Pick your favorite Harry Potter movie or have the ultimate movie marathon starting at the beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We had the kids sit in a special chair to get sorted into their houses. The students/campers made wands by wrapping clay around a chopstick, letting the clay dry, and painting it. Is the email valid? Have recipe cards and ingredients ready to have your little wizards create their own potions from slime. puppet and queued my iPhone up to the sorting hat song in the audiobook of HP and the Sorcerer's Stone. Now that youre settled into your house (dont forget your house password like Neville Longbottom), spend some time watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione in action. From set design to camera angles, budding creators can learn from Harry Potter's team at home here. This slime is very forgiving and its fun because big groups of kids can make it individually. Again we were impressed with the creativity of the kids! Cream soda, and cool whip in a can to top it off, Fizzing Wizbies= sour jolly rancher candy, Chocolate frog= Melted chocolate chips in this mold. All in all, it kept feelings positive for the rest of the week. superdonut I cut the bamboo to about 12 inch lengths and basically followed Marigold's directions. (via Little Bins for Little Hands), A really simple, low mess activity in which you shape a mandrake from model magic clay. January 2020 The kids found this puzzle to solve when they got there: Answer the questions to find the potions in order.

I am an adult who loves all things Harry Potter. Make 2 of this potion. But in COVID times, you can simply get the kids running around tossing balls while they try to stay on "brooms" -- or sticks.

And for younger kids, I adore the Audible books recorded by voice artist Jim Dale. To get moving this week, why not try a game of Quidditch. Our brooms were the latest model of the Aguamenti Flyer (pool noodles and twig bunches). The kids had a lot of fun playing Quidditchuntil the dementor came and ruined the game :). I was hoping all this liquid starch I poured into the glue would eventually solidify into goo. The kids had to use the yellow solution to reveal the secret message, which was the next clue. First, we had the kids get into pairs of two. There, you will find a secret message. In the kitchen, the kids found a blank piece of paper that read, The hufflepuff colored solution will reveal the secret message. There were 4 cups of Red, Yellow, Blue and Green solutions and a paintbrush. Since then, millions of fans have been born. I decided that water quidditch needed its own post. One of the adults graded the quizzes as the other had the kids go around and introduce themselves. Some kids made snake heads out of glue or sheaths that looked like snakes out of paper to put their wands in when they were not using them. I was so proud of the kids for working as a team, being patient as we learned a new game together and everyone getting involved and doing their best. Stick various objects into boxes that wizards have to guess by the feel of their hands. Once the kids have triangles that have the SAME spells written in the SAME order, they are ready to duel. Black women have counted Vaseline among their beauty must-haves read more, Most visitors know about Central Park in New York City, but they might not know about BryantPark. No matter how you feel about J.K. Rowling's politics, it's hard to resist the imaginary Hogwarts world she created. It's amix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. The last puzzle involved potions. Wand making was a simple activity, but it was amazing how creative the kids got with their wands! You've got to sign up to be linked to all the resources from Camp Mom this summer. The idea was to make our house into Hogwarts by setting up several of our rooms to each include a Harry Potter-themed activity. First, we printed tickets to platform 9 3/4 on yellow paper and sent it to the kids in the mail with an acceptance letter from Hogwarts as an invitation to our summer camp. Test the kids' wizarding world knowledge with a Harry Potter-themed I-Spy game. Dont forget your wand! For potions class we used our basic knowledge of science and a few science projects we remembered from our days in school and then changed the names of the ingredients to Harry Potter themed potion ingredients.

