Fort Worth, Texas 76114 Corinthian Sailing Club formally chartered. Signature parks are high profile components of the Dallas park system that give distinct identity to the city and the North Texas region. However, the most convenient way to reach White Rock Lake would be to take the Blue line route of the DART light rail or bus services. Over the next three and a half years in excess of 500,000 tons of The White Rock Lake is (approximately) 5 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. In his "City Plan for Dallas," urban planner George E. Kessler recommends that all city land around White Rock reservoir "be retained in public hands and used for park purposes.". Street car line extended to western shore, where fleet of speedboats are available to transport swimmers from new boathouse to new bathing beach. They have lots to do including fishing,trails, and boat rentals.

From Buckner Boulevard exit west on Mockingbird Keep a watch out for events like boat races and music festivals. dallas attractions things north texas White Rock Lake Park created. A 75 lb. ", "Fresh-cut waffle fries aren't exactly easy to find, and these are some of the best. The White Rock Lake is home to numerous species of Flora and Fauna. City discontinues use of the "Pea Patch," a prison farm located on western shore of lake, where non-violent offenders worked off fines at a rate of $1 per day by picking up litter along lake shore and cutting weeds. Four boats entered but only one finished. Bonnie Barge stops operatiing. facilities abound. Community Fishing Lakes, Return to White Rock Lake fishing First advertisements for bids to build a dam and spillway are published in Dallas, Houston, and St. Louis newspapers. Shortly afterward, the building is demolished by the Park Dept.

Texas Historical Commission marker (funded by FTLOTL), commemorating the site of the CCC and POW camp near Winfrey Point is formally dedicated in conjunction with the annual national reunion of the CCC Alumni. En route to Indiana from Fort Hood, hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers bivouac at White Rock Lake for several days. From Buckner Boulevard exit west on Mockingbird and turn south on East Lawther Drive. City of Dallas orders demolition of eleven White Rock Lake private fishing shacks. It is however advisable to travel by public transportation as traffic in downtown Dallas tends to get congested. Off-leash dog park opens at Mockingbird Point. 6200 Hatchery Road Joe E. Lawther elected Mayor of Dallas. Rafe Brock, Biologist, State Map Download Foursquare for your smart phone and start exploring the world around you! Did we mention that this is an Audubon Society-designated bird watching area? The city needs more of these!

Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden at the Dallas Arboretum. City of Dallas work crews remove catwalk over spillway. ", "Gorgeous lake though it's a little to close to the main drag for my personal taste. My golden retriever loves the swimming area, but be sure not to show up after it rains--the place is a mud pit. Over 15,000 cubic yards of sediment removed. Located on east shore.

White Rock Lake is completely full for the first time.

Some men belonging to White Rock area families volunteer for service in the Mexican War, serving under Col. Jack Hays. . A speedboat accident results in city ordinance requiring life jackets to be carried all boats on White Rock Lake. account_circle Old Bath House converted into Bath House Cultural Center. One-lane ramp with parking for 30 vehicles, Operated by City of Dallas (214) 670-8281. document.write("This page most recently updated: " + document.lastModified) Floods in the vicinity of White Rock spillway uncover two ancient Indian graves. Dallas Sailing Club hosts first annual Texas Championship Regatta at White Rock Lake. Park curfew is midnight to 5 a.m. For more details, choose (Moves to eastern shore in 1933.). "Walking trails are very nice, watch out for, It's 9.3 miles around - great if you're a distance runner or cyclist. A severe drought prompts city commissioners to consider building a reservoir on White Rock Creek. And as one of Dallas' largest parks (twice the size of Central Park in New York City), this urban oasis offers something for everyone. Texas Farm and Ranch Land Conservation Program. Native Americans and white settlers clash. Large sections of the spillway retaining wall collapse during heavy spring rains.

Located only five miles east of downtown, White Rock Lake Park provides an ideal escape without having to leave the city limits. Head to White Rock.

Dallas.". The ghostly "Lady of the Lake" legend included in Frank X. Tolbert's book. at Camp White Rock Lake writes letter to. After springing leaks, the "Joe E. Lawther" dredge sinks in six feet of water at Dixon's Branch. Kessler's second plan repeats his previous recommendation regarding land around White Rock Lake. Children under 13 years of age must have a parent/guardian's consent before providing The entire surface of White Rock Lake freezes over for the first time. City Water Commissioner, Col. S. E. Moss, ignites controversy when he proposes a "Coney Island" style amusement park for White Rock Lake. ", "Located on the north end of the lake. After a Galveston diver refloats the "Joe E. Lawther," dredging of the lake resumes. and turn south on East Lawther Drive. Original architectural drawings and plans in the archives of the City of Dallas. Official celebrations of the White Rock Lake Centennial take place. DART's White Rock station opens on site of old Knights of Columbus hall. The park and boat However, boats with larger motors can navigate the lake using their trolling Mayor Tate attends opening of Bath House and Bathing Beach on lake's eastern shore.

There's a great, Need a great place to run or cycle, or just get out for a little bit? Pioneers begin settling in what is now Dallas County.

The marathon is usually held in the month of December. Park Director L. B. Houston announces plans to stock city parks with grey squirrels because "this variety becomes tame readily and will be of more benefit from the recreational angle than the red squirrels now found in some parks.". The station provides facilities such as drop-off and pickup areas, bicycle racks, and free commuter parking spaces.

Sheriff Hal Hood leads deputies on a raid on a house near White Rock Lake, where "moonshiners" operated a 500-gallon whiskey still. This website, "Scenic White Rock Lake," goes online.

Email subscriber privacy policy Most volunteer to work at Fair Park Centennial Building, repairing army supplies. Faced with a student housing shortage, SMU uses the old barracks buildings at the former CCC-POW camp site as temporary housing for about 250 of its students, many of who are veterans attending classes on the G.I. BMW Dallas Marathon Festival - It is the official marathon of the city of Dallas also earlier known as the Dalas White Rock Marathon.