Then taking the Golden Bird to Alkor, he will send you an elixir called the Potion of Life that gives you a permanent 20 extra HP, so drink it now. Baal is also known as the Lord of Destruction as the games expansion name indicates. Some of the damage can be mitigated by fire and lightning resistance. At the edge of the map of the Stony Field, you will find the entrance to the underground passage where you can reach Darkwood through the first floor. That is to say, Runes NO.7 requires 17 levels, and Runes NO.8 requires 19 levels. In the process, Quest 4 and Quest 5 can also be completed simultaneously. Making your way to the Flayer Dungeon within the Flayer Jungle, if there are stone pillars, just enter in it to see. Entering Kurast for the first time, talk with Alkor. The price of NPC items in the area is reduced to 90%, but it is invalid for gambling. Meanwhile, you can hire Iron wolf from Asheara. Of course, it's crucial to prepare some items resist. Taking them back to town and give it to Meschif, you will get Golden Bird from him. How to find Khalim's Flail and to complete Quest 5: The Blackened Temple Her weakness is the fire-based damage, so using fire spells and weapons is the most efficient way to take her down. Now three months have passed since the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected, more and more players have joined the remaster to experience better game graphics and game skills.

When they reach 15 levels, Runes NO.4 and NO.5 appear. According to Deckard Cain, she was the only female among the Evils. The Lord of Terror or AlDiabalos is the youngest among the three Prime Evils. The second floor is kind of small. In addition, hes the main antagonist and the character that gave his name to the Diablo series. The third quest is introduced in the following news. To be honest, he is the toughest Boss I have ever seen, and his damage is high. Before the battle, Baal summons groups of monsters from each Act. Find out more about his Legacy, his attacks and how to best defeat Mephisto on his page. The best Diablo 2 Items marketplace serving you since 2013 with top notch customer support. The map of The Chaos Sanctuary is cross-like shape, so finding the seal by walking three directions. How to find Khalim's Brain? Branch roads might be Flayer Dungeon or waypoint. Find out more about her legacy and the best strategy to beat Andariel at the end of Act 1. You will also meet Tyrael, and he will tell you to unlock 5 seals so as to see Diablo. Mephistos evil was so pervasive, that even after his defeat and his entomb in a soulstone, his demonic essence flew slowly upwards into Travincal to corrupt the Zakarum priests. Click on the Gidbinn altar and a group of monster will appear later. He will leave a group of Flesh Beasts. Find the Spider Cavern in the Spider Forest, not the Arachnid Lair by the waypoint. The Search for Cain task need you to go to Dakwood to find the tree named Inifuss firstly, then click on Inifuss to get the scroll, next find Akara who will translate the scorll to you. The items level of the ring is fixed, so you don't need to upgrade its level to hand in tasks. It's necessary to prepare some resist Diablo 2 Resurrected Items due to the sustained damage of Toorc Icefist and Geleb Flamefinger when they died. Depending on whether youre playing in the Classic Diablo 2 or Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, you have to slay Normal Diablo or Normal Baal respectively in order to unlock Nightmare difficulty. Although this method can drop Diablo 2 Resurrected items, it usually drops ordinary items, and the probability of high-level items is very low.

This portion is kind of difficult. About The Search For Cain The transport platform of Rogue Encampment can help you reach Cold Plains, and then you need walk to the Stony Field. Here I suggest walking down the edge of the map in a clockwise direction because I found it on the left of the map. Also, she ruled the Realm of Anguish in Hell. In addition, the monster's Monster Level determines the drop probability of Unique and Set items. Then give it to Ormus to get a ring. Keep the best gear for yourself and the best condition for the next task! On the right of the map edge, there is a way to the City of the Damned where the monsters you encountered are leveled-up. Task rewards: Cain can identify items for free. The man Meschif you found will take you to the Kurast Docks. When they reach 13 levels, Runes NO.3 and NO.4 appear. Hes one of the Prime Evils and he rules over the Realm of Hatred in the Burning Hells. It's easy to kill the mini-boss Shaman to get Khalim's Brain by opening the golden chest. I believe you will pass the Act 3 soon. Baal is the final Boss of Act 5 in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. If you don't want to get Diablo 2 Resurrected items by fighting monsters, then MMOSO can help you. In addition, some bosses have a limited number of daily kills, so it takes several weeks or even months for players to get the necessary Diablo 2 Resurrected items. But what we need to pay attention to is that magic item provide a higher probability of Magic Find than unique items of the same level, so don't discard those magic items that can greatly improve Magic Find. Baal was the most reckless and impudent of the Prime Evils. How to deal with Diablo in Quest 3: Terrors End and reach Act 5? With numerous items dropping, you can check them by Alt button. They can better help us obtain the items we want. Picking up the book on pedestal and taking it to Alkor, you'll increase 5 modifier points. As you defeat the final Boss Duriel of Act 2, a passageway appears. Kill them and get the Gidbinn. He has a wide range of deadly attacks and abilities. After rescuing Tyrael, you are returned back to the town by waypoint, talking with Jehryn to finish this portion.