Host a Harry Potter camp (or birthday party)! Perfect for bludgers! To make the purple cabbage juice we boiled a head of cabbage in a pot of water for about 20 minutes. I think the result was stunning and magical! You can also whip up a batch of sorting hat cupcakes, which will reveal a fun surprise about which house you belong in when you take a bite. Curt "Moose" Jackson shared a great. Find our more on Audible and consider the offer to join now and get two free audiobooks. Copyright 2022 Lisa Stringfellow. From set design to camera angles, budding creators can learn from Harry Potter's team at home here. Try these fun Harry Potter party activities and crafts to keep guests entertained! These wands were used to make magic for the rest of the camp/party. We will definitely try some of these games for our next party. For the Triwizard Cup we had two teams that each sent up representatives to play Harry Potter Minute to Win It Games. Get home-based learning tips, effective strategies, and awesome freebies right to your inbox! The kids could earn house points for bringing in books, but most did it just to be helpful. Love Potion: Forces take to fall in love with the maker of the potion. (via Jonesing 2 Create). We simply put a few mattresses, air mattresses, and sleeping bags on the floor in two rows - similar to what you may expect to find at Hogwarts. This one is for all the wanna be witches and wizards out there. May 2019 Each kid got a dowel about the length of their forearm. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THESE WONDERFUL GAMES! (via Farme to Fete). April 2021 These then become the Rock, Paper and Scissors for the game. They had to unscramble the letters to figure out that the Library was the next clue. Related: read more, Dry skin is something I seem to always struggle with no matter what stage of my life I am in. Fortunately, he had a great sense of humor about it (Thanks, Brad). There's a new generation ready for the magic and COVID is the perfect time to create a family viewing party. Have wooden frames that little wizard guests can decorate with pom poms, feather, oogly eyes, glitter, beads and more. Hope your daughter has an excellent party! For the quaffle, I used a lightweight volleyball and for the bludgers, I found the. Get 15 free bingo cards in a 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 grid to suit all ages. Our most fun (and messy) recipe was one of my own inventionsPotted Mandrakes. As you do these crafts keep in mind that the kids will be as creative as we let them. For older wizards and witches, try to master something a bit more advanced like this polyjuice potion inspired slime or this Fizzy Cauldron Cordial potion. June 2021 Find our full Harry Potter party supplies list on Amazon*, or check out these ready-made party game props and favors for your Harry Potter party! Emilee came up with this activity that combined a scavenger hunt with an escape room. We let the kids switch partners, but they had to switch papers with the triangles because the duel only works if you are using the same three spells. 1- This potion smells like what you are attracted to, 2- This potion will cause a deep sleep to come upon whomever drinks it, 3- This potion is what Professor Lupin has to take regularly, 4- You might want this potion if you break a bone. A quidditch field is born. The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. One of the clues was an adapted sudoku puzzle that was found on THIS blog. The actual brick wall in our kitchen added to the effect. This potion was fun for the kids because they were able to drink it afterward. We also made a marauder's map to help the guests navigate, and which showed what the various rooms were. Find easy, creative party ideas for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, holidays and more that will fit any budget! Youd be surprised how creative they can get, with Hedwig-, Luna-Lovegood-, or golden-snitch-inspired designs. Share it with us! First, I give kids a, One of the clues was an adapted sudoku puzzle that was found on, Water Quidditch was so much fun! . It led to the headmaster's office and I almost got in trouble when the kids ran past the portrait of Harry sitting by the door and barged INTO our headmaster's office and began looking around. This week we're supplying eight Camp Mom Harry Potter themed summer activities. alan danielle Go to the place where Hagrid took Harry and help Harry find all his patronuses. I put about a fourth cup glob of glue in the bag and 2 spoonfuls of liquid starch (if you want, you can add food coloring too). They painted their wands all sorts of shades of brown, green, gold and silver. When the credits start rolling, its time for a feast in the Great Hall! Little Free Kidlit Library AllthePartyIdeas.com shares unique food, decorations, games, and other fun ideas to celebrate special occasions. ), Family style meals and desserts, as well as Harry Potter-themed plates, napkins and goblets helped complete the effect. First, we printed tickets to platform 9 3/4 on yellow paper and sent it to the kids in the mail with an acceptance letter from Hogwarts as an invitation to our summer camp. Well fans knowJuly 31, 1980 is Harry's birthday and since he was always ripped off on party celebrations, we have to make up for it! Chasers come to center field for the toss up. The trick to adding a core is using a hollow medium, bamboo in this case. If the slime is too sticky, add more liquid starchif it has too much starch, the extra starch will not mix in with the glue and you