here are three ways of producing Scotch whisky; single malt, single grain or blended whisky with each method yielding different but equally fascinating results. In 2007 it was expanded in a 40 million investment. From first talking to Mark about selling my barrel to recieving my money he has made the whole process seamless with regular updates and any questions answered promptly he well deserves 5 stars and i will definitely be using his company again. I may add that at this point Mark was not pitching any sale to myself, merely offering good, genuine and free advice.I later had the opportunity to use Mark as a consultant to invest in my first Cask. Once relegated to the blending bin, single grains are staging a comeback. Mark Littler LTD - Independent Antiques Consultant and Whisky Broker, Mark Littler - Antique Valuer & Antique Consultant - 2018 | Auctions in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cumbria & Wales. In 1906, a front-page advertisement for Cambus Pure Grain Whisky was placed in the Daily Mail, giving Cambus its moment in the sun. Thank you Mark, we will be sure to come back to you when we sell our next cask. Single Malt: A whisky that is made of malt from one single distillery using malted barley. Some typical single grain whiskies (image via Douglas Laing). : An Investment Guide. It was one of the founding companies in DCL. I contacted him based on the many positive reviews. Good price, very fast and easy to deal with. No issues, no dramas, just a wholly professional service. If youve ever wanted to own a 30, 40, or even 50-year-old bottle of Scotch whisky, really old single grains are often much less expensive than single malts of the same age, and some are truly outstanding. It is made from blending different malt whiskies from the same distillery and on site. Have already recommended their service to a friend. Mark sold my first cask in weeks. Mark is extremely knowledgeable on both the distillery side and the market, evident with the excellent price achieved. Caledonian distillery was, for a very long time, the largest distillery in Scotland. He knows the market and had placed the item with a private buyer within days of taking the brief. They kept me informed throughout the whole process of valuing and selling my bottle of 1961 Macallan Whisky. Many thanks!!

We thoroughly and unhesitatingly recommend anyone considering the use of an independent broker to go to Mark's firm. Making single grain whisky does not start with the malting of barley mostly because single grain whisky does not need to contain any barley.

He immediately set me at ease and so I looked no further. I highly recommend his professional service.

Very pleased with Mark's ease of transaction in disposing of some antique silver cutlery. However, this boom soon resulted in over-supply of grain whisky, forcing Caledonian to band together with other grain distilleries and divide up the market. They were very transparent about the different routes available for dealing with the two bottles of whisky I was looking to sell, and were helpful when discussing the pros and cons of each, without being pushy. Lets take a look at countries that are innovating and experimenting with their grain.

A pleasure to work with! The sugars in the malt dissolve in the hot water and create a liquid known as wort, which is then passed into a container known as a washback. He was extremely professional, very pleasant to deal with and I was very satisfied with the price he managed to obtain for both my casks. They obtained a good price for a private sale. Payment was very prompt.I would highly recommend Mark. The sale went through really smoothly, and Mark kept in contact all the way!

It was made for a female audience and saw some popular success, but was withdrawn a few years later.

Mark Littler provided what we can only describe as an outstanding service in relation to the sale of some family casks of whisky. If you fancy something a little different, this expression from Tokyo is for you. I will be dealing with Mark again in the future. Great communication and willing to go the extra mile when it mattered.Entirely trustworthy and highly recommended. Invergordon is famous for its status as a manufacturing town. malt barrel Having bought a cask of whisky back in 2004 we decided that this year was the year to sell it. Easy to contact for updates or advice and guidance throughout the process. Why not purchase one of the recommendations above and see for yourself? Single Malts tend to be very characterful and complex. It matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, proving how the right amount of time creates a fantastic dram, no matter the grain. Single malt might be Scotlands most famous whisky export, but its not the only Scotch category worth exploring. A lot of thought goes into Single Cask whiskies as Master Distillers will taste them and make the call as to when they are right to bottle. However, Single Grains can be just as complex and enjoyable as Single Malts. Only company I would use if there is a next time. It went through many owners before eventually coming to Whyte and MacKay in 1993. I heartily recommend Mark to anyone wishing to sell of buy a cask particularly if they are not resident in the UK. all communication was friendly and informative and I felt kept in the loop through the whole process. Would heartily recommend. The process was handled from start to finish with efficiency and patience on Mark's part. It is becoming more popular all over the world.

