O. P. Roberts married Anna Lee 11 July 1909. This book received mixed reviews at the time but did win support from former President Harry S. Truman who wrote to Morrison indicating he believed that Brushy was Billy the Kid and lamenting that he died before being able to go in front of the next governor, where he may have gotten a more favorable result. As he walked down the street, Brushy suffered a heart attack. Or did he gun down an innocent man and let Billy get away? Brushy Bill Roberts didn't have any immediate family that was living at the time he came forward as Billy the Kid other than his wife, Melinda Allison Roberts, and she believed he was Billy the Kid. It is possible that she had been originally buried in an unmarked grave with the headstone placed by guesswork later. Edwards finds a trail of aliases and notable wild west characters that appear and disappear from history at precisely the times and places that Brushy Bill Roberts claims to have been, and doing the things that he claimed to do. Morrison also attempted to track down former Evans Gang member Jim McDaniels, locating him in Round Rock, Texas. Scanned photographs of Billy and Roberts, along with those of 150 other people, were fed into a computer utilising a "similarity index" to match 25 facial "landmarks". The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), Brushy Bill Roberts Brushy Bill Roberts, probablement n le 31 dcembre 1859 et mort le 27 dcembre 1950, de son vrai nom Ollie P. Roberts ou Ollie L. Roberts, a attir l attention en prtendant tre Billy the Kid. He was fearless and professional, and always treated the Kid well, even in captivity. Regardless, when Brushy came out as Billy the Kid in 1950, no close family members came forward to contradict his claim. After Oliver P. Roberts died, Brushy Bill had assumed his identity. Therefore, Oliver's birth date would have no bearing whatsoever on Brushy Bill's claims. Billy's headstone had been washed away and his grave remained unmarked for 28 years. [3][4] Allegedly, Brushy Bill Roberts never confirmed or denied his claim to be Billy the Kid until a few years before his own death. : 41 other people more closely resembled the tintype than Roberts). Al Mouna est aussi un centre de dialogue interreligieux, un lieu de formation en langues et un lieu de promotion du bilinguisme. " In 1990, a study utilizing photo comparison equipment in the Advanced Graphic Laboratory in the University of Texas was conducted by image-experts Scott Acton and Alan Bovik. His sudden appearance and request for a pardon had a profound effect on Garrett's descendents. Shortly thereafter, Governor Mabry made an announcement that he was not going to pardon Brushy, because he did not believe him to be Billy the Kid. Brushy Bill's story is promoted by the "Billy the Kid Museum" in his hometown of Hico in Hamilton County, Texas. It was noted that the accuracy of facial comparisons are dependant on the position of the face in the photographs being the same. Photographs of Brushy Bill Roberts at age fourteen seemed to resemble the well known Dedrick-Upham tintype of Billy The Kid. His sudden appearance and request for a pardon had a profound effect on Garrett's descendents: Did their ancestor, in the line of duty, kill a notorious outlaw? Oliver P. Roberts' niece, Geneva Pittmon, was able to show that her uncle's (Oliver P., not Oliver L.) date of birth had been recorded in the Family Bible. In the downtown is a marker devoted to Brushy Bill: "Ollie L. 'Brushy Bill' Roberts, alias Billy the Kid, died in Hico, Texas, December 27, 1950. Roberts' claim has been rejected by almost all historians (and even his own niece), but there is circumstantial evidence suggesting his claim may have had some substance. Badly frightened, Brushy apparently suffered a mild stroke, and when the questioning began, he failed miserably. Ollie P. Roberts or Ollie L. Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to be the infamous western outlaw Billy the Kid. Brushy and his story were largely forgotten until the movie Young Guns II depicted him as the narrator of events surrounding the life and times of Billy The Kid and the Lincoln County War. document.getElementById('cloak77559').innerHTML = '';

