Of the self-made one I've got a music room that pretty much doesn't have a single bit of space left on the walls, what with all the guitars and banners hanging there, and I think I've got a "Leithanien Night" kinda theme going on with another one (night sky wallpaper, white furnishings, a bookshelf). As a final proverbial punch to the gut, there's a near hidden spawn at the bottom right of the map that many players may miss if they haven't looked closely at the map's structure prior to entering the stage as it can be hidden by any operator portraits they haven't deployed - and woe betide you if you miss it, since it'll eventually start spawning Agent Leaders. And it's not slugs, it's Dual Swordsmen and Light-armored Soldiers which are fairly hardened mooks in the early game.

DH-S-4 takes this to another level. And then there are these, where even experienced players can get stuck on. To elaborate, 5-7 is a map where the enemy, 5-7 Challenge Mode predecessor, 5-3 Challenge Mode, is also similarly insane. Finally, there is a steady stream of Dockworker Leader Motorboats with very high stats and a fairly short route to the blue box, and they show up one after the other quickly, necessitating the need to kill them as quickly as possible before your Defenders or Centurion Guards get overwhelmed. To make matters worse, your deployment limit is initially capped at 5 before upgrading the Control Terminals, limiting your defensive lineup for quite a while. There are also multiple lava fountains present, which limits the safe placement of operators and roadblocks since they cause heavy AoE damage every time they erupt and melt roadblocks in the vicinity. Depending on the player's deployment pattern, they can become either a nuisance or a deadly threat that can handily kill the defending operator of the lower Protection Objective. The stage took inspiration from 4-10, the stage where the players encounter FrostNova for the first time. DH-S-1, whose infamy became known almost immediately after the event hit. Well, now I'm convinced that HG actually wants sleep comps to be a thing, on that topic, does sleep stop the bursts from the Crawlers? With all the constant assault, poisoned environment, and Infused Originium Slugs that explode on the operators for massive damage, players will have to bring more than a few Medics along with more than a fair share of decently leveled operators to keep up with all the instances of damage. Considering that your units will almost certainly already be weaker than average, the Lancers might even pierce your defensive line individually before the latter parts of the level even begin. Generating DP fast and deploying key ops early are key to success in this stage. The only Medic that can reach that particular tile without using their skill is an E2 Kal'tsit, the boss can instantly end a run if her Deathless Inferno kills any of the civilians, not helped by the fact that all her other attacks are also designed to do heavy area damage and global, The same as a full Annihilation, whereas other mini-Annihilation MO stages generally had 200, Faust needs a tanky unit or fast-redeploys to block his attacks, Big Ugly needs to be killed early with Arts so the High Priest doesn't just run into the base after the mech's death explosion stuns all your units, the Corrupted/Withered Knights are vulnerable to Arts/physical damage respectively and need to be killed at the same time lest one of them, More Bloodblades spawn in the boss' first phase, which usually leads to their healing being wasted given most strategies don't even try hitting the boss that early on, Start by deploying one on the ranged tile facing your base, so they will start shooting at the furthest Slug first, then retreating them once the explosions start getting close to them and then slapping down another Sniper in the opposite direction to mop up the rest, Good job trying to, since wide-range medics can't quite reach them and their healing is reduced on the outer tiles, her new form as the Winter's Scar is considerably worse than she was in 4-10, instakilling black ice from 4-10 that bypass invincibility. Land of Rust and Smoke/Clouds Overhead and Radioactive Dust/Red Mist are both very difficult for similar reasons, namely the poison gas permeating the map that causes all Operators to take damage over time. This will be the first stage where the players encounter FrostNova, and it doesn't disappoint. Barrens Cadet/Neverending has you defend against a relentless onslaught of Sarkaz Lancers and Lancer Leaders that will build up speed in inaccessible parts of the map before charging down the central lane. CB-EX7 from Code of Brawl. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To start with, it contains High Tide, and that alone will bring trouble. The Challenge condition ups the ante by doubling the effective fuse time of the Explosive Boats while giving every enemy a large stat boost, making its already glaring difficulty somehow even worse. Finally, at the later part of the stage, the game introduces a few surprise Sarkaz Casters whose bind attack can mess up the frontline defending the upper Protection Objectives unless the player is aware of this fact ahead of time. And in case you thought you could use the Two-Step Firecrackers to counteract all of the frantic attribute changing, the stage only gives you, OD-8 is particularly hectic as it is not only a boss fight against the Essence of Evolution, but also a. OD-EX-8 takes everything bad about OD-8 to another level.

