endstream endobj startxref Despus de ver el video, haga clic en el botn Continuar que aparecer en la pantalla para marcar el Tema como completo y continuar en la Leccin. On Cranes Inspect in position every week. Puede hacer clic en una Leccin para ir a ella y ver el Tema y la Prueba asociada. Este progreso se guarda en su cuenta de Crosby, puede abandonar el curso en cualquier momento y reanudarlo ms tarde. Here as you can see the hub diameter is 3 and of an inch, Stand the sheave on its end and then measure the rim width, You can do this by puytting the tape measure through the shaft, Here you can see the hub width is one and of an inch, The last measurement you will need is the rope diameter, If you dont have this on hand you will need to measure the groove of the sheave, for this you will need a sheave gauge, Take your sheave gauge, place it into the groove. Still cant find the details you need? 0000128994 00000 n gauge wire rope fastenal plastic diameter compliance 2801 Dawson Rd., Tulsa, OK 74110. 0000021999 00000 n Si obtiene una puntuacin inferior al 100% en el cuestionario, deber volver a tomarla hasta que obtenga una puntuacin del 100% para completar la leccin. Durante la prueba, puede hacer clic en el botn Revisar pregunta para marcar la pregunta en amarillo como un recordatorio visual para volver a visitar la pregunta antes de enviar las respuestas de la prueba. 0000001960 00000 n of the rope. Si el tema contiene un video, puede verlo, pausarlo, reanudarlo o volver a verlo tantas veces como lo necesite para dominar el contenido. 252 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.5 % Alternativamente, tambin puede hacer clic en un Tema debajo de la Leccin para ir directamente a un Tema. Send us an email to[emailprotected], complete ourgeneral inquiry form, or call us at (800)-321-5667 with any question you have. 0000090503 00000 n Si obtuvo un puntaje del 100% en el cuestionario, buen trabajo! 0000008433 00000 n Check the ship rollers and guides to avoid damage to the outer strands eSheaves Pulleys and Sheaves Product Catalog, How to Measure a Wire Rope QSheave Transcript [ENG], QSheaves Revolutionizing the Wire Rope Sheave Industry Transcript [ENG]. See all the products that fit your search. The radius of bend has considerable effect on the fatigue life of wire rope and the following can be used as comparison of relative fatigue life as influenced by sheave diameter: The Shipbuilding & Ship-repairing Regulations 1990, The Construction (Lifting Operation) Regulations 1963. The depth of groove should be selected so that the rope does not rub against the flange of the sheave or each other while entering running or leaving the groove.

0000026105 00000 n 0000007618 00000 n Slings After proof loading and every 6 months. 0000111277 00000 n Our team of engineers is standing by to help you. 354 0 obj <> endobj You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by, McKissick Domed Reinforced Roll-Forged Sheaves >, Product Warning & Application Instructions, McKissick Domed Reinforced Roll-Forged Sheaves, McKissick Standard API-8C Oilfield Sheaves, Lifting Points (Hoist Rings/Eye Bolts/Quic-Align), Learn more about Crosbys Privacy statement, Si es necesario, encontrar en la parte superior una breve descripcin, Una lista de temas con indicadores mostrando que complet la leccin. Click on any item below to download the available resources. Included below is our collection of catalogs, flyers, brochures, and other media to ensure our customers have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their pulley or sheave system. 0000006358 00000 n 0000003470 00000 n hVmo6+aH&R2PKSg]6-&K$)%r ;=wzLRF0" !#"%`S$'G)H6Dd@ &!ZH%)`(@R"8*+P(5(!B"Dj! Cuando est seguro de haber revisado y respondido la pregunta de la mejor forma que pueda, debe hacer clic en Revisar pregunta nuevamente para eliminar el color amarillo del botn de pregunta. ]QB#ar=v]tkIr t>. Also applicable to Plate Clamps and Eyebolts. 