No. On December 27, 1950, when his wife said she needed to mail a package, Brushy said he would walk it down to the post office. Ollie Partridge William Roberts, Ollie P. Roberts or Ollie L. Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to be the western outlaw William H. Bonney, a.k.a. To many in the small town of Hico, TX, Brushy Bill Roberts was simply a local frontier character. Former la prvention et la rsolution des conflits. document.getElementById('cloak77559').innerHTML += '' +addy77559+'<\/a>'; 1949, Hamilton Co, TX. Brushy Bill said he was in Mexico ranching from about 1907 until 1914, but Brushy Bill also said he married Mollie Brown in Van Zandt County, Texas, in 1912. In 1948, a paralegal named William Morrison located an elderly man named Joe Hines, who had requested the lands of his deceased brother. He showed his ability to slip out of handcuffs, and he also reported that Garrett had actually shot and killed another gunslinger named Billy Barlow and had passed his body off as the Kid's, which had allowed the Kid to vanish and escape to Mexico. Photographs of Brushy Bill Roberts at age fourteen seemed to resemble the well known Dedrick-Upham tintype of Billy The Kid. Ollie, aka "Brushy Bill", would come to her house in Jacksonville, Texas, wearing his boots and cowboy hat, and he would tell everyone that he had a secret, that he was Billy the Kid, but they had not believed him. Ollie L. Snow indicated that if the two were the same person, then Roberts should have ranked at least 2nd. The Fort Sumner Cemetery where Billy the Kid was buried was washed out by the Great Pecos River Flood in 1904. A photograph of Brushy Bill at age 90 was a 93% match. In 1996 the results of the study were presented to Andre McNiel, chancery judge of the 12th judicial district, and a prominent Arkansas attorney Helen Grinder, who stated that based on the study and other evidence the case for Roberts being Billy the Kid was "strong and substantial". Brushy Bill Roberts (Ollie L. Roberts) was Oliver Pleasant Roberts, who claimed to be Billy the Kid. Because Billy the Kid was 21 at the historic time of his death in 1881, if either of the later two birthdates for Roberts are true, then it would be impossible for him to have been the Kid. When he went to return the man's belongings to his mother, she took him for her son and he claims he went along with the deception and kept the identity. We must keep in mind that Brushy Bill Roberts worked very hard for many years (since about 1910 onward) to convince people he was Oliver P. Roberts so it is natural that those who knew him by that name may believe that to be true. [1][2] His story was further promoted by the 1990 film Young Guns II. However, the problem with her statement regarding the unknown birth date of Oliver L. Roberts is that Brushy Bill claimed that Oliver P. had been his distant cousin, and after Oliver P. died, he had assumed his deceased cousin's identity. He fell to the ground and died shortly afterwards. It is worthy of note that if Brushy Bill had been born in 1859, he would have been ninety at the time of his death from a massive heart attack in Hico, Texas. Morrison immediately telephoned Mabry, who apologized for making the announcement, but reassured him that the meeting would still be kept private. Cette adresse e-mail est protge contre les robots spammeurs. While this theory suggests that Brushy Bill Roberts was not Billy the Kid, it does not constitute proof that he and Oliver Roberts are the same person. Oliver Roberts buried Louticia Ballard Isaac in the Starr Cemetery in June. Thomas J. Mabry 29 November, 1950 Ollie Roberts died 27 December 1950 in Hico, Hamilton County, Texas. William Henry McCarty, Jr., better known as William H. Bonney, Billy the Kid and William Antrim, was born around 1859. Brushy Bill claimed to have been born William Henry Roberts in Buffalo Gap, Texas, near Abilene, on December 31, 1859. Brushy had been living under the alias of Ollie L. Roberts, and from the time Geneva Pittmon was a little girl, she was told that Brushy Bill was her uncle Ollie. You can now display menu or modules in Off-Canvas sidebar. Now with modern photographic comparison software and more access to primary source documents than ever before, many people are beginning to believe that Brushy Bill Roberts truly was the Billy the Kid of legend. Roberts claimed that he had survived that historic day in 1881 when Pat Garrett had shot and killed the Kid. The initiative hit snags from the beginning. Scanned photographs of Billy and Roberts, along with those of 150 other people, were fed into a computer utilising a "similarity index" to match 25 facial "landmarks". That show also raised the possibility that history could be wrong. At the time of his death, Brushy Bill lived on West 2nd Street in Hico. 1949, Meramec Caverns, Missouri. Promotion des artistes tchadiens et aide pour leur professionnalisation. He completely forgot basic information about himself and, when asked a question regarding the past of Billy the Kid, he couldn't remember Pat Garrett's name. //