The reason for the character's creation had to do with the success of The Incredible Hulk TV series. Eventually, Jennifer decides that she is going to retain her She-Hulk form permanentlypreferring the freedom, confidence, and assertiveness that it gave her compared to her more timorous and fragile "normal" form. She-Hulk and her Hulkbusters are some of the first to try to stop him as he tears through Manhattan. The two precipitously eloped in Las Vegas. Her cousin shows up but fails to reason with her; he "hulks out" and the two fightthe devastation to the town subsequently being blamed on the Hulk. She is a skilled pilot and has previously used a modified 1995 Dodge automobile equipped with technology enabling flight in Earth's atmosphere and in outer space for limited distances, although it is incapable of interstellar flight. She is the cousin of Bruce Banner. She-Hulk and several members of the Lady Liberators secretly enter Marinmer intending to steal the confiscated aid packages and distribute them to the earthquake victims. He's ultimately fine because, you know, he's a robot, and everything turns out to be the Scarlet Witch's fault. An out of continuity tongue-in-cheek mini-chapter later spoofs this, by jokingly showing the two characters as passionately in love. It pushes their relationship closer than before, while also acknowledging Marvel's tendency to keep them separated for years. She's sure that so long as Bruce is in there, she'll get through to him. She-Hulk was married to John Jameson, whom she first met while he was the Man-Wolf in a Microverse adventure in Savage She-Hulk. Here she met Louise "Weezie" Grant Mason, formerly the Golden Age superheroine the Blonde Phantom. Once she got her powers, neither Jennifer, nor Marvel ever looked back. Shortly after the events of World War Hulks, Skaar becomes aware that his brother, Hiro-Kala, is approaching and that he intends to crash the planet K'ai into the Earth She-Hulk is on the team as they manage to successfully avert disaster but upon returning to Earth, they find the world in flames as it is in the grasp of the Chaos War. Cho, whom the Hulk once saved, discovered what the Illuminati had done to the Hulk, and he wants help in finding him. 1, Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human, awareness that she was a comic book character, The Incredible Hulk (1982 Animated Series), Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, and durability, She-Hulk made a brief cameo with other members of The Avengers in the 1994, She-Hulk appears in the episode "The Cure" of the 2006, In addition to being in the series two opening titles, She-Hulk appears in. A paparazzo took photos of her sunbathing topless (but nobody ultimately knew it was She-Hulk due to an unwitting editor 'correcting' her green skin). She-Hulk also made appearances in New Mutants #37 (March 1986) and Incredible Hulk # 316 (February 1986, a John Byrne story)but she somehow missed her cousin's wedding in Incredible Hulk # 319 (May 1986). She-Hulk stepped out of Bruce Banner's shadow long ago, but they never stray too far apart. While practicing at GLK&H, Jennifer gradually becomes comfortable as both She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters, realizing that she has much to offer the world in both forms. The character's personality has changed over the years: originally ill-tempered and violent, she is now depicted as a fun-loving, kind, empathetic, yet still feisty woman who frequently uses humor when fighting. Marvel put the duo back together again for 1986's "The Incredible Hulk" #316. Jennifer concluded that her interaction with Starfox had not been consensual after hearing this testimony, but she later discovered that he had not used his powers on her. Much like her cousin's Joe Fixit persona, Jennifer's Hulk form is now grey, but stronger and harder to control. He is eventually re-merged with Bruce, and the cousins go their separate ways for a few years once more. Operatives of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day that Bruce Banner happened to be in town for a visit. However, once she finishes jumping, she is shown to have been wearing a bikini. Enraged, she tells Stark that, although he may have taken She-Hulk out of the equation, he still has to face Jennifer Walters, one of the best lawyers in the country. On her way home, Jennifer runs into Amadeus Cho, a young genius out looking for friends of the Hulk. The problem is that his blood was flooded with gamma radiation, the key element that turns him into Hulk. She-Hulk and Jazinda capture the Skrull and the two heroines take the Skrull to New York, where they encounter the Super-Skrull, Kl'rt. containment facility after "World War Hulk," but was instead shipped to a top-secret "Gamma Base." After the two television projects for She-Hulk described failed to materialize, a, She-Hulk is a playable character in the 1997, She-Hulk appeared as a non-playable character in, Doppelgangers of She-Hulk appeared as enemies in, She-Hulk appears in the crossover fighting game. Now, it seems like she's finally caught up to her cousin in the worst way possible, battling with internal demons as she's also battling the bad guys. Although She-Hulk put forward a brave exterior during those incidents, she was actually quite shaken and appreciated Wyatt's support. The following month, she would visit her cousin in his book, "The Incredible Hulk" #412. Eventually, She-Hulk got her own book again, this time called "The Sensational She-Hulk." The ideal She-Hulk story is one that plays on both aspects of her make-up, the intelligence combined with her strength.".