0000003696 00000 n 0000008834 00000 n 0 Dont see what you need? After proof testing and every 12 months. Complete our online Quote Request and our engineers will review and respond with a formal quotation. When not in regular use examine only when necessary. 0000015762 00000 n After proof testing and every 6 months. ;$f@'F>GSG{seFK880 3 $L"qGmX0Sqq~jA|,exN+1! h "(1N 6A$ ( &'z^mOx2:0j ;080f\u18 b- |@:H w6A $ Si desea volver a tomar la Prueba de inmediato, el botn Continuar en la pantalla de resumen de puntaje de la Prueba lo llevar al comienzo de la Prueba. Blocks and Sheaves: Please ensure that all the grooves of the sheaves Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. 0000090867 00000 n 414 0 obj <>stream Una lista de los cuestionarios con indicadores mostrando como complet la leccin. 0000054437 00000 n 0000003036 00000 n 0000119442 00000 n Simply complete a request for quotation, and we will provide a price and delivery. b*KszS#9'#?. Dr. = Rope Diameter S = Seale W = Warrington. 0000157510 00000 n %%EOF En la pgina del curso, se enumeran todas las lecciones junto con una indicacin de su progreso. Also inspected before use or in preceding 3 months. Additional modifications are available upon request to meet your requirements. Every 3 months. ~r4]sLvr3XrM;ks;apxIL_0Nxun;odHR))9PF;Pw*6 @3/K. After broken wire appear, every month. for Slings, Cranes, Winches. 0000090745 00000 n Inspect in position every week. 129 0 obj <> endobj xref 129 48 0000000016 00000 n After broken wires appear, every month. 0000006443 00000 n 0000093116 00000 n 0000002626 00000 n 0000002074 00000 n Save hours worth of engineering and take advantage of our extensive knowledge, experience and resources. View our several videos about wire rope QSheaves. 0000004946 00000 n Copyright 2022 Loos & Co, Inc. All rights Reserved. Thousands of items are in stock and ready to ship. Do not jerk load the rope while lowering the crane blocks. 0000011483 00000 n Search by product type, material, part number, or other attrubite and find your sheaves today. 0000142713 00000 n Wire Rope Non-Rotating Type 18x7 & 17x7 Const. endstream endobj 355 0 obj <>/Metadata 41 0 R/Outlines 67 0 R/PageLabels 350 0 R/Pages 352 0 R/StructTreeRoot 72 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 356 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 594.0 774.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 357 0 obj <>stream 0000095219 00000 n 0000160293 00000 n trailer <<7C8B1F32F260439FB66C8A3A9C1C54F7>]/Prev 892898>> startxref 0 %%EOF 176 0 obj <>stream Wire Rope Non-Rotating Type 34x7 & 36x7 Const. Read our Technical Papers to understand how our products are produced and why we feel we offer the best performing solutions for the Wire Rope Sheave and pulley industry. When not in regular use, examine only when necessary. Talk to our experienced engineers today. 0000100180 00000 n 0000167410 00000 n

Puede navegar a la Leccin anterior o la siguiente utilizando los enlaces de navegacin en la parte inferior de la pgina. 0000137585 00000 n Make sure it doesnt ride too high, Also make sure there isnt too much wiggle room, So for this sheave, the rope diameter would be 3/8 of an inch, Next time you need a replacement sheave it will help to already have these measurements on hand, 6 of them total, Check us out at esheaves.com we look forward to helping you out in the future. The repeated bending and straightening of the wire rope causes a cyclic change of stress known as "fatiguing". the normal working of wire ropes. Dragging of material should be avoided as it may cause damage to the internal core of ropes. Stainless Steel & PVC Coated Aircraft Cable, Replace Wire Ropes Based on Number of Broken Wires, Proof & Breaking Loads of Studlink Anchor Chain Cable, Approx. 0000003582 00000 n %%EOF Also applicable to Plate Clamps and Eyebolts. No se preocupe, el test no est medido en tiempo, as que reljese y concntrese en las preguntas y lo har genial. Hello Im Stew Walton founder and presidents sheaves inc. En ese caso, el botn Continuar lo llevar a la prxima Leccin del curso.

