Please stay safe, stay away from any down power lines, and use generators or other heat sources carefully. Storm FAQ Heat pumps, which are normally efficient in our climate, are much less efficient when temperatures drop below freezing. Livingston Headquarters1157 East Church StreetP.O. Ice can weigh down powerlines and trees, which can cause lines to break or other equipment to fail. To deal with the overload situation, the circuit must be brought online in smaller increments. Storm FAQ Box 1121Livingston, Texas 77351 Let's all stay safe and stay warm.

You can also follow us on Facebook for outage updates. The interactive map offers detailed information about current system outages, including locations, members affected and restoration estimates. Service Request, 2000-2022 Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Privacy Policy| Legal Disclaimer, Residential Solar and Distributed Energy Resources, Thank you for your patience, and thanks to our dedicated linemen and all our employees for your commitment to serving our Co-op members through this extraordinary winter weather event. 2021 Annual ReportAnnual Meeting is June 14Sam Houston EC Awards $81,000 to Local SeniorsRestoring Power Safely, Look for Your Board Election BallotCelebrate Electricity Safety MonthSave Electricity This SummerMore Alike than Different, Livingston Headquarters1157 East Church StreetP.O.

Offering this level of information through the Co-ops website, Stapleton added, will aid tremendously in communications efforts during outages. Be sure to have your account number ready. News & Press, Safety Sense Service Request, 2000-2022 Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. News & Press, Safety Sense This is strictly for estimation purposes on the My Usage screen. Box 2280Woodville, TX 75979, Your Cooperative Electricity demand will remain high during the cold weather. There has been much in the news regarding the ERCOT power grid that covers most of Texas. Update 10:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 16: At this time, there are no more mandatory load reductions / rolling blackouts being required of Sam Houston EC. Then, you experience a power outage at your location, you can text out to (844) 961-2539. The areas that have been under load reduction over the last several hours are expected to come on slowly as the rolling blackout moves to the other parts of the Co-op's service area. After an area has experienced a rolling blackout, restoring service is a process. If you feel a draft around a door or window, roll a towel and use that to block the draft. You can report outages right from your mobile device. Power has been restored to 9,000 consumers since last night. Currently ERCOT (the grid that serves most of Texas) and MISO, which serves most of Sam Houston ECs area, have both initiated rolling blackouts. But, all that sunshine also results in extremely hot weather, which can lead to increased utility billsand higher demand on the Texas electric grid. This information will also be very beneficial in reporting to state and county emergency officials as well as media representatives during larger-scale outages. We appreciate your patience as we coordinate our efforts with MISO and Entergy to restore power.

