But he generally believes its better to experience 3D content without having to gear up with virtual reality headsets or other tech. Holographic displays have a role to play here, and we believe it will be transformative in a way that few technological shifts have been.. In early 2021, Looking Glass Factory launched software that could turn any 2D image into a 3D hologram in seconds with no programming knowledge. Whether you read our articles, listen to our podcasts, or watch our videos, GamesBeat will help you learn about the industry and enjoy engaging with it. Looking Glass Factory started with a Kickstarter project for a landscape-oriented 3D display that was successfully backed in 2018. Looking Glass Factory says that its huge size is designed to be able to display 3D holographic content to groups and will work well for experiential marketing, 3D storytelling, engineering, and design. Feature Image Credit: Looking Glass Factory. Interested in learning what's next for the gaming industry? As with any Kickstarter project, its worth pointing out that there is a risk inherent in any crowdfunding campaign. Those interested in the Looking Glass 8K Gen2 can pick one up for $17,500 ($15,000 for a limited time). By generating up to 100 different perspectives of 3D content from 100 million points of light every 60th of a second, the Looking Glass 65 re-creates reality with photons. And this system is actually hollow so the light is actually converging.. %PDF-1.6 % Prices start at $199 for the Super Early Bird Special, while those who get there a bit later can pick one up for $249. Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass, showed me the screen in both dark and light conditions and it looked pretty good. Looking Glass Portrait is the name of the new 3D (holographic) display.. No headset or 3D glasses required.. The new display is already in use by entertainment companies for both storytelling and marketing, though Frayne wouldnt disclose most of the companies yet. However, the idea is the same the file contains an RGB photo and a depth map.Photos taken in the Portrait mode and stored in .heic format contain a 2D photo and a Depth map. Looking Glass Portrait is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. This past December, the company launched the Looking Glass Portrait, its first-ever portrait-orientated 3D display engineered specifically to display people and characters. The Looking Glass Portrait ships with a copy of HoloPlay Studio, a software package that makes it easier to create a wide range of 3D content, and also allows users to make and upload everything from animated 3D characters to family pictures. Those holograms could be made from scratch in the companys software or produced using a Portrait Mode photo from an iPhone. For more information on the categories of personal information we collect and the purposes we use The massive increase in the size promises 3D storytellers the ideal canvas to push the boundaries of immersive experiences. After installation, you can find the files here: C:\Program Files\Triaxes\StereoTracer-en 9.5\Samples\2D+DepthC:\Program Files\Triaxes\StereoTracer-en 9.5\Samples\Stereopair, It has a high resolution (15362048), 7.9/20cm diagonal screen, portrait orientation, and equipment that allows you to use it as a stand-alone device or as a display connected to a computer. Triaxes StereoTracer works by default in the Demo mode without time limitation. It just doesnt happen to be with an interference pattern approach. Looking Glass Factory adds second-gen 4K and 8K systems to its growing lineup of glasses-free 3D holographic interfaces. Today, the company revealed the latest additions to its next-generation lineup, the Looking Glass 4K Gen2 and Looking Glass 8K Gen2. However, the most interesting thing is to use the display with your images. This was followed by the reveal of a cloud-based conversion service that transforms standard 2D images into 3D holograms within a matter of seconds. This allows you to immediately turn on the device and evaluate its capabilities. So as a hologram aficionado, and nerd myself, this is what we wanted all along. Set the rendering parameters (3D effect strength) and export the file to the Quilt format for Looking Glass. Register today. Join gaming leaders live this October 25-26 in San Francisco to examine the next big opportunities within the gaming industry such as esports,user-generated content, influencers, and more. them for, 548 0 obj <> endobj 567 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<49C7854E7FAC40518DBD1E43AAD386F8><023824E8339D4999B8EA4424A0DF52D3>]/Index[548 35]/Info 547 0 R/Length 92/Prev 755645/Root 549 0 R/Size 583/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Some Android-based cameras and iPhones can also export .heic files. Namely, this week Springbok Entertainment is premiering its new film, entitled Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise, on the 65-inch display at the 2022 Tribeca Festivals immersive program. hb```e``AXr,,y^A %+d(rq]Ckbk;l``h``` =@&Hj,P[H&nJ0'`pc~ 7vf``8@Hng@ g [ |); endstream endobj 549 0 obj <>/Metadata 138 0 R/Pages 546 0 R/StructTreeRoot 198 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 550 0 obj <. This VR Gun Is An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Gorilla Tag Is Adding A New VR Paintball Game Mode, 3D-Printed Eyes On The Quest 2 Is Pure Nightmare Fuel, This VR Bus Takes You On A Tour Of Ancient Rome, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell VR Game Is Officially Canceled, How To Watch NASA's Artemis I Rocket Launch Live In VR, This VR Gun Is An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age. That means everything shown in the Looking Glass 65 looks real for up to 50 simultaneous viewers. The company says it is already in use by entertainment companies for both storytelling and marketing. Its lightweight, portable, and can run holographic imagery on its own without always being connected to a computer, Looking Glass Factory CEO Shawn Frayne told Digital Trends. We