Step up a basic fruit platter by serving a variety of fresh berries on skewers and displayed on wood serving blocks. Serve this in bite-size pieces and watch them disappear. Instead, these are keto stuffed peppers that taste like heaven and are totally scarf-worthy. They look extra yummy paired with salmon and crackers.

On the half shell with a dash of Tabasco, or fried up with a rmoulade sauce for dipping. She has written for Bon Apptit, Sunset, and Shape. Insanely Good Recipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When she's not out gallivanting around the world or using her powers for social good, she enjoys sewing, photography, gardening, cooking and building LEGOs with her son. Serve with mini cups of creamy vanilla-honey yogurt for dipping, and watch as your guests gobble them up! These costs add up quickly, especially if you decide to serve multiple courses. You could try one of these classic options: Or scroll down to browse some updated, more trendy summer wedding appetizer choices. You can save money by ordering smaller portions, but remember that some items simply wont fit onto plates small enough to feed two. martha aziatische marthastewart frozen sip fd08 crabcakes wasabi freezable Here, they're served alongside caprese crostini, which looks just as yummy. Theyre little poppable bites full of favors. Of course, you could serve these in single bites if you prefer. Tartare of any kind will always be one of those hors doeuvres that look expensiveespecially when served in oversized spoons. Kick up your cocktail shrimp's flavor profile with a slice of bacon to wrap around its center. It looks absolutely delectable with avocado, seasoning, and dill. A Peking duck summer roll is the perfect option if you want to treat your guests to something extra special. Prop up these tasty rolls with wooden pegs for a beautiful presentation. This is a total hit for any French-style affair. Serve one or opt for a nice selection, and your guests will thank you! But instead of serving it in a glass, try these cocktail shooters instead. For fun, picnic vibes, offer up some finger food fried chicken. The creamy, cheesy, and meaty filling is stuffed into fluffy and flaky crescent rolls, making them insanely indulgent. Once youve got that taken care of, youll want to start planning your menu. 3) Be aware of seasonal availability; this means that when your wedding falls within peak eating times, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, dont expect great deals. In fact, according to recent surveys conducted by the National Association of Wedding Professionals, guests ranked food as one of three main reasons they attended weddingsalong with family and friends. These tasty bites make the perfect addition to a backyard barbeque themed wedding. Marinating the chicken is key to getting the most flavor. This dish looks incredible when displayed on a wooden plank. Dip isnt ideal at weddings. The soft cheesy center is especially delicious with fresh, local fruit. Its almost like a cross between salsa and a Bloody Mary. For most guests, the wedding cocktail hour is the best, most delicious part of the entire celebration. Scallops are a sophisticated starter that most people splurge on when they go out for dinner. Who says mac n cheese is for kids? Cucumber Salad BiteLove how refreshing these Cucumber Salad bites look. Theyre the perfect balance of addictive, filling, and easy! It really is that easy! Whatever you call them, theyre easy, frugal, and delicious! Use pre-cooked if youre in a rush. Rarely caught without a camera, Jeana is an adventurous traveler with a passion for people, cultures and food. If its a beach or coastal wedding, or you just love sea food, think of serving scallops, grilled shrimps, cups with sea food of any kinds you love or offer caviar as a luxurious appetizer to your guests. Trust me; your guests will rave over these refreshing bites. Go for caprese salad skewers with smoked meat as an additional, try various kinds of meat and meat balls with condiments, spring onions and sesame seeds. We love the way they display on a simple cedar wood cutting board. Ask about labor rates, delivery charges and set-up fees. Sliced French bread topped with egg, salami or ham, pickles, cheese, and tomatoes will get the party started. And the best part is that the pastry is neither sweet or savory, so you can make double and then fill half with cream and half with cheese. Copyright 2020 Quick & Easy Recipes Otherwise, you may find yourself running around frantically trying to locate extra chairs just hours before the festivities begin. These are not your average stuffed peppers. Start with the obligatory tomato, basil, and mozzarella. Its messy, and the last thing you want are sneaky kids double-dipping in the bowl. I like to add some chili flakes, but you can leave those out if you prefer.

