that time period. I really tried to get that stop fixed, including changing locations, just adding the time there, to the time at the previous stop, and deleting and re adding it multiple times. From helping our customers assess new investments to guiding them through ESG and energy transition across supply chains, we unlock new opportunities, solve challenges and accelerate progress for the world. 1800-Weather is a part of - The Online Guide to Travel, Driving Distances Across the If you need itinerary inspiration, check out our Road Trip Resources.