There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Mau. It does not require any rendering from the server, as the whole image is created on the clients browser. Luxor is a city in Northern Egypt (and of course, a popular hotel in Las Vegas.) Here are 8 ideas. Mariam (Greek and Hebrew origin) referring to the sister of Moses, meaning rebellion in Arabic. Tanit (Egyptian, Greek origin) referring to the name of Punic Goddess of Love. We like this pick for a cat that trills, chirps, or meows a lot.

These Egyptian baby names have emotional meanings.

Dont miss our full list of Egyptian baby boy names.

Pili (Egyptian origin) meaning second born. This boys moniker is quite the enigma meaning mystery., 92. 71 American Baby Names And lets be realits not that different for cat lovers today. He appears in the creation story, where he guarded the Tree of Life. This gender-neutral name is perfect for both male or female cats. Here are a few examples with some potential for spelling changes, such as Aharon, Mohamed, and Moises. 2021 LLC, a service of The Gladney Center for Adoption.

It is also called the paper plant, Cyperus papyrus (family Cyperaceae), and came from the delta Nile region of Egypt. Cats have been found mummified in ancient archeological sites, and cat statues are another common find. Zuberi (Egyptian origin) meaning strong, inspiring people of its name to be formidable, strong and motivated. Nuru - This name means "born during the day. If your little boy was born on a Sunday, you can give him this sweet namesake. Dont miss our full list of Egyptian baby girl names. Neith (Egyptian origin) meaning Divine Mother, Neith was the Goddess of Femininity. Bastet (or Bast). Browser compatibility Firefox 3.5+ Newer versions of Google Chrome, Safari & Opera IE9, I have always been facninated with the study of the meaning of names or, Aakheperenre /aA-xpr-n-ra/ (M) 'great manifestation of Ra' (King), Abt-ib /Abt-ib (F) 'She whom the heart desired', Amenemheb , Amenemhab/imn-m-Hb/ (M) 'Amun of the festival' (Retainer), Amenemnisu /img-m-nisw / (M) 'Amun is king' (King). 82 Hebrew Baby Names

Edrice (English origin) from Eadric, meaning a 'prosperous ruler'. Subscribe for parenting tips, family money advice, baby names and more. Please try again.

According to scholar James Allen Baldwin, cats have been found in Egypt as far back as 5,000 years. Ever thought about an Egyptian name with Celestial meanings? Daughter. Cleopatra, her full title Cleopatra VII, may be the most famous Egyptian queen. It was worn by both men and women to enhance the eyes and as protection from the glare of the sun. There are some beautiful names that have spiritual ties to Christianity, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greek spirituality. ), Yekeb-Bor, Ykb-l(M) (foreign?) }}(document,'script','twitter-wjs'); ", Rabiah - For a child born during the spring months, use this name meaning "girl born in the spring. Here are our top picks of powerful Egyptian girl names that we think you will love. Rana (Arabic origin) meaning eye-catching, for a stunning baby girl, one whose beauty shines out from within.

Nefirtiti. She helped to establish cosmic order through musical means by conducting the symphony of order which accompanied creation. To see what your friends thought of this book, Kemetic Spiritual Names: And How to Choose Them, New Speculative Fiction Crossovers That Bust Genre Boundaries. , ISBN-10 They have a rich history of meaning that crosses countries, cultures and time periods. //]]>, Be the first to ask a question about Kemetic Spiritual Names. ", Sslama - This unusual choice means "peaceful. ", Quibilah - A lovely choice, this name means "peaceful. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Singapore, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Chione fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs); Welcome back. Amenhotep /imn-Htp/ 'Amun is pleased' (M) A-ma-an-a-at-bi (Akkadian), Amenophis/ (Grek) (King, architect, scribe. ", Sanura - Another cute option, this name means "kitten.;

100+ Swahili Baby Names & Their Meanings. Heqet (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning derived from Heqa, the word for ruler, Heqet is seen as the Goddess of Fertility. ", Halima - A name based on kindness, this means "gentle.