These bites are the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. Cut it up into small wedges for an appetizer or serve it with larger wedges and a salad. You can't go wrong with a bacon-wrappedwell anything. Non-vegan wedding appetizers can be done with the same base fresh veggies or fruit but you may add grilled shrimps, smoked salmon, smoked meat or bacon. For example, many restaurants are unable to accommodate more than six to eight pieces per person. But dont be surprised if theyre gone in a flash! These assorted Korean rice cakes made the perfect tasty snack during the Paebaek ceremony at this multicultural celebration. 87 years of expert advice and inspiration, for every couple. Of course, you cant forget the mustard! A bite-sized version of the classic spectator's snack, pretzels with a cheesy dip is salty and satisfying. Yum! So, why not enjoy the best of both worlds with these BBQ chicken sliders? Button mushrooms are the perfect savory, one-bite appetizer for cocktail hour. You cant go wrong with shrimp cocktail. Oysters don't suit your fancy? We love how the cilantro topping can double as a pretty garnish. While Getting Wedding Day-Ready, The Wedding Menu Trends for 2022, According to Experts. But you should also take your theme, guest tastes into consideration, if there are any vegans, dont forget it, if you have a beach or seaside wedding, add fish and lots of sea food. Beef Biscuit Sliders With Crispy Fried Onions, Vegetarian Summer Rolls With Sweet Thai and Chili Sauce, 100 Wedding Cocktail-Hour Songs That Make a Perfect Playlist. Skewers are a great way to serve portable snacks at your wedding. Loaded with protein, theyre sure to hold off your guests hunger. Or, our choice: both! Serve beef sliders open-face on a biscuit to show off all their savory goodness.

I share recipes for people who LOVE good food, but want to keep things simple :). Your guests will love the fresh fruity flavors dressed in basil vinaigrette, while youll love the beautiful presentation. Layer beans, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and cheese, and dont forget the fresh pico and black olives! This is an excellent appetizer to serve for guests who may have allergy needs.

This is genius in so many ways: It looks adorable and inventive, and it soaks the tacos up with all the delicious lime flavor.

Also, remember that cooking takes place over several days, so do your best to select recipes that can be prepared well ahead of time. How do you make a classic ham and cheese slider better? Try your liking with its mollusk cousin and have a clam spread. Theyre lightly sweet, crunchy, and easy to make! Therefore, youll need to plan accordingly. Get inspired by the ideas youll find below. Avocado toast is always tasty, but when served on mini slices of toasted bruschetta? This makes for easy sauce-dipping and it's a more hygienic approach to finger foods. Stuff a savory app in a puff pastry to save on dishes: you can totally eat the container when it's made of bread! fresh watermelon cubes with pistachios and condiments is a very summer-inspired appetizer you'll love, crackers with cheese, sugared cranberries and herbs on top as a delicious appetizer for summer and fall weddings, pancake dimsum with various fillings is a fresh take on a traditional Asian dish, baked cups with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes are hearty summer wedding appetizers, fruit salad with balsamic and fresh herbs is a delicious and fresh idea for a summer wedding, sweet summer wedding appetizers - donuts, mini pancakes on skewers and baked pops are great for a brunch wedding, watermelon cups filled with fresh fruits salad topped with herbs are very refreshing, baked veggies topped with pears, cheese and nuts are a hearty appetizer, cucumber slices stuffed with fresh tomatoes and some onions will make all the vegetarians and carnivore guests happy, s'more bites are a cute sweet idea, suitable for appetizers and for dessert tables, edible cones with fresh fruits, berries and herbs on top is a very creative option, a bite-size appetizer of tomatoes and toasted bread will work for any season, edible cupes with feta cheese and fresh herbs will refresh and keep guests happy, fresh fruit jelly will work for summer, if it's a tropicla wedding, prefer some tropical fruits, kebobs with lots of fresh fruit - strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwi and grapes - is always a good idea, wooden bowls with fresh fruits and veggies are a nice idea for summer, bold fruit jelly with herbs on top is a simple and very fresh summer-like option, falafels on spoons with ketchup, cream cheese, jalapeno and olives on top, mini sandwiches in cone glasses with tomato sauce is a simple and very affordable idea, woven baskets with fresh veggies - horse radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli, perfect for a vegetarian wedding, coconut halves with salad of tomatoes, lemons, fruits and fresh greenery is veyr refreshing, yummy and fresh summer wedding appetizers of watermelon, blackberries and blueberries, watermelon, mint and feta appetizers with balsamic vinegar are a very refreshing idea for summer, tequila and tacos served on whole limes is a fantastic idea for a couple that loves Mexican cuisine, sweet beets, goat cheese and fresh greenery is a sweet and creamy summer wedding appetizer, suitable for a vegan wedding, strawberry and pineapple cocktail skewers will be a nice idea for a summer wedding cocktail hour, small bowls with salad of olives, tomaties, cucumbers, greenery and cheese, grilled gourds with cheese, cherry tomatoes and herbs on top are a heartier idea than fresh veggies, fresh vegetable slices with a simple dip are a great seasonal appetizer, fresh strawberry goat cheese crostini with balsamic are a tasty and vegan-fitting appetizer, fresh watermelon, cream and little cucumber slices placed on top the watermelons are a very creative combo, fava bean toasts are delicious and very healthy, it's a win-win idea for a vegan wedding or a usual one, edible baskets filled with salad of tomatoes, cheese and greenery will please both carnivore and vegan guests, caprese salad stacks with balsamic are fresh, tasty and very summer-like, perfect for vegan and non-vegan weddings. For a gorgeous presentation, skewer raspberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, and blueberries. First, theyre crazy easy to make and are even easier to devour. This recipe is built only 4 main ingredients and looks delicious. These are great snacks to serve at a cocktail hour. Or maybe bacon! Sausage, ground beef, and cheese are a heavenly trio on toasted bread. Serve the salad on its own, or add rice and avocado for more substance. Lettuce wraps are a light and refreshing snack that will fill your guests up just enough before dinner. You dont have to pull out all the stops to wow your guests. Your appetizers don't have to be expensive to look luxurious. You can serve your absolute favorite flavor combo, or opt for a few different varieties that you know will please the crowd. One of the most popular and delicious appetizer ideas is an Italian traditional snack of peaches or melons, prosicutto and blackberries on top (you may skip them if you want).

