He made his way to North Carolina to attend Duke Divinity school after spending time studying theology in Europe. The High School of Saint Thomas More3901 N Mattis AveChampaign, IL 61822Phone: 217.352.7210 Fax: 217.352.7213info@hs-stm.org. As a school officially recognizedby the Diocese of Raleigh, it is dedicated to the authenticteaching of the Faith and provides families with a valued optionin Catholic education. All rights reserved. Ive had the good fortune to present at STMA on multipleoccasions. Its exploration paves the way for, Doug Cottle was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Copyright 2022 The High School of Saint Thomas More. I wasable to see a direct correlation between the caliber of teaching andlearning in a thoughtful, Christ-centered community and the impactthat STMAs integrated formation had on the young man. The students are obviously happy to be there [and] are getting a terrific education that emphasizes what counts and what lasts. Serving together with high collaboration and a shared vision, our talented team works tirelessly to form every student for authentic Christian excellence.

Drawn to a warmer climate with the ability to study engineering, she got her bachelors and masters degree in civil engineering, Born and raised the son of a Baptist pastor in Northern California, Robert Kirkendall has developed a keen interest in Scripture and literature from a young age. Ive been highly impressed by theirknowledge and commitment to the students.

STMA is positioned well toassist parents in this endeavor. He fell in love with the seriousness and the beauty of a classical education while studying, with his now wife, at Saint Thomas More Academy. B.S., University of Texas, S.T.B.,Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, Dominican House of Studies. She teaches core and elective courses inthe upper school and serves on the student life team. He then attended St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in. During her stay in Canada she worked as a Corporate Travel Consultant at American Express and as, Born in California and raised just outside Washington D.C., Francis Nolan began his educational career with a great love for the sciences, particularly life sciences.

As an engineering major, I believe that STMA's liberal arts curriculum taught me to see the world in a different way than most of my peers, which has already proved very advantageous., NCSU 2022, Major in Aerospace Engineering, Minor in Mathematics, "St. Thomas More Academy is led by a strong and devout faculty that shares a deep love for the Catholic faith and seeks to bestow the same love in the next generations. Bio coming soon! St. Thomas More Academy is central North Carolinas top choice for quality college preparatory education in a close-knit and joyfully Catholic school community. Spending time at STMA makes me wish that all students could have the opportunity to study there.

Christ's Disciples Forever. I saw first hand how the critical thinking and the systematic approach to problem solving, Ian Dornan was born and raised in Holly Springs, North Carolina. We, both laity and clergy, have a great debt ofgratitude to those who pour themselves into creating schools likeSt. Thomas More. I hold this to be the key difference in my upbringing.. He also teaches electives in theology, art and design. A past recipient ofawards from the National Endowment for the Humanities andthe Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund, he has been recognized by STMA's founder and chairman Robert Luddy, Jake Noland was born and raised in Virginia, and as the son of a Methodist minister he livedall aroundthe state.

In her studio the "culture and philosophy is simple: treat others as we would like to, Kelly Jackson was born and raised in New Jersey where she attended Catholic school through high school. I recall my sense of awe at the great doctrines of the Incarnation, Kate Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Chicago. Thanks tothe astounding generosity of its founder, Bob Luddy, and theunswerving efforts of its faculty, it has born rich fruit in itsmany students. In college, it is almost impossible to have this connection with teachers so I remember it fondly from STMA. After finishing her undergraduate studies she worked in mental health and foster care/adoption for over, AmandaBamburywas raised at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Blessing sees mathematics and science as forms of play and exploration. Above all, STMA fosters a desire for greatness in students that I dont see possible in a different environment. As I teach physics and mathematics I want students to think about situations and problems with me and to experience learning as a process toward fuller, Luisana Paiva-Briceo was born and raised in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and came to the United States in 2004. Catholic schools play an essential role in the future of ourChurch and Diocese. She moved to the USA in 2021 having lived in Canada for 14 years. "STMA leaves a mark on the minds of its students by attending to the formation of their intellect, heart, body and soul. in Scholastic Philosophy in 1969. The order and beauty of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin were, Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York State, Patricia Hartley relocated with her husband to North Carolina in 1997. STMA provides a rich environment that allows each student toflourish and become who they were meant from all eternity to be.

Show submenu for Athletic Booster Organization. One enterprise that deserves our specialpraise and gratitude is St. Thomas More Academy. She arrived at St. Thomas More Academy as a transfer student and took interest in the vocation of teaching. She first experienced the beauty of Catholic education at the University of Notre Dame, where she studied French and Italian literature. Deacon Brad Watkins is the Academys headmaster. Step-By-Step: Completing the STM Admissions Application. I was taught how to think critically and to formulate strong arguments. Each member of the faculty and staff bring unique experiences, knowledge, and passions. "STMA opened my eyes to the ways in which different disciplines are connected.

Students Today.