may collect cookies and other personal information from your interaction with our The Lens Blur mode seems to have been replaced by the Portrait mode in the modern Google Camera app. It is aimed at showcasing images, scenes, and even entire films. The answer is now a ridiculously huge 65 inches, and this is only the beginning. He's also a part-time bounty hunter. From Looking Glass Portrait to our Looking Glass 8K Gen2 interface, we are offering a lineup that meets the needs of individuals and enterprises alike.. That includes plugins for Unity, Unreal, Blender and other software applications. You can preorder it here. I found that it look good from one angle, and then it would shift to another angle the more I moved to a side view. Its with a light field approach. This year the Looking Glass Factory team launched the production of a new model of the autostereoscopic lenticular display with an excellent 3D effect that could be described as holographic. The company says that the new display is five times larger than any other 3D holographic display ever demonstrated by any other company and 50 times larger than any other holographic display designed to work with a group that has come to market. Looking Glass Factory, maker of holographic light field display tech, has announced the launch of what it calls the worlds first personal holographic display, the Looking Glass Portrait. hbbd``b` H0/ @1D4sA;@6kA80|wi3xFO}0 Dp: endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 582 0 obj <>stream

It has a high resolution (15362048), 7.9/20cm diagonal screen, portrait orientation, and equipment that allows you to use it as a stand-alone device or as a display connected to a computer. So the more technical term for this system is a light field display, rather than a holographic display. First test the program in Demo mode to check if it works in your case. After years of watching sci-fi television shows and movies, Ive been eagerly awaiting the day I could purchase my very own Minority Report-esque 3D display. I use Triaxes StereoTracer. Frayne believes we will have lots of ways to consume 3D. Then the depth map is calculated.

And it works with a variety of content. Similar to the shift from photographs to film, radio to television, and black and white to color over the past century the Looking Glass 65 will usher in one of the monumental shifts in how media is consumed from flat 2D media to deeply 3D. Learn more about membership.

Terms Privacy, Arcadia Is A Mixed Reality Competition For Athletes & Gamers, Rec Room Adding Player-Created Animated Costumes. All you need is a computer and a phone, such as a newer iPhone, thats able to take Portrait mode photos to get started. No headset is required. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, how large can these displays get? said Frayne. Looking Glass Portrait is a multipurpose holographic interface, meaning it can display any 3D content equally well, whether thats a volumetric video, dental CT scan, or a fluid flow simulation, Frayne said. Then we select the .mpo file in this case, StereoTracer will immediately show the stereo pair stored in the file. This week, Springbok Entertainment is premiering its new film, entitled Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise, on the 65 display at Tribeca 2022. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. Copyright 2022VRScout Inc. GamesBeat's creed when covering the game industry is "where passion meets business." The device could be used by a range of creators, including photographers, moviemakers, Unity and Unreal developers, 3D designers, and more. Products can ship late, not as described, or, occasionally, not at all. And it is only three inches thick despite a ton of glass, aluminum, and electronics. Looking Glass Factory says the new giant device is the only headset-free, 65-inch holographic display on the market, is viewable by groups of up to 50 people, and creates a sense of considerable depth to images despite the fact that the display is only three inches thick. While Looking Glass Factory has focused on desktop-sized displays to this point, its new 65-inch 8K display is designed to show how its technology can be used in other applications. Looking Glass Factory, a Brooklyn-based company specializing in holographic light field display technology, has been working since 2015 to bring 3D technology into the mainstream with its lineup of Looking Glass holographic displays. A portrait-oriented system offering users a personal 7.9-inch holographic screen, the desktop device can create three-dimensional images with multiple perspectives, depending on your relative position, without the need to wear 3D glasses. Digital Trends Media Group may earn a commission when you buy through links on our sites. MetaBeat will bring together metaverse thought leaders to give guidance on how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and do business on October 3-4 in San Francisco, CA. He studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and studied holography there. The Looking Glass 8K Gen2, on the other hand, boasts a massive 32 display, making it the largest available holographic interface on the market according to the company. It can import source images in the following formats: But I have some photos taken a few years ago with an Android smartphone via the Google Camera app and the Lens Blur mode that also uses the depth map. You can download the program from the product page. By comparison, the portrait personal holographic display uses light field technology to produce about 45 different images so that you can view content in 3D, Frayne said. New Cloud-Based Software Can Turn Any 2D Photo into a 3D Hologram, First-Ever Hologram to be Auctioned as Crypto Art Popularity Grows, New 'Solid Light' 3D Holographic Display Can Give Photos Depth, Acers New Portable Monitors Can Display 2D Content in Stereoscopic 3D, This Digital Photo Frame Can Turn Your iPhone Portraits into 3D Holograms, AI Image Generator DALL-E is Now Available in Beta, James