A project intake form is a questionnaire form submitted by a business to a freelancer or agency they want to hire for a project. Here are some tips and best practices to make your project intake forms, more effective. Only 58% of businesses understand the true value of project management, and 93% of companies use standardized project management strategies. Webinar? Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. You want to do more than just templatize the intake form you want to templatize the entire project kickoff process. Nonprofit agencies may use this form to intake, evaluate, and schedule volunteer groups. However, creating fillable forms requires a thorough knowledge of MS Word or Docs. As the point person for her department, shes frequently on the receiving end of incoming project requests. Interested? That way, those are created within your work management platform right away (without any additional work from you!) Shes on the lookout for a better way to manage the project work that lands on her teams plate. Included on this page, youll find a marketing project intake form, an IT project intake template, a service project intake form, and a new project questionnaire.

If a client's budget is much lower than your price, you can refuse to do the project work for the specific client. If not, reach out to your client, and ask them to provide the missing/wrong details.

Having that information at the outset allows you to complete the project with the endgame in mind. The power of intake forms becomes clear once you start creating them individually for each of your services. For instance, if a service requires an intake form to be filled out, we redirect a client after purchase to it. Knowing the deadline of a new project is crucial. Align campaigns, creative operations, and more. Streamline operations and scale with confidence. Project intake is the initial phase of the project management process where you get in touch with a client and understand their requirement, budget, deadline, etc. The board of directors? Look back at the previous benefits we mentioned, and youll notice a common theme: They not only save you a lot of hassle, but they also save you a lot of time. You can use the Page break element, and give each page a name to easier apply the rules. If it's relevant, you can also gather information about his internal team. Helps your team keep organized and deliver projects at scale. Download Project Intake Process Template Microsoft Excel. Get answers to common questions or open up a support case. Thats a detail that you should know from the start to get the context you need. Below are just a few of the many reasons that project leaders like Josie should consider creating a project intake process template. A well-defined project intake process eliminates that confusion by giving everyone a prescriptive set of steps that must be followed to request work from your team. Let's understand this with an example. Your forms should have a few important fields. Get expert help to deliver end-to-end business solutions. Only agencies can know exactly what they need from their clients to complete a project. Of course, there are probably also projects that were delivered on time without any major hurdles. Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF. Thats why this question is so important. When filling out the intake form, requesters should indicate their budgetary constraints right away or, at the very least, a range that the project needs to fall within. Suppose you provide graphic design services. This template shows a typical intake process, from the initial project idea to the final decision to approve, deny, or defer the project.

Quickly automate repetitive tasks and processes. If multiple people will be working on one order, its a good idea to have a task list that details each step (what to do, whom to assign to, etc.). It helps you get a clear idea of the client's spending power. Standarizing project management with intake forms reduces the friction between agencies and their clients. The fields in the form should be based on the services you provide. After talking about intake form best practices, lets look at a few examples. It helps you understand the complete scope of the project, along with the client's budget and expectations. The traditional way is to use word processors like MS Word. Download Research Project Intake Form Template Not only do they ask too many questions, and require multiple selections from clients, they also embed images, animated GIFs, external resources, and more. Once a request is submitted, Wrike automatically creates a task or project, populates it with information from the request fields, and assigns it to the right team member so work can begin as soon as possible. One of the best ways for her to do so is to create a successful process that can be replicated again and again.

Your current project management tasks might require some human input that could be automized. Sending a project intake form is the first step in the project intake process and also the most important one. If the project is small, you may either take a small advance or accept the full payment after delivering the project. Now, why should you bother creating a project intake form? A completed request form is the first step in a standard work intake process diagram, but its really only the tip of the iceberg. Some fields of your intake form can be mandatory, while others are optional. Here are the next steps you and your team should take. The project manager, or any other person, should check the intake form, and make sure everything looks correct. Sometimes they come in via email or instant message threads, while other times theyre casually mentioned in meetings. The intake process may vary in complexity, depending on the size and type of your organization and the number of stages involved in the review process. so that progress can begin immediately. Get expert coaching, deep technical support and guidance. Find tutorials, help articles & webinars. Project intake forms help you become more productive. These templates are similar to client intake forms, which are used for onboarding clients in a variety of business contexts, from corporate to healthcare. For example, with Josies marketing team, she needs to know what type of work is being requested. In a nutshell, it helps you streamline your work intake process flow. So, be sure to customize your forms as per your services. Explore modern project and portfolio management. Indy Forms makes it easier than ever to create forms for any purpose, such as lead generation, project information, feedback and testimonials, or surveys. Thats another benefit of templatizing your project intake process flow especially with a questionnaire or creative brief that requesters need to fill out. The priority drop-down could be used to tag orders via a Zapier automation as already mentioned. Personalized forms have better completion rates. The template starts with basic information, including project name, sponsor, owner, and contact details, and includes sections to note project description, objectives, the business case behind the project, required resources, and target dates. If this piece of information is irrelevant to you, avoid asking it. We provide a roundup of free, editable, and printable project intake forms in Microsoft Excel and Word, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs formats.

