of the vote and the FSN, 10%. You can be part of the solution.

Romanian magistrates associations have been vocal in advocating for the immediate dismantling of the new body.

The opposition PNL placed second with 30 and 69 seats; smaller parties and ethnic minority representatives divided the remainder. Prime Minister Dncil, in office from January 2018 to November 2019, led a government characterized by high volatility. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. which were won by the PDSR. The National Liberal Party is the youngest ancient Romanian party ancient by tradition and history (it was established in May 24, 1875) and young by vision and pragmatism, according to the partys logo. Romania has a democratic multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which a political party does not often have the chance of gaining parliamentary majority alone, and, thus, parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. See all data, scores & information on this country or territory. represented with 1 seat each in the Chamber of Deputies. of Deputies and 37 in the Senate; the Democratic Party took 31 and 13

Still, the Liberal Party remains sidelined in the Romanian political spotlight, despite all its efforts to form an opposition with the other parties that are not governing. The controversy around the new special prosecution unit focusing on magistrates continued in 2019, with magistrates associations and supranational bodies raising concerns that the transfer of cases to the new body could allow avenues for the intimidation of magistrates and other abuses.

These seats are added to the number of seats put up for election. Are the peoples political choices free from domination by forces that are external to the political sphere, or by political forces that employ extrapolitical means?

of Civic Alliance, the Party of Civic Alliance, Liberal Party

The most recent vote of no confidence in October 2019 was successful, and the leader of the PNL was tasked by the president with forming a new government.

Romania. Obsesia unanimitii primii pai" ("The Elections of March 1948: an Epilogue to Alternative Electoral Lists. All rights reserved. Human trafficking for the purpose of forced labor and prostitution remains a serious problem in Romania. Bureaucratic barriers, corruption, and broader weaknesses in the rule of law hamper private business activity. It briefly participated in government from 1993 to 1995. A new online platform allowing users to track government policies and bills has been running since March 2019. However, clientelism in local politics remains a problem.

Economic opportunity varies widely between urban and rural areas, and such disparities limit social mobility for some. For example, in his magazine, Tricolorul, there is a permanent column called simply Unguri (Hungarians), in which he criticises alleged anti-Romanian conspiracies among the ethnic Hungarian party.

A government-backed referendum meant to define marriage in the constitution as a union between a man and a woman failed in October 2018 due to low turnout. The constitution guarantees women equal rights, but gender discrimination remains a problem in many aspects of life.

Members of the bicameral Parliament, consisting of a 136-seat Senate and a 330-seat Chamber of Deputies, are elected to four-year terms in a closed party-list proportional system.

For instance, in March 2019 the former minister of justice threatened two journalists with the withdrawal of their media credentials. The Center for Independent Journalism, an NGO, qualified the ministers declaration as a limitation to media freedom.

the Humanist Party of Romania, formed the Democratic Social Pole of A minority PNL government led by Ludovic Orban took office in November 2019, after the previous government lost a no-confidence vote. After the Revolution, the party was re-established and obtained 39 parliamentary seats.

Romanias constitution guarantees freedom of assembly, and numerous peaceful public demonstrations were held during 2019, including demonstrations marking one year since the police crackdown on a large protest against government corruption that took place in August 2018.

Major political parties can be roughly grouped into three main "families", more specifically liberal, social democratic, or conservative. In addition, many polling stations organized for Romanians abroad were overcrowded and some closed promptly at 9pm, with both factors preventing large numbers of people waiting in line from voting.

As recently as September 2021, the PNL's leader -- and still prime minister until a new government is formed -- Citu said he would "never" negotiate a coalition with the PSD. NDI's work upholds the idea that democracy is a human right a principle enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The law provides basic protections against exploitative working conditions, though they are unevenly enforced, particularly in the large informal economy.