I formed some of the most meaningful relationships of my life there and grew personally in ways that have prepared me for life and all that comes after high school. STMA offers a committed and talented faculty, a safe and nurturing learning environment, and outstanding college placement support, all for one of the lowest tuition rates in the Triangle. She supports families with RenWeb, FACTS tuition payment, and all matters of student records. "I value STMA for its teachers who care about the personal enrichment of each student in and way beyond the classroom. I attended an English class that had almost the level of a collegecourse. For preparing teensto meet contemporary challenges brought about by the interactionof faith and secular culture, Saint Thomas More Academy offersone of the finest secondary programs in the nation. I went away wishing that I could send my ownchildren to a school like St. Thomas More Academy. Their paths to St. Thomas School are as varied as the positions they fill. Before coming to STMA she worked as a bilingual teaching consultant at the University of North Carolina and Florida International, Mrs. Chandler is the Academy students first encounter with the Trivium, the heart of classical education. Director of Early Learning and Extended Day, Director of the Center for Leadership and Innovation, Acting Director of Finance and Operations, Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Middle School, Administrative Assistant for Admissions and Financial Aid, Middle School Advisor, Librarian and Media Specialist, Major Gifts, Endowments, & Planned Giving. I believe that the STMA faculty is the driving force behind theseexceptional young people. Alejandra Morales-Rondon is originally from Caracas, Venezuela.

I came to St. Thomas More after five years, Wesley Kirkpatrick leads STMA's academic program. Before coming to STMA she worked as a teacher and choir conductor in Budapest, then as a private violin and piano instructor at The Musicians, An accomplished artist and entrepreneur in dance, Ms. Shari Huggett-Milton founded one of Raleigh's most successful studies, Southern Star.

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He continued his education in the honors college at Belmont, Adriana Watkins was born in North Carolina and raised in Stuttgart, Germany.

Let us support them in every way possible.

He began studying philosophy during his first semester at UVA and started teaching it as a graduate at Texas A, Charles McCants was born and raised in Raleigh, but went off to Virginia for greater formation in the Classics and Theology.

Its a breath of fresh air to walk through the doors of St. Thomas More Academy. At STS, teachers are leaders, and fulfill a variety of roles outside of the classroom.

My wife and I visited St Thomas More Academy in 2011, andwe were greatly impressed by the politeness of the students. in history and theology from Franciscan University. In fall 2013 a recent graduate enrolled at Aquinas College. It reminds me that there are teachers out there who value more about their students than just their academic performance.". "STMA's community is totally unique in the best way. Our teachers serve on accreditation teams, develop curriculum, chair committees, and continually bring new innovations and resources to the classrooms. The High School of Saint Thomas More exists to assist parents in forming students spiritually, morally, intellectually and physically in a Christ-centered atmosphere of love, respect and reverence consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, sending them forth to fulfill their baptismal call as His disciples in the world. During the next 16 years, Bernadett Horvath was born and raised in Hungary and came to the United States in 2017. I continue to utilize lessons learned at STMA in my personal life and leadership style in the military. I gave a lecture to an assembly of all students, and Iwas struck by the intelligent and articulate questions I receivedfrom them. Use the search field above to filter by staff name.

Hebrings his good qualities of mind and heart into every aspect of lifeand by his example encourages others to follow his lead. He attended Sacred Heart Cathedral grades one through eight, and then Cardinal Gibbons high School. Since entering college, I have realized that I am better prepared than many of my college peers, both academically and socially. 1st Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps.

Community Leaders Tomorrow. During college he spent a number of weeks at Holy Cross Abbey, a Cistercianmonasteryin Northern Virginia, StormyNoland was born and raised in Louisiana and attended Texas A&M University, where she met her husband, Dr. Jake Noland. He furthered this, William Hardin was born in Texas and raised in Louisiana. After graduating, he studied Business Management at N.C. State University before, Michael DAndrea studied engineering at the United States Naval Academy and then continued his studies in Pensacola, training as a pilot. She became a stay-at-home mom with the birth of her first daughter in 1998. "STMA planted in me the desire to never be satisfied with mediocrity but to always strive for excellence and gave me the tools to navigate in a world that demands complacency.

After graduating, she attended Boston College, Monsignor Jeffrey Ingham was born in Cleveland, Ohio. My experience at STMA was nothing less than transformative - this is a result of the time and effort each and every one of the faculty members poured into me. I'm grateful to STMA for encouraging me to pay attention to the depth and breadth of truth., Boston College 2020, Majors in English & French, Minors in Philosophy & Creative Writing. Approximately 71% of the faculty have advanced degrees. Formed by the Congregation, Mr. Mrs. Kirkpatrick earned her B.A. He attended Borromeo Seminary College in Cleveland, earning his B.A. The opportunity to work on the leading edge of independent Catholic preparatory education draws qualified, powerful, and passionate teachers to STMA. Recognizing that parents are the first andprimary educators of their children, Catholic schools enter intoa unique partnership with them. God is always calling his people to the vital task of renewingauthentic education. In the four years that I spent at STMA, I found assurance in my faith and the knowledge to pursue my interests. Deacon Watkins came to the Academy after many years of teaching on both the secondary and collegiate level and several years, Ann Cureton is the Academys registrar and administrative assistant to the leadership team. I attribute this to my time spent at STMA, as it was there that I learned to love learning and was given the tools necessary to succeed.

My subject matter, which draws from contemporaryphysics and philosophy, can be fairly demanding, but the studentsnot only assimilate the material but ask very perceptive questions. As a linguist I am thrilled that we devote substantial time to the study of language. ", NCSU '19 Honors Biology with Concentration in Neuroscience, Minor in Health, Medicine & Human Value, University of Pittsburgh, MA Bioethics '21. Andlet us not miss the chance to give our children the privilege ofa real education. The administrators and faculty care about educating the whole person.