Osiris. Bastet (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning of the ointment jar. People with this name are said to be quiet, knowing and considerate. Still not found the right epithet for your newborn yet? Ancient Egyptians loved onyx, a black gemstone that was used to create everything from jewelry to bowls. Sphinx. "Netjer," a Kemetic word meaning "divine power," is the One Self-Created Deity which manifests in myriads of forms, which we call Names (Kemetic Orthodoxy is a monolatry, a specialized form of polytheism that is NOT monotheism -- see the "What is Kemetic Orthodoxy?" The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most famous statues in Egypt. Quasshie 125 Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings information available on the page. Egyptian girl names range from those inspired by natural beauty to blessings and wishes for the new child. Aya - Means "wonderful" or "amazing" - Aya Medany was an Egyptian Olympian who competed in three Olympiads. Greek Iesous/ > Coptic Iesous/, Latin Iesus, Syric Isho or Eesho. Berenice, known as Berenice IV, was the sister of the famous Cleopatra. Great Pet Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Anippe (Egyptian origin) meaning Daughter of the Nile. Horus is also the son of Osiris and Isis. Next Class Begins in May 2022. All Rights Reserved 2022. Seth (Set). Isis (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of Motherhood, one of the nine Gods of Ennad, a strong and formidable character. His name is translated as Instigator of Confusion and Destroyer, which seems apt for a cat with destructive tendencies. What is the most popular male name in Egypt? She became queen after the death of her father, Ptolemy XII, in 51 BCE. {js=d.createElement(s); ", Sabah - This pretty name means "born in the morning. From loving and affectionate beginnings, to everlasting soul and joy, these names have wonderful connotations.

Please try again. ", Fukayna - This name also means "intelligent. Looking for an Egyptian cat name that suits your kitten? Contact Us| Privacy Policy| Member Login. Khalfani Moses was a Hebrew prophet that delivered his people into freedom from Egyptian slavery. My-Shriuy /my Sriwy 'Little cat', 'pussy'(F), am Swyt - 'eater of shades' D36-G17-F10-A2 S36-X1:Z1-A41, seD qsw - 'Breaker of bones' S29-D46:F18-Z9:D40 T19-Z1:Z2, Hemu-ma/ Hmw-mA ='Nick name for the tail Rudder or literal Steerer of Lions ' (M), Ikhernofret /i-Xr-nfrt/ 'I possess what is good', Ikhnoubet /yax-nbt/ (M) (King's confidante), Inheb inhb M (Old Kingdom) Possibly Libyan, Ireyemsheser Ir(y)-m-Ssr (Old Kingdom) - 'Master of the tongue or Master of the Arrow', Kepesh/ kpS- 'strong arm, strength, might', En-mereni /n-mr.n.i = 'I don't like anyone', Seneb-neb-ef snb-nb-f M -'The well being of his master', Tjau-en-ankh-en-Senbi- 'Senbi's breath of life', Miut-Kemet /miwt-kmt = (F) 'female black cat', My-Shriuy /my Sriwy = (F) 'Little cat', 'pussy', mundiefpakhepesh/ imn-di-f-pA-xpS 'Amun gives him the foreleg/strong arm' (Seti's fav horse), Muthertiu/ mwt-hrtiw 'mother of Hertiu' (Ramses II's horse), Nekhtut em Uaset/ nxtwt-m-wAst 'strong, victorious of Thebes', Qen-mun/ qn-imn 'Brave Amun' (name of Seti I horse). Luca is a keen performer, student and writer. If you want to express how much you adore and value your little girl, these names all relate to love and gratitude. ", Mert - For those who find beauty in quiet, this name means "lover of silence. Do any of these interesting historical figures inspire a unique Egyptian name choice for your child? Responses will be mailed out right before the class begins. ", Marwa - This name means "hard stone" or "quartz. Berenice.

