Id start with one medium zucchini and two eggs..if it needs more liquid add some milk of choice or another egg. I have recently gone Paleo and Im slowing working my family into it. I cant find what you put in the roll up with the sausage? Thanks! posted by Teagan Larissa on March 2, 2015, Tried this for my 11 year old Sierra and she loves it! This cheesy twist on eggy bread is perfect for breakfast or lunch or tea! We loved choosing different stuffings! 1 banana + 2 eggs + 1 T chia seedssoaked in how much milk? Then fried in coconut oil on medium heat for maybe 5 mins a side.

They definitely will be crispier in the oven. Made for our ladies breakfast at work and made for our Sunday breakfast with guests included, it was a huge hit!! and cinnamon. Very good! to make our website easy + fun to use. Your email address will not be published. Freeze for up to 3 months. This will set them up. Terrible recipe! Now you are ready to fry! Place whatever filling you like inside towards the end of the piece of bread. Any suggestions?

Learn how your comment data is processed. Has anyone tried this recipe with gluten free bread? Enjoy! -, This is.just what I need for brekkie idea for 2moro morn. I made these today and loved them! You can basically do any combo you want but Nutella with bananas sounds delish! Once the chia seeds have had some time to soak (minimum 5 minutes, but the longer the better) then add them to the banana and egg mix. yes- i saw several recipes that said 350 or 360 but i found that 400 for 5-6 min- then flip and 4 to 5 min more depending on how toasted you like them-. Do you think these would cook well in the oven, opposed to a pan? Do you have any suggestions for using pumpkin ? There was an error submitting your subscription. Another good 2 ingredient baby recipe is 1 ripe banana and oat flour (I ground rolled oats in my food processor). My son finally ate eggs and didnt even know it!! Use doughy wholemeal bread rather than fluffy bread that will stop it falling apart, I attempted this and it went to mush. Tips: some people find this recipe works perfectly, while others say it is too mushy. When cooking for more people I lay the bread in the oven to dry it out, instead of using the toaster. Will you post your recipe with quantities please? Doesnt work great with gluten free bread! They loved it then. posted by Christina Aleman on May 27, 2016. Sounds great might make some tomorrow morning, posted by Priana Panakal on May 26, 2021. They are not fluffy like a pancake; theyre more like a crepe, but they are simply wonderful. posted by Kayleigh on February 12, 2016, Hello, I was thinking of trying this recipe out tonight, it sounds, So good, just wondering how long they keep for? To much blending maybe? Accept to confirm youre happy to allow our cookies or Manage cookies to set your This was one of the best breakfast meals Ive ever made. Care to share your exact recipei.e. I think it comes down to the bread you use and the pan. Delicious! They are even better with blueberries! N looks scrumptious, Can the French toast roll up be frozen before rolling them in egg? So yummy! A former fast food junkie turned certified nutritionist consultant, trying to make healthy living as easy as possible. It still tasted delicious! These looks so simple and yummy! Mummys Yum. Thank you for sharing this information. Your email address will not be published. Demolished the slice of bread in a matter of two minutes. I have made them with pumpkin/squash pure and we love them, though I think I added about 1/2 tsp baking soda to make them fluff a little more and I also needed a pinch of sea salt and sometimes cinnamon or cardamom in the batter instead of in top. Heat pan on low to medium heat and add a little oil. And if you love these, youll love this Lemon Blueberry Crescent Ring and this Blueberry Croissant Puff. A pedicure might not hurt either. Just turned 2 and is the best eater ever!! This recipe is great for babies who prefer finger food. Just made these as is and they are great! My 10 month old couldnt get enough, she loved it. He absolutely loved it! Im Greek and have plenty olive oil and coconut oil is too expensive for me. Also after it cooks on one side its little easier to turn. posted by Christina Arocena on November 18, 2015. Breakfast is served! Love these! This was delicious for baby and me! Easy to break apart but very yummy! Try lightly toasting the bread before dipping it in the milk mixture. I make these for breakfast a lot but add 3 Tbsp ground golden flax meal to the batter. All right I am planning on cooking a lot of these, but I want them to all be done at the same time! Hi! Get FREE* delivery on all orders over 40 - restrictions apply. It makes it a more pancake like consistency and adds fiber and omega 3 also tastes great. My sister and I both made this for our bubs but the bread went sift and soggy. Ive popped it in the fridge to take on a zoo picnic. Or will they get soggy with the filling in the fridge for a day? Thank you!

