I also like to uncheck the Recent Tags shortcut, since I rarely use Tags in macOS. To help with this problem, you can configure the Finder to always display folders at the top of a list. Instead, Mac users would have to hold down Ctrl while clicking to access context menus and so on. With earlier Macs, there was no right mouse click. The Sidebar tab allows users to enable folders like Movies, Music, Pictures, and the User folder as Favorites for quick access in the Finder sidebar. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most from your Apple computer. Click on the command to expand the window and browse the characters by type. Volume controls can be found within the new Control Center in macOS Big Sur, but I prefer to have a singular volume control button directly in the menu bar for quicker access. Emojis that fail to render are usually displayed as a triangle. To make searches always default to the current folder, go to Finder preferences Advanced, and select the Search the Current Folder option in the dropdown box beneath When performing a search. calligraphy Lets look at some here. In the event that it wont turn on, there are some steps you can take to get it working again. how to do this: By following the above steps, you will also be able to receive text messages from non-iPhone on your Mac.

Not going to be the only new person using your new Mac? One of the last things you want when using your Mac is a freeze-up. To rename files in Finder: This is great for being able to send and receive text messages on your Mac, especially if your iPhone battery is low or you dont take it on hand. Some of the basics of using macOS are similar to Windows. If you use a mouse instead of a trackpad, youll want to boost the tracking speed via System Preferences Mouse. Then select an app, and click Force Quit. You need to have a look around to find where everything is and what everything does. Others prefer inverted colors when using their computer at night, as it changes the white background to black, reducing glare. He takes pride in being able to explain things in a simple, clear and concise manner. These Mac tips and tricks are waiting for you. location, email address, or IP address. With over 5 years of supporting Mac users, Ruslana lives and breathes everything Mac. Here come another Mac tips and tricks which would be fun to explore surely. Place your cursor in the text field where you want to add the emoji. Nevertheless, many users are still not aware of Mac tips and tricks that can be performed on a Mac or every hidden feature. You will then be able to fix the volume level above or below it. Its where you can tweak system settings and control how your Mac runs. By executing the following shortcuts, you can achieve more precise volume control. I tend to adjust my tracking speed to level 9, which is just one level short of the max value. Press Cmd + Shift + 3 to screen grab your whole screen. If you have an iPhone, Apple has made it easy to share items between your phone and your Mac, using AirDrop. Heres your download. software. Then you might want to set up some new users. use cookies When entering the recipients contact details, if you see a red box against the To: field, they are not registered with iMessage. Sponsor:Get AirBuddy 2to level up your AirPods on Mac. In the far left, theres an Apple icon. This stays the same, no matter what app youre in, and it offers system shortcuts, as well as options to shut down, log out or restart. As we use emoji in everyday messaging, it can bring emoji pens quickly and easily. When you suspect there might be malware on your Mac, use an antivirus app like MacKeeper to find and remove malware. Hot Corners allow you to execute a specific action whenever you move the pointer to one of the four corners of your Macs display. In macOS, youll use the Command (Cmd) key for most Mac keyboard shortcuts, which will have either a picture of an Apple on it or a clover leaf symbol. Sign in using your Apple ID (associated with your iPhone). That uninstalled software that is still bothering your PC with residual files! Tech expert, Apple lover, and well, a cutie. Click the plus button, and you should find macOS is able to automatically find your printer. Microsoft licenses Windows to computer makers and sells it to individuals. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: Apples Mac lineup consists of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. And you can open that menu using the Windows key on your keyboard. Sign your name on the trackpad using your finger. You can also switch between light and dark mode. So head into your System Preferences, and select Energy Saver. Press Cmd + Opt + Esc to open the Force Quit Applications tool. This shortcut lends quick access to the Applications, Library, System, and Users folder. Just as Windows has its Task Manager, macOS has Activity Monitor.

