If these icons appear, the port (or station) has an error: In some cases, a static error message fills the entire display Under normal conditions, the station displays the instructional video Choose a menu option by pressing the button below it Display Station Codes To check the station for errors anytime after initial power up, follow these steps to display station codes. Cable Management Kit Retractor assembly with pre-installed EV CHARGING ONLY sign (1) Cable clamps (2 sets)** **The type of cable clamps included will vary (see page 4-11). However, the specifications and other information in this manual are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Upgrading and Servicing Guide. Missing Parts? Important: Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by ChargePoint, Inc., could affect the EMC compliance and revoke your authority to operate this product.

4-5, 40 ChargePoint Charging Stations TO INSTALL A SCREW TYPE TOP CAP (to install a snap type top cap, see the previous page) a) Place the top cap over the head assembly as shown, ensuring correct alignment. For more information, refer to the relevant sections in the Product, OEM Manual MODEL 2350 ELECTRONIC DUAL CYLINDER SCALE Scaletron Industries, Ltd. Bedminster Industrial Park 53 Apple Tree Lane P.O. ChargePoint Home. 4. ATTENTION: Please read thoroughly and keep this installation guide. Place the top front bracket over the two corresponding screws protruding from the top rear bracket. Check Boxes for Correct Contents (page 3-2) 2.

Place the pole/base plate assembly over the conduit, ensuring the long curved edge of the base plate is located where you want the front of the charging station located. All mounting hardware is tightly secured and all stations are level and rock solid. Remove and discard the two 3/8 drive shipping screws from the front face of the retractor. Product Description Kit Contents The Wiser Panel Meter is for use in energy management, User guide Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 Contents Introduction3 Function overview3 Hardware overview3 Basics5 Charging the battery5 Battery status5 Turning the headset on and off5, UPGRADING AND SERVICING GUIDE HPTouchSmart 610 PC Computer features may vary by model. Become familiar with the controls and know how to operate, OPL BASIC Dosing System for Professional Laundry machines Contents 1 Getting Started. This manual and, PRO 5000 CPE 1D Quick Installation Guide Introduction This Quick Installation Guide covers the basic installation of the PRO 5000 CPE.

Attached are JELD-WEN s recommended installation instructions for premium composite, hollow and solid core molded Bifold Doors. Warning: During this procedure, keep small parts away from children. IMPORTANT: Do not unwrap the ropes. To ensure adequate signal strength in underground garages or other enclosed parking structures, cellular repeaters may be required. 4-16, 51 Troubleshooting 5 Check the Station s Display When the station is powered on and the Installation Wizard has been completed, you should see: The instructional video, and no error messages. 1-1, 6 ChargePoint Charging Stations Installation Sequence Regardless of the specific type of CT4000 charging station you are installing, and the options included, the high level installation sequence is the same: PREPARE THE INSTALL THE INSTALL THE HEAD PREPARE THE STATION INSTALLATION SITE MOUNTING OPTION AND TOP CAP FOR ACTIVATION Ensure the wiring, circuit protection, and metering is in place. 4-1, 36 ChargePoint Charging Stations Step 1: Check Boxes for Correct Contents Top cap The station s top cap ships in a box containing: Top cap (1) Phillips screws (2) - in some cases, the top cap does not require screws and instead has integrated snaps that allow you to snap it onto the head assembly (see page 4-5) CT4000 Installation Guide (this document) Pay attention to the top cap s attachment type. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. The wireless remote humidity sensor monitors the humidity passing through the return, TCT Multipurpose Single Bevel Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Original Assembly Guide Read instructions before assembling this tool. Blades. Note: Every MGB body is slightly different, P516-098 WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader User guide Para el idioma espaol, navegue hacia www.schlage.com/support. 3-3, 26 ChargePoint Charging Stations Step 3: Mount Rear Brackets to Wall Separate the pre-assembled front and rear brackets by loosening (but not removing) the pre-installed screws. Lift the corresponding white levers, insert the 240 VAC L1 and L2 wires, then push the levers down until they click into their fully closed position.