Thats the inside dimensions of the shaft, In this case the shaft size is 1 and of an inch, Next you will need to measure the hub diameter. Sin embargo, debe ver el video completo para completar el tema. Una vez que se haya completado un tema, ver un crculo verde junto a Progreso del tema en la parte superior de la pgina. Steel Wire Rope 6x36 Const. 0000054691 00000 n Save hours worth of engineering and take advantage of our extensive knowledge, experience and resources. In this video youre going to learn about a way to cut the time it takes sell sheaves by 50% and expand your sheaves offering by at least one hundred percent, All without spending a single extra dime on staffing, inventory, or labor, Today the wire rope sheave business has one problem that no one wants to talk about and thats been okay because up until now no one could do anything about, So we suffered in silence along with our customers but now its time to break the silence, The problem is availability of sheaves which after a hundred years are still made to order and delivered on a timetable measured in weeks rather then days, Today when everyone is familiar with the speed and efficiency of ordering from Amazon, the distance between customer expectation and customer reality is wider than it has ever been, and that is not a good thing, Oh whats more is in an age where most sheave manufacturers are owned by private equity companies its becoming ever more rare to keep these sheaves in stock, Because these new owners of these companies simply do not want to make the investments in sheaves needed to provide reasonable delivery times, This leads to dead inventory and what I like to call debt inventory because you could keep everything in stock it would cost several hundred thousand dollars just to keep a ready supply of all the variations on it, But thats not the worst of it, if you have a 1000 variations of sheaves available you might sell 200 of them in a given year that leaves 800 variations of sheaves unsold at a carrying cost of whatever your profit margins, And the following year its pretty sure you wont be able to predict which of those remaining 800 parts will sell and so the debt rises and you hope your costs will be covered by the sales of other products, And of course you still need to replace the 200 sheaves you did sell the year before, Now I just said no one wants to talk about the problem because theres never been a solution, well heres the good news, Tonight, this minute you can have immediate access and delivery of a thousand different sheave configurations and at no cost to you, In the rest of this video youre going to learn abut a system for selling sheaves thats so simple and profitable that even a person with minimum training could set up a store, The reason I can tell you this is Ive been in the industrial component industry for 50 years, My engineering background has led to one recent patent on sheave technology with another in the works, My company provides sheaves for drilling equipment, the marine industry, and lifting equipment of all types, We have sheaves in use from the bottom of the ocean to the International Space station, Down in antarctica to above the article circle, all 7 continents around the world, After a dozen years selling wire rope sheaves, I was getting completely frustrated offering three to four week or longer deliveries, The customers really needed sheaves immediately so we decided to do something about it, And in just a moment youll understand why this is about to become such an important story in the industry in an age where online technologies set the expectation for delivery time, What is now possible is not just evolutionary, its revolutionary and if you see what it means to your end customer, how it transforms their relationship to you, youll be able to dominate this exclusive but vitally important niche, But first you need to understand how speed affects the rest of your experience with your customer, So let me warn you in advance, its not pretty, As important as delivery time is to the sale, slowing it down makes the sales process itself even crazier, When the customer calls out they sometimes dont know exactly what theyre looking for, Maybe they dont know what outside diameter is, maybe they dont know how to measure the hub width, At a thousand different combinations of rope size, bearing type, shaft size, hub width, you can see how it could reduce the conversation between the inside sales person and the potential customer too well something like this (clip from whos on first), The normal sales process wastes a lot of time, You have to make sure the customer is ordering what they think they are ordering, Then you have to make some calls to see when the part can be manufactured and delivered and then you have to guess and call the customer back and hope