After service is returned to those areas, we may be required to reduce load in and around Shepherd for a couple of hours. Livingston Headquarters1157 East Church StreetP.O. Members can also text status to the same code to receive an estimated time of restoration. mySamHouston provides the information you need to have a better understanding of how the recent record cold weather affected your electricity consumption. As of this time, we do not have a specific length of time for these outages, although they could last a few hours. So while the intense Arctic blast didnt leave the Co-op completely unscathed, we will come through it far better than most. Thomas Hydroelectric Project Dedicated. News & Press, Safety Sense Getting Electric Service Storm FAQ Since 1992, the scholarship program has awarded more than $1.5 million to nearly 800 local students. They are, however, having to travel slowly due to icy road conditions. Contact Us, Coldspring Branch Office14201 Highway 150 West P.O. Sam Houston EC crews and contractors have restored service to more than 40,000 members since Monday. To safely provide our members with electric service at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business practices. Be sure to have your account number ready. Service Request, 2000-2022 Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Areas that potentially may be impacted by load reduction for the next couple of hours include Point Blank, Waterwood, Oakhurst, Dodge, Riverside, Cape Royale and surrounding areas. Almost all (99 percent) of Sam Houston Electric Cooperatives system is in MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), which extends from our area in the south, all the way up through the middle of the U.S. Only 1 percent in the northernmost part of the Co-ops area is in ERCOT. 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Because Sam Houston EC is located outside of the ERCOT deregulated electricity market, our Co-op members are not subject to the extreme wholesale price spikes and the type of pricing plans that are causing some ERCOT consumers to potentially pay hundreds of times more for electricity they consumed during the severe cold. If you have critical care medical needs, contact us and be sure to have a back up plan in place. Sam Houston Electric Cooperative consumers demand for electricity over the past few days has been at record levels. Summerin Texas brings lots of funswimming, travel, endless sunny days. Box 1726Coldspring, TX 77331, Woodville Branch Office1424 Highway 287 NorthP.O. Box 2280Woodville, TX 75979, Your Cooperative Download it today when you search for "mySamHouston" and start enjoying the benefits of mySamHouston wherever you go! Remember to use space heaters carefully- they can overheat or overload a circuit. So, it inserts an estimated consumption figure to display on the screen. By reporting outages promptly, you help us pinpoint problem areas, which allows us to restore your power faster. Sam Houston EC purchases power through ETEC, a generation and transmission cooperative, which utilizes a diverse and balanced portfolio that includes electricity generated by natural gas, coal, renewables, and purchased power agreements. As always, you can follow the restoration via our outage map in our mySamHouston app, or online at, 6:25 a.m. Monday, Feb. 15: Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is requiring us to reduce load on the western side of our system. 4 MW Solar Facility Connected to SystemCo-op Wins 5 National AwardsIs Your Home Full of Energy Hogs? Main: (979) 865-3171 Conserving energy in our homes and businesses helps reduce strain on the grid during periods of high demand, and it helps to reduce electric bills. So, with Sam Houston EC being in MISO, we dont expect to see the dramatic price increases ERCOT customers may experience. Getting Electric Service Sign up to report outages by text message: Consumer-members must first authorize Sam Houston EC to contact them by text message. Naranjo Museum. Contact Us, Coldspring Branch Office14201 Highway 150 West P.O. Member Service Center The primary area impacted will include the counties of San Jacinto, Walker, Montgomery, Liberty (west half of the county), Trinity and Polk. We can all help out by turning off unneeded lights and lowering our thermostats to 68. All Rights Reserved.

Electric water heaters begin reheating water, and other appliances come back on. Turn down thermostats to 68 degrees or lower. A new outage viewer application is now available via Sam Houston ECs website. As noted previously, another round of winter weather is heading our way, with potential for up to a quarter-inch of ice in some areas. When a major outage occur, visit our Storm Central page for the latest information. Service Request, 2000-2022 Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Privacy Policy| Legal Disclaimer, Residential Solar and Distributed Energy Resources,, mySamHouston Maintenance Tuesday, July 12, Scammers Pretending to be Co-op Employees, Sam Houston EC Awards $81,000 to Local High School Seniors, Sam Houston EC is Prepared for Cold Weather, Members Rate Co-op Highly in Satisfaction, Preview of February Texas Co-op Power magazine, R.C. With record-high electricity consumption during the recent Arctic blast, many consumers are understandably concerned about their next electric bill. Member Service Center The way Sam Houston Electric Cooperative manages outages and delivers restoration information to members has taken a big step forward. Update: 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16: A bit of good news this afternoon. Rest assured that no kilowatt-hours were registered during power a power outage, and you will be billed only for kilowatt-hours that actually passed through the meter and were consumed at your location. While power is being restored in some areas, we are still being required to reduce load in other areas until temperatures rise and enough generation is made available for Sam Houston Electric Cooperative to deliver to our members. Storm FAQ After service is returned to those areas, we may be required to temporarily reduce load in other parts of the service area. As mentioned previously, our linemen are stationed throughout the system to coordinate bringing sections online, rather than entire circuits all at once. Sam Houston line crews are out there working all across the system. Participating retail stores include Dollar General, Family Dollar, CVS Pharmacy, Speedway and 7-Eleven. This all depends on the availability of power generation and is subject to change on short notice. On both Monday and Tuesday, they received calls and assisted more than 3,000 Co-op members each day. View current outages and estimated time of power restoration at Our hope is to keep any interruptions to a minimum. As two power plants near Willis came back online last night, we were able to bring more Co-op meters online.