A large hand went over my mouth and, for a moment, I couldnt breathe. He was estimated to be worth up to $30bn (23bn) and once burnt cash worth more than $2m (1.5m) to keep his daughter warm during a single night on the run. But without solid evidence it was unwise to start attributing blame when both sides were trying to build trust. I had been at home for a week when I woke with a shock to the ear-piercing sound of an alarm. . Escobar, the King of Cocaine, was a petty thief who quickly graduated to kidnapping and murder. His old age prevented them from killing him. Escobar would have been just 15 when the boy he knew as Roberto was born, an age young enough to convince his son that he must be the kingpins first-born child. But each copy of the book offers readers a chance to crack the code and find Escobars hidden millions, a portion of which, if found, the author says will go to charity. Later that night, Abel watches Pablo and Limn driving away; leaving a stack of money, $6,000-USD, behind for him, who simply walks past it and heads for bed. Mster en Comercio Electrnico y Marketing Digital. Abel lived in solitude and worked hard by farming and taking care of livestock and poultry. It was to be a private arrangement between them to give Escobar a secret stash of funds. One day, Abel finally snaps at his son and berates him for being a violent, murderous criminal. All rights reserved. I struggled to hear what he was saying and just shrugged. It is one that Escobar Jr has been struggling to write since 1994. remember.With another gargantuan effort he added: Madrid.. Pat was furious someone had breached our security. And always remember, little man you are an Escobar.. It was a bloody reminder to Pat Witcomb of who really held the power in this unusual relationship. I panicked, but instead of fighting my way clear, I froze before being pulled backwards and a thick arm pinned me against a broad chest. Aumenta tus salidas laborales en un sector altamente demandado, Ttulo Superior de Hablar en Pblico y Asertividad. My bodyguard told me that in poor families they would cut off the legs of the eldest kid so he could beg outside the shops to make money for the family. I was also unaware that Dad, who worked for British banknote printers De La Rue, was also a secret service operative with orders to infiltrate Colombias drug gangs. Jumping up on a fence next to the house, he climbed up to the low, sloping roof above my bedroom. So I was blissfully unaware of the murky circumstances around my birth and the first few months of my life. The son of the man who at one stage controlled 80% of the cocaine going into the United States also describes a life constantly on the move. Everyone in that business is dead.. I thought nothing of seeing a dead body in the street. Barandiga took aim. For me, its not an issue. Obtendr un diploma con estadsticas de nivel, progresin y participacin. Thats how we saved our own lives. . GOT a story? Inside a cot lay a boy less than six months old. Amid the chaos, Pat had to admit he no option but to carry on. Once I said in a documentary that we were starving while we were surrounded by millions of dollars. Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others? Occupation I screamed. They thought it was cool for me to have men with me who had guns.. Ever since hed set eyes on the baby in that bullet-riddled house, Pat had felt an overwhelming urge to protect me but he still had to weigh up the risks of introducing me to my biological father. In the series Im like Benjamin Button. 65% de descuento! That way, my father always said, if we were captured and tortured we couldnt give him up, Marroqun explains. The message was simple: if we hid even a single coin they would kill us. My biological father was Pablo Escobar, the most notorious gangster in the history of the world and he was prepared to kill to win me back. Escobar made at least three terrifying attempts to kidnap his son, each resulting in the would-be attacker being shot dead. He offered his companys armoured cars to traffic the racketeers cash around the country, all the while gleaning invaluable intelligence to feed back to the security services.

