Our Song Leaders assist our Worship Leaders in this, but rather than focusing on the service as a whole, they focus in on some songs within the service, supporting the vision of the Worship Leader. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a minor in Music. Also great to talk through the run sheet in case there is anything out of the ordinary. New Life Worship is the contemporary worship music band out of All that to say, it's really cool that God is still breathing life through something that we've kind of moved on and begun to work on new stuff. Our Worship Leaders are charged with leading the direction of praise & worship in a service. As we grieve the loss of a great man of God, we also celebrate that Pastor Ken now stands face to face in worship with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[1]. Communication is not only for your sake, but those around you too. 13 for Hot Christian songs and it ended up at No. Murrell lives in Edmond with his wife Tracy, while Cassidy Estevez and her husband Rob reside in Oklahoma City. [2] He's putting a masterpiece in our lives together so even when we're going through something difficult or when we don't have all the answers, God is doing something and we can lean on him.". So during ministry time, you are there to support the preacher. We use hand signals to lead the band where we want to go in the song. The lyrics share the message that people may look to the Lord for peace as they find themselves in the middle of difficulties or even just the simple everyday "chaos" of life: "And even in the madness, there is peace, Through all of this chaos, You were writing a symphony, a symphony. Although he performed with many groups, and at many high profile events around the world, one of his greatest joys was worshipping with his home team at ResLife. It was the No. "Symphony" peaked at No. ", "We realize that God is doing so much through this song," Murrell said.

During this time, Pastor Ken has mentored musicians and new worship pastors, served the congregation fulfilling various pastoral duties, and produced and recorded several solo and church projects. Every leader does this slightly different, but they're usually easy to interpret. The more of these conversations you have, the more confident you will get to communicate your vision. 2020 ResLife Church. All rights reserved. Associated with Colorado's New Life Church, the worship group New Life Worship was launched in 1991 when Parsley formed the New Life Ministries. This could be a word or a theme, and it doesn't even have to be explicitly said, but carried in your spirit. ", Estevez had her own thoughts about the popularity of "Symphony. Don't be afraid of gaps. In a telephone interview, Cassidy Estevez and JT Murrell, who oversees worship and album production at Life.Church, recently talked about Switch's breakout year. Everything we do works towards creating or maintaining an atmosphere of worship so that the preacher has the best platform to minister from and call people to repentance and relationship with God. An Oklahoma-based contemporary Christian music group is ending the year on a high note. closed offices church events "Maybe it's not a super dark season in everyone's life but we've all had those seasons where what we really need is be reminded of hope and that's what 'Symphony' does it reminds us that even when we can't see what God is doing, he's always working for our good and that's something that we can cling to. Ken received a divine call to connect people through worship.Ken saw a vision of a diverse church that blurred the lines of racial and social groups. 1, but it's actually still on a lot of the charts.". Our whole team are worship leaders from all around the auditorium, but those rostered specifically in this role are reading and leading the room into powerful worship. bartholomew 12 song for all of Christian airplay. The group is comprised of worship leaders at the Edmond-based church, including Cassidy Estevez, her husband Rob Estevez, Ashton Wellman and Luke Guevera. If you're younger this is more important. The MD is then able to communicate all of this to the whole team on your behalf. New Life Worship is now under the direction of Pete Sanchez, while Jon Egan leads most Sundays at New Life North. Each preacher operates differently, so just watch them attentively regardless. Don't be afraid or timid with your hand signals - you're leading everyone, so don't be afraid to show the church your hand signals. It's great for you two to be on the same page before you turn up Sunday morning! It points to what God can do with just a single faithful step. On August 31, 1991, Ken married the co-writer of his lifes song, Andrea. Remember, if people are being prayed for up the front, it is hard for them to hear what is being prayed if we are running at 8/10 dynamics for 90% of the time. ResLife Church is deeply saddened by the loss of Ken Reynolds, our beloved Pastor and Worship Leader. Together with his wife, Andrea, and their children Kenton and Alyssa, Ken poured his life out for his Lord.I want to do whatever I can to build up Gods Kingdom, Ken shared. Kens musical journey began in his teens, where he embraced almost every genre imaginable.But Kens love of diversity wasnt confined to music. It's important that you are aware of everything you do, say and wear when you are leading. If you're nervous about the gaps, you'll end up saying something unintentional or not thought through. Less is more my friend. Life.Church's group Switch was recently named Billboard's No. Talk through song flows and dynamics, who will speak where, and where you 'moments' will be. Ken (KRey) Reynolds, passed away on Sunday, August 8th, 2021.