Change the slider to green (on) to allow your Mac to send and receive text messages. What will happen to your phone if you get Airdrop from another Apple device? Without sound, you cant, of course, enjoy music or videos on your Mac. How iPhone and Apple Watch are taking on health. Be sure to watch the full video for a hands-on walkthrough of the following Mac tips: If you spend just a little time at the outset to properly configure your setup, youll have a better overall workflow. The more you learn how to use your Mac, the more youll discover you can do with it. A major advantage of using the App Store is that Apple controls whats allowed in it, so youre less likely to download something that contains malware. It has everything youd expect from a modern browser, including a private browsing mode. When youre deep in the middle of a piece of work or engrossed in a web article, you might lose track of where the mouse cursor is. Apple computers use their own operating system, called macOS, which used to be called Mac OS X. Just dont change anything if youre unsure what it does. Drag and drop files to recipients. In Finder preferences, go to the Advanced tab, and check the box under the Keep folders on top heading. The answer will immediately pop up in the spotlight as a search result. Of course, the User Library should only be accessed if you know what youre doing, but I often use it to manage application preferences, and to access configuration files for Final Cut Pro. You can also rearrange them to put them in whatever order suits you best. You dont have to use Safari, though. It includes apps your Mac came with and ones youve installed yourself. Type in the recipients phone number and press Enter. Most popular browsers are available for macOS, including Chrome. Apple does things quite differently. (you can change the format and number as you wish). Any questions for the author? Macs had long been praised for their ability to perform actions outside of remits of Windows computers. For new Mac installs I like to customize the Finder by visiting the Sidebar tab of Finder preferences. In fact, theyre generally seen as being more user friendly than Windows PCs. Like iPhones, Macs come with their own App Store. This feature is useful if an app is refusing to close or is slowing down your Mac. Scroll through all the available emojis and categories or use the search box at the top of the window. macOS has built-in screen grab and screen recording functionality. If you follow that shortcut by pressing Space, you can switch to grabbing a screenshot of a particular app or window. In the Spotlight search window, just start typing what youre looking for, and it will start giving you suggestions as you type. To remove Spotlight, hold the key while dragging the Spotlight icon from the menu bar towards the middle of the desktop until you see an (x) icon. The more you use dictation, the more you will find it in hearing. The first 100 9to5Mac readers/viewers willget AirBuddy 2 with a 20% discount! Dictation software has been around for many years but has not yet become as ubiquitous and widely used as expected. Or it can involve resetting various settings or even factory resetting your Mac. use dont contain any type of personal data meaning they never store information such as your Sometimes you might find your Mac does everything its supposed to, just very, very slowly. You can do this with your mouse, trackpad, or camera. The Mac runs macOS for its operating system. We respect your privacy and To enable right-click, go to System Preferences Mouse, and check the box next to Enable Secondary Click. That doesnt mean you should avoid other software completely, but be careful about where you download apps from. Some apps may need other files to run, which are stored in other parts of your Mac. And when they do, theyre going to notice a few big differences. This guide is just a Mac and MacBook 101, but the possibilities are endless, so perhaps the best advice we can give you is to simply enjoy using your Mac. In those cases, there may be some leftover files to deal with after you delete the main app. When your signature appears in the window, click Done (or click to clear to , if you dont like the result). You can add new users from System Preferences > Users & Groups, and you can set and change user passwords here too. To enable Hot Corners, go to System Preferences Mission Control Hot Corners, and configure one or more of the four corners via the dropdown boxes. Based on Unix, this is different from Windows both inside and out. Select Rename Item from within the menu that appears. On the right side of the menu bar is your notification area, which includes shortcuts to some apps and settings, including wi-fi, date and time. Folders can sometimes get lost in the shuffle when sorting by name. As you might expect, you can change the look of macOS. You can download and install apps from anywhere. Since desktop Macs, like the iMac and Mac mini, lack Touch ID authentication, its the quickest way to unlock your Mac on these machines. For example, the ability to go back and forward in apps like Safari with just a simple one-finger swipe gesture is handy for navigating around macOS. 30+ Mac tips for new setups that everyone should know [Video], Disable floating thumbnail for screenshots, Disable Show recent applications in Dock, Enable Automatically hide and show the Dock, Enable Automatically hide and show the menu bar. To stop playing spades, click Done under the microphone icon, press Fn once, or switch to another window. You may find when you scroll with your mouse, it goes in the opposite direction to what you were expecting. But Macs have a strong following too, so many Windows users may eventually buy an Apple machine. Since were all used to just tapping on our iPhones and iPads, its a change that translates easily. When fixing your Mac, you should try to use a process of elimination to find the cause. Place the cursor where you want the spades to begin.

