Take your time to explore their historic displays, shop at the General Store, dine at the new Cottage House Restaurant & Winery. This group of First Pennsylvania Rifles, gained the nickname of The Bucktails. The Bucktails became renowned for their skill as sharpshooters. The architecture and history of each of the properties is outlined in the accompanying brochure. Featured lunch menu items include flatbread pizza, iceberg wedge salad, baked French Onion soup, Turkey Club or Philly Steak sandwiches. Smethport Specialty Toy Display: Smethport has a history of making folks happy. For dinner, choose from ham steak, chicken alfredo, and sliced filet mignon smothered with mushrooms. Americas First Christmas Store to be reopened in 2022 at Old Town Smethport: Leonard Johnson created Americas First Christmas Store in 1932. Smethport Specialty Toys is where one of the most influential toys of the 20th century, Wooly Willy, was invented and manufactured. Old Town Smethport is located at 113 West Water Street, Smethport, PA. He was a druggist who went out west in search of gold. There is a real stagecoach, a large cannon, a General Store Delivery Truck, an antique horse saddle, a log cabin, and a working General Store. Unsuccessful in the gold rush, Johnson returned to Smethport and opened a drug store with a creative twist. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. As you walk in the door, a large smile will light up your face as you look right and left at the surprising exhibits. Cottage House Restaurant & Winery: The restaurant at Old Time Smethport, the Cottage House Restaurant & Winery, honors the historic Cottage House Restaurant which served Smethport for many years. The restaurant is open the same hours as are the displays and General Store. The General Store: The General Store in Old Time Smethport is constructed to replicate an authentic old time general store. The Kinzua Viaduct was rebuilt of steel in 1900, and then following tornado damage, it was re-invented as the Kinzua Sky Walk.

Old Town Smethport, Plan Your Visit! The cannon had exceptional accuracy. The limber is also part of the display. Today, Johnsons historic Christmas displays are sought after antiques. This is the cart designed to carry the ammunition and support the cannon allowing it to be pulled by horses. Nestled in the hills of the Pennsylvania Wilds within McKean County, Smethport offers a glimpse of its pioneer past to visitors at the newly opened Old Town Smethport. These are just a part of the displays you will see as you stroll inside along a pathway designed with life size trees, a painted sky overhead, and a wide selection of displays honoring Smethports history. Invented by John Griffin, it was extremely durable, with the barrel made of wrought iron primarily produced by the Phoenix Iron Company of Phoenixville, PA. You can learn more about this regiment when you visit Old Town Smethport. As you walk across the wooden porch to enter the store, you will see an antique Texaco sign hanging overhead. The shop was open for over 70 years. People from all over the world traveled to Smethport to visit his store. The new shop will honor the artwork and holiday specialties originally sold in 1932 but the shop will also bring in new holiday selections for the modern home. Stay in a Mansion in Smethports Mansion District: Immerse yourself in the opulence of days gone by. The new Cottage House Restaurant & Winery is open for lunch and dinner. Invented in 1955 by James Reese Herzog, the original Wooly Willy, with his magnetic personality, allowed you to draw whiskers, hair, and eyebrows with your magnetic wand on Willys bald head. The cash register on the counter is over 100 years old and is from an original shop in Smethport. Along with bar seating, there are private meeting and dining rooms which may be reserved for your group or meeting. The Kinzua Sky Walk is one of the top 10 most scenic skywalks in the world and is open year-round. eNOW news gives you access to news articles, event listings and special features/promotions as they come into our office, BEFORE our print issue hits stands! The current plan is for this shop to open in 2022. Old Town Smethport currently has original displays crafted at Americas First Christmas Store. The Civil War Cannon Display: The cannon is a Civil War 3 canoe with a limber. An interesting side note, the first Kinzua Viaduct, built in 1882, was constructed of wrought iron Phoenix Columns also prefabricated in Phoenixville, PA. Smethport, Home of the Bucktail Regiment: As General Thomas L. Kane mustered recruits on the steps of the McKean County Courthouse, a local recruit saw a deer hanging at a butcher shop nearby and he cut off the deers tail and affixed it to his hat. LocalRegionalHealth&FitnessEntertainment, https://visitanf.com/smethport-mansion-district-walking-tour. Old Town Smethport has a display of the historic toys created and manufactured by Smethport Specialty Toys. His corner storefront was a drug store on one side, and a retail shop for handmade Christmas displays on the other. A great deal has happened since 1807. Then overnight at one of Smethports Mansions - The Mansion District Inn or the Blackberry Inn. The Mansion District Inn is located at 905 W. Main Street, Smethport, PA, phone 814-598-7403. It is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00am-9:00pm. Reservations may be made by calling 814-568-2091. Smethports Mansion District Walking Tour: Smethport went from a pioneer town to becoming the hub of commerce for lumber barons, bankers, and oil men during the 1800s. A copy of the brochure may be downloaded at https://visitanf.com/smethport-mansion-district-walking-tour. Please click the Subscribe button in your email to make sure you receive the latest updates from ellicottvilleNOW. Old Town Smethport is in the process of creating a new Americas First Christmas Store at their location. The Blackberry Inn is located at 820 W. Main Street, Smethport, PA, phone 612-940-4014. Located at the Kinzua Bridge State Park, the skywalk is about a 30-minute drive from Smethport. Travel & Tourism Information: For additional information on this attraction and all others in the Allegheny National Forest Region, including the Kinzua Sky Walk, please call 800-473-9370 or click on www.VisitANF.com. Old Town Smethport invites you to discover displays from the past, shop an authentic General Store, and dine at the Cottage House Restaurant & Winery. It is housed in a historic building, which was once a lumber mill, close to Hamlin Lake. By 1935, his Christmas displays were nationally known, and his store became a shopping destination. Dining options also include a variety of seating areas. This history is reflected in the beauty of the mansions built during the 1800s and early 1900s in Smethport. The shop offers a collection of nostalgic gifts and locally handcrafted treasures.

Two of the historic Smethport Mansions are open as Bed & Breakfasts. Thank you for subscribing to eNOW news, ellicottvilleNOWs on-demand newsletter. Old Town Smethport was created to highlight segments of Smethports remarkable history. The Historic Smethport Mansion District Walking Tour is a self-guided tour of over thirty of these homes. According to the display, The 3-inch cannon was the most widely used Union gun during the war. You will receive an email from us shortly asking you to confirm your subscription to our newsletter. Old Town Smethport: Smethport was first surveyed in 1807 by Dutch land surveyors who selected it as northwest Pennsylvanias most perfect town site.