Exacerbating the situation is the fact that the first enemies to emerge from the red base in the middle are Breakers - as in those 'lightning fast and decently tough unlike. Most people just follow room sets that you buy from an event. The hardest part of the map starts as soon as FrostNova enters the second lane from the right, opposite from where the regular enemies enter from the left; meaning the player has to contend with her underlings constantly spawning from the left side and FrostNova on the right side, which is harder than it looks. As for Annihilation, I can't seem to get more than about 160 kills yet.

Upon entering Dossoles Holiday, players will learn to hate any maps with High Tide. On top of the. So on the note of Annihilations, anyone have a good way to deal with Lungmen Downtown? This stage is more tricky due to the early rushes where the players have to place defenses and Medics quickly so the poison combined with the early enemies don't kill off the initally deployed operators and cause leaks. Beat this level with 6 operators in the squad, tops (this includes friend supporters, so if you bring one, you can only bring 5 of your own). And while the Leithanien Whisperers trying to contest them are annoying, the problem lies in the isolated top lane, where a steady stream of, WR-EX-8, especially in the later half of the map where Indefatigable Blindies and Dazzled Smarties start appearing. Insanely powerful enemies that include Breakers, Spec Ops Casters, Possessed Leaders, Arts Master Drones, and especially Defense Crushers? Not enough trouble yet? OF-EX6 from the Obsidian Festival event is particularly difficult, even for experienced players. You could have watched Kyo's videos for help. If you don't have anybody that can soak up lots of hits on top of the 50% damage while you try to set up a defense, either the ranged units or Hounds will cut them down in a flash. While thankfully there are reinforced dirt mounds to protect the entire area on the right side, several Redmark Elite Infiltrators will attempt to destroy the dirt mounds on the isolated top lane of the map; should both of the dirt mounds be destroyed, the Originiutant Tumors spawned by the boss will switch to the top lane and waltz straight into the blue box. It's another rematch with the Blood Knight, this time packing a new entourage of enemies designed to throw wrenches into your plans - Armorless Assassins who will sit in the dark until their ATK is high enough to blow up a target already blocking the Blood Knight, Knight Territory Hibernators that spawn in annoying positions and will waltz right into the blue box once woken, a Nightzmora Follower that'll destroy anyone without proper vision and deliver crippling blows to your lines, and, If you didn't like fighting the Armorless Third and Cleanup Squads before, then NL-S-5 takes them up a notch.

The two ranged tiles don't help a whole lot, since the Fanatics can also hit those. While on paper it looks nothing as difficult as Annihilation 3, several factors made it particularly micromanagement intensive still. On top of that, the bottom right of the map contains four Dockworker Leader Motorboats, which can screw players over due to two of them starting to move fairly early, likely far before players have any chance to shore up respectable defenses with what little time they have considering that you need both 3-block units and massive damage to kill them. Whether the level ends in success or significant life loss hinges on your ability to use something to blow up the Fanatics before they can kill your units. letting others know what they're looking for. The combination of Nova Elites and Nightzmora Followers in particular can easily cause a, It's very telling how hard this fight is when many of the "low rarity operator" strategies you might come across require, NL-S-3 has 3 routes to the blue box where initially manageable waves of enemies approach from multiple directions. Yup same here, I invested in skyfire instead. The annoying part really begins to ramp up after the 350 kills mark, where a wall of Defense Crushers pops up just to ruin your day, along with hordes of Arts Master A2 Drones and Spec Ops Caster Leaders to turn defenders and backliners alike into mincemeat. Wait, i thought that several long timers at this point should have all operators in E2 without whaling? The area is infested with, If you aren't particularly thrilled with dealing with Enraged Possessed Soldiers in the levels that they appear in, how about dealing with an, While all Extreme Mode stages are purposely designed to be, GT-HX-3 is the first event stage to cause players trouble due to its large difficulty spike.

