For beginners, a larger board is helpful to smooth over mistakes that drive you downwind. (this is a term for that moment when you release your edge and the kite bar and lines go very slack, a feeling of no power) at this moment you pass the bar in a move. The boards that we carry at Kites and More that fit this category are the Cabrinha Ace Wood, Cabrinha Ace carbon, Cabrinha XO ladies board and the Eleveight Process. Hopefully this might have given you a base of knowledge from which you can start your research and ask questions of our team here at24-7 Boardsports. Larger boards will help you plane easier in lighter winds and keep you up above the water when the wind lulls. Required fields are marked *, KiteBud is an authorised Airush Kiteboarding retailer. As you gain experience, you will be able to safely extend the limits of your skills and comfort zone, hence the range of wind you can handle with a single kite size will gradually expand. You may also want to check our completekiteboard buyers guideto learn everything about finding your perfect fit.

Kitefoil tips for novice kitefoilers: weight forward, Wingsurfing quickly more popular than kite surfing and windsurfing? Remember that doubling the wind speed quadruples the power in your kite! You will be notified if your request needs to special ordered. All lessons and gear purchase are subject to agreement of ourWaiver. The are a fantastic option if you are living / riding somewhere with exceptionally light sea breezes, or if you are a heavier rider who spends a lot of time on a 15 19m kite. Pay attention. On the opposite, overpowered riding is easy, but quickly gets dangerous and scary if your kite is too big for the wind conditions.

Larger fins provide better load and pop and also help with landings as well. Sometimes, you may need to have a kite as small as 3 meters! This is one reason why you shouldnt compare yourself to other riders on the beach. Ultimately, the type of board you use (Twin tip, surfboard, hydrofoil, etc.) Nobile Split - the ultimate travel board. A twintip therefore offers a lot of convenience compared to surf/wave style kitesurf boards and also a lot of freedom. The mentioned rules of thumb also have a tipping point where they lose their benefits. As a beginner, both underpowered and overpowered situations are not recommended. All this to say that you should not always rely on comparing yourself to other riders to pick the kite size you will use. Passed this point, it all depends on your motivation for catching either the lighter winds (sub 18 knots) or the occasional blasting conditions (more than 25 knots), keeping in mind that you may have to develop extra skills before you can ride in these wind speeds. Fins provide grip in the water and allow you to edge harder without the board slipping out. Choosing a kiteboard can be. well.. The smallest kite all other riders had that day was a 7m which was way too big.

Each with its own details that suit the kitesurfer's sailing style. If there's something you're itching to try just give us a call and see if we can arrange it for you! I was overpowered on 4m kite (Im 60kg) and my partner was well powered on a 3m kite (Hes over 90kg). This is a general and indicative overview. Your own level and style of kiting is another factor to consider, if you are still in the early stages a bigger board can be helpful. When I first started researching kite boards I figured I should get the biggest twin tip available. Concave is the curvature of the bottom of the board from heal to toe. Because you will need more kite power to get you up and riding, you will nose dive and crash a lot more, your upwind ability will suffer? Consider the season and weather as well. Small fins allow you to slide the board out easier. Even with a big kite and a big board, it can be hard to enjoy kitesurfing in less than 15 knots, especially if you are a heavier rider. Crafted for speed, control and big air with ultimate ride comfort in any condition. Most kite size guides such as the one above are based on a rider between 75 and 80 KG (165-175 Pounds). I'm going to talk specifically about twin tips here, some of these concepts will apply to surfboards as we'll but there's even more going on there in terms of outline and volume to fit specific purposes in the waves than I want to get into here. 2021 Cabrinha Ace Hybrid Twintip Kiteboard. Most are made using Paulownia wood, known for its lightweight and springy properties. (631) 691-0793

In this article 'Foot straps kiteboard'we explain everything about it so that you can adjust your foot straps perfectly.

There is no universal weight vs. wind speed vs. kite size chart, as every kite model is different, but kitesurfing manufacturers usually publish some graphs to help you estimate what you need.