They taste very sweet to me, too. First batch stuck to my pan and came out really soggy and considering he has a few teeth already I thought best to try again or hed end up with mushy everywhere. As someone mentioned above, this allows you to add fruit extras really easily. The bread was soggy & stuck to the pan. What do you think? I am an Australian food blogger, recipe creator, fitness fanatic and a Baby Led Weaning advocate! Used a homemade italian loaf (not squishy bread) Dip each bread roll in the egg mixture coating well and then place them in the pan seam side down. I found like drizzling the mixture onto the bread , just enough to slightly wet it works better. Current recommendations suggest to offer allergy foods consistently as early as from 6 months old to avoid allergy development. Or even blend it. Add cooked rolls immediately from the pan to the cinnamon sugar and roll until completely covered in sugar. I threw some coconut flour into the mix and then topped with strawberries. 100 of my favorite recipes! Ax. I dont remember the exact amounts.honestly every time I make these I just throw stuff in the blender and it seems to work! I tried to keep it on longer on a low heat and destroyed it further. Today I fried them up in coconut oil and stacked them up with some peanut butter between each layer. I have been telling everyone about them. Definitely will try with whole family again. I make these for my 2 year old and myself almost every morning. Our Mission is to improve childrens lives -, Heat a frying pan over medium heat. This recipe is a keeper! I think next time Ill add a bit of salt but otherwise, this is definitely a keeper! They arent as sweet but have a much more pancake texture to them and can make them bigger. Check it out here: Made these since I had a very ripe banana I didnt want to waste. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. To defrost leave in fridge over night, then serve cold or heat up in microwave on 15 seconds x. Hi there, my name is Rachael! Ive made my own version with leftover jars of babyfood. Thicker cut bread is better too as really soft thin bread will tend to fall apart. posted by Suzanne on February 14, 2015. this is fab, initially it went over soft while frying but I stuck it under the grill for a few minutes and the fingers firmed up nicely and my 7 month old loved it. My 5 & 6 year olds still prefer these over any other pancake recipe! Im so thrilled to have come across this recipe my picky 2 1/2 year old hasnt eaten eggs since he was about 12 months old. Thanks for sharing! 2 eggs 1 banana in the vitamix and my batter was the consistancy of beaten eggs. We think theyre pretty good and our girls 2 and 4 seemed to be fooled as well. I was absolutely petrified about baby led weaning especially choking, I was not sure how to cut/cook and serve foods to my babies, but now I have done it I can't emphasis enough all the positives of baby led weaning and now having fuss-free eating kids. This is the only recipe i know how to make for pancakes. They wont fool a super-picky adult, but adding baking powder helps them fluff up a bit, and when you serve them in a stack, they are a satisfying option for those who need to avoid grains and dont want to use any specialty grain-free flours.

Thank you x, It is best fresh but I have popped it in the fridge and taken out with us for morning tea. Mix together the egg, milk + Parmesan in a shallow bowl. Heat a skillet set over medium heat and melt a tablespoon of butter. Do they freeze well? I was going to try and serve these pancakes to her but she will definitely know something is up. OMG!!! @Sophie Sure!

Source: inspired from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice, All Recipes Breakfast Holiday Recipes Mother's Day Tried and True Recipes. thank you so much!! I havent tried it with frozen banana, but I imagine it would work. I love hearing from you! I do this when I make French toast and it works great. Thank you so much for the great recipe. I made these and Im in love. Hi, sorry to hear the recipe didnt work for you. Please do not use my images without prior permission. Or perhaps youre after some new puree and finger food ideas for your own baby? My son loves pancakes but has an egg allergy.