Real-time notification is also given for these services. Mark offers a brilliant, easy and efficient service. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I have never entered into a transaction like this before but Mark Littler Ltd made everything clear, the contract was transparent, payment arrived very quickly indeed. Selling things for the first time, you are very apprehensive, about how to go about it?? Single Grain: A whisky that is made of whisky from one single distillery using different grains such as wheat, rye or corn (amongst others). In 1988 the distillery closed for good as a result of mass consolidation by United Distillers. I am delighted to have engaged with Mark Littler and Hannah Thompson. Just received samples. Single means that the whiskey is the product of a single distillery. First class service from Mark and his team from start to finish.Knowledgeable and innovative when selling 60 bottles of single cask whisky for me. An internet search revealed Mark Littler. Although many single grain distilleries have now been demolished, the distilleries and their process form a huge part of Scotch whisky history. Before you start exploring, its worth learning the difference betweensingle malt vs. single grain whisky.

Once Mark had the re-guage figures all I had to do was sit back and let him do the rest. Very friendly, professional and helpful throughout the process and they achieved a what I believe was a very good price for me. I would therefore not hesitate in recommending this lovely company. Are Whisky Barrels A Good Investment? Whiskies made from Barley will have a sweeter flavor, with lots of caramel and brown sugar notes. I know nothing about whisky, but Mark certainly does. Mark is highly professional and he explained every step of the process clearly.I would highly recommend him and it was pleasure doing business with him. : Bottling or Selling Your Cask of Whisky. Thank-you!

The whole transaction with Mark Littler was excellent. Wheat that is often used in the making of single grain whisky. MTN Mobile Services We support women groups, with loans and coaching them to build strong businesses, Western Union Transfer with Bonzali Rural Bank, MoneyGram Transfer with Bonzali Rural Bank. Excellent professional service from start to finish and top prices received. More than happy with the experience.Mark thanks once again. Other mothballed or demolished grain distilleries include: Lochside, North of Scotland, Port Dundas, Carsebridge, and Garnheath. Russ & Di Fyles. He is very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. I had nearly given it away!! It was one of the founding companies in DCL. Excellent service and would highly recommend. greatdrams Whisky 101: Everything you need to know about the whisky regions of Scotland, Whisky 101: Everything you need to know about whisky, Whisky 101: Everything you need to know about whisky casks. That was until I discovered Mark Littler through an oline post that had been sent to me from a family member, which highlighted a high profile sale Mark had recently been engaged in. Very efficient and hassel free.A pleasure to do business with and will definetly be contacting him again when my next barrel matures.Thankyou Mark for doing all the hard work. With your expertise and knowledge of the market, you found a buyer very quickly, keeping me in the loop all the time and the transaction went through very smoothly.From our first conversation to the conclusion of the sale, everything was handled very professionally. Getting the bottles to them was quick and simple. I recently sold a bottle of Springbank using Mark's services. Great website, lots of useful information. Mark and Hannah were both extremely helpful, completely transparent, and fair in their valuation. The site has also been used in the production of Tanqueray and Smirnoff. Very easy and efficient service and process, very professional. Whisky Review: 2021 Dalwhinnie The Distillers Edition. Highly recommend. Would have no hesitation in using again or recommending. This was over three times what the first broker offered and 50% more than the second. Recently had to sell a limited edition signed print . I had a cask of 10 year old Bruichladdich to sell. He and his team professionally led me through the process to successfully achieving a good sale and subsequent payment of proceeds - from another part of the world. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Join our mailing list & stay up to date with our latest: My name is Greg, and Im a brand strategy consultant, writer, speaker, host and judge specialising in premium spirits. Barley is most commonly found in Scotch, Irish and Japanese Whisky and gives them a light body and sweet flavor profile. I highly recommend Mark Littler LTD and would not hesitate to their services again. The average filling strength for single grain whiskies is upwards of 70%, whereas most single malt whiskies are filled at approximately 63.5%. The grains they are focussing on include wheat, rye, and corn. With the daunting task of selling a 17-year old barrel of Bruichladdich Whisky, I turned to Mark Littler in Oct '21.