Watchdogs have also expressed concern over the increasing presence of disinformation and propaganda in the media, which could allow powerful interests to improperly influence public views. Politicians frequently spar with journalists on social media, with some instances constituting improper pressure. Several mechanisms implemented in recent years were designed to improve transparency. Besides the parties represented in the Romanian Parliament, the following parties only have representation in the European Parliament: The following are political parties which ran by themselves at the 2020 local elections and won elected representation at local and county level (does not include seats won on alliance tickets):[20]. The criminal investigation into an August 2018 crackdown on anticorruption protesters has been slow and so far inconclusive. Romania (PSDR), while a pro-Iliescu wing became the Democratic National There are legal constraints on the ability of unions to participate in political activity. He obtained the best results ever at the latest presidential elections: 22% of valid votes.

and 65 of 143 seats in the Senate. Women and children from the Roma minority are especially vulnerable to forced begging. The PNL faces deep opposition from its own ranks, with former prime minister and former president of the party, Ludovic Orban -- an arch-rival of both Citu and Iohannis -- threatening to break away and form a rival party.

Liberals had been governing for quite long periods of time between 1867 and 1937, with small interruptions, and 30 out of 87 Romanian cabinets were led by liberal prime ministers. ("1946-1948.

The PRM took 84 seats in the Chamber Article 40 of the Constitution of Romania states that citizens can freely associate into political parties, with the exception of judges, military, and police personnel as well as other civil servants which are apolitical by law. This content is not available in your region, Romania's two biggest parties will begin talks to end political crisis.

Once the most vocal opposition party, the Liberal-Democratic Party has become the largest governing party, with most representatives in the Romanian Parliament.

In a statement, USR leader Ciolos said he was "revolted" with the decision.

NDI continues to support Romania's political parties in their endeavors to promote women and youth leadership and minority inclusion. Specific initiatives include stemming violence against women in politics through NDI's #NotTheCost global campaign, opening doors for Roma and other minority groups to become members and leaders of mainstream political parties, and fostering cross-party dialogue on needed integrity reforms within the parties themselves. After he was named President, Traian Basescu retired from the party leadership and put the current Prime Minster Emil Boc in his place, a nomination only on paper, analysts claimed. He is known for his strongly nationalist and xenophobic views, along with his party. After the coup against Ceausescu, some 80 political parties He won the elections wishing everybody to Live Well!, a saying which is now blasphemed by the people due to the measures taken over the financial crisis. And, the High Court of Cassation and Justice in May upheld the three-and-a-half year prison sentence that had been handed down in 2018 to Liviu Dragnea, former head of the PSD and speaker of the lower chamber of the Romanian parliament, for offenses committed while he was president of the Teleorman County Council. However, former PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, who served as speaker of the lower house but could not become prime minister due to a criminal conviction, was accused of exerting undue influence over the government until May 2019, when he was ordered to begin serving three and a half years in prison for abuse of power; he had been sentenced in 2018 but appealed.

National Assembly.

Roma, who make up over 3 percent of the population, are underrepresented in politics. Expert opinions from the Venice Commission and GRECO in 2018 were critical of the new unit, citing many irregularities and the potential for abuse of power. There are also small Most of the Romanians, especially those with extremist and anti-minority views, are against the measures proposed by the UDMRs members.

A man holds a t-shirt with a picture showing Romania's president Klaus iohannis at the ruling Liberal Party congress. The Institute has made use of the expertise within the UScivil rights community in its support to Roma political leaders and civic activists. Several voices from within the party and the Hungarian community have criticised it for being too moderate, and making too many compromises in political treaties with other Romanian parties.

After a shocking murder case in July 2019in which police took 19 hours to respond after receiving calls from a kidnapped teenager, who was later found deadhuman trafficking resurfaced as an area of public concern, considered improperly addressed by law enforcement authorities.

"They may hope that their government will last seven years - but it may only last seven months," he said.

Parallels are often drawn with the situation in France two years later, when far right National Front Party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen similarly drew the second-largest number of votes and was elevated, but defeated, in the presidential run-off against Jacques Chirac. Under the 2015 electoral law, the number of signatures needed to create a new party decreased dramatically, leading to the registration of many new parties. The latest government reshuffle of the Dncil government took place in August 2019 when ALDE, the junior coalition partner, decided to leave both the government and the coalition. Does due process prevail in civil and criminal matters? Does the government operate with openness and transparency?