Remember to prepare some D2R Items such as antidote. Some magic equipment with low level can be ignored, but you can pick charms in case it is helpful to you if encounter. runeword blizzplanet sorceress resurrected Be ready to turn back to the town to replenish the state at any time. Baals duplicate can cast almost all of the real Baals attacks. Reach Kurast from Flayer Jungle and seek Khalim's Heart in the Sewers city. He was entombed at Horadim Tal Rasha after the Dark Exile. Killing Diablo will have rich rewards. introduced killing Mephisto and brought his Soulstone to Act4. He was also spawned from one of Tathamets seven heads and he controlled the Realm of Pain in Hell.

How to complete Quest 2: The Hellforge? Deal with Abyss Knights first owning to elemental pop shots they shot. These two tasks are not so difficult. Just before casting the spell, he will raise his hands in the air, allowing you to instantly run past him and avoiding him. By the value of Magic Find The passageway appeared is the place of Quest 6. After that, there will be a portal, through which you reach Tristram to find the cage and release Kane. Although he had corrupted and possessed many humans, finally brave heroes trapped him and banished him into the Abyss twenty years ago. In addition, it is necessary to put two bottles of antidote in your inventory. Shes also known as the Maiden of Anguish and shes one of the Lesser Evils. Passing the second task of Sisters' Burial Grounds, a free Rogue mercenary will be obtained. Enter the River of Flame again by the waypoint here to find out the forge and destroy its Soulstone. In this way, each number requires 2 levels more than the previous one.

His actual name is TolBaalos and hes one of the Prime Evils. Go on crossing the wilderness, a Unique or Champion monster you will meet. To increase gear's modifier, you can use. For example, he can cast Mana Rift, an attack that halves your mana points. Only by equipping with it, can you destroy Soulstone of the forge. It also describes how to complete Act 4 Quest 1: The Fallen Angel. The first task need you to leave the town. His real name is DulMephistos and is also known as the Lord of Hatred.

Resurrected Items are placed in the character's inventory. The following will introduce how to complete Act 4 Quest 2 and Quest 3. Before he was killed by heroes, Duriel was guarding the Tomb of Tal Rasha, which was the prison of Baal. Special: UNID ANNI for $1.11 . Which Boss will you find at the end of each act and how to beat them, Each Act in Diablo 2 will end by fighting against a boss. As you killed one of them, Jade Figurine will be dropped. Let's discuss in detail. How to trigger Quest 1: The Golden Bird and complete it? When players' character reach 11 levels, Runes NO.1 and NO.2 appear. First you need to go through Spider Forest to the Flayer Jungle walking along the the edge of the map. The resist of gear in Act 3 is relatively essential. When you defeat it, youll be granted access to the following Act. if you want Runes, web can get them. Many centuries later, Diablo freed Baal and then he corrupted the Worldstone.

How to complete Quest 2: Blade of the Old Religion. But whether it is a new player or an old player, having a large number of Diablo 2 Resurrected items is an important thing for them. How to Quest 4: Lam Esen's Tomb These two tasks are not so difficult. Fortunately, Diablo has a judgment on this attack. Andariel is the final Boss in Act 1 of Diablo 2 and is located in the 4th level of the Catacombs. Of course, it's crucial to prepare some items resist. Registered Names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective

Andariel was spawned from one of Tathmets (the ultimate first evil being) heads, same as all the Great Evils.

