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But this domineering, mischievous and hyperactive man was undoubtedly the part-author of his own and his countrys misfortunes. 1 0 obj Here the rule is that, in the main, odd numbers run north south (with the street numbers increasing as you head west) and evens east west (increasing as you head south). Prior to his death at the age of 89, Sihanoukwas serially king, prince and king again (until he abdicated in 2004). When the French were here, streets wererue this and rue that, and, as you see in the photos, the language lingers (includingeau on the metal diskscovering access to water mains). They are more likely to be able to give the name of the temple across from the gym than the gymsaddress. Or St 178 where the house numbers increase as you head west from the river, then mysteriously begin at number one again as you cross Norodom Bvd. Google Maps.


The blocks north of the Royal Palace are populated with souvenir shops and galleries, restaurants and cafes, bars, hotels and guesthouses. var year = today.getFullYear() Again one can understand how everything had to be new under Sihanouk in the 1960s, but what was going on in whose mind when the numbers were given out? Us | Advertising | Contact Canby Media, Copyright 1997 - 2019 by Canby Media workers phnom penh busts brothel drive underground nationwide kork toul crackdown karaoke tracey prior customers wait bar The years have been good to the quay. It is because this is a country in which notoriously poor education often stops around the third grade that words written in a foreign language usuallyarebeyond the ability ofgenerally unskilled tuk-tuk drivers and motodops. . But yes, logic at last. As for names that invariably bring me up short, they honor long-gone royalty, foreign heads of states and nations that have poured money into Cambodia to curry favor. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Malcolm Carter and the I, on Cambodia or the Service You Can Trust blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. The secret to getting where you want to go is to know landmarks for example, a hospital, university, bridge or tower of a TV antenna. Less than half a block west, the next street running parallel is No. The Khmer Rouge also obliterated many street names. embassy Some are aware that Sothearos was Lenin, so to speak, and Norodom spent some time being Tou Samouth after the original name of Boulevard Doudart de Lagre was overturned along with all the other luminaries of the French Protectorate. 43 one block to the left and another No. Not that the name changes mean a great deal to the citys motodops and tuk-tuk drivers, who wisely follow the code of street numbers rather than names that seem to change with the weather, or rely on local landmarks to find their way around. As is the case of so many ribbon developments in cities around the first and third world, the street where they trade and live has had the habit of changing its name according to political whim, fashion and national pride. Open Street Map. 71, and the next one to the east is No. Nay Nay Star Bar, Restaurant and Guesthouse. (It is hardly a revelationthat geopolitics always trumps other nations bleeding hearts.). In areas that have undergone extensive development, the French appellation is hard to find. Change). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. December 13, 2011.

Another wide roadway also honors him, bearing his given name, Norodom. It would make a good question in any pub quiz night: which capital city has streets named after Charles de Gaulle, Mao Tse Toung, Josep Brotz Tito, Pasteur, Czechoslovakia, France, Yugoslavia and the Polish Republic? By long-time residents, I include bicyclists and pedestrians as well as most of the numerous tuk-tuk operators and motodops who clog corners in search ofpassengers and then cruise our thoroughfares when they get lucky.

(Farther down, more about names that bring me up short, and there is a pretty big hint above.). . <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 0>> But his countrys rehabilitation was terribly flawed, and until his abdication in 2004 he found himself presiding over a poor, corrupt and divided nation, ruled by a bizarre duopoly of enemies. Street 178 is known as Art Street for the local art galleries that line the road near the National Museum.

The local language may not be much help either. Sisowath Quay named after the king who reigned from 1904-27 was, until the 1970s, a strip of three- and four-storey shophouses linked to the capitals vital role as a thriving port capable of accommodating vessels of 6,000 tons. Moreover, many streets have two or three names. His excellent obituary in the Guardian does nothing to explain the honors: Cambodia returned to something resembling normal life, with Sihanouk once again on the throne. (One of King Monivongs several consorts lived with a cousin who gave birth to a son later known as the ruthless Pol Pot.). The sign cannotbeoriginal. The names, however, are as nothing to the problems of street numbers. Too, there are streets honoring wealthy Cambodians who have paid the government $100,000 to obtainan honorific,Oknha, which can be loosely translated as tycoon. The Vietnamese added their own modifications. Or why the streets are numbered in irregular intervals along a regular grid? 95. We await the results with more than a little interest (or is that scepticism?). Home | About Long-time residents who can navigate Phnom Penhsmiserable traffic with assurance often fail to rememberthe names of the streets that they travel. According to GPS, however, they are 5.4km apart by road, which is a long ride in a tuk-tuk if you are leaving one location and looking for a restaurant in the other.