The main party renamed itself the Party of Social Democracy in Is there freedom for nongovernmental organizations, particularly those that are engaged in human rights and governance-related work? During his governance, the introduction of political, social and economic reforms were started, as well as the NATO accession and the final parley phase for EU accession. Adina Florea, who was nominated in 2018 by the then minister of justice to replace Kvesi as head of the DNA but was rejected for that position, was the front runner to be chief prosecutor of the new special unit for cases against magistrates. The main argument for preserving the current structure is that if it splits into smaller fractions of different ideological orientations, it would be impossible for the Hungarian community to obtain more seats in the Parliament. '93, and the Social Democratic Party. The Even if it is formed, he said, there was no guarantee that the PSD-PNL "grand coalition" would last. According to its status, it aims to provide and assure a political and social climate, favourable to the development of human personality, creativity and progress. This period saw the proliferation of numerous extremist parties inspired by fascism, socialism and Communism. The party leadership was then taken by Traian Basescu, now President of Romania, considered to be the most popular and trustworthy personality of the party, at that time.

parties as the National Peasant Party Christian Democratic, the Movement

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But it's a human right that many around the world still struggle to attain.

[3] To counter this perception, the two largest parties as of 2015 (namely the Social Democrats and the National Liberals) have allegedly initiated a series of internal reforms to strengthen their integrity criteria and impose disciplinary sanctions on party members investigated or convicted on corruption charges.[4][5][6]. Nevertheless, in 2019 the DNA continued to carry out investigations, including against members of parliament. International election monitors assessed the 2016 polls positively, and stakeholders accepted the results.

Kvesi was appointed by the European Council in October to head its newly created European Public Prosecutors Office. The country has established a record of peaceful transfers of power between rival parties, and no single force has been able to control both the executive and legislative branches since 2012. The news has angered the opposition, particularly the USR, whose coalition with the PNL broke down after Citu unceremoniously fired the USR Justice Minister Stelian Ion.

Since January 2019, the DNA has been led by an acting chief prosecutor, Clin Nistor. The PDSR merged with the Romanian Social Similarly, after the highly politicized retirement of general prosecutor Augustin Lazr in April 2019, the general prosecutors office has also been under interim leadership.

again became president.

However, people with disabilities, LGBT+ people, Roma, and HIV-positive children and adults face discrimination in education, employment, medical service provision, and other areas. Founded under the name People's League (Liga Poporului); active 19181929, Created from the merger of the parties forming the, An organization created as an outlet of the, National Salvation FrontSocial Democratic, Aliana Liberalilor i Democrailor (ALDE), Absorbed into National Liberal Party (PNL);active 2015-2022, National Union for the Progress of Romania, Uniunea Nationala pentru Progresul Romaniei, Partidul Social Democrat al Muncitorilor (PSDM), Ion Constantinescu, "Dr. N. Lupu: Dac i d-ta ai fi fost btut" ("Dr. N. Lupu: If You Yourself Had Been Beaten"), in Magazin Istoric, August 1971. The judiciary is generally independent, but it faces increasing pressure from the executive and legislative branches. While personal social freedoms are generally protected, domestic violence remains a serious problem, and laws meant to combat it are poorly enforced. These changes led to a much smoother voting processes in the presidential election, with no complaints regarding denial of the right to vote. A minority PNL government led by Ludovic Orban took office in November 2019.

Nevertheless, many human rights and governance groups suffer from funding shortages and often face hostility and smears from politicians and other actors. It formed a governing coalition with the Liberal-Democrat Alliance (ALDE), which took 9 and 20 seats in the Senate and lower house, respectively. Unanimity Obsession The First Steps Taken"), in, This page was last edited on 15 July 2022, at 15:18. Was the current head of government or other chief national authority elected through free and fair elections? The PSD led the 2016 parliamentary elections with 67 Senate seats and 154 seats in the lower house. NDI's programs in Romania have been supported by the National Endowment for Democracy and the Royal Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Klaus Iohannis, a centrist who had belonged to the PNL, won a second five-year term as President of Romania in November 2019, defeating Viorica Dncil of the PSD, 66.09 percent to 33.91 percent, in a runoff vote.

Salvation Front (NSF), which took two-thirds of the seats in the The Hungarian minority organization, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR/RMDSZ) has always passed the 5% threshold for both houses of the Romanian Parliament, and has been treated as a regular political party (and acting like one as well). "), "Leftist parties in Romania" at broadleft.org. Democratic Party (PSDR) to form the Social Democratic Party, and with

Elected officials are generally able to craft and implement government policy without outside interference. The political crisis comes as Romania faces a resurgent COVID-19 crisis with just 30% of its people vaccinated, well below the European average of 75%. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service.