It has, however, helpfully grown back in time for the promotion of his new book, Son of Escobar. One of Escobars legitimate sons has tried to make contact with him, and he has previously revealed that he has been approached by people from Colombia and asked to help facilitate certain things. It doesnt show the moments of loneliness, fear, anxiety and terror. I said then the only thing the money was good for was throwing into the fire. I couldnt understand why some of my school friends in Colombia didnt have all this stuff. I HAD two fathers. Or they were killed.. The show creates a culture where being a drug trafficker is cool. There was no-one telling me what to do. I was alone in the house with our maid Otilia when a loud bang on the door made us both jump. It wasnt long before Escobar senior got wind of his young sons whereabouts and the boy narrowly escaped being kidnapped by the drug lords dangerous henchmen on several occasions. Escobar Jr admits that, at the time, the name meant nothing to me. But in 1965, after Escobars gang had blown up one of his armoured convoys, Patrick set about retrieving the hundreds of thousands of dollars in a daring raid, co-organised with the CIA, that would teach the criminals a lesson. Heavy security was the norm for me, Witcomb recalls. The man shouted, Get up! Neither is Escobars son impressed with the young version of himself that appears in the show. BANG! The real story has enough violence, explosions and terror. I still remember his smell cheap cologne mixed with a strange aroma that I now know is marijuana. They were careful to keep from me the truth of the death of my real mother and what Pat had discovered about my biological father. By the time I next spoke to Pablo Escobar, on another New Years Eve in Medellin, I was on holiday from boarding school in England. Programa flexible y a distancia. Disfrute de nuestras lecciones personalizadas, breves y divertidas. With Dad watching from a few feet away and my armed bodyguard, Senor Barandiga, standing by his side, I edged closer to a man with a thin moustache who, when he smiled, revealed a row of yellow teeth. The drug lord was making so much money he could not spend it all. While the Escobar story has become somewhat of a media circus (thanks to Narcos on Netflix, two films starring Javier Bardem and Benicio del Toro and books by another son, a brother and wife), personal trauma lies at the heart of this tale. Also, he could not deny me my past. Investigators didnt believe this story and Marroquns mother spent two years in prison on money-laundering charges. There is an unnerving resemblance between Escobar Sr and Jr, and in the 1980s the latter got rid of his moustache to avoid comparisons.

MBA & Mster en Gestin y Direccin Logstica. Colombian

That is not going to happen.. Licenciatura Ejecutiva en Psicologa Organizacional. To start with, I wasnt a child. Lets not lie. So, on New Years Eve 1969, when I was four years old, Joan and Pat took me to a hotel in Medellin, Colombia. Well, you cant do that without help from governments, and thats what my storys about really.. There are thousands of victims [in Colombia] who deserve respect. In 1989, I went with Dad to the basement lock-up and saw millions of US dollars stuffed into 15 or so heavy black holdalls, each the size of a large PE bag. Appearances Marroqun himself spent 45 days behind bars before being found not guilty of any wrongdoing. Some was hidden in walls of houses, some was buried, some he lost track of.

In an ideal world, Id love all his illegitimate children to pop up and wed all have a big party, but I mean thats just not going to happen, is it? His bribes and programme of building for the poor made him a folk hero in his home town of Medelln. Its too dangerous. But it wasnt until he was 24 that Patrick told Witcomb the truth about his real dad, at a point when Escobars power was on the wane. Infrmate! Somehow the intruder managed to kick his way past the dog and out into the garden. And we werent surrounded by gangsters either. My room was in darkness. Both of you. He was frequently questioned by the police and other drug cartels about Pablo's whereabouts. Phillip Witcomb was 24 before the only man he had ever called Dad said the fateful words: It is time you knew the truth.. Those images would join the other violent episodes stored in my memory bank to be replayed when I least wanted them. His final act before his death was to hand him a note featuring a code, which Escobar Jr believes to be the key to finding where the money ended up. Sebastin Marroqun, Pablo Escobars son, My father was much crueler than he appears in the show. Allegra Gucci opens up about her fathers murder: My mother is attracted to darkness, Jamie Dimon, the worlds most powerful banker: Things can get much worse. There was total disbelief and some unprintable language when he told me, Witcomb recalls, but I dont think at 24 I was old enough to take it all in. RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAILexclusive@the-sun.co.uk, Chilling clues in video of mom who vanished with ex and toddler, Law & Order crew member's family sends message to his killer, Joe Biden, 79, tests positive for Covid & suffers 'mild symptoms' after big speech, Boy, 17, 'killed half-sister, 4, by trapping her inside plastic box' in woods, 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Pablo Escobar, pictured here with his second son in the 70s, didn't raise his first-born child, Instead, Roberto - whose name was later changed to Phillip - was raised by an MI6 spy, Twice Escobar tried to kidnap Roberto, who wasn't aware of his identity, Roberto was adopted by British undercover agent Patrick Witcomb and his wife Joan, Patrick was working to infiltrate the cartels in Colombia, At the age of seven, Roberto was sent away from home to a private prep school in England, When he returned to Bogota for the summer holidays, he was watched by his faithful bodyguard Barandiga, A side-by-side comparison shows Roberto (left) and Escobar, both at the ages of 21, When Roberto first met his father, Escobar told him 'always remember, little man, you are an Escobar', Roberto's bodyguard Barandiga saved his life twice, Netflix hit Narcos told how Escobar rose to become the ruthless leader of the Medellin cartel, Roberto is now an artist and lives in Majorca with his wife and two children, He has told of his extraordinary story in his new book, Son Of Escobar: First Born is out August 6, Inside the life of Pablo Escobar's 1st-born son who was brought up by M16 spy. Marroqun insists that his father committed suicide once he was surrounded by the police, and that in the aftermath he and his mother had to negotiate with the Cali cartel to avoid being killed. Happy days, he says, chuckling. The circumstances of the adoption, however, were so painful that it would take many more meetings before the 6ft 4in Yorkshireman was able to admit the full truth to his lad. Amplia tus conocimientos en el sector de Recursos Humanos.

