[50] When a taxi driver recognizes him as Saul, Gene initially calls Ed for help, but then decides mid-call to fix the situation himself. Chuck tricks Jimmy into confessing to the Mesa Verde fraud, which Chuck secretly records. Howard is happy to have the business, but denies Kim credit. [39], Chuck's attempts to hide his electromagnetic sensitivity during the meeting with Mesa Verde causes him to become severely ill, and his caregiver Ernesto calls Jimmy for help. Jimmy counsels against it but Kim confidently affirms her intent by returning the same finger gun gesture Jimmy used when announcing he intended to practice law as Saul Goodman. Saul has already offered to be Badger's legal counsel and has learned that the DEA hopes Badger will lead them to "Heisenberg". [48], Jimmy attempts to make amends with Chuck, but Chuck rebuffs him, saying that Jimmy never mattered all that much to him. Saul discovers from Jesse that Gus regularly visits Hector Salamanca in a nursing home. At some point prior to the start of Better Call Saul, Jimmy had been married and divorced twice. saul ehrmantraut amc quits [6] Odenkirk was scheduled to appear in the second season finale, but a prior commitment on How I Met Your Mother left him unable to do so; this led Gilligan to create the character of Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks, to serve in place of Saul for that fourth episode. [5] This would later serve to introduce Walter to new concepts such as the disappearer services. However, Jimmy still struggles with finances, and at the start of the show drives a signature Suzuki Esteem with mismatched doors, a visual pun reflecting on Jimmy's current poor self-esteem at this stage of his life. [64], After posting Lalo's bail, Jimmy tells Lalo he walked cross-country alone after his car broke down so he would not risk losing the money. The assistant district attorney prosecuting the case seeks a sentence of several years in prison because Huell is a repeat offender. [73], Jimmy and Kim work with Huell and Huell's associate to copy Howard's car key and remote unlock button. [78] He has ties to Gus Fring, the owner of the Los Pollos Hermanos fast-food chicken franchise around Albuquerque which he uses as a front to smuggle cocaine from the Juarez drug cartel. Saul promises to contact another dealer, Gus, though he warns the pair that Gus is very selective of whom he does business with. [40], Knowing the copy store clerk where he altered the documents can identify him, Jimmy goes to the store to buy his silence, but sees Ernesto questioning the clerk. Saul and Skyler plot ways to persuade Bogdan to sell the car wash, but Skyler rules out violence or intimidation. [11] Though originally written as a "two-and-a-half-dimensional" comic relief character, Saul's role became more in-depth, as Gilligan and Gould found they could use Saul as a "further entree to the criminal underbelly" for Walt in the later seasons. Jimmy later sees the mediator at a store and tells Kim he has a broken arm in a cast, which is not depicted in the photos. When he attempts to confess, her friends believe he is covering for her, so he arranges for them to overhear him bragging about tricking them. Howard disregards Kim and Jimmy's entreaties to leave immediately, and Lalo kills Howard with a gunshot to the head. For the first four seasons and season 6A of Better Call Saul, Odenkirk was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series[89] as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Saul refuses, saying it would attract more police scrutiny. Walt tries to intimidate Saul but doubles over in a coughing fit. He initially uses it as the alternate identity for the high-energy pitchman in television ads he produces,[28] and later makes use of it when he begins a business reselling prepaid cell phones on the street. Saul arranges a meeting between Walt and Jesse, and Walt convinces Jesse to contact Ed and start a new life. Saul has his secretary Francesca pose as an Albuquerque Police Department dispatcher falsely claiming that Hank's wife Marie has been in a car accident, luring Hank to the hospital, and giving Jesse and Walt time to destroy the RV. [57][58] Mesa Verde Bank intends to evict Everett Acker from leased land to make way for a new call center, and offers Acker a meager settlement. [71] Cliff declines, as do several other lawyers, but Jimmy and Kim succeed in spreading the rumor that Howard uses drugs. He attempts to end his relationship with Walt, but Walt intimidates him into continuing their business arrangement. [20], Jimmy ran into trouble with the law when he drunkenly defecated through the sunroof of an adversary's car while the man's children were inside, an act that came to be known as "Chicago Sunroof". Later, Saul visits Walt at his school. He informs Walt that he was too easy to find and offers to be his full-time legal counsel, money launderer, and adviser.