Youll find the settings in System Preferences. The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (2022 Updated), How to Fix Windows Update When It Gets Stuck, How to Disable Startup Items in Windows 10, How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11. From finding your way around the operating system to troubleshooting any problems. Hold down the options button on your keyboard. One easy way to find it is to move your mouse around or move your finger around on your MacBooks trackpad. You can also use keyboard shortcuts. woes Now you can click on any window you want and take a shot of the entire window, including the shadow. With just a flick of the wrist you can perform actions like putting your display to sleep, showing the desktop, launching Mission Control, etc. You can find this under Applications > Utilities, or you can open it using Spotlight. When you perform a search within a Finder window, macOS defaults to search everywhere on your Mac. Our tech support can help you master it. Today, macOS supports right-clicking, but if you still want to use the Ctrl key, you can with the left mouse button on your mouse. If you face any problem then contact our Technical Support Team who gives you customized solutions to any issues.

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Click above to open the MacKeeper file from your Downloads, Select Continue to begin the installation, MacKeeper is all set to optimize your Mac. Click command + space to launch spotlight. Mac tips and tricks can help you with that, simply hit Option + Shift + K, and you are done. This can be as simple as checking your power cables and plugs. Since you can access Spotlight search with a simple +Space keyboard combination, I recommend removing the Spotlight shortcut from the menu bar, which is slower, and takes up space. To do this on a Mac, just follow this method: Please note that this does not work in each text entry field, but usually works in messages and emails.

Want to quickly and easily create an Apple icon in a text message, email, and text document? The dock is the bar of the app icon on your desktop screen. Wiggling the mouse cursor like this will cause it to temporarily grow, so its easy to find on your screen. You can change the desktop background, the screensaver and the color of certain elements of macOS. This saves you having to type in your password to unlock your Mac. Please note: If you have synced your contacts with your Mac, you should be able to click the if + sign to connect people directly to the contact list. Siri is Apples voice assistant the same one it uses on iPhones. Hold down the Shift + option and tap the volume up or down keys. Unlike in Windows, the Applications folder doesnt generally contain any other folders. Using a Mac isnt difficult. You can set all of these up in System Preferences > Trackpad. The cookies we These cookies are strictly necessary for enabling basic website functionality (including page Just click it to get started! There are some additional aspects to using the snipping tool on the Mac screen: Since more official documentation is digitally recorded, it is important to be able to digitally sign documents such as PDFs. Assuming its enabled on both devices, you can drag and drop files into your iPhone or to upload to your Mac. Our video walkthrough covers even more getting started tips, including tips for better managing screenshots, two instrumental third-party Mac apps in Yoink and Alfred, and several handy tips for perfecting the Dock interface. Connecting printers to your Mac is usually pretty easy, especially if your printer is already connected to your network. To turn colors on your Mac screen, follow this simple method: The ability to dictate is very useful, especially for those who want to make notes or even decide long content while doing other activities. You may have to make some efforts to correct the three-finger tap, but once you master it, the process will become muscle memory and youll find it easier to launch every time for the first time. Select the Notification Center icon in the menu bar and it will shade itself, indicating that DND (Do Not Disturb) is on. moulcy