Its also the perfect time to be adventurous and serve less-familiar dishesthink appetizer-size portions of foods you love that might be a bit too bold a choice for the main course. Making choux pastry is a little more labor-intensive than other recipes on this list. These rolls feature cream cheese, capers, and salami, making them meaty and creamy with just a hint of salty tang. Instead, just add sliced beef tenderloin and creamy goat cheese to crostinis. But the key then is to add a bit of water to steam them. If youre looking for a colorful appetizer, this recipe takes the cake. Or, offer a full raw bar with both and a side of lobster like this couple did at this nautical wedding in Montauk. Dress them up by serving them open-faced, with bread on the bottom and all the fixings on top. Fruit and cheese go hand in hand and look luxurious served in ceramic spoons. Serve mini corn dogs on skewers with your favorite dipping sauces. For example, instead of serving mac n' cheese in ramekins, you could deep-fry a bite-size portion and serve it on a lollipop stick. Get creative and switch up the fruits being served on each skewer. This appetizer is beautiful, easy, and refreshing to boot. Serve these with cocktails, and everyone will be more than happy to sit through photos and speeches before the main event! Who can pass up a cheesy burger mid-party? Amp up oysters by serving them your favorite way. Either way, just be sure to have plenty of tasty drinks available too! Soft pretzel bars are all the rage at weddings. Photo by Mike Larson; Catering by Jessica Lasky Catering. Marinated mozzarella with candied tomatoes? Im Kim. Nothing says 'comfort food' like fried chicken on a biscuitwith a pickle on top. That way, they finish cooking and dont burn. This is not your average sushi. Its an explosion of yum between the tangy cheese, the sweet-savory marmalade, and the buttery pecans. Melon balls are adorable, thanks to their simple and elegant appearance. These snacks are so simple yet full of soul-warming flavor. Take this idea even further and use an edible serving container for a zero-waste treat. The stuffing consists of crab meat, mayo, parmesan, and a few flavorful spices. Instead, choose a date far removed from both holidays. Mix that all up and bake it to perfection. Anything French is bound to be deep with flavor and a touch of class. I'm Kim. PRESS ESC TO CANCEL, 2012 - 2022 Weddingomania. They should understand what type of foods appeal to you personally, and include those ingredients on their list of offerings. They're just as tasty as the traditional stuff, minus the mess. Elevate their appearance with a uniform garnish or even a dash of salmon caviar. The rice cakes make an excellent complement to some green ginseng tea. Its tasty, meaty, and looks fantastic no matter what. These bite-size lobster rolls are perfect for a New England weddingor for North Easterners who want to bring a little taste of home to their far-flung reception. Theyre a great appetizer to make in advance and plate up on the big day. They're also a great option to feed your bridal party as you get ready. All you need is the best homemade mac n cheese recipe and a mini muffin pan. We love how this fresh snack is light enough to indulge in several skewers. Add cheese and bacon, go for caramelized onions or pile in the veggies. Luckily, theyre pretty easy to make even if youre doing the food yourself. Use your serving details (in this case, painted imitation oyster shells) to add color to appetizers like these seared sea scallops. Make them miniature-sized for the most delicious wedding appetizer. This decadent concoction is impressive in presentation and flavor. Offer an option of roasted beet tartare.