He referred to himself as the original inscrutable and indivisible creator. He also later merged with god Hathor (previously mentioned) to become Amun-Ra. If you love music, this may be a good fit. Eshe (Swahili origin) meaning life and a variant of the Indian name Asha, and Arabic name Aisha. Similar to its Westernized variant, Layla means born at night., 96. Anat (Semitic origin) meaning water spring, Anat is the Goddess of Fertility. Mesi (Egyptian origin) meaning water, which is necessary for life and nature, an important element. Ra was known as the sun god. No plugins, no flash, no interaction needed from the server, just pure JavaScript! Nour (Arabic origin) meaning light, for a shining, glowing baby girl. Cliupatra (Egyptian and Sicilian origin) meaning 'she who brings glory to her father'. It can be really hard deciding on a name for your daughter. Consider some of these to help your child stand out in the crowd: 91. No matter which baby girl name you choose, you'll love looking at these gorgeous names. Isis was arguably the most powerful and popular goddess in Egyptian history. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. Maibe (Egyptian origin) meaning grave, a choice for a soulful child. This could be a fantastic way to choose a name as its meaning is everlasting like the sky. ", Mandisa - This means "girl who is sweet. And most importantly: order. Our content and products are for informational purposes only. 93. Your pets health information at your fingertips, 2022 Great Pet Media. Kemetic Spiritual Names: And How to Choose Them, Language Maat was known as the goddess of truth, justice, and harmony. Isis. 71 Greek Mythology Baby Names !function(d,s,id) These famous Egyptian women made their mark on the world, and perhaps your child will as well. While she was known for her love affairs with both Caesar and Mark Antony, she also was known for her beauty and charismatic leadership, making this the perfect pick for a fiery feline. Try again. Here are 10 perfect Egyptian names for your female feline. This site and all contents Copyrighted 1993-2020by The House of Netjer and may not be reproduced or copied in any form without express written permission from The House of Netjer. Tahini - Means "best wishes" - name Tahani Amer, an Egyptian senior technologist at NASA, Umm - Means "mother" - Umm Kulthum is the most-famous Egyptian singer and songwriter in Egypt, Aziza - A statement of great value, this name means "precious" - a lovely choice for parents searching for, Bahini - Means "fortune" or "gift of fortune", Femi - A simple and lovely name that means "love", Ife - Another classic name choice that means "love", Jendayi - Means "gratitude" or "thankfulness" - a gorgeous choice if you're looking for a, Nashwa - Means "wonderful feeling" or "happiness", Kissa - Means "sister of twins" and "daughter born after twins", Layla - This means "girl who was born at night.". You can see here that spelling is also open to interpretation while in Westernized forms, we might expect to see something like Cleopatra, this has multiple variants in the Egyptian form. Maye (Norman origin) meaning the month of May, often attributed to a cheerful personality. Go full-on royal and get inspired by Egyptian queens and princesses who lived long ago. Nature can serve as the perfect name inspiration for your daughter. How does it work? Cleopatra. Chione (Greek origin) meaning Snow Queen, Chione was the daughter of the Nile. Mau was a divine cat who is thought to be the origin of cats on earth. Gamila (Arabic, Swahili origin) meaning beautiful, a variation of the Islamic name Jamila. The ancient Egyptians believed the universe had an order to it, and it was Maat who kept everything in balance. Layla - The name literally means "intoxicating." Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of Darkness, possessing leadership skills and independence. What are some common Ancient Egyptian names? 111 Nigerian Baby Names to the elements. And while they served multiple purposesfrom protecting Egyptian homes against rodents and venomous snakes and acting as bird hunters, they eventually came into god-status. More baby names: 100 Meaningful Mongolian Baby Names Emily Shiffer is a freelance writer living in Pennsylvania, and is a former online staff member at Men's Health and Prevention magazines. She came to the throne when her father, Ptolemy, was driven from Egypt and went to Rome. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Download the app to join the conversation.Join. Like many cultures around the world, Egyptian names for girls often speak to desirable personal qualities or characteristics. Refresh and try again. Based in North London and constantly surrounded by his large Cypriot family, including many young cousins, Luca is no stranger to great food and adventure. Like many ancient cultures, men generally tend to be favored! Nile. More Egyptian baby names for your little prince or princess, Find more Egyptian baby name inspiration on Peanut, 200+ Spanish Baby Names for Your Beb to Be, 78 Haitian Baby Names for Your Little Love, 30 Persian Baby Names With Their Meanings, 125 Sanskrit Baby Names and Their Meanings. Nenet (Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of the Deep, a mystical name for a baby girl of who has potential, reach and an avid explorer. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aziza (Egyptian origin) meaning of great value, and precious. Jomana (Arabic origin) meaning silver pearl, a variation of the name Jumana. These Egyptian baby girl names can come to represent many desired qualities, from kindness, to treasured gems in their purest forms, having meanings that span millennia, from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Persian origins. Papyrus. Egyptian names are some of the most beautiful, as they have been around for centuries. Asenath (Christian, Egyptian origin) meaning belongs to the Goddess Neith. Popular baby names change over time, with some falling out of fashion through the years and others taking over top spots. Applications received after mid-Decemberwill be held for Class 62review. Passionate about contemporary art forms, including dance-theatre and photography, Luca loves visiting art galleries and performance venues. ", Meritaten - Firstborn daughter of Queen Nefertiti, Nebetta - Reference to princess Ahmose Nebetta, Nefertiti - Name of a famous Egyptian queen, Setepenre - One of Queen Nefertiti's six royal daughters, Tiye - Reference to Queen Tiye, mother to Akhenaten. Seshat. Nubia (Egyptian origin) referring to the place Nubia. 100 women are talking about 'Egyptian baby names' on Peanut. Lotus (Greek origin) meaning purity, grace, for an exotic flower. Look to Egyptian goddesses for powerful Egyptian names that make a statement. 70 Chinese Baby Names

This boys name actually has roots in Swahili, meaning destined to rule.. She writes for a multitude of publications, including Women's Health, Parade, SHAPE, and more.

Amunet (Ancient Egyptian) meaning mythical, The Goddess of Mystery. Short for Tutankhamun, youve probably heard of this pharaoh known as King Tut. Create your own unique website with customizable templates.