[15]. breaking bad television ever scene [63] The events leave Jimmy suffering from post-traumatic stress. Saul attempts to get Jesse to convince Walt to resume cooking methamphetamine. [53] Jimmy enlists Kim's aid to defend Huell, but she refuses to ruin the cop's reputation. Howard assumes it was at Jimmy's instigation and tells her about Jimmy's harassment campaign. [79][80] Until the final episodes of Breaking Bad, Saul continues to have the same happy-go-lucky attitude shown in Better Call Saul, mainly interested in profiting while other characters are concerned with life and death. When Walt's brother-in-law Hank Schrader, a DEA agent, is close to catching Jesse in the recreational vehicle Walt and he use as a meth lab, and learning that Walt is with him, Walt calls Saul. Saul, initially worried that the two are sent by Lalo, sees through their scare tactics, takes a token payment so he can give them legal advice protected by attorney-client privilege, and tells them about Jimmy "In-'N-Out" Kilkelly, who makes a living confessing to the crimes of others and going to prison. [75] The influx of new clients causes Mrs. Nguyen to evict him from the nail salon, so he begins searching for an office. As a child, Jimmy worked at his father Charles Sr.'s general store in Cicero, and watched as customers took advantage of his nave father; Jimmy soon began stealing money from the store himself. Having visited stores at Chuck's request until he found the right one, Ernesto leaves to pick up Chuck and bring him back to question the clerk. Saul arranges for Kilkelly to be arrested and confess to being Heisenberg. [75], Cliff confronts Howard about his supposed cocaine use. [70] They attempt to hire Cliff to represent them, claiming Howard provided ineffective counsel because he used cocaine during his representation of Craig Kettleman. [87] The series was later revealed as a short-form series; a six-part animated series to be aired online during the sixth season of Better Call Saul. [75] Jimmy pushes Wendy out of the car in front of Cliff and Kim, further suggesting to Cliff that Howard is using cocaine and prostitutes. His office has been renovated, and includes an inflatable Statue of Liberty on the roof and wallpaper resembling the United States Constitution. [31] When Nacho plans to rob the Kettlemans, Jimmy anonymously warns them, and their home later appears to have been the scene of a kidnapping. [23], Nacho and Lalo Salamanca involve Jimmy in the Salamanca drug business when they hire him to gain Domingo Molina's release from jail by having him pose as a confidential informant for DEA Agent Hank Schrader. [69] Jimmy denies it but accidentally uses Lalo Salamanca's real name. [46] The insurance carrier informs Chuck and Howard that HHM's insurance rates will rise dramatically unless Chuck is continually supervised by another attorney. [77] Howard recognizes Jimmy is continuing to harass him, so he tricks Jimmy into meeting him at a boxing gym. Walt runs over Gus' two dealers before Jesse can kill them, then tells Jesse to run. Saul has his employee Patrick Kuby pose as a government inspector to inform Bogdan of supposed environmental concerns that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to mitigate. [54] Kim is elated by the thrill of the scam and convinces Jimmy to help her run a con to replace city-approved plans for a Mesa Verde branch in Lubbock, Texas with plans for a bigger building. Jimmy tells Howard's widow Cheryl that he could have been nicer to Howard, but was jealous because Howard had Chuck's respect, while Jimmy did not. He wonders how Jimmy arrived at the store so quickly after his accident and guesses that Jimmy bribed the clerk and stayed nearby to see what would happen when Chuck arrived. gould saul clues teases When Jesse realizes his marijuana was stolen, he figures out that Huell previously stole the ricin cigarette, meaning that Walt poisoned Brock and Saul knew. Walt visits Saul to discuss Jesse's plan to kill two dealers who work for Gus and killed Jesse's friend Combo and his girlfriend Andrea's brother Toms. Jimmy is restrained and gagged by Lalo, who leaves the house in Jimmy's car and is later killed by Gus during a gunfight with him. [69], Kim surveils Cliff Main and Howard Hamlin at the golf course while Jimmy sneaks into the locker room to plant a bag resembling cocaine in Howard's locker. Jimmy agrees, but at the meeting to finalize the deal, he surprises everyone with an exorbitant demand and threats of negative publicity against the bank, which leads Kevin to agree to a more favorable deal. Jimmy goes home and is prepared to meet with the Davis & Main partners, but has second thoughts and drives away.

[27] While arriving at and departing from court, Jimmy frequently butts heads with Mike Ehrmantraut, a former Philadelphia police officer who works as the courthouse parking lot attendant. Saul hosts a meeting between Mike, Jesse, and Walt, where they agree to set up a new meth-producing business. [40] Jimmy comes to Chuck's aid and Chuck is transported to the hospital. Andrea's son Brock is poisoned and Jesse tells the doctors to check for ricin, believing that Walt is responsible. Saul admits he had Huell steal the ricin, but says he did not know what Walt intended. They thus made Saul more of a comical character to fill this void. Mike, who is working for Gus, threatens Saul in order to obtain Jesse's location, intending to kill him before he acts against the dealers, but Saul sends Mike to the wrong location.