The perfect solution to this is to make individual cups! Raw salmon not a favorite for all of your guests? These cheesy bites are a staple of French cuisine. This recipe features pulled pork, ham, cheese, and pickles piled onto slider buns. Many students earn college credit for working part-time jobs in high-end kitchens.

Keep in mind that many people now are allergic to sea food. This appetizer is like a cross between ceviche and seafood. This makes an especially great option if you know some of your guests will have food restrictions. The light and healthy snack is a choice that everyone can enjoy and is especially great for vegetarian or vegan guests. But, of course, you could leave the bacon off some of them. Miniature pizza at a wedding. Everyone knows that the food is just as important as the vows, and you want to make sure your family and friends are happy and fed. On occasion, you may also find her crocheting cute things to hide in her husband's underwear drawer. No votes so far! Just what you need to keep the dance floor moving.

These fun (and eco-friendly) bamboo-leaf boats are the perfect serving containers for salads. Plus, they're sure to hold your guests over until dinner. Now that you have chosen a location and selected a theme, its time to put together a menu full of delicious dishes that match your vision perfectly. Allow guest to pass the time by mingling over cocktails and appetizers. And theres no better way to do that than with these fantastic wedding appetizers. Think of watermelon cups filled with fresh fruits and berries and sprinkled with balsamic. I love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book! Should You Have Food Truck Catering at Your Wedding Reception? Be the first to rate this post.