It was their son John who founded Cameronbridge in 1824. Mark was excellent from start to finish in dealing with our whiskey cask sale. They are become more and more popular as well, with lots of new Single Grain bottlings appearing. In 1867, pot stills were installed here to help with demand for Irish style whisky. A Whisky thats made by a single distillery using malted barley and pot stills is a Single Malt. A patent still was installed in 1829. First class in every way! Single Cask: Whisky made from malt that has been matured in a single cask. Fantastic service! I have enjoyed our interactions and have felt from the start that Mark had my best interests at heart with his professional approach, transparency and personal touch. 6 Best New Irish Whiskeys That Made Our List in 2017, Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022: Explore the Tasty Depths of Whiskey, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Ann Soh Woods, The Roaring Kentucky Rye: Breaking the Rules with Coalition Whiskey, Don Julio Tequila: When Strangers Become Friends and Friends Become Family, Fearless and Admired: Channeling the Spirit of Josephine Baker with Sephina, Check out the best Bourbon bottles under $100, Browse through our curated Rye Whisky selection. Are Whisky Casks A Good Investment? From my first phone call to the completion of my sale the service was exemplary. The market is not easy to tap into but Mark has good connections and got me an excellent price. They provided expert advice on the options available to me and at no time tried to convince me to take one particular offer. After at least three years, normally longer, the liquid can be legally called Scotch whisky (as long as it is above 40% ABV) and is ready to be bottled and sold. Communication was excellent through out the process. (Yes I'm that guy who was plastered over the media)Mark did a great job of getting professional photos taken of them and creating a PR buzz around the collection and I even ended up on BBC breakfast news, lad bible, and various radio stations around the world.At one point my story was the second most viewed story on BBC world wide news app for the whole weekend with over 2 million views.Needless to say within a day or two of this PR Campaign there was numerous offers.I would like to thank Mark for all his work and helping me with everything. You were a pleasure to deal with and the service we received was very professional and very quick. It has not been blended with any other whiskies and is from one cask only. What an excellent communication and service was provided by Mark and his team. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. There are now several brands of Grain Whiskey, including Teeling, Kilbeggan and Greenore in Ireland.To pull out more flavor from the Grain Whiskey, the Irish have moved in a similar manner as the Japanese. It differs from Malt Whisky in that Malt Whisky has to be made from malted barley only. He basically saved me from making a huge potential mistake investing with a company that were not throwing straight dice and trying to pitch sales based on false information. It was made for a female audience and saw some popular success, but was withdrawn a few years later. There is a lot of leeway with what type of barrels are used and this will influence the flavour profile just as much as what distillery the malt is made at. Now that you know the process of making single malt whisky, lets dive into the process of making single grain whisky. Haig Club is one of the most famous, and here at GreatDrams, we have our own Single Grain bottling from the Girvan Distillery. Fantastic service - friendly, efficient and I felt trustworthy. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend. His individual care and approach to everything he undertakes on your behalf in providing you with a service is nothing short of exemplary. Can you trust estimates at cask auctions? Very happy with the service that Mark provides. EXCEPTIONAL 5 STAR SERVICEMark & his team were professional & knowledgeable and delivered on their promise.I highly recommend. The warehouse wasnt very helpful so I started to look on the internet for a whisky broker. After Port Dundas closed in 2010 it became Diageos only wholly-owned grain plant. It doesnt mean that its the result of a single distillation run, or even a single barrel; in fact, most Scottish single malt distilleries use a very careful blending process to produce a consistent single malt product. His advice and service has been excellent, and we have been absolutely delighted to deal with Mark and Hannah. I was sceptical at first that it was worth making the effort to post the items etc. Single grain is kind of the long-lost cousin of single malt. I ended up with over 50% more from him than my next best offer! Professional service who are also adapting to the challenging new world we are all living in. Thank you! At its most basic level, there are three ways of producing Scotch whisky; single malt, single grain or blended whisky with each method yielding different but equally fascinating results. That also affects the price of blends - in addition to giving them a bit more body. I was thinking of investing in a cask and had an offer from a company that shall remain nameless. In these days of increasingly doing business on the Internet this experience was top class and I have no hesitation in using Mark's company for similar future business; Top Class!! Mark provided us with an excellent service for the sale of a cask of Springbank Whisky.