Do not discard packaging until you ve completed Step 2. 11.5 4 4 13 Optional PT-BASE for new installations or when previous 2000/6000, Compaq Presario Desktop Products Upgrading and Servicing Guide The information in this document is subject to change without notice. An activation label is attached to the head assembly. Overview of Steps Installing the bollard mount involves a few simple steps, summarized below and detailed in the remainder of this chapter: 1. Ensure that the template is level and the side of the packaging insert is plumb. Connect the conduit and run wiring through the conduit and into the main body of the station. Station codes are described on the following pages. Back Up Monitor Kit Contents PT923-35070-11 / PT923-35070-43, Instruction Bulletin EAV85226 08/2014 Wiser Panel Meter, Model Number WISERCTPM200 Installer s Guide Retain for future use. To push the SIM card into the slot, use a corner of the SIM card s carrier, as shown. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. Driver will be unable to use the station to charge their type of vehicle. b) Push the top cap down onto the head assembly to secure it in place. IMPORTANT: Do not unwrap the ropes. In most cases, an electrician can resolve the following station codes that begin with the digit 2 : 201-SIM On initial plug-in, the station detected a ground fault. Pour la portion franaise, veuillez consulter le site www.schlage.com/support. Page 10 5 Troubleshooting Page, To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Customer Name Site Address Gateway NOTE: Gateways begin with GW- Non-gateways begin with NGW- completing both sides, cut or tear along dotted line and give it to the person responsible for activating the station. " FCC/IC Compliance Labels Go to Safety and compliance This document provides instructions to install the ChargePoint Charging Station and should not be used for any other product. For some errors, this top banner displays an error message instead of station information The status icon for each port should display a green check mark. Installation Guide. A, OEM Manual MODEL 2350 ELECTRONIC DUAL CYLINDER SCALE, Lighting Controls ! Updated versions of this document, ReachFree ID Installation Instructions For Portal TI, Sentinel and C-Start Unitec www.startwithunitec.com Proprietary Information and Materials of Unitec, Inc. To do so, push the tab on the terminal block to release the cover plate, then slide the cover plate upwards until it stays in position: Remove the pre-installed flange bolts from the front brackets. Install Batteries 4. User Guide, About the HotWire 7900 10-Slot Standalone Shelf, OWNER S MANUAL Table Tennis Table Patent Pending, XTEND 900 MHZ WIRELESS MODEM For use with VEEDER-ROOT EMR DATALINK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Manual 577013-859, Rev. Components at a Glance The open views of the front and side of the cabinet below are for the TAB20 cabinet. The ChargePoint Charging Station should be installed only by a licensed contractor and a licensed electrician and in accordance with all local and national codes and standards. Use new circuit breakers only. To use this website, you must agree to our. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WIRELESS STATUS MONITOR (WSM or AUWSM) The most current version of this document is available for download at: http://www.ir-swa.com P/N: M053-032-D Schlage 245 W. Roosevelt Road. Installation Instructions DESCRIPTION, TraceTek TTDM Series Leak Detection and Location Modules Replacement Parts Installation Instructions, INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Bifold Doors (JII103), 110244-003.

NOTE: If the station does not power up, check that the head assembly s blue rectangular connector is properly seated onto the terminal block. This prevents any rocking motion between the main body and the base plate. Tighten both flange bolts to 50 in-lbs (117 Nm). Ensure that adequate CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) or GSM (AT&T, Rogers) cellular coverage is available at the installation location.