Webb Telescope Breaks Record for Oldest Galaxy Ever Observed, Woman in Random Act of Kindness Video Says She Feels Dehumanized, Photographer Captures Two Grizzly Bears Brawling Over a Female, 26 of the Funniest Finalists in the 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards. The conversion process consists of just a few steps: At the initial stage of the project, we indicate that we will work with a stereo pair. Export the resulting file into the HoloPlay Studio to feed it to the Looking Glass display. The engines to make the content are there, and tens of millions of people can generate content like this today. The Looking Glass 65 is a headset-free holographic display. Looking Glass Factory, the company behind software and hardware that creates and displays holograms, has announced the largest holographic display ever made: a massive 65-inch, 8K resolution panel. There just hasnt been a way to consume it.. please view our Notice at Collection.

Looking Glass Factory has introduced what it calls the largest holographic display in the world: the Looking Glass 65-inch 3D display. (The eventual retail price will reportedly be $349.) So he understands what a real hologram is. Your eyes see it in 3D as they are hit with five to seven perspectives at any given time. Looking Glass overview from Michael Brown: I support the project at Kickstarter and got the Portrait display as an early beta tester. We want to tell you how the news matters to you -- not just as a decision-maker at a game studio, but also as a fan of games. Both products are available for preorder and will begin shipping this Fall. The term hologram has really taken on the meaning of three dimensional media that groups of people can see, Frayne said. The 32-inch has a 53-degree viewing zone and it pumps out about 100 perspectives (two perspectives per degree) so a group of people can view an image at the same time. Shipping is currently set for April 2021. Lets see what I get. When you select a file, StereoTracer immediately shows you the depth map that it contains. Samples of photos and images have already been uploaded to the display. After installation, you can find the files here: C:\Program Files\Triaxes\StereoTracer-en 9.5\Samples\2D+Depth, C:\Program Files\Triaxes\StereoTracer-en 9.5\Samples\Stereopair. Sample files are already included in the pack. Tens of thousands of content creators are using it to create their own content, and Looking Glass makes software for turning 3D content into holograms that people can share over the internet. Looking Glass does have competitors such as Light Field Lab, but Frayne declined to comment on the other competitive technologies. Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise is the first holographic film and documentary on a Looking Glass display, and it is also the first-ever holographic movie and documentary in competition at the Tribeca Festival. The Brooklyn, New York-based hologram company showed the 65-inch 8K display behind closed doors last week at the Augmented World Expo event. However, the idea is the same the file contains an RGB photo and a depth map.. Holographic James Bond displayed on the Looking Glass 65-inch 3D display. The display has an 8K resolution, color depth of over a billion colors, and a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows viewers to see the finest details of an image from multiple perspectives. While its not quite ready to do 3D video calls out of the box, he suggested that this technology could well help pave the way for future 3D holographic video calls. website. Lets see what I got. My first impression is that it is awesome! Excellent, comfortable 3D effect and a well-designed frame allowing to place the display on the table or the wall. Theres a lot of experimentation but many brands are starting to use these systems for in-store experiences, he said. It has four times the depth of any other group-viewable system, Frayne said. You can make 3D out of them.. This display solidifies the mainstream opportunities and applications of the immersive medium; effectively providing a missing piece of the puzzle for the industry, that in turn, will accelerate its entire growth.. Frayne grew up in Tampa, Florida, and made a holographic photography studio in his bedroom. With 100 million subpixels, it can generate a synthetic version of the light field that makes the imagery feel real. These second-gen displays feature a new blockless design, resulting in thinner, lighter hardware as well as improved optics designed to reduce ambient reflections and improve group viewability. The Looking Glass 4K Gen2 features a solid 15.6 display. From there, it grew to include a portrait-oriented desktop-sized digital photo frame in 2020 that was designed to showcase 3D holograms. This vast scale makes it ideal for group-viewable uses, such as experiential marketing, 3D storytelling, engineering, and design. As the world locked down, the most important things in the world became how to better connect with one another, and how to better remember those moments from the Before Times. The Looking Glass 4K Gen2 features a price tag of $3,000. But honestly, theres only like 100 people in the world who care about that.As far as target markets go, Frayne believes it will take off in experiential marketing, digital signage and in-store experiences. Then you can view this depth map in the programs working window. Kyle is a writer for VRScout also working in new media production. Nonetheless, if youre happy to take a gamble on the desktop holographic display of your dreams, you can check out the campaign page here. The center of the image looked the sharpest, but the details in the background or sides were a bit fuzzy. You can get more details about this display, and got the Portrait display as an early beta tester, Convert 2D+Depth (Lens Blur and Portrait mode) files, The Lens Blur mode seems to have been replaced by the Portrait mode in the modern Google Camera app. In contrast to a 2D screen, the 3D screen has intensity, color, and angle.