However, the Greater Romania Party (PRM)

Afghanistan Human Rights Coordination Mechanism, Emergency Assistance and Thematic Programs. Despite superficial political differences, all Workers have the right to form unions and a limited right to strike and bargain collectively, though laws against the violation of these rights are not well enforced.

No similar incidents were recorded in 2019. Is there academic freedom, and is the educational system free from extensive political indoctrination? Multiple new parties were formed during 2018, two of which managed to send representatives to the European Parliament after elections in May 2019: PRO Romnia and the Liberty, Unity, and Solidarity Party (PLUS). Romania has a constitutionally defined system of separation of institutional powers, a competitive multiparty system, a robust civil society, and a legal framework for minority rights protection and political enfranchisement. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. [55], * Average 2020 result for the two chambers given between parentheses, Parties only represented in the European Parliament, Parties with elected representation at local and county level, Frunz, p.299; Niculae et al., p.16, 45; Videnie, p.46, Frunz, p.118-119, 299; Niculae et al., p.16; Videnie, p.46, Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party, Community of the Lipovan Russians in Romania, Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs in Romania, Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars of Romania, Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania, New Generation Party Christian Democratic, Romanian Social-Democratic Workers' Party, Kingdom of Romania The Interbellum (inter-war) years, National Union for Work and Reconstruction, National Italo-Romanian Cultural and Economic Movement, National Socialist German Workers' Party of the German ethnic group in Romania, Social Democratic Party of Transylvania and Banat / Socialist Party of Transylvania and Banat, Social Democratic Party of Transylvania and Banat, Romanian Social Democratic Party of Bukovina, Socialist Workers Party / Independent Socialist Party, National Union for the Progress of Romania, National Liberal Party-Democratic Convention, "The Ideological Institutionalization of the Romanian Party System", "The Extreme Right in Contemporary Romania", "Crete ncrederea n Preedinie i Armata, scade n Biserica i presa - sondaj INSCOP", "PSD i PNL se ntrec n demonstraii de reform intern, s-i exclud pe membrii corupi", "Modificare statut PSD: Membrii condamnai n prim instan pentru corupie, suspendai din partid", "PNL a definitivat modificrile la Statut, n privina criteriilor de integritate", "Partidul Pirat din Romnia schimb legea partidelor politice la CCR: nu mai e nevoie de minimum 25.000 de membri fondatori", "Camera Deputailor a adoptat trei legi electorale: legea finanarii partidelor reexaminata, legea partidelor politice i legea alegerilor locale", "Leader of Romanian anti-corruption party resigns", "New progressive party gives Romanian centrists a chance in election", "Cine este AUR, partidul venit de nicieri care ar putea intra n Parlament. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operate without major formal restrictions. made a strong showing in both houses of parliament, and its candidate Do laws, policies, and practices guarantee equal treatment of various segments of the population? [2], Party switching (Romanian: traseism politic) remains a very concerning and significant issue, however, as does widespread corruption, leading to an overall low level of public trust in political parties (12% in December 2014). As an ethnic minority, above all, UDMR concerns itself with Hungarian rights, including cultural and territorial autonomy on an ethnic basis. In the past, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) won international praise for fairly investigating corruption cases across the political spectrum and frequently securing convictions of powerful figures. The population faces no major threats to physical security, but prisons and detention centers feature harsh conditions, and the abuse of detainees by police and fellow prisoners remains a problem. The Democratic Union of Hungarians is the main political organisation representing the ethnic Hungarians of Romania.

Deputies; the PSDR held 41 and 91, respectively; the Social Democratic

For example, a software system managed by the National Integrity Agency now contains well over seven and a half million asset and interest declarations.

Ioan Scurtu, Theodora Stnescu-Stanciu, Georgiana Margareta Scurtu, Social Democratic Workers' Party of Romania, Federation of Socialist Parties from Romania, National Democratic Hungarian-Szekler Party, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_political_parties_in_Romania&oldid=1098380855, Articles containing Romanian-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Hungarian-language text, Articles with Romanian-language sources (ro), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, ADER party for democracy, education and reconstruction, Right-wing nationalist party; active 19101938, Active 19101916, groups active illegally 19161918; Transformed into the, Active 18931899; most of its leadership joined the, Right-wing nationalist party, active 19101938, Generally backing the party in government, it became strongly influenced by, The usual name of the group founded as the, A far right proto-fascist party, merged into.