With less weight and a smaller foot size, a flexible kiteboard is easier to control. He rides with his kite trimmed to unhook, with the bar at the chicken loop most of the time, so he doesn't have lots of ability to sheet in for extra power during lulls, so the bigger board needs to carry him through them. Our Mr Average as a newbie might look at a 138 x 42. Be honest about your actual weight as a 10kg difference will have a direct influence on your choice of kite size. to learn everything about finding your perfect fit. To help you build your own idea of how to shop for your first kitesurfing kite, weve designed this simple guide. A tapered or rounded board means less board pounding and slapping on the water, giving an easier ride and less impact on the knees and body. This prevents you from falling silent when the wind drops for a while. Failure to do so will result in a $75 cancellation fee. The wind is often stronger and more stable on the coast than on inland waters. As a beginner, both underpowered and overpowered situations are not recommended. An experienced kiter of average weight (about 75kg) could use any of these boards to kitesurf with, so what makes one size preferable over another? 199821942. Your body weight is crucial for guiding you towards an appropriate size of kite, so if you havent weighted yourself for a long time, find an accurate scale and weigh yourself. We will utilize USPS, UPS, or Fed-Ex for all international shipments.Due to shipper limitations on size and weight of packages**, we will be unable to ship certain larger items (most kiteboards) to certain destinations. What kiteboard type or size do you need? In the big sizes, most brands skip some sizes for this reason.

Your email address will not be published. Soft flex, and a flatter rocker line will also help with this. OK, so now we are going to look specifically at the dimensions and the effect they have on a board for different users. Kiteboarding is an amazingly free feeling. Mostly the same shape but with changes in the construction methods to increase stiffness or weight. Especially for the board size all other calculators just throw out ridiculous board sizes that dont even exist! If you are just starting out, you should start by watching our video tutorials and reading the following blog articles: Kitesurfing Trainer kite, Yay or Nay? With a flatter and wider kiteboard you walk faster. Instead of buying a kite for every wind condition, you should consider what wind conditions you will most often be going out into, and this is directly related to the geographical location. This is the best kite size calculator Ive found so far, and Ive tried many! This is really important in the early stages as you need all the assistance you can get to give you time to signwave the kite to generate power.Also with these well priced boards they tend to come made from A wood core, this offers a great flex and rebound pattern. Deposits on gear purchases are not valid or refundable after120 days from the date of original deposit. Its vitally important to not go to small on your first board. This is the, Hopefully this might have given you a base of knowledge from which you can start your research and ask questions of our team here at. We are also assuming that, during your lessons, your learned that kites come in various sizes and are universally measured in square meters, which represent the total surface area of your kite. His reasoning for this is a bit of a full circle to our beginners requirements, he needs a board which will keep planing on landing a trick with slack lines, until the kite recovers it's pull. Returns / Refund / Cancellation. When you are ready to progress to the next level of board this one you can keep as a light wind board. This is why we offer 30-days-money-back, free shipping to most parts of the globe with Delivery Duty Paid, ultra fast delivery and Pay in 2 interest-free terms services. Now is the time to launch a smaller kite or grab a smaller kiteboard. Similarly, some discipline-specific kites will deliver different power. Precisely because you want to get back on the water as soon as possible. As a beginner, a larger fin set will give you best overall performance. That means more water to push and greater resistance. | Disclaimer | Contact, What length of kiteboard do I need? This reminds me of a session I had in Augusta (Western Australia) when the wind was blowing between 40 and 45 knots.

and its size can make a difference in the power needed for riding. As we talked about in the beginner board section, width is really key to getting you up and riding. | Find out more on how we use cookies. Payment methods accepted: Credit Card (VISA, MASTER CARD), Google Pay (Gpay), PayPal, Poli Bank Transfer, Manual bank transfer, Pay ID, EFTPOS, All transactions are fully encrypted and secured, As the new owners of Airborne Kitesurfing we are now retailing Airush products Online only, KiteBud is a Kiteboarding Australia affiliated school operating with a council permit. But first, youll need a board to stand on. consider what wind conditions you will most often be going out into. The board size is probably the most important aspect of a board. Beginner boards? This means the board will soak up the choppy conditions like suspension and give you a smooth ride. For example, a 9m Airush Razor (freestyle kite pictured above on the left) will generate less power than a 9m Airush Lithium (freeride kite pictured above on the right) simply due to its shape. As the wind speed increases, a large board will become difficult to hold an edge. "What board would be the right size for me?". Once you picked a location, you need to do your homework and study the wind statistics for your particular location. Welcome to the NY Kite Centers website. More experienced riders will be looking to theHydrofoil in lighter winds, or using a Foil kite to generate better power, and continue to use their normal twin tip. with the specific item. Now I ride a mix of boards from 135 145 cm. Kite surfers with a smaller foot as well as ladies and children with a small foot size prefer a less wide kiteboard. This credit amount is valid for up to12 months from theoriginal purchasedate. If your gift card balance doesnt cover the total cost of your order, we will charge you the remaining amount to your credit or debit card. There are many other characteristics of a board which will affect your choice of size, but I'll say more about them in detail in a later post. A board with increased rocker will provide better pop and landings.