The new display is five times larger than any other 3D holographic display demonstrated in the lab by any other company, he said, and it is 50 times larger than any other group-viewable holographic display to ever come to market. We think this is the beginning of holographic displays actually becoming ubiquitous in our lives, initially with the in-store and trade show experience but then eventually in homes, hospitals, schools in a very big way because the content is already there, Frayne said. You can get more details about this display here. Looking Glass uses an LCD or OLED display backplane as a foundation and then it adds optical layers that redirect each subpixel. Join gaming executives to discuss emerging parts of the industry this October at GamesBeat Summit Next. Next, the process looks similar we set the rendering parameters, create and save a series of frames as a Quilt image and view it via HoloPlay Studio at Looking Glass Portrait. Our goal with this new generation of holographic interfaces was to create systems that were more accessible to anyone interested in communicating ideas with lifelike realism, said Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory, in an official release. Looking Glass Factorys earlier 32-inch screen sells for $20,000, and it has a 7.9-inch portrait version that it sells for $400. We are thrilled to collaborate with Looking Glass on the premiere of its new and stunning 65-inch 8k holographic display, said Brandon Zamel, CEO of Springbok Entertainment, in a statement. The new display is the fourth display in Looking Glass Factorys growing lineup. You can expect the Looking Glass 65 to be in the tens of thousands, but no price has been set yet. There is HoloPlay Studio software from Looking Glass Factory which is intended to prepare photos and videos for playback via the 3D display. Like the Looking Glass Portrait, the 4K Gen2 can run in standalone mode, removing the need for a tethered PC. What does this mean? Still, it looked pretty impressive. Everyone we cared most about was suddenly just a little rectangle on a screen in endless Zoom meetings, remote birthday parties, and the occasional awkward Google Hangouts happy hour. It should be noted that there are a large number of varieties of implementation .heic files and not all of them are supported. Were by far the leaders in this field, in terms of the number of units out there and the community, he said. risk inherent in any crowdfunding campaign, M2 MacBook Air struggles with heat, and we now know why, Alaska Airlines to offer digital baggage tags in U.S. first, Intel processors may get a lot more expensive, giving AMD an edge, Powerful Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 Chromebooks could be coming soon, AMD and Intel duke it out in the GPD Win Max 2, and theres a clear winner, With Tesla bleeding money, Elon Musk initiates hardcore spending review, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora isnt coming until after March 2023, Heres your chance to win ultra comfortable Oladance OWS open-ear headphones, How to pre-order the Google Pixel 6a right now, Personal data of 69 million Neopets users is now up for sale after a data breach, Is the Pixel 6a waterproof? Convert Stereo photos to one or separate files (.MPO, .JPG etc.). Looking Glass Factory also is not currently revealing the price of the panel, but interested parties can sign up to pre-order it on Looking Glass Factorys website. Although it only launched today, its already hit its funding target, with more than a quarter of a million dollars raised so far. The company says that at the moment, the new display is only for Looking Glass holographic creations and declined to comment on what ports can be found on the device. It is viewable by groups of 50 people. What you should know before getting it wet, Disney+ to add R-rated Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan on July 22, Windows 11 now stops brute force cyberattacks right in their tracks. Itd be an understatement to say that COVID-19 accelerated things in this direction, he said. Our software is kind of the magical secret sauce behind this because that lets us very accurately control the direction of all 100 million points of light to then re-create what feels like a real jet engine, he said.

Join metaverse thought leaders in San Francisco on October 3-4 to learn how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and do business.