Of course, its even better when its packed into bite-size pastry cups! The best thing about flatbread is its versatility. Mini poke bowls are sure to bring the beach to any wedding venue. Travel focused lifestyle blog featuring recipe, family and garden content. What a classic combo! Serve with a skewer for less mess and a pretty presentation. They can be served as a pre-dinner cocktail hour or at any point in the evening. smoked salmon pairs beautifully with horseradish and dill cream cheese, it's very refreshing, prosciutto, melon and mozzarella skewers with greenery and herbs are a timeless appetizer for a tropical wedding, peach, prosciutto and blackberry wedding appetizers are a fresh take on a famous Italian snack, you may swap peaches to melons, a fresh and delicious combo of a shrimp and grapes plus herbs will be an amazing appetizer for a tropical or beach wedding, roast beef and brie sandwiches in any size are a hearty appetizer that can be served with beer, grilled shrimps on skewers with fresh greenery will be loved by most of guests, they are delicious, baked plates with shrimps, tomato sauce, corn and peppers for a Mexican-style appetizer, a variety of little and luxurious appetizers like caviar, greenery, shrimps in baked pots and meat balls topped with spaghetti, spiced meat balls spruced up with spring onions and sesame seeds on skewers are a timeless idea, edible cups filled with salad of vegetables and chicken and sesame seeds are hearty and tasty, deep fried shrimps on skewers placed on glasses with creamy dip with herbs, scallops with some condiments are amazign for sea food lovers or for beach and coastal weddings, baked cups with bacon and cheese is a timeless idea of a wedding appetizer, puff pastry stuffed with smoked meat and herbs is a hearty appetizer idea, crackers with avocado drip, grilled shrimps and herbs on top is a refined idea, crackers with bratwurst and fresh herbs on top will satisfy all the carnivore guests, mini burgers with French fries by their side is a casual appetizer option for any wedding, mini hotdogs will work nice for a couple that loves fast food and for the guests, too, dough wrapped asparagus is a great idea for a vegetarian wedding, waffles with fried chicken, caramel sauce and some greenery on top, mini sliders and French fries put into glasses with ketchup is a simple and cool idea, add beer, bacon cups fileld with beans, pepper and greenery on top, fried chicken in ice cream cones placed into strawberries looks very unusual, fried chicken with various dips always works, most of guests will like chicken, BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. When selecting caterers, consider these guidelines: 1) Make sure they offer menus tailored specifically to your needs. All you need are cucumbers, cream cheese, green onions, lemon, garlic, and smoked salmon. My Fitness New Years Resolutions: Get Motivated with Music. Remember that the fresher your appetizer is, the more crowd pleasing it will be as a summer wedding means hot weather, and refreshing is amazing! Another excellent option for summer nuptials, fresh cucumber slices with raw salmon is easy to prepare and can be customized for any taste. Youll also want to impress your guests with surprising, unexpected food presentations. Just another way to add personality to the menu. The spicy cheesy salsa con queso dip served with these doughy bites looks especially tasty. And youll love that theyre frugal and straightforward. Turn them into finger food by sandwiching them between miniature-sized buns and serving with cups of barbecue sauce. Everyone is going to love em, guaranteed. Keep the season in mind as you plan your wedding hors doeuvres. The prized crispy Beijing specialty is especially luxurious when served on a carbon-black wooden slab. These mini tartlets fit that bill to a tee. Fiji Water Presents Earths Finest City Guide Where Will You Travel? The cream cheese is mixed with green onions and topped with a tart cranberry relish. Theyre salty, sweet, and beyond delicious. Real tiny hamburgers or pizzas and a mug of beer would surprise your guests and impress them! Skewer chunks of watermelon and feta with mint, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. If you are vegetarians or going to have some vegetarian guests, youll need some delicious and refreshing vegan appetizers that will make carnivore guests happy, too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Free of all major allergens, the only people who cant indulge are vegans. All Rights Reserved, delicious and refreshing vegan appetizers, 51 Yummy And Easy Winter Wedding Appetizers, 52 Yummy Spring Wedding Appetizers Youll Like, 43 Awesome Wedding Food Bar Ideas For Any Taste, 37 Yummy Wedding Burger Ideas And Ways To Display Them, 40 Cute Valentines Day Wedding Appetizers, 45 Charming Brides Wedding Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair, 54 Romantic Medium Wedding Hairstyles To Get Inspired, 48 Charmingly Pretty Makeup Ideas For Asian Skin Tones, 25 Bridesmaids Half Up Hairstyles That Inspire. Make it fun by offering different dipping sauces or keep it simple and just offer one. Below youll find some more ideas, have fun! So, if you want something bright, fresh, sweet, and savory, you cant beat these skewers. So put out a variety and be sure to provide napkins. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

Here, it's mixed in single-serving salads with shaved daikon, radishes, cucumbers, jalapeos, and ponzu. Just be sure to label them! Tired of avocado toast? If youre not saying yum already, Im not sure what else to say! For the health-conscious, small cups of quinoa salad are an excellent choice. So small, in fact, that they fit in a wedged out lime. You may go for edible cups filled with delicious vegetable or fruit salad with some dressing or just balsamic. Fried mac 'n' cheese lollipops? These zucchini rolls are filled with spicy goat cheese, fresh lime juice, zest, and mint. Yum!

These would class up any wedding. Salmon is always a safe choice if youre looking to impress. Mushrooms are a delectable shell for finger-food-friendly munchies. The single garden bloom adds an elegant touch. You can use goat cheese if you want something tangier or other soft cheeses like brie. In this recipe, pre-made tartlet cups are filled with a mixture of cream cheese, eggs, and caramelized onions. Thinking about the menu? Put a twist on the most classic of all cocktail foods and skewer the cocktail shrimp. These look fantastic. 7) Finally, think about whether or not you want your own chef or would prefer using a professional kitchen staff. Grilled gourds with cheese and cherry tomatoes are hearty appetizers for vegans and not only. A laid-back barbecue wedding would simply be incomplete without some tried and true pulled pork. Not only that, but this classic summer snack works with sweet and savory dips. And this appetizer is one of the best recipes around. Like the mac 'n' cheese, this childhood classic will be a crowd-pleaser. Serve them with mild soy and sriracha dipping sauce, or go for something with a kick. Photo byCourtney Dueppengiesser Photography. Roll-ups, pinwheels, or meat rolls. This wanderlust spirit has led her to experience over 50 countries in the past 7 years! These easy and delicious wedding appetizers make planning your big day a breeze. Falafel balls served on a rustic wooden tray was the choice during cocktail hour at this San Diego wedding.