Its supposed to be a thick mixture. Still fine eaten a few hours after cooking. I didnt care much for them either. These look delicious! Make sure to add plenty of strawberries! These are a hit in our house! this recipe is a winner loved by 1yr old, fussy 4yr old and hubby for a Sunday breakfast. ), or try one of these already tested and perfected recipes below. How to raise a healthy happy eater from baby to school age. Just made this for my 1 year old. They cook quickly, and need to be flipped within a couple min on each side. A pinch of nutmeg adds a delicious taste twist. I couldnt flip them without them falling apart. Just used a cutting board and smooshed the bread as flat as I could. Just take regular soft white bread and cut the crusts off. Banana was too strong. Yes I had the same problem. Hello everyone I know this is not the topic discussing here but with what I Have be through and my bad experience, I want to Please everyone should be careful and stop being deceived by all these brokers and account managers, they scammed me over $500k of my investment capital, they kept on requesting for extra funds before a withdrawal request can be accepted and processed, in the end, I lost all my money. *Note: I used olive oil. Join us on Facebookfor other foodie bits and pieces. Dip the bread into the banana mixture and fry for 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden. I have made these a few times when I saw them on Blogilates, but I just dont like it , it just tastes eggy and has that eggy texture. My 18 month old only has one tooth and is allergic to eggs, so when I found this recipe I was really excited. If the strawberries are sweet it isnt very tart. I just perfected mine last weekend (after many trial & errors with this). Hi Michelle, it might even be better as the bread is more dense? Could you double the chia and omit the egg? Toasting the bread definitely helped with making it more sturdier. I added an egg because we are all ok with eggs in this house. Do I need my bread to be almost stale or is it okay if its pretty new? If you have any concerns about your childs health and feeding, please consult your doctor or health professional. Cut the crust from each slice of bread and flatten it out with a rolling pin. Do you think I can use frozen banana? The second go round i made a cream cheese frosting instead, tasted amazing!. Ill check it out. Its intended to be a little mushy. Read more, Nigerian ChinChin: Tasty, Soft and Crunchy, Foods you can use in place of breadcrumbs in your recipes, Date Paste A Natural Sweetener That is Also Good For Babies, Sliced bread (preferably a few days old to help it soak the eggs without going soggy), Pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon (or any other spice of choice). I would have though itd be too watery If you want to republish a recipe, please link back to the post. My name is Chioma and I love cooking. Our Sensory Packs are BACK! You can also use almond flour or almond meal with the same result. Thanks , Sure can! I wouldnt dip them a day before, I would probably cook them all the way through the day before if you want to prep ahead of time. I was wondering where it originated from! Enjoy . the best pancakes I have ever had!! Thank you! I was very disappointed in this. Not just for toddlers! Great recipe, thanks! Add in 2 tablespoons of coconut flour, OR 2 tablespoons of almond butter, when mixing together the banana egg pancake batter, then cook as directed above. My website is here to give you the confidence and resources to learn more about baby led weaning. Banana egg pancakes get nice and crispy edges, just like the traditional ones, and the banana offers plenty of natural sweetness, so maple syrup isnt even necessary. But imagine that, he squeaked out the energy to make it. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk had declined, I found it very hard to move on. The pancake was dark as night by the time I gave up and it was just a wet mess that fell apart instantly. Hello this was absolutely delicious!!! Success! I can't be left alone with a warm cinnamon roll or chocolate chip cookie. Dip them in an egg/mixture just like you would regular French toast. After two of the pancakes sticking and burning hopelessly, I decided to try the modifications that are in your cookbook. We use cookies (not the yummy ones!) Maybe Ill try half a banana and add some kind of rice flour. Sorry! While they give you name credit at the top of the recipe I cant find a link back to your page. My husband prefers the ones made with flour, but didnt think they were too bad. Dismiss. Ive made it twice and he loved it. I so badly wanted to love these, so quick and simple to make, just 2 ingredients, GF sounds like a dream come true. I think I can still save it by cooking little longer Not going to be like bread sticks like I wanted tho I give it 2 out of 5 stars, Actually I give it 0 stars It was not edible! You can also use butter if you prefer it. Amazing. Please click The co workers did not stop asking how it was done. They might get soft in the microwave. Welcome to the Ella's Kitchen family! Ive used frozen bananas before, I prefer ripe bananas, but you can certainly use frozen bananas. reserved. Waste of my expressed milk. Heat the butter in a nonstick frying pan over a medium heat. Eggy bread is another name for french toast, which is bread that is dipped or coated with beaten eggs and then shallow-fried. This is a delicate finger food and meant to be soft as it is for babies. Thank you for the easy fun recipe. They were good just looked awful and were real wet.

I made them with plain white bread, cows milk and banana. In a shallow bowl whisk the eggs and milk until well combined. Let us know if you try it! I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, using simple and easy-to-find ingredients to come up with a variety of baby and kid-friendly Nigerian food ideas.