can pour it out. Save some room after the main course for Harry Potter-themed treats. The headmaster also enjoyed some poly juice potion :). You can't have Hogwarts without a Great Hall! Once in that room, the kids had to solve a puzzle to get the next clue. Another funny moment was during the hunt for the final horcrux. I will include links to the blogs that explain the crafts and amazon links below for all the materials you would need. This game is really simple. As mentioned above, my hands were covered in glueit is not easy to take pictures and help kids with activities and projects! Below are some of our camp highlights. Since then it's sold more than 120 million copies to date. The kids were instructed not to take this one because we didnt want them to fall asleep and miss the rest of the activities. (A normal, Voldemort-free day at Hogwarts, that is.) This box set even includes a collectible trunk to store them in, just like the one Harry kept all of his belongings in.. The kids loved the reveal (and they liked drinking the Sprite too). To inspire your little readers, encourage them to join the ScholasticHarry Potter Book club. If you plan on visiting New York City, here are our tips to plan a fun visit with kids to Bryant Park. Get the details here. If youre nerdy like Hermione, why not have games that fit the theme of the various courses of study that the Hogwarts wizards underwent at the castle? Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afca3d3238bb7400e5161de33ae67901" );document.getElementById("hff6084396").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I'm Sylvia, an event organizer by day and All the Party Ideas creator by night offering practical party planning tips to celebrate holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. When the last ingredient is put in this bubbles and runs over. (via Party Wowzy). May 2021 Hula hoopswooden stakesduct tape. In our house, we also had a platform 9 3/4 that you had to break through (to get to the Great Hall)! The kids got their wands, pointed them toward a feather, and said the levitation spell: "Wingardium Leviosa". A nice indoor Harry Potter bingo game. I had a wonderful week hanging out with some really awesome kids and bringing the Harry Potter books to life. July 2020 Inside, they found popsicles for their reward! It's not a theme park, it's a celebration of movie magic that offers behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Harry Potter films. April 2019 , which does great work in Louisville helping abused and neglected children and children with autism and other special needs. August 2014, All (via Jonesing 2 Create). (It helps keep our content free!) Some of which include: You can download a free printable with the game names and instructions. Thank you so much for the suggestions! All Rights Reserved. I hope you enjoy the crafts! We used the quizzes that they took and got a, Wand making was a simple activity, but it was amazing how creative the kids got with their wands! It also ends up looking just like troll boogiesso thats a bonus too! Your email address will not be published. Here are eight ideas for those of us running Camp Mom. We now own all the movies on Amazon Prime, but I know that each summer the SyFy channel runs a marathon. It turned a dark bluish purplish color and was perfect for the potions. There were several blogs that had great game ideas. Our "mandrakes" were actually chocolate rice cereal treats dusted in cocoa powder and planted in Oreo cookie "dirt." We had a platform 9 3/4 shower curtain hanging in the hallway by the door that the kids could walk through after giving us their tickets. Glad they are of use, Erin. Be sure to follow our Activities to Do with the Kids board on Pinterest here. Events I used the basic directions and clues found at the, , but made a few changes. Wow! . Sure, the movies are amazing, but let's not forget all the magic started with books. You could get the books one by one, but I recommend getting all seven books. Once the kids have triangles that have the SAME spells written in the SAME order, they are ready to duel. Such a brilliant and budget friendly DIY Harry Potter party decoration, made from old t-shirts, grocery bags, and a pool noodle. During the hunt, one of the boys tried to run into a girls' bathroom and was shooed back out by the girls. Want my FREE Genre Anchor Charts & Thematic Studies?. We let the kids add their own spells and practice the movements with their fingers while we waited about 10 minutes or so for our wands to dry. Our party has crafts, snacks and ideas to turn movie night into something magical. In addition to the normal work/life balance dance in which I manage to stumble frequently, we're throwing a ton a travel into the mix. We used small inflatable balls for the bludgers, a soccer ball for the main ball, and a remote-control golden snitch (which was a Christmas present). The website provides parents who want to organize a book club with access to all the tools they need to host a Harry Potter Reading Club and celebrate the joy of reading. I was so proud of the kids for working as a team, being patient as we learned a new game together and everyone getting involved and doing their best. We changed the symbols to color blocks and changed the signs on the math to be a bit more simple so they didnt have to do any negative numbers. This park is teeming with things to do with the kiddies. Did you make this project? Once the kids solved the clues they had the numbers they needed to open the combination lock that was on the fridge.