Salvation Front, and an anti-Iliescu wing, headed by ex-Prime Minister

While the Romanian Orthodox Church remains dominant and politically powerful, the government formally recognizes 18 religions, each of which is eligible for proportional state support.

Religious freedom is generally respected. However, in July 2018, after a protracted effort, the government secured the dismissal of DNA chief Laura Codrua Kvesi in what was seen as a blow to the directorates independence. Same-sex marriages are not permitted under Romanian law, but in July 2018 the Constitutional Court recognized the residency rights of same-sex couples married elsewhere provided that one member of the couple is a European Union citizen. The June 2019 report from the Council of Europes Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) criticized Romania for failing to establish adequate measures to address corruption among members of parliament and magistrates, as well as for controversial attempts to enact legislation pertaining to the justice system that would have the effect of undermining anticorruption efforts. Romania's two biggest political parties will begin talks to form a controversial coalition government to end the political stalemate that follows the ousting of Prime Minister Florin Citu on October 5.

Legislation to combat money laundering approved in 2018 that had initially imposed onerous reporting obligations on NGOs was modified in June 2019, when it was formally adopted by parliament, to exclude NGOs from the list of entities envisaged by the law. and Emil Constatinescu became president. Roma activists have worked with NDI to use the political process at national and local levels to elect Roma to government bodies making decisions on public policy and resources, formulate and steer the public policy agenda as concerns equal access for citizens who are Roma, and build new political and civic platforms for Roma to engage in elections, community organizing, and legislative advocacy. dominant party in the 1990 elections, however, proved to be the National

Discrimination against minorities and other vulnerable groups is a long-standing problem, as is control of key media outlets by businessmen with political interests.

Socialist Labor Party. None of the major political parties are led by a woman. An Argetoianu Government Is Under Preparation! "After 2017, both the party and President Iohannis were very critical of the PSD [].

To advance its goals, the union participated in or supported all Romanias governments from 1996 onwards, regardless of their political colour and it has been represented in both houses of the Romanian Parliament since its formation.

This article lists political parties in Romania. However, critics have argued that signature thresholds to register candidates for local and parliamentary elections still place new and smaller parties at a disadvantage. The latter were effectively banned in 1924 by the so-called Mrzescu law.

Nevertheless, in February 2015, the unregistered Pirate Party of Romania (Romanian: Partidul Pirat din Romnia) filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court, arguing that the list requirement is a violation of the constitutional provisions on freedom of association.

The EP elections were held concurrently with a referendum called by the president of Romania comprising two questions regarding judicial reform.

the ruling party with 53 seats in the Senate and 122 in the Chamber of The legal framework generally provides for fair and competitive elections. Party, 8 and 19; and National Union Party, 7 and 18. Social discrimination against LGBT+ people discourages political advocacy for their rights.

They cited threats to the rule of law, as well as politicization of government bodies and bad governance. The discussions are expected to take some weeks. The electoral legislation now provides for polling stations in the diaspora to be open for three days, rather than one, and allows voters to cast ballots (in Romania and abroad) after 9 pm if they had waited in line and were unable to vote before the closing time. [23] A succession of coups drastically altered the political landscape as Romania went through a single-party dictatorship under the National Renaissance Front (19381940), then a military dictatorship without political parties (19401944), then briefly returning to multiparty democracy before finally becoming a people's republic (19441947). Greater Romania Party, and the Communists have been reborn as the

Global freedom statuses are calculated on a weighted scale. The government generally does not restrict academic freedom, but the education system is weakened by widespread corruption and politically influenced appointments and financing. But the dominant figure of the party is still Ion Iliescu, the Honorary President of PSD and the first Romanian President after the Revolution.

Romanias constitution grants one lower-house seat to each national minority whose representative party or organization fails to win any seats under the normal rules, and 17 such seats were allotted to minority representatives following the 2016 elections. In August 2018 the president signed a law that imposes fines for sexual and psychological harassment in public and private spaces.