She let her guard down with Wyatt, expressing her vulnerabilities as Wyatt supported her during a series of traumatic events. But why is that? She-Hulk repeatedly vehemently denies sleeping with the Juggernaut (as a wanted criminal who has attempted to murder her cousin), despite the two previously being shown in bed together. She serves with the Hulkbusters: Clay Quartermain, Agent Crimson, Agent Cheesecake and Agent Beefcake. These issues as the cousins reconnect, support each other, and take on the Leader to save the Avengers establish a bond that readers never really got to see in that first, rushed issue. Spidey Super Stories was a Spider-Man title based on the segments featuring the character from The Electric Company, marketed to children just learning to read and is not part of mainstream Marvel continuity. Next came "World War Hulk," a legendary storyline that crossed over all of Marvel, as an out-of-control Hulk would take on the entire world and win. This, combined with Leonard Samson's new 'gamma-charger', gives her full control over her transformations for, as she said, 'the time being'. The relationship never developed but a friendship between them was formed. By "The Incredible Hulks" #612, Banner decides to gather all of his Gamma family together: She-Hulk, Skaar, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Savage She-Hulk (his daughter, Lyra, from another universe) and Korg, one of his pals from planet Sakaar. Issues #1 to #8 and #31 to #50 were written and drawn by John Byrne. It's more or less the beginning of a tradition that ends with the two of them duking it out any time one loses control. She informs him that she is unable to as she has asked too many questions to the wrong people.

She was later recruited by Stark as a member of an Initiative-sponsored incarnation of the Defenders for a short while until Tony Stark disbanded the team. He forcibly de-powered everyone across multiple tales Red Hulk, the Leader, Rick Jones, Skaar, Betty Ross stopping when he got to She-Hulk in 2015's "Hulk" #16. Once free, Bruce would begin bonding with his half-alien, half-human, half-Hulk son (not three-halves it just depends on if he's Hulking out or not) and rescuing his back-from-the-dead ex-wife Betty Ross (AKA Red She-Hulk).. However, this encounter was later retold in flashback, and in that storyline, Starfox was on trial, charged with sexually assaulting a married woman. and General Ross's Gamma Power Super Soldier Program. At this time she was able to effortlessly sustain the Thing's maximum weight with a single arm, while her strength was greatly restrained by a "Jupiter suit," and she was shown as considerably stronger than Hercules. [28] This had serious repercussions: it is revealed at the close of She-Hulk #20 that an evil being has conquered that portion of the galaxy, and is preparing an assault on all of creation. Although in actuality She-Hulk liberated much of Jennifer Walters' repressed personality, the She-Hulk persona also repressed certain aspects of Jennifer Walters' personality which She-Hulk found distasteful. The Hulk warns her to leave, but she stands her ground. The last, #18, appearing in November 1985, was written and illustrated by then-Fantastic Four writer/artist John Byrne. She eventually gains control of her transformations when Michael Morbius cures her of a lethal blood disease. She talks about how they aren't just cousins, but the closest of friends, even if they don't see each other for years at a time. In addition, the character possesses superhuman speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes. The action in the issue takes place during or after the events of World War Hulk. Cho temporarily restores Jennifer's powers so that she can take out Doc Samson, who came to apprehend Cho for Reed Richards and Tony Stark. However, comments made by the future Southpaw, divulge that the war, though a terrible and dark time, will be favorably resolved. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Jennifer tearfully goes along with it, wondering how her cousin deals with the guilt such destruction causes. She wasn't as powerful as her cousin, but she was more in control of herself, even if her transformations were similarly initially caused by anger. They wanted to do a spin-off, so they created "The Bionic Woman." During that same time, Jennifer pursued a problematic relationship with the affable ne'er-do-well Richard Rory (a supporting character created by Steve Gerber for Man-Thing stories), who actually valued her for who she really was. This was where she took a turn for the meta, breaking the fourth wall and leaning into the humor. Chugging along for 60 issues, while Bruce kept going strong in his own series, the two Hulks didn't really encounter each again much, until her book began to wind down. Ultimately, She-Hulk's relationship with Zapper fell apart, primarily due to her insistence on permanently remaining in her She-Hulk form, eschewing the Jennifer Walters persona that Zapper had grown up with. The Avengers and Fantastic Four became surrogate families for her; she forged strong bonds with them. They manage to round up the Intelligencia but the Wizard is able to escape imprisonment and goes after Lyra at her high school prom, almost killing her before She-Hulk intervenes, knocking out Wizard but not before Lyra's secret identity has been compromised. For a long time, She-Hulk could not revert to her original human form. Unable to practice law any more, Jennifer began working for Freeman Bonds Inc. a subsidiary of GLK&B as a bounty hunter with her Skrull partner Jazinda. She agreed to file suit against Peter Parker for fraud on behalf of her father-in-law, Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson. After freeing himself from the pit, a furious Spider-Man breaks into Avengers Mansion to pay back She-Hulk. Except, intelligent Hulk is long gone, so he and She-Hulk rampage with a knock-down drag-out fight that nearly levels Bone. Eventually, of course, the Hulk is reborn, then dies again, then is reborn again. During Fear Itself, She-Hulk joins with Howard the Duck, Nighthawk, and Frankenstein to form a four-person team called the Fearsome Four to stop the Man-Thing from its destructive path. Still, thanks to her efforts, Bruce finally reclaims his own magazine, taking it back from #601 forward. Wolverine rebuffs her, saying he has no wish to "chase after Juggernaut's sloppy seconds." As noted above, Byrne had previously written and drawn She-Hulk while she was featured in the Avengers and Fantastic Four. The Sensational She-Hulk ran for sixty issues. Non-superhero female characters, like Millie the Model, have had longer runs in the past while newer characters, like Spider-Girl, have had longer runs after She-Hulk. She once displayed sufficient knowledge of acupressure to render the Abomination insensate by striking several nerve clusters after first using psychology to distract him.

