or redistributed. The "unwashed masses" (of which I proudly consider myself) are crashing the gates and The Establishment hates it!

Republican Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker have been particularly tough on Trump in response to the tariffs, and Corker has perhaps been tougher on Trump than any other Republican lawmaker. During your victory speech, you spoke about the future of the Republican party in the state, and how it might be a little fragile considering how the demographics are changing. The millennials are going to be a bigger voting block than the baby boomers, and baby boomers tend to be more conservative. President Donald Trump, who was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Though all precincts have reported, provisional ballots are yet to be tallied in the incredibly close race, however. Well, it could only happen in America., Jacobs celebrating an early projected victory for Knox County Mayor. I think hes helping. We knocked on over 50,000 doors in Knox County over the course of 15 months. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Glenn Jacobs made his name playing the masked wrestler Kane. "The people who cast a ballot for me, my great team, my wonderful volunteers. Jacobs, a 50-year-old Republican who also runs a real estate and insurance business, overwhelmingly defeated Democratic nominee Linda Haney to become mayor of Knox County. The small-government libertarian achieved fame as a masked villain nicknamed the Big Red Machine.. From [wrestlers] perspective, it is kind of eye-opening. The Undertaker signalled his return when his hat, coat and gloves disappeared from the ring. To what extent did Trumps win inspire you to run? Braun Strowman helped Matt Hardy to victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. When you talk about consumers, its not like stuff goes up a huge amount. Jacobs says positive change and growth for rural communities needs to start at home, and local politics will prove to be infinitely more relevant to citizens' day to day lives than the lawmakers of D.C. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. What are policies of final two hoping to be UK PM? Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon were attacked by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn before the bell.

Rousey even managed to hoist The Game onto her shoulders. Brock Lesnar leaves WrestleMania 34 with the WWE Universal Championship. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper on the Smackdown Tag Team titles. Debbie Helsley won the Democrat Primary with 5,919 votes, while Tyler Givens had 1,397 and Bob Fischer had 662 votes. It gives the IRS the ability to arbitrarily interpret many of the rules, which can lead to trouble when youre a taxpayer. According to his campaign website, Jacobs stood on a platform calling to keep taxes low, focus on quality education, attracting new jobs to the area, and improving local infrastructure. The wrestler-turned-politician sounds off on Trump, tariffs and the possibility of getting back in the ring. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon), (Gerardo Zavala/Jam Media/LatinContent via Getty Images), Former WWE champ Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs on running for mayor, Lee Zeldin's would-be attacker 'tackled' by group of bystanders: 'He had a blade on his hand', Jan. 6 Committee attempts to show Trump deliberately ignored calls from staff to deescalate riot, Lee Zeldin, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate, attacked at campaign stop, House committee advances legislation including deeper look into government UFO reports.

Glenn Jacobs, who wrestling fans will know better as Kane, won two-thirds of the vote in Knox County, beating Democrat Linda Haney. ", He continued, "I think what's happened is the woke people have really overplayed their hand. Theres a carbon fiber company herethat can really do some great things. Nakamura appeared to show the utmost respect to Styles after his victory. We need to cut the corporate tax. Crystal and I are immensely grateful for your support. WWE is always going to be part of me and hopefully Ill always be part of it. I heard Governor Haslam speak last year, and he was worried about it. He is pushing things as far as he can to get them to pull back, and then hell pull back, as well. Jacobs was born on a U.S. Air Force base in Madrid, Spain. Until recently, most people knew Glenn Jacobs as Kane, his WWE superstar persona, who was the disfigured younger brother of The Undertaker. He received some criticism for that. It did. We want to hear from you! However, the mayor has become more closely associated with the mainstream thread of the Republican Party following the victory of former President Donald Trump. Jax tossed Bliss around like a rag doll before claiming victory. He put out a tweet challenging the EU to drop all their barriers and all their tariffs and we can have actual free trade, and thats great. "I'm sure some people will say that [I'm not focused] and some others will say that's the coolest thing ever. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The timing was right as the county mayor is term-limited, so there was no incumbent and it was an open seat. As time went on and I started thinking more seriously about it, I started to think that I really could do it. Jacobs' win is secured but won't be official for a few days due to the slim margin of victory and several provisional ballots to be counted. But Jinder Mahal snatched victory at the death. "As I got older, I got more interested in politics I've always taken a casual interest in politics, since I was in high school. I havent heard much about the impact here.

Stay tuned for more. Kane won the WWE edition of the game show "The Weakest Link," securing $82,000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. glenn knox

Theres baggage associated with that. I appreciate your support!#JacobsForMayor pic.twitter.com/RLjKuuH3T8. Most people know Jacobs, 51, who is seven feet tall and over 300 pounds, as the WWE wrestling giantboth figuratively and literallycalled Kane. On to August!, The Big Red Mayor also issued a formal statement on his primary win, captioning it with, Tonight was a victory for our Knox County conservative values. Mayor Glenn Jacobs and Shermichael Singleton speak onstage during Politicon 2019 at Music City Center on Oct. 27, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. Kane shocked the wrestling world with unprecedented pyrotechnics, a complex backstory and a dark edge not seen in years. The guys actually have to write a check out to the U.S. treasury, to the IRS. One thing about the WWE and fiscal conservatism is that we are independent contractors, which means that were not subject to withholding tax. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee appeared to have won the first-round election for the GOP nomination by defeating candidates Brad Anders and Bob Thomas by just 17 votes. More on @wbir pic.twitter.com/FUto2f68Q8, Thanks to my friends at Love That BBQ, and everyone who came out this evening! 1, Undertaker Makes Surprise Appearance And More WWE San Diego Comic-Con Notes, Adam Cole Provides Update On His Recovery From Injury. Kane, taking two top stars down during the WWE Raw event at Rose Garden arena in Portland, Oregon, Feb. 27, 2012. The mayor says he tries to be as upfront with his constituents as possible, on both the good and the bad. Asked if he sees a cultural divide expanding between the left and right, Jacobs believes there are fundamentally good people on all sides of politics, but the loudest and most aggressive are dominating the discourse. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. You can see Kanes related tweets from Primary Night below: Have a news tip or correction?