Better keep those fast redeployment operators handy. Rusthammer Battle is a whole other can of worms. Only downside I can think of would be it discouraging persons to try and find another way around the problem with what they have (time restraint should stop it from being spam-able). Midnight's whole deal was like, well my old life is gone now, might as well take the chance to try something new and so he signed on as a combat op. While the enemies will also suffer the effects of High Tide, there are an annoying number of enemies who are not only immune to it, but also exploit it, turning them into, Most of the "Tidings Unseen" stages from Dossoles Holiday are extraordinarily difficult even in comparison to the EX stages, and will more often than not take up the majority of your time and effort completing the event. A full-speed Lancer already deals terrifying amounts of impact damage, and they'll start coming in large groups near the end of the level, overwhelming any defense you've set up. Not helping are the Yeti Squad enemies that will mercilessly exploit your frozen Operators, particularly the Yeti Icecleavers (and two leaders) that have insane bulk and deal ridiculous amounts of damage to frozen units. You must log in or register to reply here. Most levels are doable if one has the correct tools and/or strategies to approach it. I wish I could set my factories farming Orundium, but there's no way I have the resoruces for that, no matter how much I want to ten-roll and hope to pull Skadi. Even though there's a bush on a ranged tile that is safe from both the Eradicators and Essence of Evolution's global-ranged attacks, your operators deployed there will still get hurt from the sandstorm. Anyone familiar with Rat King knows that careful positioning of operators as well as bringing at least one squishy Fast-Redeploy operator comes a long way when fighting him. Some are just to be brute-forced. Free themself also travels along a relatively isolated path where it can't be blocked until near the end of the level, letting it spam its ranged attacks and abilities with impunity, particularly its Break the Chains shield that will effectively one-shot anything in range if you can't break it in time. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I only started right when Originium Dust ended lol, I remember being a sad that I was a mite too late to spend my newbie oruns on the R6 Banner and try my luck. Suddenly, capturing all 4 gramophones (which are practically mandatory to kill the Colossi and Mudrock due to their insanely massive HP pools) becomes much harder, and when Mudrock shows up and. Check. While they guarantee special rewards, they're often so difficult that without a prepared team, you may end up losing more than you gained, or outright failing the run. Check. Basically, every enemy in this map hits like a truck and can take about as much punishment in return, and the presence of the crossbow turrets mean all of your frontliners will be taking 600 damage every few seconds, on top of the obscenely painful hits they're already taking from Reunion troops. Another thing crops up when the enemies starts to spawn through the upper and lower lane, where the Bulldozer travels through back and forth, if this doesn't seem to be a problem, wait until he collides with your Defender and causing enemies to leak, even worse of it's Greytail Leaders, Elite Brawlers or Authorized Caster Leader who can quickly take care of the squishy DPS units behind the Defender or the humble Originium Slugs rushing and making for home base now that the Defender is preoccupied. It puts you into a battle against, Annihilation 3: Lungmen Downtown has gained infamy for representing a huge. That's a bit much, 375 on Lungmen Outskirts is pretty far and Chernobog is way simpler. Also, to clarify, despite the ordering of the stages in the menu, Chernobog is the first annihilation stage and the easiest, followed by Lungmen Outskirts, and then either Lungmen Downtown or the rotating stage depending on how difficult any given rotating stage is. Annihilation 5: Frozen Abandoned City brings back the Yeti Squadron for an.

Finally, the map spawns consist of both Sniper Leaders and heavily DEF-buffed Ergate Leaders, which cause a difficult to counter combination where Sniper Leaders will effectively permastun your DPS operators while the Ergate Leaders run straight through your lines. The final and hardest part starts when several Defense Crusher Leaders enters into the fray along with Crownslayer, both rushing the right and left lane respectively. The Corrosion is bad enough since it builds up and can deal massive damage alongside a permanent DEF reduction, but the ASPD reduction and inability to deploy stalling Operators are what makes this a threat to leaking enemies; this is on top of the fact that many high-tier enemy spawns are timed right when a High Tide happens, just to screw players over. before she drops dead from the status effect, who is more geared towards fighting instead of healing, owing to her lower ATK compared to other ST Medics and prioritizing in healing herself and Mon3tr no matter how low other operators' HPs are, making the extra range moot for healing other operators, starts instantly turning Gramophones hostile, let the two Colossi or Mudrock through instead of fighting them, 2-10 is one of the first major difficulty spikes for a new player, featuring what is likely the most complex map they've seen, with 3 lanes to defend; each comes with a Medical Rune to help your units stay healthy, but they also come with independent threats from enemies that are very strong at that point in the game.