they havent gone somewhere else in the meantime, What you really want is for the customer to ask for what they need and be able to sell a tool on the spot with amazon like speed and delivery, That way the customer no longer cares about shopping on price because they are so happy were able to give them exactly what they want and when they want it, The way you get there is with a process that perfectly matches all the components your customer needs, even if they dont know exactly what it is they need, In fact, your inside sales person doesnt need to know much more than your customer because the system does the hard work for him or for her, The customer calls in and says he wants a sheave to match the ones on all of their existing drill rigs, As an example but it so often happens they arent exactly sure of some of the dimensions like the hub diameter, They arent even sure if the bearing is a roller bearing like this or a roller bearing with an inner race, The first step is just to get the customer to tell you the outside diameter of the sheave and the size of wire rope they need to go for, You get the customer to tell you the bearing type they need, whether its a bronze bushing, roller bearing for hide and shaft or roller bearing with an inner race, Finally the hub width which is the distance along the shaft from one of the bearing to the other, Again, they should have all this information ready, if he doesnt all he needs is a ruler and one extra minute to get these numbers for you with these five simple measurements you can give him the right one of any of a thousand versions of sheaves, This ensures that each sheave fits perfectly inside the frame it was designed for, It completely eliminates having to check with six different providers to make sure they have all the right dimensions before they order, This system is called readyfit and it comes with every sheave you order from Qsheaves, What the system does is it transforms a minimum two call sale into a one call sale, Not only does this increase efficiencies in the sales process it cuts down on last sales from customers who go to your competitor between the time they call you and the time you do your price and delivery check and get back to them, Those days are gone forever using readyfit, The same fanatical attention to detail that led us to create the ready fit system ensures that each completed sheave is finished to a level of detail that is unusual in the industry, Here is a typical sheave from one of the largest manufacturers, Notice the rough finish on the outside of the sheave, Because we manufacture QSheaves out of solid steel we have a smooth finish on the entire surface of the sheave, Customers are always impressed with these memorable details, This makes it easier to identify as a QSheave, And now your customers know what brand to reorder, But our QSheaves are not just a pretty face, Isheaves have been load tested by an accredited third party in every test the rope shatters but the sheave never beaks, Even at 89000 lbs the only effect on this ship was a little scratch paint, But load testing is just the tip of the iceberg, We also put our sheaves through one hundred percent quality control inspection before they leave the factory, And a hundred percent quality control inspection again when we receive them in our warehouse, Testing for the right variables is super important, In the case of sheaves, the two critical dimensions are the ones that prove your sheave will stand the test of time are groove dimensions and the bearing bore, Take it from this engineer as you might have a great attorney but this is still the best way to avoid liability problems, Make sure your sheaves have the highest possible strength and the correct dimensions, Our solid steel sheaves are based on patented technology backed by 50 years of experience and have been battled tested in the harshest real world environments on earth and off earth, But because these sheaves are so special, we want to offer them in a special way, A way that will revolutionize this industry, First of all, you dont need to invest a dime in inventory, We stock everything for you, assemble the sheave into any one of a thousand combinations possible and drop ship directly to your customers in 24 hours or less, This makes the sales process so much faster, Theres no checking with the factory, no fancy pricing, and no need for your sales people to have encyclopedic knowledge of every sheave in the industry, In fact, the sales process itself is so simple that your customers can go online and place orders themselves with no involvement on the part of your sales staff, We are so confident of both our product and delivery time that we make you not one but two guarantees, First, we guarantee shipping to customers doorsteps in three days or less is the sheave is