I only mashed half a banana and added a splash or two of milk to make it a thick pumpkin soup consistency. These banana egg pancakes dont call for any flour, so they are more like a banana omelet than a traditional fluffy pancake but the egg isnt as noticeable as you might think. After a full day out of commission I joked to my husband that he might have to cancel his golf tee time the following day. I just made this for my 8 month old but used coconut milk instead of breastmilk.. omg- amazing!! Subscribe to my weekly email newsletter for a free 7-day kick start guide. I make these all the time so simple and easy. My kids loved it. Topped with honey or coconut syrup when done. They have a natural sweetness to them, and are very filling. What I mean is, pour about a tablespoon oil on the pan, move the pan around to spread it, and then pour the pancake mixture. We suggest just dipping in the mixture rather than soaking and using a non-stick pan. I used Google Translate and left them a message because they used one of my photos without permission even though I got a link back (at the bottom of the page). Yummy, I find cooking it for longer on allow heat helps . I did add in some egg replacer powder to give a little bit of a gelled effect for it to stick better on the bread. I was wondering what the trick was? . I used to call these toddler pancakes, because my son adored them as he was growing up! (Unless you want to add it, anyway.). I didnt have an issue with flipping. Mums and Dads just starting out with Baby Led Weaning be patient, take your time to do your research and please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns about your baby and enjoy your baby's fun, learning, development and fuss-free food journey. My child promises to eat her eggs if I serve the pancakes right next to them but then she just eats the pancakes and leaves the egg alone. I heard about the banana egg pancakes a while ago, but was skeptical about them. We noticed you're visiting from United States (US). Is this tasty for you and your baby or just you? My advice.. use a thicker bread like French toast or Texas toast (we have this in the U.S.), toast it or dry out the bread, toast or leave out overnight, blend the banana (make sure itss ripe) and milk (I used rice milk), add and egg to the mix (I made it with and without an egg and both came out great), dont drench the breadguage it/use your best judgement when youre getting it wet (it all depends on how dry/stale the bread is), make sure the pan is warm and greased I started on a lower temp and increased gradually so it can cook longer to dry it out Its a simple recipe and actually tasty, but it takes a bit of finesse. A very quick dip of the bread to coat either side and into a non stick pan with some melted butter. Serve your toddler these bread bites for breakfast too and add it to their lunch box with some fruits and and their milk or hot drink. It may still me a bit mushy in the middle, but as long as the egg is cooked, its fine. Will definitely make again, thank you! Do so here and be the first to know of any new recipe uploaded. Suitable from 6 months of age. It needs 1 egg and only 20ml milk to turn out edible. Would it still work? And they are 2 and 5. Without getting into too much detail, my baby girl had a stomach bug and my husband had food poisoning from a local fast food joint. My 10.5 month old loves this! 2 Medium eggs (or an extra splash of milk/ 2 chia eggs*), 3 Tablespoons of regular porridge oats (rolled) (or gluten free*), Optional extras a teaspoon of vanilla extract or ground cinnamon, You can also add a dollop of nut butter or some extra fruit like grated apple or soft berries. Tried these today but couldnt get them to set up. The pancakes are thinner and more crepe-like (so make them smaller), but quite tasty and sweet. I will definitely make again. Add the mashed banana to a bowl with 2 eggs and teaspoon of baking powder. Just went to mush. I made something familiar when they were new to eating solid food. YUM. Add the egg-soaked bread + cook for 23 minutes on each side until golden + slightly crisp. As a special friend, you'll get a free weaning guide + vouchers in the post and handy emails packed with expert tips, recipes, offers, competitions and more! More important my daughter 8 ys loves them. Banana Egg Pancakes are a quick & easy recipe, made with only 3 ingredients. I can see how some people can have mushy results, but with the right bread and techniques, it turns out pretty good! Lets contact with us at +61 (0) 3 9867 4544 . And dont soak the bread for too long. I havent tried freezing these, so I cant say for sure. They look gourmet and melt in your mouth. Im planning to compliment these with your Cheesy Egg Casserole with the cottage cheese, I LOVE that meal and I dont even like eggs, thats how good it is. Yum! Reach him on Instagram page: @wizardwierzbickiprogrammer, Could you make these a head and freeze them. What a mistake! I made this for my son this morning. Cookies policy.

I used 1 banana, 1 egg, olive oil, a handful of blueberries, nuts and 1/2 of an avocado. They are not as firm as regular french toast, but I think that has something to do with the bread being cut into strips, no crust to hold it together. You all need to remember this is a recipe intended for toddlers new to solids. Remember this is a finger food for babies so it is meant to be very soft. Ive made them ahead of time and then popped them in the microwave for 30 seconds or oven for 5 minutes. Wife to my supportive husband, Paul, and mum of 2 kiddies Ava and Lewis who were 100% baby led weaned from 6 months old. Company number: 05183743. It is also a very good one to get your child learn self-feeding without fear of choking. Like little silver dollar crepelettes but so easy and very tasty. My husband & I love them just as much as our toddler. She loved them. Id love a successful vegan friendly recipe, as well . It is a good way to add protein to a carbohydrate meal of bread, and it will not just make a good finger food. You have to be generous with the oil. Ground/blended cashews, eggs, sweet potato and cinnamon. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.