Celebrating World Chocolate Day recently, Garrison Brothers recently announced the Something went wrong. as easy as that. An excellent professional service provided by Mark and his team. It was run by the family for many years, with a Coffey still being installed in 1951, making Cambus one of the largest distilleries in Scotland. Highly recommend! Much appreciated, will now sell another cask as the time is right. Money transferred into my account, and you are talking thousands too. Be patient for great returns.When I came to sell my 10yr old Hogshead of whisky Mark was able to obtain a final price for me that was more than three times the sell back figure to Bruichladdich.Professional from the start. He is professional, knowledgeable and quickly responded to my endless questions. First class service with customers wishes and requirements the most important factor, their service from signing of TC.To final sale was speedy and conducted very professionally, would recommend Mark Littler Ltd and will definitely use them again in the future. No hassle at any time. It was so helpful to get advice and practical help with packaging all of our whisky bottles which seemed initially quite daunting. Congleton Very professional service throughout. The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Whisky Scams: Cask Buying Due Diligence, Ncnean Releases Limited Edition Whisky Casks Ahead of Inaugural Release, Personal Investment in A Scotch Whisky Cask Summary of SWA Guidance. I trust, and would highly recommend Mark Littler LTD. Mark has been extremely helpful and efficient selling a silver canteen of cutlery for me and made the whole process very easy . CW12 1DY, Monday Friday: 9am-5pm by appointment only, AWRS Unique Reference Number (URN): XYAW 000 0011 1202. How Many Bottles Are In A Cask Of Whisky? He has kept me informed along the journey which has been an exciting one. But hurry! Cambus closed in 1993 when Diageo underwent product reorganisation, but in 2011 became part of the Blackgrange warehousing complex. Mark then arranged transfer of ownership and once that was completed we were promptly paid.Thank you Mark, we couldnt have done this without you and we were pleased to find that you lived up to you many excellent reviews!D. However, grain whiskies do not tend to be as flavoursome as malts. Apexlink is a domestic funds transfer product which enables the transfer of Airtel Money Transfer with Bonzali Rural Bank. Could not not have asked for more and would wholeheartedly recommend. I sold my Bruichladdich hogshead cask through Mark and can highly recommend his services. Mark and Hanna were a pleasure to deal with when selling my bottle of Macallan 25 y.o. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and made the process very easy and painless. Having decided to sell our cask of Bruicladdich (which was held at the distillery), but with no idea how to do it, we approached Mark. The distillery now operates at 36 million litres of alcohol per annum, making its whisky with three Coffey stills. Highly recommend and I hope I have reason to do business with him again. Would definitely recommend. But clicking submit you are agreeing to receive our email newsletter, you can ready our privacy policy here for more information on how we use your data. The banks platform allows the under-listed bills to be paid in all our branches and agencies and online (where applicable) . The Romance Of The Cask Part 1: Wood & Your Whisky, The Romance Of The Cask Part 2: A Casks Past Life, The Romance Of The Cask Part 3: Toasting, Charring & Why Size Matters, The Romance Of The Cask Part 4: Warehouses, finishing & the end of the line, Learning From Whisky Cask Scams: What You Need To Do To Stay Safe, How To Make An Informed Whisky Cask Investment 7 Simple Steps, Welcome to the World of Whisky Casks: Cask Buying Guide Printed, The Truth About Cask Investment & 10-18% per annum returns. They are rich in body and their flavour profile will vary depending on the distillery, region and maturation process. Found Mark via a Google search so was a little apprehensive as couldn't meet face to face. Really excellent service, from the valuation to the completion of a sale. Let us know in the comments!

First class service throughout! Very excited and looking forward to see how the whisky matures. As always, the best way to acclimate to new Whiskey is to taste them. Margarett Waterbury is the author of Scotch: A Complete Introduction to Scotland's Whiskies and a full-time freelance writer and editor. Delight to deal with Mark the ultimate professional polite, helpful and knowledgeable with clear lines of communication at all times. He provides a professional, friendly and responsive service, guiding you every step of the way. Selling a high value product of this kind for the first time can be a bit daunting, but Beth and Hannah were extremely helpful and professional. He delivered everything I was hoping for and then some. Single malt whisky is made by soaking barley in room temperature water before spreading it out on what is called a malting floor to germinate. Can we predict the future value of your cask investment? He was vey thorough and professional and achieved an excellent price. Weve been happily paying warehouse rental for 25 years and decided we needed to look into next steps. Thank you Mark for all your help and I would certainly use your services again . Thank you so much Mark for your knowledge, help, support and finally arranging the sale of my silver flatware. I was happy with the price offered and less than 48 hours after sending the bottle in the post the money was I my current account. He expanded the business in 1836 when he decided to distil grain instead of malt whisky. Instead, single grain whisky is distilled in column stills, or Coffey stills. He did all the work, I just signed the sales document. Highly recommend him.