However, the two shared an apartment with She-Hulk's colleague, Augustus "Pug" Pugliese, who holds an unspoken (but obvious) crush on her. That story involves the Hulk receiving amnesty from them and then going on a space-traveling/time-traveling adventure with She-Hulk and the Avengers. Initially, the transformation to her She-Hulk form was triggered (as with Bruce Banner's) by anger.

It had taken some time to get her confidence back after Bone, but finally, she seems to be thriving once more. It's the first time she meets Betty, but she admits she knows all about her.

They both joined up again in 1984's "Secret Wars"maxi-series,but so did countless other heroes, and the two didn't really interact much.. informs Jennifer that she has been drafted into the organization as a result of her registration. Perhaps her longest crush is on Hercules who she has repeated dreams about. These priorities have sometimes made her personally conflicted, such as reversing her stance regarding the "Superhuman Registration Act"; and being disillusioned when her more famous cousin (whom she considers as a brother) was shot into space without due process or when what she thought to be a torturer and murderer of children was cleared from all charges.

Due to training from the alien Ovoids, She-Hulk is able to swap powers and physiques with other human women but retains her green skin pigmentation, and only used it once. The Skrull religious leader wants to completely remove her regenerative ability but Kl'rt stops him after She-Hulk pleads to his fatherly nature, tapping into his guilt for not being able to save his son who had died in a previous war. She's also a unique combination of brains and brawn. She-Hulk has been a member of The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, Fantastic Force, and S.H.I.E.L.D. After agonizing over the choice, Jennifer decides to go ahead with the treatment. The Sensational She-Hulk ran until issue #60 (February 1994), making it the longest-running She-Hulk series so far, and the longest-running solo title of any Marvel superheroine up to that point. A transfusion of gamma-irradiated blood from her cousin Bruce Banner (the Hulk) granted Jennifer Walters superhuman powers. 1 (July 1982).

Yet when she saw She-Hulk risk herself to save her Skrull friend Book "canceled" the plan. They all consider themselves individuals, but none take it so far as "Doc Green," who first emerged when exposed to Iron Man's Extremis virus.