The leader of the Medelln cartel, he reportedly ordered the killings of 4,000 people, including 30 judges, on his journey to becoming, by many accounts, the wealthiest criminal in history. I felt utterly powerless and, as he gazed into my eyes, I will always remember his haunting, glazed stare. At a meeting earlier in the year, Patrick had agreed that Pablo Escobar could meet his son but the gangster had made veiled threats to take back what is mine. The 55-year-old suspects his father would have had at least 20kids. He also suffered the death of his first wife, and sank into depression. Despite contempt for his son's occupation, Abel gladly accepts Pablo and his driver Limn into the farm, providing them with food and work. The intruder was beyond struggling. Witcomb has turned his life around, remarried and has no intention of returning to Colombia, he says, unless its to make a documentary or a movie adaptation of the book. Disfruta de nuestras lecciones personalizadas, breves y divertidas. Thats how violent it was., To gain Escobars trust, Patrick took his adopted son to New Years Eve parties at a swanky hotel in Escobars home turf of Medelln, so his birth father could meet him. I tried to scream but all that came was a pathetic yelp.

When Patrick was on his deathbed, he gave Witcomb a piece of paper with lines of codes which, he says, reveal the secret hiding place of Escobars missing millions, the money he was tucking away.

The dog leapt forward and sank its teeth into an arm for good measure. Farmer Especialzate! Pablo then says that he made the Escobar family name so famous that even the U.S. President is aware of it, and then walks away. I caught a glint of steel at his waistband. Otilia gasped and pulled me down to the floor, pulling me tight to her chest. In later years, the Witcombs settled in Spain. By the time Pat found out that Escobar was about to break their uneasy truce, it was too late to stop the devastating repercussions. Juan Pablo Escobar now calls himself Sebastin Marroqun.

Frozen with fear in the darkness, I listened to the fearsome barking of the dog and the muffled thudding of the intruders feet above my head, dislodging tiles that came smashing to the ground. But his adoptive father, Patrick, was about to present him with a manila bombshell an envelope containing the only surviving papers that revealed his true origins. You dont understand those traumatic moments, they are just stuff youre scared of, he says now. There were several kidnap attempts, Witcomb, now 55, recalls. Bystanders gasped as one of Escobars gangsters fired two shots through the windscreen of the mangled truck to make sure absolutelythe hero who had foiled two kidnap attempts was dead. It was a sound we werent used to as there was normally a security guard out front. I will say I have been contacted by two other people who are quite sure that he was their father and Ive embraced that. Soldiers seized the bank notes, but Patrick discovered that in the crossfire a teenage girl had been fatally wounded. The men around Don Pablo parted to let us through. But instead of complaining about the series brutal portrayal of his father, who was gunned down by police in 1993, ending his career as the main trafficker of cocaine into the United States, he believes the reality was far grimmer. The baby, Escobars first-born son, was rescued and adopted by the MI6 agent who led the mission, Patrick Witcomb. For anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Colombian underworld, it will mean a lot. 21 das de prueba gratuita de nuestro curso de francs online, Mejore su ingls con EL PAS con 15 minutos al da, Disfrute de nuestras lecciones personalizadas, breves y divertidas, Mejore su italiano con EL PAS con 15 minutos al da, Las mejores oportunidades hablan alemn. Mster en Gestin Hotelera y Turismo con posibilidad de prcticas. Maybe I will come and visit you at your new school., A serious look flashed across Dads face and when we were back at our table, I asked: Is he going to come and visit me?, Dad sat me down. Redefine el volumen de tus pestaas con Maybelline Lash Sensational, Mejore su italiano con solo 15 minutos al da. On one occasion as a young boy, while out with his adoptive mother Joan at an upmarket shopping centre in Bogot, a man took a picture of him and then grabbed his arm, trying to wrench him away. It was before the internet, and I didnt really know who Escobar was., In 1993, both his adoptive father and his birth father died (Patrick had Motor Neurone Disease; Escobar was shot dead by police in Medelln). Speaking in Spanish, his tone was deep, gruff and semi-formal: Don Roberto."