"Every year, Billboard has charts that come out at the end of the year that sort of recaps that year and right now, 'Symphony' is No. You can never signal too much - it only ever adds confidence to where we are going. 2 for CHR Songs, and Switch ended up at No. Plan potential songs you can go to, areas to build and drop etc. God hasn't called you to be everyone else - He's gifted you purposefully for what He want's YOU to do and bring. If we know ahead of time that there will be ministry time, you can plan this with the MD after talking it through with the preacher. It's just been an honor to watch Him do what He does best through this song. Their single track "Symphony (featuring Dillon Chase)" quickly climbed the charts. 5100 Ivanrest Ave SW Grandville, MI 49418. For the last 20 years, Ken has had the honor of serving at ResLife Church in various leadership roles. 10 for CHR Artists. Keep those in the room captivated, whilst allowing those at the front to be prayed for. ABN: 67 604 987 911 Trust that God has placed you there on purpose and to minister - His Spirit is in you and operating through you, so be confident in that. Murrell said the "Symphony EP" included the title track and five other songs.

uphold and promote the culture, core convictions and positive name of Life Church both within the church and the community. support in every way possible the smooth running of Life Church services. [3], "Desperation Band / New Life Worship / Ross Parsley", "New Life Worship Releases an All Instrumental Album "Soak", "Integrity Music's Shout Praises Kids "We Belong to Jesus" Out Now! 4 on the National Audience Chart, which means of all Christian songs playing on the radio, "Symphony" peaked at the fourth most listened to Christian song on the radio. 1 New Christian Artist of the Year for 2019. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=New_Life_Worship&oldid=1078650202, New Life Church (Colorado Springs, Colorado), Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox musical artist with associated acts, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 22 March 2022, at 16:52. Copyright 2013 - 2022 Life Church. You will need to lead the band to where you feel/see the preacher wanting to go. We stand in mourning and prayer with the Reynolds family. That way the MD can be on your page, see your vision, and communicate that to the band. Husband, Father, Son, Worship Leader, and Gospel Artist. 1 New Christian Artist of the Year, which was announced on Monday, the group also hit high notes in other categories: "Symphony (featuring Dillon Chase)" was No. He said the "Symphony LP" will be released in February and include five songs in addition to the six on the 2019 EP. On December 30th, 1996 and July 8th, 2000 respectively, they welcomed their two beautiful children Kenton (KRey Jr.), and Alyssa (Lyss). Often this looks like a conversation between WL, SL + MD during the week (before rehearsal if there is one) via phone call or text. The band is known for its songwriters (Ross Parsley, Jon Egan, Glenn Packiam, Jared Anderson, Cory Asbury, and Pete Sanchez) and worship leaders. Do what works best for you and those you are serving with - remember that you might feel confident to just roll in to the weekend, but if you can communicate well, you are equipping several others to feel confident to minister too. Dress mature (still have your personality) to remove as many barriers as possible before you open your mouth. We identify where our church are at as they walk in, and help get them from there to a place where they are lifting their hands in surrender and exaltation of Jesus Christ who is always worthy to be praised. He served seven wonderful years in part-time ministry at Madison Square CRC as a Worship Leader, before entering full-time ministry in 2001 at ResLife Church as a Worship Pastor. Talk through what you feel God wants to do that weekend. We are all bringing different things to the table - so don't compare yourself to others and think you're not 'good enough'.

support and endorse the vision of Senior Leadership and Creative Pastor. Authority comes from your spirit (from God), but additional to that, if you dress nicely you are respecting the platform and our church, which encourages them to respect you too. Ken was born on May 13th, 1966 in Amarillo, Texas to Ben and Barbara Reynolds. Ken spent over ten years working in Sales Services for Steelcase, Inc.

Prepare what you are going to say beforehand so that you can clearly communicate the heart and culture of our church, pastors and God. Communication is not only for your sake, but those around you too. In addition to the distinction of being Billboard's No. Often this looks like a conversation between WL, SL + MD during the week (before rehearsal if there is one) via phone call or text. It was a multicultural congregation that reflected his musical mantra: No boundaries, no walls.God was molding me, sharing that this was my calling.I feel a call to bridge not only racial, but denominational barriers, I realized that, through my background, God was preparing me all along.Ken also said, I want to see people unified, And as the doors open, I want to spread that message throughout the world.Ken was able to see his musical platform expand beyond anything hed envisioned, as his music is performed by groups and churches both nationally and internationally.As Kens ministry expanded into touring, producing, mentoring, and hosting a weekly radio show, he continued to stay grounded as the worship pastor at Resurrection Life Church. 1 on Billboard's Hot AC Chart for 13 weeks straight. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. ", "We were overwhelmed, blown away," he said. Every leader does this slightly different but it's also usually fairly easy to interpret. When you're preparing, it's great to plan out a moment or two where you have something to speak in to it. If you're not sure how to say what you have imagined - just chat with the MD. Estevez said she felt honored when she learned about Switch's year-end honor. Both Estevez and Murrell said "Symphony" seems to have resonated with numerous people from the moment it was released. Also great to talk through the run sheet in case there is anything out of the ordinary. "It's been a while since the song ("Symphony") was No. He leaves behind, to cherish his memory, his loving wife of almost 30 years, Andrea; son, Kenton, and daughter, Alyssa; parents, Ben and Barbara Reynolds and parents-in-love, Charles and Endia Weekley; sister, Beverly Shannon, and brother, Troy Reynolds; and nieces, Brooke and Camille Shannon, Tyana, and Julia Reynolds. All Rights Reserved. Billboard's year-end charts are based on chart performance, streaming, social media and Billboard Boxscore data from Nov. 24, 2018, to Nov. 16, 2019. All of you going to the wrong place together is better than all of you going to different places - so back yourself with your call, and remain flexible and attentive. What are the hand signals we use to direct the band? And an encouragement to lift your hands never goes amiss. ", "I think what it is is that everyone is walking through something," she said.