Within this form, you should set mandatory fields (Wrike makes this easy!) Have potential clients select the services they need and then provide key project details, such as target audience and budget range. Embracing Chaos: Future-Proofing Your Processes for Resiliency & Growth, Elements of a Standout Social Media Template. Pre-filling some fields can speed up the form-filling process and increase the form completion rate dramatically. Edit the checklist of sample volunteer activities based on the needs and services of your organization. Deliver consistent projects and processes at scale.

Manage campaigns, resources, and creative at scale. For instance, is the project small, and will it take only a few days to complete? KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple, and it applies perfectly to project intake forms. A project intake form has only one purpose: to make your project intake process seamless. For instance, if the task Podcast cover is selected, show a specific set of questions. Next, you need to understand the objective of the project. Get a system to organize your clients, payments, and Connect everyone on one collaborative platform. Take a look at those too, and try to find out why they were successful. Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF. But when all requests are centralized and follow a templatized process, you have a solid grasp of all of the projects that are currently on your teams plate, so you can better manage your deadlines and resources and avoid spreading your team too thin. First things first, you need to know your client well, and it goes beyond the company name and location. Suppose you are a freelancer who provides website development services to startups and small businesses. Access eLearning, Instructor-led training, and certification. Without a defined process in place or an understanding of what is resources planning for a project,its far too easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Its a lot for her to juggle, and she knows shes wasting a lot of her own time as well as the time and energy of her entire team. Use this project management office intake form to determine which PMO resources you may need for a proposed project. Manage and distribute assets, and see how they perform. Hence, your project intake form should contribute to that goal. Rote responsibilities like project creation within your work management software and assignment of tasks can easily be automated with the right tool. The previously mentionedintake form rulesin SPP.co, while powerful, need to be properly applied: all intake form fields are visible by default, with rules, you can easily hide certain fields, if you want to show a field when a condition is met, you first need to hide it. Get actionable news, articles, reports, and release notes. Download Graphic Design Project Intake Form Or, do they want to streamline their marketing campaigns to acquire more customers and multiply their revenue? Youre sold on the benefits of setting up a work intake process template. Assuming youre offering a monthly subscription that allows clients to request a certain number of content pieces each month, you could create a service intake form such as this one: The above content writing intake form consists of the following elements: main keyword and secondary keywords fields, a checkbox that activates a file upload field. This is essentially a questionnaire or creative brief that people or teams are required to fill out in to request that your team works on a project. The latest and the most effective way to create a project intake form is using tools like Indy. There are many ways to create a project intake form. Once youve successfully set up your intake forms, what are the next steps? And, to effectively prioritize those, you need to know when each project needs to be finished. Learn why customers choose Smartsheet to empower teams to rapidly build no-code solutions, align across the entire enterprise, and move with agility to launch everyones best ideas at scale. You're in good company. Find a partner or join our award-winning program. But before doing so, you need to figure out the answer to this question: What are the steps of the intake process? Its a common hurdle. Check out a video from Alex that goes into detail on how to use our intake form rules. As part of your intake process, you should take steps to automate the creation of tasks and projects. If youre running a graphic design agency, heres a simple intake form that you can set up for your clients: The above social media graphic design intake form consists of the following elements: optional file upload field for guidelines/inspiration. Disqus. These solutions help you develop online forms. Package your entire business program or project into a WorkApp in minutes. An easier and more effective method is to use form development tools like Google Forms and WPForms. Of course, when it comes to project requests, money is a real-world concern. Download PMO Project Intake Form Maximize your resources and reduce overhead. Wrike's dynamic request forms can be tailored to user responses, ensuring you get all the information you need. projects under one roof. Requesters should indicate their desired completion date for the project when submitting the initial request. Download Sample Project Intake Form Download IT Project Intake Form Clients or customers? Every service company, agency, and freelancer needs a consistent project intake process.