This allows voltages to remain constant regardless of other loads that may be using the lines. Wyse VX0L and VX0LE Thin Clients 1-GB RAM Upgrade Option Kit. You can find these numbers printed on the bottom of the table. 5-1, 52 ChargePoint Charging Stations Description of Station Codes Code Symptom Possible cause(s) Recommended Action(s) In most cases, a driver can resolve the following station codes that begin with the digit 1 : 101- Over Current Detection n = the number of the applicable port During charging, the vehicle attempted to draw more power than allowed. Dell is a trademark of Dell, Inc. EqualLogic is a registered trademark. 4-10, 45 Installing the Head and Top Cap NOTE - POWER MANAGEMENT KIT If you are using Power Sharing to allow both ports on a dual port station to share a single 40A circuit, the wizard instructs you to install the jumpers that are provided in the optional Power Management Kit (ordered separately). Voltages at all power plates have been verified with a solenoid type voltmeter (such as a Wiggy): Line-to-Line measures 208/240VAC. See Appendix C. Discard shipping screws Top Bottom When handling, always keep the top end higher than the bottom end. MN 04/08 Do not copy or forward without prior approvals MIPRO. Lower the head assembly. Main Body and Mounting Kit Main body, pre-assembled (1) Mounting brackets with pre-installed 1/4-20 screws and 3/8-16x3/4 flange bolts (2 sets) NOTE: The packing box for the brackets serves as a template for drilling mounting holes. Retractable Screen Patent Pending Replacement Screen Instructions For RTS, RET, & RTM Products ATTENTION! Connect Wiring (page 2-8) 8. A01 Copyright 2010 Dell, Inc. All rights reserved. Insert the slot cover, bottom first, into the slot at the bottom of the retractor. After activation: All you will see is the code listed on Help > Station Codes. For detailed wiring diagrams and grounding requirements, see pages 1-4 to 1-6. A Copyright Notices 2012, Wyse Technology Inc. All rights reserved. 4-15, 50 ChargePoint Charging Stations Post-Installation Checklist Before leaving the installation site, complete this checklist for each radio group. ADSL Modem Installation Guide, ZigBee Extender 3. 480-919-P Version D. CWA BT300 Product Information Guide, PS6500 Storage Arrays Rack Mount Instructions, Contractors Guide Central Inverter System Installation, USER GUIDE TURBOCORD TM PORTABLE CHARGER 120V/240V: DUAL VOLTAGE. Turn power OFF. Connect the blue connector to the blue receptacle by the terminal block, ensuring it clicks into place and is fully seated. Installation Manual Elo Touch Solutions Wall-mounting Kit for the 5501L IDS Touchmonitors SW602206 Rev B Table of Contents Chapter 1: Safety Warning 3 Chapter 2: Kit Contents 4 Included in Kit Service Guide Gateway M275 Contents Replacing Gateway M275 Components 1 Identifying the convertible tablet PC model.. 2 Identifying, TM 4.-inch Back-Up Camera Model No. Therefore, do not tilt or carry the retractor assembly with the top end lower than the bottom end. Owner's Manual for Anthro Tablet Charging Cabinets Covers part numbers beginning TAB16 and TAB20. Wiring for a dual circuit installation, see the previous page. After completing the next step on the reverse side, tear out this page and give it to the person responsible for activating the station. This manual and the. Upgrading and Servicing Guide. OPTIONAL: If necessary, remove or replace the EV PARKING sign. After preparing the installation site, you need the following: Ratchet and 3/8 (10 mm) socket* 1/2 drive torque wrench and 15/16 (24 mm) 6-point deep socket, for 5/8 (11 /16 mm) nut** Adjustable wrench Bubble level #2 Phillips screwdriver Wire stripper Voltage tester *For use with assembled SAE hardware. You have now finished the physical installation of the CT4000 charging station and are ready to prepare the station for activation on ChargePoint.

Check Boxes for Correct Contents (page 4-2) 2. Press the station button immediately below the HELP menu option. 1. Under no circumstances will compliance with the information in this manual relieve the user of his/her responsibility to comply with all applicable codes or safety standards. y With the stand removed, the monitor must not exceed 40, Utilitech & UT Design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. Press SELECT. Use the Wizard to Complete the Installation (Page 4-9) 6. Remove all oxide from all conductors and terminals before connecting wiring. OPTIONAL: If necessary, remove or replace the EV PARKING sign. Using a solenoid type voltage tester, check that the voltages at the charging station s terminal block are as follows: Measure Between Volts L1 and L2 208/240 GND and L1 120 GND and L2 120 If the voltages are not as expected, ensure that the wiring has been properly connected as describing on the previous page. Prepare the Station for Activation on ChargePoint (page 4-13) When you have completed these steps, installation is complete.

End the session by inserting the station s plug back into its holster, then restart the session. Mount brackets using screws appropriate for type of wall material (not supplied) Do not remove screws leave about 3/4 (19 mm) protruding 3-4, 27 Installing a Wall Mount Step 4: Prepare Retractor for Mounting To prepare the retractor for mounting: Position the retractor packaging so that the bottom of the retractor is near the bottom of the wall. Slide Head Assembly into Body (page 4-7) 4. NOTE: A more detailed list of the contents in each shipping box is provided in the associated chapter with the step-by-step installation instructions. Remove the foam packaging from the retractor. If situations arise in which it is not possible to perform an installation following the procedures provided in this document, contact ChargePoint, Inc. ChargePoint, Inc. is not responsible for any damages that may occur resulting from custom installations that are not described in this document. If installing multiple radio groups, use one page for each radio group (this page is included in all CT4000 Installation Guides). Note: Follow these instructions carefully. IMPORTANT: The bollard is designed to shed moisture between its bottom surface and the concrete pad. Use this card to authorize a charging session. CT4000 Input Voltage Measurements 208V/240V 208V/240V 208V/240V 120V 208V/240V VOLTAGE CAN BE EITHER 208V OR, 33 Installing a Wall Mount You have now finished installing the wall mount and are ready to install the head assembly and top cap. Maintenance Bypass Panel with Power Distribution (wall-mount) 10-30 kva 208 V, Mercury Helios 2 ASSEMBLY MANUAL & USER GUIDE, ATS Overhead Table Shelf System INSTRUCTION MANUAL, Mini Speaker. Prepare Retractor for Mounting (page 2-6) 6. No accuracy guarantee Reasonable effort was made to ensure that the specifications and other information in this manual are accurate and complete at the time of its publication. chargepoint modem gw1