The cash . On one side it had the letterhead of the Home Office. His adoptive fathers death in the same year as the killing of his biological dad triggered abreakdown.

They demanded we hand over all of our assets as war booty. But he considers himself quite fortunate to have been spared a life at the heart of one of the most dangerous families the world has ever known. As the beam locked on the open doorway, it illuminated two green eyes. I knew everything that was going on. A large amount he had siphoned off for Dad to hide for him in 1976 was secretly moved from De La Rues vaults to an underground store in Madrid. He shouted something and then fired. Today, Phillip Witcomb, as Escobars first-born is known, is an acclaimed fine artist living with his wife in a remote finca on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Abel Escobar Once we were surrounded by the police and we didnt have any food for a week. But he says his next book will shed more light on the matter, with a working title of The Secret Of The Missing Millions. It boasted a nightclub, sauna, waterfall and football pitch. I am not proud at all, but we have to be serious, says Marroqun, who offered, but was turned down by Netflix, to act as an advisor on the show a role that would have allowed him to provide his first-hand insight into what was a virtual civil war in Colombia, after Escobar launched an offensive against the rival Cali drug cartel in the late 1980s in a bid to control the hugely lucrative cocaine trade. With Otilia, I scrambled up the stairs and hid in my bedroom when a man with a bandage wrapped around his head burst in. I took to drink and had a really bad time of it and had some time on a mental health unit. But Escobar Jr says that he does not want anything to do with anybody out there, adding: I have to stay clean.. Sebastin Marroqun, Sign up to EL PAS in English Edition bulletin, If you want to follow all the latest news without any limits, subscribe to EL PAS for just 1 the first month. Last I remember once seeing this kid outside the supermarket with no legs, on a board that had wheels on it. I will see you again. Ah, don Felipe!. Cupos limitados! Alive

I saw Escobars death on the news. Escobar, who said he would rather have a grave in Colombia than a jail cell in the US, was shot dead by police on a Medelln rooftop in 1993. The president of Colombia gave me presents, he recalls. He spoke so quietly I wasnt sure if he was trying to make sure the men beside him couldnt hear. "Nuestra Finca" Sometime in late 1993, he is visited by his son, now a weakened fugitive on-the-run. Mejore su francs con solo 15 minutos al da. Is the dream of clean and unlimited nuclear fusion energy finally within reach? The Netflix hit series Narcos may have brought Pablo Escobar back into the spotlight, but his son says the portrayal is quite different from the real criminal he describes in his new book, Son Of Escobar. The family ended up moving to a safer location; and there were no more trips to the shopping centre. My father was very influential and wielded a lot of power. The product of what he describes as a non-consensual encounter (his mother Maria Sendoya was 14 when he was born), raised by the man who brought about the killing of his mother, and with two fathers on opposite sides of the deadly drug wars that ravaged his home country, Escobar Jr was not bestowed an easy legacy. At the end of the day, I know its not all in cash and he had time to convert it into other things, is the only clue Witcomb offers. Although I was born Roberto Sendoya Escobar, Patrick and his wife Joan named me Phillip. A piece of paper slipped out on to the blanket. I stood, petrified, as the intruder kept me up against the wall while he turned and scanned the room with his flashlight. The man moved towards the doorway, pushing me in front. Id never had someone look so intently at me, he writes. The other men he was with made me nervous but I felt like this man wanted me to like him. With me safely back at school in England, Pat switched my trusted ex-Colombian special forces bodyguard to protecting cash shipments. :: Son Of Escobar by Roberto Sendoya Escobar is published by Ad Lib, priced 14.99.