First class service. WOWGRs: Do You Need One If You Are Investing In A Cask? Which is your favourite type of whisky category? Couldn't recommend more highly. Everything was handled smoothly, expertly and with no pressure.

I recently sold a 25 year old cask of Scottish whisky through Mark.

Will happily recommend. It wasn't only that he said he could achieve the best price for the cask but his professional manor and clear level of knowledge.To sales process was relatively simple with excellent communication throughout. His estimate of the value of the cask was spot on.I would have no hesitation in using his professional services again. Great service and professionalism. Please check your entries and try again. For many years it was also the only grain distillery to have its own brand: Cameron Brig. Thanks Mark! I received a better price than the top estimate I received from my auction house, paid less commission, no hidden charges, payment received in much less time, didn't have to deal with a patronising valuer, didn't have to transport it to the auction just packed it up in packaging and label sent by Mark and took it to the post office. He, and his staff, talked me through the process, highlighting both opportunities and pitfalls, with simplicity and the minimum of jargon. I highly recommend his services and wouldnt hesitate to use him again. It can be yours for 63. It can be yours for 63. He is a charming and professional broker, and understands the market and the needs of his customers. Im very pleased and would not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future. If only it was this easy when dealing with larger organisations. Bravo! Very helpful at all times and the final result was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you so much Mark for all your advice and help, I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone. Very helpful and responded quickly. Made the process of selling my whiskies so easy. Bruichladdich made an unattractive offer to buy it back.I became aware of Mark Littler, from a Google search. He always had time for my questions and was instrumental in helping me find new homes for our treasured possessions. I got in touch with Mark having read one of his articles online. I can thoroughly recommend this company.Thank you Mark once again for a fantastic service. Riverside I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. I'd thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone looking to buy or sell investment grade bottles. !Thanks Mark . I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark as the perfect person to deal with your sale. I could not have asked for better service, communication or completion of the process. Well send you the latest booze news, cool finds and great deals. Communication was excellent from start to finish & we would have no hesitation in highly recommending the service Mark offers. Check out any of their recent releases, including Hibiki Harmony, to understand their beautifully balanced blends. I have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.I feel lucky to have sounded out Mark as a broker and hope to be using him again in the future.

Excellent services and communication! Sale of my Whisky bottle was completed within 10 days and the money in my Account. This means that the distillery has complete control over the flavour profile of their whiskies. We were kept informed of what was going on and the whole transaction was hassle free. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Single Cask Whiskies are quite rare as they usually dont produce as many bottles per batch. Tasting is believing! Thank you Mark for the professional help you provided In relation to Probate valuation, and the sale of the items. First class.John Maguire. I would highly recommend Mark to everyone in the art game , This was a very good experience. It also makes the Whiskey very dry. My mother was delighted with the result. Above all, he listens and offers sound guidance which I always pay attention to .Absolutely brilliant company to do business with, will use again and again and have no hesitation in recommending Mark Littler Ltd. If in the market, you can't go wrong with Mark Littler; Great service at a fair price. Caledonian had the biggest share 41.5%. Get the latest whiskey news and reviews to your inbox, its not the only Scotch category worth exploring, Super-aged single grains are also sometimes made available, Unique Kansas Partnership Brings Victor E. Bourbon Whiskey, Whiskey Cocktail Hour: I Carried a Watermelon, Bookers Bourbon Debuts Second 2022 Cask Strength Whiskey, Oxford Artisan Distillery Launches New English Rye Whisky Easy Ryder, Hotel Tango Introduces Toasted Marshmallow Bourbon, Whiskey Reviews: Blue Run Reflection 1, High Rye Batch 2 Kentucky Bourbons, J. Riegers Latest Monogram Sherry Cask Whiskey A Straight Bourbon, Scallywags Fifth Annual Chocolate Inspired Whisky Bottling Unveiled, Garrison Brothers Crowns New Yorker Albert Pero III Its 2022 Bourbon Brawl Bartender. beer process production malting brewing mashing britannica steps malt whiskey grain main fermentation diagram beverages milling producing wort plant encyclopdia