You need to know how much you can invest in the completion of this project before you commit a single resource. Include the project title, description, research platform, equipment or resources needed, and other important details. You can also use modern-day form builders and templates to make project intake forms in a few minutes without needing any technical skills. Move faster with templates, integrations, and more. Check out these templates for 10 different types of request forms. Wrikes dynamic request forms make it easy to tailor the rest of the questionnaire based on this initial response. How to Use a Graphic Design Request Form to Level Up Your Business? You can either place these forms on your website or send them directly to a client. Organizations often create digital project intake form templates to collect information online from external customers or internal users. This gives them a chance to ensure they have what they need to get started and ask any clarifying questions they have about that project request. Streamline requests, process ticketing, and more. Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team and adapt as those needs change. While those come down to the way your handle your business, here are a few ideas: Assign the order to a project manager. See how you can align global teams, build and scale business-driven solutions, and enable IT to manage risk and maintain compliance on the platform for dynamic work. The number one hurdle is that clients often dont include enough information. Marketing to Gen Z: The Complete Marketing Strategy Guide, How To Enhance Design Operations for Creative Teams, The State of IT in 2022: Why IT Teams Need Flexible Project Management, Marketing to Millennials: 8 Strategy Tips for 2022, its far too easy for things to get lost in the shuffle, you arent reinventing the wheel for each new project request, It ensures that you and everybody else know who owns that project, templates for 10 different types of request forms, 5 Features Your Work Intake Process Tool Should Have, 4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated. Customize the template by changing the list of services or adding questions to collect more data about a clients current or previous marketing strategies. Turn your happy clients into brand ambassadors. You cant wait around for someone to step up to the plate. Every project has a specific audience, and thats an important perspective for you to keep in mind as youre working on the requested assignment. It's equally important to ask the right questions on your project intake form. Should they fail to submit the form, we send an email reminder after 24 hours.

With Wrike, its straightforward to automatically turn project requests into either fully built tasks or projects created from templates you can customize. Is it for an internal team? This project intake form example shows a completed version of the project intake form available above. As a service provider, you need to be selective and accept clients that help you achieve your business objectives. Ask the client for his email address, phone number, preferred communication method, the ideal time of communication, etc. Priorities can be automatically set thanks to the Zap mentioned previously, andpowerful project management filtershelp you further narrow down the important tasks. While you have the flexibility to create a process that works best for you and your team, a general intake process structure to follow is: Do that for each and every project your team needs to complete, and youll spend less time managing the process and more time focusing on what matters: knocking that project out of the park. Asking the right questions streamlines the project intake process, so both parties know what to expect in the upcoming steps. This template is designed for volunteers who are requesting to participate in community service projects. Then you waste time tracking down those important details. The form also prompts you to include dependencies so you can understand what departments, systems, or other projects may be affected if the project moves forward. This version of the template lists an example contact person and company name, group interests and goals, and other details for planning a service project. What call to action should this project include? For instance, if you require access to a website from your clients, and need their credentials, use the password field. An intake form helps you understand project requirements, prioritize your tasks, and make informed decisions on whether to accept or reject a project. Its better to be aware of them beforehand, and create the service intake form around the limitations. Here are a few more that you can consider including on your intake process template: Want even more inspiration to get your wheels turning? However, below are some nuts and bolts questions that every form should ask. You may use a project intake form to learn about your new clients' requirements, expectations, budget, and deadlines. What else should we know about this project? Kate Eby. Collect project information from potential graphic design clients. Whats the overarching goal? More often than not, agencies go overboard with their intake forms. When you work with a new client, the client intake process should be effortless, and that's what a project intake form helps you achieve. Remember that those questions should be brought to you or whoever is acting as the point person on the project for your team so communication stays centralized and flows through a single person. Look at your past projects & collaborations, Check your service providers intake forms, Next steps after intake form data submission, According to a PMIs Pulse communications research, video from Alex that goes into detail on how to use our intake form rules, you can set up a notice inside the dashboard. Youre all too familiar with the struggle of feeling ready to tackle a project, only to discover you dont have all of the information you need. This marketing project intake form offers checklists for example project services and objectives, such as brand development, social media campaigns, digital strategy, and mobile marketing. Lets take a look at a few reasons why intake forms are important for agency owners. Let's look at some benefits of using a project intake form. Where did a constant back-and-forth arise, and what was the pain point of your client and yourself? The saved data is hidden by default and is not included in confirmation emails. Besides, distributing intake forms of team members ensures everyone is on the same page. Deliver results faster with Smartsheet Gov. While many agencies want to design beautiful intake forms that capture a lot of data, take a step back, and ask this question: how much information is the absolute minimum I need to complete this project? Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF. Work smarter and more efficiently by sharing information across platforms. Edit the text and rearrange the flowchart to create a customized template. None of those make completing requests any easier. Youre constantly handling a barrage of requests from various departments or clients. The intake form is the first stage in assessing whether a project should be implemented and includes details on project costs, benefits, scope, and impact. The template offers a simple questionnaire and collects information such as project summary, estimated budget, deadline, priorities, and goals. Lastly, your project intake form should have a 'deadline' column. Elegant one-page payment flow, designed for selling services. Have you heard of the KISS method?