The win is indicative of the boon President Trump has been to outsiders seeking political office. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

Maybe Im not talking to the right people. If I were ever to become president, which is not something I plan on doing, the first thing I would do would be to eliminate the withholding tax so that everyone has to write a check.

Jacobs speaks bluntly about the successes and stumbles of Knox County. The WWE superstar, known by his ring name "Kane,"won the race for mayor in Tennessees third-largest county.

Each email has a link to unsubscribe. World heavyweight champion Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs joins 'Your World' to discuss wining the GOP nomination for Knox County mayor in Tennessee. Glenn Jacobs, 55, is the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. If you look at the international division of labor, some things are just going to be cheaper to make somewhere else.

Thats not free trade. Legal Statement. The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee appeared to have won the first-round election for the GOP nomination by defeating candidates Brad Anders and Bob Thomas by just 17 votes. ", "Most of the people that I deal with here are good people. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Read my statement here , Edge Reportedly Bringing Back Old Gimmick For WWE Comeback. 2022 FOX News Network, LLC.

The pair of on-camera siblings became one of the wrestling world's most famous and decorated tag teams the Brothers of Destruction. Our favorite Politico, @WATE_Mark taking matters into his own hands talking to Glenn Jacobs, Republican primary winner for Knox Co. Mayor. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. 'We've spent years preparing our Comic-Con costumes' Video, 'We've spent years preparing our Comic-Con costumes', Russia 'looting' steel bound for Europe and UK, New telescope catches dead suns smashing together, Ex-policeman jailed for George Floyd killing role, US reports first polio case in nearly a decade. Lesnar and Reigns face-off three years after their first WrestleMania clash. Or do you feel like he already does and just has some sort of larger strategy in mind. I was a big supporter of Ron Paul when he ran for president in 2008, 2012," Jacobs told Fox News. "Thanks to everyone who helped win this historic victory!!" https://t.co/I4E5YQhYCC.

A casual fan of wrestling, Jacobs thought it would be an interesting sport to try he ended up making the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. Looking forward to VICTORY in the general election!". Is Europe set for its worst wildfire season? Im wishing I had a stool. If everybody concentrates on what theyre good at, that drives prices down and its good for everybody. Nothing? Market data provided by Factset. Whether you agree with him or not, what he does is not based on political expediency. They're just tired of getting it shoved in their face.

We get into trouble then when we have a policy that is not in the best interest of those companies. ROH Death Before Dishonor Live Coverage Tomorrow. His colleagues at the WWE were also quick to tweet congratulations. "In my primary, I only won by 23 votes in that one, so every vote really does count and I want to make sure I get as many as I possibly can," Jacobs told WATE 6. And Jacobs did not let his campaign for Knox County mayor get in the way of his campaigns on the canvas, continuing to wrestle in the ring. Who would have thought that all this could happen to a guy like me? Millions of people have watched me perform live, Jacobs wrote on his campaign website. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the GooglePrivacy policyandTerms of serviceapply. In June, notorious brothel owner Dennis Hof won a seat in the Nevada state legislature. He and his wife are also owners of an insurance company in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jacobs ran unopposed in the Republican Primary and brought in 24,675 votes, according to KnoxNews.com. You just do what you can and that's it you're always going to catch criticism no matter what you do.". If re-elected, the public can expect four more years of leadership with conservative values top of mind," he added. The Undertaker's entrance lasted nearly as long as his win over John Cena. A lot of our guys think, Gosh, how much money are they getting? Then you start seeing some of the waste and it just drives you nuts. Were seeing two guys who were definitely outside the establishment. We end up screaming at each other a lot in this country, but thats not constructive for anybody. Ronda Rousey soaks up the atmosphere on her way to the ring. All Rights Reserved. Theres a carbon fiber company here.

After growing up in Missouri, he went to university on a basketball scholarship before making the unexpected jump to football. You identify as a Libertarian and have cited writers like Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard as influences. Though the 51-year-old never officially left the ring, his given name has taken precedence in recent years. He will now go up against the Democrat Primary winner in August. Jacobs, who edgedBrad Anders by just 17 votes,will battle Democrat Linda Haney inthe general election Aug. 2. "Four years ago, I pledged to stay true to my conservative values as mayor. Theyre on the cutting edge. Thats what we have to think about it. So I think that sometimes libertarians discount that.". Glenn Jacobs, better known as WWE wrestler Kane, easily won his race to become the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

All Rights Reserved. You mention the tariffs, which have been hitting Tennessee particularly hard. His campaign logo features a flame, a sly nod to the facial burns that required his character Kane to wear a mask, and his red and black campaign motif mimicked that of his WWE brand. Also, dont make other people clean up your messes and expect other people to fix your life.

Nobody could have envisioned a pandemic and the economic shutdown that followed, but Im proud Knox County has been able to weather the storm without a tax increase," Jacobs told local outlets. About 13 months and tens of thousands of knocked-doors later, he won the Republican primary although by only 23 votes all but ensuring hed helm the legislature of the states third-largest county, which Trump won by nearly 24 percentage points. Jacobs told the Knoxville News Sentinel before the election that he planned to focus on his duties as mayor, and less on his professional wrestling career.