She also guest.- starred in Thing #8 (February 1984). During her testimony, Jennifer realizes that she herself is "addicted" to being She-Hulk; Mallory forces her to admit that she's had a long list of sexual partners as She-Hulk. Together they have several adventures, even encountering Hercules, but they soon ended up involved in the midst of Secret Invasion. As She-Hulk, Jennifer possessed powers similar to those of her cousin, though at a reduced level. Shortly after her post-Savage She-Hulk guest appearances, She-Hulk became a member of the Avengers, in Avengers #22. Jennifer's dad is a Los Angeles County Sheriff, and she was shot by crime boss Nicholas Trask after he'd clashed with her father. Following a brief fight with the Red She-Hulk, the three decide to team up to take down Intelligencia's forces. Marvel first told She-Hulk's origin in 1980's "The Savage She-Hulk" #1. A powerful female with a strong moral center and a determination to do what's right. Then Hulk returns to Earth. Some months after regaining her abilities, Jennifer was tasked to defend an accused killer named Arthur Moore. Other notable writers to contribute to this series include Steve Gerber (#10, 11, 13-23), Simon Furman, and Peter David. Now, when she is afraid, she not only turns into She-Hulk but her mind became maddened by paranoia and rage. She-Hulk is a part of the Avengers by then, and it's in those issues in 1983, starting in "The Incredible Hulk"#282that we finally see the two cousins come together and bond. In the 4-Part issue "All-New Savage She-Hulk", Jennifer fights Lyra, the alternate reality daughter of Hulk and Thundra after she comes to the Earth-616 reality for the DNA of the strongest man. She-Hulk earlier decreed that Qyre not reveal knowledge of the Recluses' existence at the meetings of the Watchers. The character is also a skilled and experienced attorney who attended UCLA School of Law, where she was a member of the Order of the Coif, a national merit society for top legal scholars.

In She-Hulk #14 (2006), Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bruce has mentioned her "only in every letter he ever wrote me." Marvel decided to give the book a second chance to find an audience.

That Hulk, after all is named David Banner. Before he goes, though, he has one last talk with She-Hulk. In May 2004, She-Hulk was given a new title and launched in a wave of six new Marvel books.

Banner offers his first apology for turning his cousin into a monster; the accident that changed him was of his own doing, but Jennifer had been completely innocent in her own Hulk-ification. Marvel Comics announced that She-Hulk #38 (February 2009) would be the final issue of the series. Although She-Hulk's strength originally remained at a set level and did not increase, later in her history her strength has sporadically been stated to increase further from fear, or anger, similar to her cousin. In the last panel, Jennifer Walters appeared to be dead with the Red She-Hulk standing over her body. As Nerdist explains, at the time, Universal was licensing "The Six Million Dollar" man from its creator, author Martin Caidin. Some time after the Skrull invasion is defeated the country of Marinmer suffers a devastating earthquake. It is then revealed that all of the events were caused by the Scarlet Witch. During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. Qyre, who holds knowledge of the plan, is unable to speak of it to anyone else. Base that is actually a front for A.I.M. While she was successful in defending him, immediately after his freedom was secured he claimed to be guilty and showed her images of the crimes he had been accused of. However, John was never zapped, and his deep love for Jennifer Walters has been confirmed (John has stated a preference for She-Hulk in her human form). Repeated exposure to the presence of her teammate Jack of Hearts, who has the innate ability to absorb radiation that is around him, leads to She-Hulk being unable to control her changes, which resulted in her tearing the Vision in half.

These needs were evident in her often tempestuous relationship with her father, Sheriff Morris Walters. A permanently depowered Jennifer Walters finds that tourists from an alternate universe designated the Alpha universe are crossing into her universe which they call Beta to gain access to superpowers and comes face to face with her own powered-up doppelganger. However, Jennifer appears as She-Hulk in the first and second issues of "World War Hulk," during which the Hulk is destroying New York City.

Hawkeye decides Bruce needs to go away and the Hulk needs to come out, so he shoots him. But in the end, it doesn't work because in the end, you can do so much talking with a Hulk. At the end of the issue, she starts talking to the comic book audience, which is the usual schtick in her own series.

Kl'rt came to kill his daughter, Jazinda, going so far as to shoot her in the head. A widower whose wife had been killed by mobsters, Walters was overprotective, controlling, and judgmental. Her mission is to fight various foes of the Hulk while training heroes under the Initiative. While in Stark's Helicarrier she is attacked and beaten by the Red Hulk, but vows to get even for the deliberate humiliation. This radiation exposure had a drastic effect on Jennifer: she could no longer transform back into her original human form. Neither of them, she tells her cousin, are monsters something he should understand, now that he is free from the Hulk's near-mindless rage. All was going well, until she would begin losing control of her transformations, tearing poor Vision apart. She is also the lawyer for Speedball in Civil War: Front Line. Jennifer informs Stark that he's miscalculated: She-Hulk would have just pummeled him, but Jennifer Walters has the ability to destroy him. The "s" stays on the end of the comic book's name, and fans are finally treated to Jen and Bruce interacting as a family. She also appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #124 to 126 (1993) and in The Incredible Hulk #412 (December 1993). A highly skilled lawyer, she has served as legal counsel to various superheroes on numerous occasions. Even in her savage mode, Jennifer knows how much she loves "Banner" for making her She-Hulk.