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Everything you'll need to know for a perfect match, including common comparisons. With the current crop of kites and boards being so good and having ever wider range of use each year, it makes the choice of size slightly less critical than it used to be. Any unused funds from a purchased gift card will be credited to your account and will remain eligible with us for up to 12 months from the original date of purchase.

This is a really good question and one that I looked at briefly as part of a broader overview in thearticle about choosing kite boards.

Limited Edition 2021 designs based on natural patterns and vivid gradients, created by our Lieuwe Featured Artists Klip Design. thank you so much for this awesome piece of work! Demo boards are always available. In flat water conditions, you can typically get away with using a smaller fin.

We can waive this rule for larger orders on a case by case basis.All orders with non-matching billing and shipping addresses will require a valid phone number for voice verification. Need help deciding which kite size to buy? Front roll kitesurf trick in 11 steps. Wingfoilen Brouwersdam Beautiful evening session. This aspect contributes to a smoother ride. The board will have an excessive amount of Rocker (very banana like) this makes the board stiffer and ride slower, the extra rocker makes the board feel smooth, but also lacking in upwind performance. Upwind performance is also really important for your first runs. This width and length table is based on a beginner to intermediate level kite surfer with a standard freeride twintip kiteboard. Lessons are complete and your itching to get on the water by yourself but you just hit google and typed in Kiteboard and all of a sudden you are hit with a massive selection of products you know nothing about! As the outline and shape remains the same.. but by using carbon the Flex will have altered and made the board a stiffer ride. A larger board will be easier to stay upwind when winds are light. I wanted a board with lots of float, and the ability to go easily in both directions without jibing. Get up to 25% Off 2020 Winter and Summer Wetsuits from ION, Mystic and Ride Engine! Terms and Conditions| You should also consider whether your preferred location is in shallow waters (in a lagoon or river for example) or in the open ocean. A freeride twin tip kiteboard is everyone's friend. You should also know that not all kites generate the same amount of power for the same size. When kitesurfing with a shorter and flatter kiteboard, the nose dives under water faster. Try different fin sizes to see how it suits your particular riding style. Pack into a tiny case and no questions at Cabrinha Spectrum - light wind machine with great performance. Kitesurfing with Short Arms. Below is an example of a kite size guide from Airush for their most popular model, the Lithium. You could have an average wind speed of 20 knots, with 50 days a year reaching 25 knots and 50 days a year with 15 knots, and the wind never reaching 20 knots. Eventually, you will develop a personal preference and feel out the board that is right for you. A 55kg girl will want a 128 x39 for the same conditions a 95kg rider might want a 140 x 42.

Twin tips are the most common kiteboards and will provide a more accessible and wider range of use.

Firstly, you'll notice that twin tips are measured in centimeters, with the measurement being given as length x width, you might see a board described as 138 x 42.

Its not a matter of judging you according to your weight, but simply to gauge how much power is needed to pull you on the water, so dont be offended if your instructor or shopkeeper asks about your weight. Its like moving up to a Hot hatch from your first car. A board with a flat rocker will be easier to hold an edge and go upwind. This type of board will tend to have a flatter rocker line (the Bend in the board from Tip to Tale) designed to get the board up and planning early. This may sound confusing but this will not effect the shape of the board. This means that its very likely that your closest kitesurfing spot has a main season that typically lasts at least 3 months and up to 6 to 7 months. After your kitesurfing lesson you will probably soon purchase your own kitesurf set at. This way they can also place the foot straps in such a way that the heel side is more against the edge of the kiteboard. Stiffness in a board is a good thing as you progress, it will offer more control, more pop and the ability to ride the board at a greater speed. Large Package dimensions are based on the shipping carrier's current size limitations and are subject to surcharges. If the total cost of the order is less than the balance on your gift card(s), any unused balance will remain on your account for up to 12 months from the original purchase date of the gift card. Take note of the temperature as well. This style of board / riding has come from riders who want to work on kite low tricks.

His focus is on flat water so it's ok for him to hold the edge on a bigger board when the wind comes up, especially in wake boots!

As a newbie, you will struggle to cover a wind range of more than 10 knots with a single size of kite. Keep in mind that those graphs (such as the one below) are not realistic for beginner kitesurfers. Twintip kiteboards are by far the most used kiteboards. The quad concave bottom of the Ace makes for a smooth ride and gives a bit of a gripping feeling. Big kudos for this, I finally understand what it is that I need to get. As you can see, a twintip is a kiteboard that you can sail both to the left and to the right. NYKC also reserves the right to ask for a government issued ID to be used to verify the purchase. The rocker is the curvature of the bottom of the board from tip to tip (think a rocking chair or banana). There is always some confusion over the length and width, the With is really crucial to getting a board planning. If you choose to use a freight forwarding company, we require that they have a location within the United States.