With a templatized process in place, its much easier to spot repetitive or mundane pieces of the workflow that can easily be automated. If you're not sure what a project intake form is and how to use it to get more work requests, stay tuned. Lets look at an on-demand graphic design agency. Smartsheet Contributor Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF. Service Provider Pro offers multiple project intake form fields. Working with every client who knocks on your door is not a good strategy for a freelancer or service provider. If you offer marketing services, the options could be PPC campaign management, SEO, content marketing, etc. Unless you have recorded the call or made notes, you'll need to connect with the client again. It comprises several questions and fields filled by a client to provide all the necessary information about a project, such as project requirements, deadlines, budget, etc. In this guide, you'll learn about the importance of project intake forms and how to use them. Configure and manage global controls and settings. If you need another type of creative project intake form, simply modify the template headings to reflect the creative services you offer. Use this flowchart example to develop your own work intake process template. If you would like to improve this form, you could add a second drop-down to the social media channel one. Many agencies and consultants work on a task-based basis. One of the very first questions your intake form should ask is what type of project is being requested. A similar Zap needs to be set up for the medium and high priority. This project intake template includes standard questions for any type of project. The traditional way is to use word processors like MS Word and Google Docs to create forms. Chances are, your team isnt dealing with just one project at a time. Ask minimum questions that tell you exactly what you need to know to work on the project. That way, you and your team dont have to waste time on those housekeeping tasks and can get right to the work that matters. In this case, the 'Type of Project' field in your form should have options like Brochure, Banner, Landing Page, eBook Design, etc. RFQs Explained: How to Write a Request for Quote, Lessons We Can Learn From the Great Resignation. If the deadline of a project is too tight, you may want to skip it and accept a project with an ideal deadline. Decide on a submission process. The Objective column in your request forms helps you understand what the clients want you to do. If you need more information, ask for it once the client comes on board. Standardizing the work intake process flow will require some work up front, but the numerous benefits make it well worth it. The purpose of a project intake form is to allow a potential client to set clear expectations for a project. Once those tasks have been created and assignments have been made, build enough time into your intake process for team members to review their own individual contributions and requirements. For that reason, you should also automate the assignment of tasks to team members. To make this process even quicker, save your comment text somewhere so that you can quickly use it as a comment template for all future request updates. If theyve decided to opt for an unlimited requests service, they theoretically only offer a recurring service. The new drop-down could allow clients to select from a set of image dimensions based on the social media platform chosen. This template provides a brief outline with a sample intro message that explains how to fill out the form and the next steps in the intake process. This often leads to project requests that are incomplete, and the agency needs to ask for more information. Collecting requests from multiple sources would be a nightmare to handle. Project intake is one of the first steps in any project, and it starts with a professional project intake form. Thanks to our Zapier integration, you can assign orders to a specific person once the intake form has been submitted. Hence, you can keep the briefing short and start working on the project quickly. It causes confusion and delays for everyone. If you want to add more automation to this flow, you can set up a notice inside the dashboard that is displayed if an intake form needs to be filled out like so: Simply add the code to the clients/dashboard.html file. So once that form is completed and submitted, what should happen next in the project or client intake process flow chart? Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF. You can learn a lot from your past mistakes, and avoid them in the future. Find answers, learn best practices, or ask a question.