Writing the book has been cathartic, but he still wakes up with what seem to be flashbacks about once a week. The former drug lord, in return, lambastes his father for living like a hermit, without having a single photograph of his children or grandchildren. Gender "Nuestra Finca" Programa 'online' de 9 meses de duracin. He terrified an entire country It was quite surreal because when my dad said I needed to speak to this guy, its a bit like when your parents introduce you to an uncle you dont know., He remembers the smell of pungent cologne and cigarette smoke as he approached him. One day I would have to learn the truth. Id been placed with this English family and from a very young age was put into this situation which became normal to me. It was the guard dog, its teeth bared. As I got a little older, he said some strange things to me which were a bit personal, but then you just get on with your life. Infrmate! As I shook his hand he said: I hear you are at a new school, a long way away. Read Etan Smallmans investigation, and his account of how he began to unravel the thread. The son of a farmer and a schoolteacher, Pablo Escobars life of crime started with selling fake school diplomas and stealing tombstones to sell on. Male It was so sad to see a man who had done such great things reduced to this pitiful wreck. Especialzate. I felt my attackers hold loosen as he weighed up his options. Posgrado de 18 meses, Descubre un completo Directorio de Centros de Formacin, Garmin Vivoactive 3: el smartwatch ideal para practicar deporte, Funda para silln ms vendida de Amazon Mxico: disponible en diferentes medidas y colores. Curso de Ciberseguridad 'online' de 12 meses. I leaped from the bed, frightened out of my wits, and ran for the door that led to the hallway and Dads room. With epic understatement, he adds: It was a pretty weird childhood., Son of Escobar by Roberto Sendoya Escobar (14.99, Ad Lib) is out now. Escobar appeared in the Forbes Billionaires list seven years in a row. I looked again at the symbols and numbers. And that is true. The dog remained stock-still. Patrick feared Phillip would be the victim of one of Escobars enemies looking to settle a score, and immediately posted armed guards outside his house. Portrayed by With his adoptive family, the young Phillip was transported into a world of privilege, private schools, luxurious houses, private planes and exotic holidays, constantly shadowed by armed bodyguards and escorted by armoured vehicles.

Finally, he said: Adis, mi hijo Goodbye, my son at a volume I could understand. I didnt make it. But what most annoys the 39-year-old about the Netflix version of his fathers life is that it claims to be realistic. It was like some kind of addition or quick sum one would write in a rush. I handed it to him.

But the problem with it is, it tells you that suddenly there is this 25-year-old super-hard-case drug dealer. Any threat to his life appears to have subsided after Escobars death (in a shoot-out a day after the cocaine barons 44th birthday in 1993), but he refuses to comment on whether he still keeps a gun at home, instead pulling an enigmatic face at his webcam. We watched television and he had no hesitation in telling me, I planted that bomb. And we would argue about it..

Sometimes we would buy a house and then we would have to move the same night, and the money would go down the drain. He says he has no idea why Patrick, who he insists was as honest as the day is long, clung on to the funds. Fright turned to relief when I saw Barandiga, torchlight in one hand, revolver in the other, focused on the man on the roof. I must have looked confused. Ttulo oficial. Escobars son provides concrete examples on how he thinks the show got it wrong. That hunt is the subject of what Escobar Jr hopes will be his second book, and he says he is convinced the first will be turned into a film or TV series. But I was 16 when my father died. Its full of errors. Thats the verdict of Juan Pablo Escobar when asked about the hit Netflix show Narcos, which recounts the story of his father, the notorious 1980s Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. You have to be responsible when telling this story. All I could hear was this screeching sound. 2021 Associated Newspapers Limited. I asked: Is this where the money is? His brief smile was all I needed as confirmation. I could just make out two dark, wildly staring eyes. Career Information We didnt live in luxury when we were on the run. With both hands on my shoulders, his eyes locked on mine, he said: No. Alfredo Castro

Family First Especialzate!

He had known he was adopted by a British couple in Colombia who gave him a comfortable, if unconventional, childhood before he was sent off to boarding school in England at nine for his own safety.

And theres nothing there for me. Status I get younger and younger: by the end I look about eight years old Ive been turned into an Englishman, and Im happy to go with that.. Mster en Finanzas. The violence was far worse than the show suggests. The one I called Dad and loved dearly was the man who adopted me, Yorkshireman Patrick Witcomb.