Prompted with names I know such as thetwo-way numbered street (63) that is two blocks east ofthe gyms street (51), I get blank looks. Even foreigners and upwardly mobile Cambodians tend to know landmarks as opposed to street names. I took this photo of a flame tree outside Brown, the coffee place that I frequent and occasionally mention. Below a recent news story about how the streets are numbered although this still doesnt answer who numbered them and why. If Manhattanites still are disconcerted by having the old Sixth Avenue become Avenue of the Americas decades ago, one can imagine why many of Phnom Penhs residents just give up. Or maybe still newer ones were used. A couple of weeks ago, a Khmer-American businessman who has lived in Phnom Penh for yearswas trying to describe the location of a restaurant he loves, but he was unable to saycorrectly which of two major boulevards he took to get there. One assumes there was a theory behind the naming of streets and one can sympathise with a desire for reclassification when the French stopped protecting Cambodia in 1953 and left behind Field Marshal Petain [St 86]. However, that is not to say we couldnt play an enjoyable variant in Phnom Penh of what were they called before or how far apart: excellent indoor games for those rainy season evenings. Take St 516 and St 514 which, being even numbers, you might assume were close to one another. They callthis is the Kingdom of Wonder.. Ditto for map reading. KU_ December 13, 2011. Taxi drivers may be more advanced I never have spoken to one and so cant say but they are in an exceedingly small and rarely sought outminority. Copyright 1994 -

A cyclo driver looks perturbed as he navigates his way down Sothearos boulevard. One name that particularly bafflesme is Sihanouk Boulevard. I fortunately was able to scout outthe examples within a short distance of each other where gentrification has been somewhat limited.

The thing about Phnom Penh street names is that they are fun for every purpose except the obvious identifying where you are or where you are going. banana tree restaurant tripadvisor cambodia penh phnom And finally, after 26 years in power Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padie Techo Hun Sen is to have a new road named after him. New meets old on the corner of Rue Pasteur, er, 51, and Rue 288. (LogOut/ <> (LogOut/ Yet he was deeply flawed, and it surprises me thatsuch a ruler should be so honored. I frequently come upon tourists and transporters with heads together puzzling overlaminated maps that seem to offer little help. 4 0 obj (LogOut/ % Photius Coutsoukis and Information Technology Associates (All rights reserved).

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+%X1X}7$Se,=E. To counteract this everyday confusion, there are plans afoot for the city fathers to bring rationalisation to irritation and revise house numbering in the capital. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Many of the galleries on 178 focus on commercial and popular Cambodian art, but there are also quality handicraft and silk boutiques. Makes a lot of sense, no? And the coastal city of Sihanoukville, once and still often called Kampong Som, also carries his name. When I ask where it is, there follows a series of incomprehensiblegestures and embarrassed shrugs.

%PDF-1.5 Its almost as if the person behind the conundrum was given a mixed bag of numbers akin to lottery tablets and then asked to throw them on a map of the city. An address is useless in most situations as is a business card in the wrong language. (LogOut/ Any long-term Phnom Penh resident would know, but strangers to the city would be nonplussed. Screenshot. There was also a scattering of cheap diners and several coffin makers, two of which survive to this day. x[o6~7AHm,CN^HKgknvS.fHI$H9Z-qm?/W/HEHRuTtO']V Nu-~OoSsL]5gn %m'^&uPYIrwE/_T~YU?#3-7-!LaU4RU,+ oY68lc%B+yik9)JUOOP7W?6gotx4{pr+m%k)M%,9Njuf=HZ&qHz6vmUCTzmx+m_o/FX[;]a kNW|]A_X-v[h[[h+73Txd. gP- zH*c@Ki#XH_aw0UZ5B} OR3kBALXmG

2 0 obj Traffic on Sihanouk Boulevardcrosses Mao Tse Tung Boulevardat an intersection that is more challenging totraversethan many others as a result of the volume of vehicles. <>>> The French influence is hardly rare, but it isnt omnipresent either. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Few are those who have heard of those men, always men, making the street identities eminently obscure. I think I understand the source of confusion and a lack of interest in street names: There has been a virtual epidemic of name changing in modern times. Screenshot. Cambodia Japan Friendship Skills Training Center, Canadian International School of Phnom Penh, Century 21 Garuda Realty (The Centric / One Park Sales Center), Chba Ampouv District Military Police Office, Chinese Embassy (People's Republic of China), Convention & Exhibition Center (east building), Convention & Exhibition Center (west building), Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia, Department of Media and Communication (DMC), Embassy Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam), Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration, FACULTY OF Land Management And Land Administration, Cambodia, Golden Gate American School ( Head Office), Information Technology Scholarship Foundation (ITSF), ISPP - International School of Phnom Penh, Mekong Shore Boardwalk (under construction), META HOUSE (German Cambodian Cultural Center), Military Police Armored Vehicles Intervention Unit, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning & Construction, Ministry of National Assembly - Senate Relationship, Ministry of Public Work and Transportation Phnom Penh (for cars only), Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, Motor Vehicle Inspection Center Phnom Penh, National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy (CENAT), National Committee Disaster Management NCDM, National Technical Training Institute (NTTI).