free, Second, in the unlikely event that the sheave doesnt fit, well take it back and give you full credit, QSheaves is something completely unique in the sheave industry, The product is made with fanatic attention to detail, The sales process is the only one we know thats a pure delight to your customers, And its the only one that doesnt require you to make a costly and mostly useless investment in inventory, To sum it up, I am offering you an opportunity to become a leading distributor of 6 to 12 inch wire rope sheaves by selling the only product line offering a thousand configurations and shipping within 24 hours, All without you investing a dime in inventory, Were talking to a good number of distributors but will only be taking on a few right now, We want to make sure these distributors are super successful before we launch industry wide, So heres the bottom line I suppose, if you want to boost your bottom line and do it almost overnight then just click on the button below this video and well get in touch with you in the next 24 hours. In order to take this fact into account in selecting the size sheave to be used with a given diameter wire rope, the following table can be used as a guide: Strength Efficiency Compared to Catalog Strength in %. 0000001256 00000 n 34104-3715, Toll-Free: 800.321.LOOS (5667)Phone:239.643.LOOS (5667)Fax: 239.643.4558Email:[emailprotected]. Every 3 months. 385 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<702F5AF818919040B154ED35FA283025>]/Index[354 62]/Info 353 0 R/Length 141/Prev 377634/Root 355 0 R/Size 416/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 0000003780 00000 n Get a response in 24 hours or less, 901 Industrial Blvd.Naples, FL. 0000004191 00000 n Read our Technical Papers to understand how our products are produced and why we feel we offer the best performing solutions for the Wire Rope Sheave and pulley industry. After proof testing and every 6 months. 0000005409 00000 n 0000005831 00000 n 0000090464 00000 n

Bushings and Bearings to be checked periodically to avoid any ply in Our team of engineers is standing by to help you. Still cant find the detail you need? #L@M? Xp Wire Rope for Shipping Purpose 6x24 Const. Weight of Anchor Chains & Attachments, Procedure Testing and Certification of Cable Chain, Vertical Lifting Clamp (Lock Handle Type), Ordinary Vertical & Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps, Wire Rope Pulley Blocks (Single Sheave Pulley Block), Wire Rope Pulley Block (Double Sheave Pulley Block), Wire Rope Pulley Block (Tribal Sheave Pulley Block), Ultra Low Headroom Compact Design Chain Hoist, Supper EC Electric Chain Hoist / Supper W Rope Electric Hoist, Tirfor Original Pulling & Lifting Machine, Special Purpose Close Bearing (Shell Type) Swivel, Screw Bottle Type Mechanical & Ratchet Jacks, Single Acting Remote Control Hydraulic Jacks. hb```@ 9 0000008125 00000 n No Problem! Al hacer clic en el botn de una pregunta numerada, acceder directamente a esa pregunta en el cuestionario. hb``e``(8Ab,^700 0000091013 00000 n *A)0i! sq@qIc5",ib'o [7tN+4_lEAo|m],:"W 0 Para completar una leccin, primero debe completar todos los temas y todos los cuestionarios. illustration Showing How Hand Spliced Slings Are Made, Tonsberg Mooring Links & Mandal Fairlead Shackles, Wire Ropes for Drill Line 6x19 Seale Const. Angle of circular arc of the bottom of groove should not be less than 120 Degrees. 0000006997 00000 n Una vez que haya completado el tema y el cuestionario, la leccin se completar y mostrar una marca de verificacin verde. . hb```b``b`c`-`b@ ! Send us an email to [emailprotected], complete our general inquiry form, or call us at (800)-321-5667 with any question you have. 0000173146 00000 n 0000003743 00000 n are in proper alignment and shape to avoid damage of the ropes.

The radius of bend has effect on the strength of wire rope. Se le harn preguntas sobre los materiales cubiertos en el tema. After proof loading and every 14 months. 0000055045 00000 n %PDF-1.6 % A medida que avance en el curso y complete cada tema, aparecer un crculo verde junto al tema. You can increase the life of the ropes by proper lubrication and careful handling. Asegrese de estudiar detenidamente el tema antes de avanzar en el curso. Locate a Certified Repair CenterGet Crosby GearProvide Feedback, 2022 The Crosby Group, LLC. And today with the help of Troy I am going to show you how to obtain the dimensions you will need when replacing or ordering a sheave, First of all you will need the outside diameter, And on this sheave as you can see or OD is 8, Secondly, you will need the shaft size. 0000021737 00000 n hbbd```b``6A$d1`v R$D b^@qU/DH /D2Zl!XLz"H'`:LL.g`cO X} 0000090624 00000 n endstream endobj startxref This site uses and sets "cookies" on your computer to help improve this websites performance. All Rights Reserved.