Then go to town to talk to Tyrael, he will give you a portal, and you can enter Act 5. You MUST ENABLE JAVASCRIPT for the best viewing experience. The previous article "How to complete Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 6: The Guardian and leave for Act 4?" owners. How many Levels to Activate Diablo 2 Resurrection Rune? You need kill all the Council Members and surrounding monsters, so you'd better remain the best state. To complete this task, you need go back to the previous place. If you think Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes are not enough, you can buy them on Passing the Quest 1: The Fallen Angel, you must find Deckard Cain then begin Quest 2, back to the Plains of Despair quickly with TP( teleport ). Into the Spider Cavern, a large mount of Flame Spiders appear. Remember to prepare some D2R Items such as antidote. How to get higher-level items in Diablo 2 Resurrected Subscribe to updates about the site, special offers, and exclusive promotions, coupons and give aways! Do not attack him until he vanishes soon. There is a blacksmith Hratli in front of you when you are in the Act 3, talking with him, he back to his position. How to get to Darkwood? Turn them into the powered-up Flail with Horadric Cube, then destroy the Compelling Orb of the Council. Kill the mini-Boss beside the golden chest and open it to get Khalim's Eye. Kill the monsters in it and open the golden chest to get Khalim's Heart. You will come across Lonely Wanderer. What you need to attend is that three mini-Bosses in three directions and a group of small monsters may appear after clicking the seal. You should find Akara to gain the trust of Rogue Encampment first. After completion, Diablo 2 Resurrected items and several gemstones will drop. In Diablo 2 Resurrected, players usually obtain Diablo 2 Resurrected items through killing a certain number of enemies or defeating powerful monster leaders to collect them. So how to quickly obtain higher-level items is particularly important. Further, if you kill Nightmare Diablo or Nightmare Baal, you will have access to the Hell difficulty. Diablo is the most dangerous of all Evils and his incapable of feeling fear. In short, we should kill as many high-level monsters and bosses as possible to increase the chance of getting better items. In this way, you can only keep hurting and you will die easily. You can kill them quickly. Fortunately, we only need enter the ruined temple of the Bazaar, where you'll meet Battlemaid Sarina. Some years ago, she decided to assist Diablo during his revival in order to seize the Citadel of the Sightless Eye. Then you are formally into the Act 3. By the Monster Level After passing the former two tasks, I believe you are not the rookies, at least know something about this game. Copyright 2016-2022 All Rights Reserved. You can buy all kinds of Diablo 2 Resurrected items on it, and the price is low, and the delivery speed is fast! She assisted the Lesser Evils for many years, but eventually she lost her trust in their plans. To increase gear's modifier, you can use D2R Runes. Later, Diablo will appear in the middle of the five-pointed star. On thing need to be noticed that you can't open the second floor until you find Sewer tie rod. And today is the last day of the event, use the coupon code TA10 to enjoy 10% off on Remember him because you will trade with him and repair the items by him. I advise handling all monsters before meeting her or you'll be at a loss. When you start the next task, some gears will be prepared for mercenaries as well as potions for your game characters. Shortly afterward, the heroes killed Baal. On normal difficulty, you have to be careful with the Red Lightning Hose. Before finding the Flayer Dungeon, we can find the icon of Gidbinn on the map so can Flayer Dungeon because Gidbinn and Flayer Dungeon are in the same area. Finally you can return to Rogue Encampment and receive the reward. Among them, the potion and the resurrected scroll cannot be less. He rules the Realm of Terror in the Burning Hells. As you finish Quest 3: Khalim's Will, don't be hurry. The value of MF has a very large impact on the items we obtain, so we should collect more gear so that the value of Magic Find can be greatly increased. The following tasks need you to collect items so as to compose the powered-up Flail, destroying the Compelling Orb and the tasks are completed.

We all know what items a monster can drop depending on the monster's Treasure Class, so we can only get items by killing monsters and bosses that can drop specific items, otherwise, it will waste a lot of time. If you do not move, you will be trapped in the bone prison and cannot return to the city. Reaching the forge, you'll meet a group of monsters, handling Hephasto, the Hell Forge Hammer dropped as Hephasto is vanished. Finally, brave heroes managed to slay her. Search for the waypoint in Travincal so as to ensure enough time back to campsite. This had a destructive effect for the Barbarians that lived close to the Arreat Mount. You can buy some D2 Resurrected items instead.

The Lord of Pain is the twin brother of Andariel and one of the 4 Lesser Evils. After you find the Khalim's Eye, go ahead to Flayer Dungeon in Flayer Jungle fromthe Spider Forest which you can find beside Gidbinn in Quest 2. you will finally find the golden chest in the third floor of Flayer Dungeon. Later according to the order on the scroll, you have to go to the Stony Field to click on the five stone pillars in turn. For items that are useless to you, you can trade with the blacksmith to exchange for a good gear. How to find Khalim's Heart Further, he has the ability to Teleport and to summon a copy of himself. We are combining these two together because you'll finish the second quest while working through the third. After you kill all the monsters, Baal goes into the Worldstone Chamber. If you feel a little strenuous during the game, you can buy D2R Items and D2R Runes on MMOSO.

How to find Khalim's Eye? The Act Bosses appear in the following order. He will ask you to search Upper Kurast, the Bazaar, and six graves of the Causeway. Before entering the Chaos Sanctuary, there will be a waypoint, which is very useful. We can find the most suitable balance point based on our overall killing time.