Christian is a common unisex name and is popular in many parts of Europe and the British Isles. Simply the Worlds Most Interesting Travel Site. It means favorable or fortunate and has a Latin origin. Theres no better way to make a child feel special than giving her a special name. The name has its origin in Old English. It was originally used as a nickname and is also used as a last name. This unisex name has its roots in Italian and French, and means skin.. A daughter with the name April will be sweet, kind, beautiful, and popular. Why bother picking a common baby name, if a mom wants to show her daughter how special she is? Moms, dont think any less of this name based off of that, it just goes to show how unique it is. Want to name your baby after an admirable trait? Indigo is the name of a character in the Ntozake Shange novel. Another spelling variation for Summer is sometimes Sommer. Lily will pure of heart, and give a love thats so strong that no one could ever doubt if her love was true. The Latin meaning of Trinity is triad.. These word names are indisputable proof that sometimes the best baby name book is the dictionary. Word names basically, words used as names are a growing class as parents rush to find truly unique baby names for their children. The name rhythm means a flow of music, and it makes for a special name for your daughter. Hunter is a very common surname and first name. The name misty means full of mist. It denotes a sweet and charming person. Falcon is a very common boys name of Latin origin.

Quest is a common unisex name. Word names encompass everything from verbs to nouns to adjectives and more. The name is more popular as a middle name. She will be the most adorable little girl with a brilliant smile that can light up any room, and when she gets older, she will be a strikingly gorgeous woman. A variation on this name a mom could give her daughter could be Evie or spelled Evey. Shadow refers to the image casted when a body blocks light. The Old English name Colt means a young horse. It defines a person with enthusiasm and liveliness. Your daughter will carry her name with her for the rest of her life, so why not make it something different that allows your baby girl to stand out from the crowd? It's also got celebrity chops, via the acting family that includes Joaquin and the late River, and as the child of an ex-Spice Girl. Story is a unisex American name and it means a tale.. The name Alfa has a Greek origin and means beginning., The name Anchor has an English origin, and it means stability.. According to Roman mythology, Aurora is the Goddess of dawn and sunrise. The name Feather symbolizes lightness, freeness, and purity. Leaf is a short and sweet English name and refers to someone dear or beloved. It means to long for something, and the name comes from Latin. Why settle for plain and ordinary for your baby girl when you can make your daughters name something extraordinary? Phoenix rolls a lot of cool trends into one: it's a place-name and a bird name, it ends in the oh-so-hip letter x, and as the mythic bird that rose from the ashes, it's a symbol of immortality. It's not only a beautiful, dark color but it's a timeless name that strikes you the moment you hear it. So, mom why not snatch up this name before it becomes as common as a name like Jessica? On the popularity list of baby names for 2017, Sage sits at number two hundred and ninety-nine. Its already a short and sweet name so that no nicknames would be needed. Harmony is of Greek descent and means a beautiful blending. The name Reason is derived from Old French and refers to a rational person. April would be a lovely name for a daughter to bare. It represents someone who is pure and honest. Melody refers to a song or a pleasant music, and the name has its origin in Greek. 2022 is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. That might seem like its not too popular, but there are thousands upon thousands of baby names of the list, so Hopes position on the list is pretty darn good. There was a famous rapper by the name of Eve who used to be very popular and well-known at one point. The Italian origin name means zest or vivacity., It is originally derived from the Arabic word qalib, meaning a casting mold., The word Canyon comes from Spanish and means a long tube. The English meaning of the name is a large ravine., The name cash is associated with prosperity. Crystal has been used as a name for a very long time. It is up twenty spaces since 2016. Symphony means a musical piece for an orchestra. It is a unique feminine name. It is a short and sweet name that represents charm and brightness. Naming your baby girl after everyday words is the new thing that so many parents are doing. It also means a wise protector.. Be mindful when it comes to your words.

Race refers to a running competition. Destiny is at number two hundred seventy-seven on the popularity list of baby names for 2017 and is up six spaces from 2016. Names like Hope, Constance, Mercy, and Faith fall into this category. Shelter is a unique name of American origin. The word comes from Old Norse and refers to a water body close to or enclosed by land. Strangely enough -- yes. Toni Collette named her daughter Sage Florence. Crystal is of Greek descent and means a brilliant, clear glass. It makes for a lovely and unique name for your little girl. A baby girl with this name will turn out to be a total sweetheart. The word has multiple meanings, but as a name, it is shortened form of Ralph, which has a Scandinavian origin and means a counselor., The name has a French origin and means forest guardian.. The meaning of Harper is a harp player. It is a unique unisex name. It is in the four hundred range on the popularity list for baby names in 2017. It comes from Old English and means a high place or the holy one. It is a masculine name, which gives a kind, attractive, and fun-loving personality to the bearer. 23 Zodiac Names Based On Babys Astrological Sign, 90 Wanderlust Baby Names For Your Tiny Traveler. Diver refers to someone who goes to deep oceans for exploration. This name has a Chinese origin and refers to meditation. It also represents someone with brightness and luminescence similar to those found in a cats eyes. Flame is another interpretation of the word fire. It makes for a unique name for your little one. You can find some of the coolest names hidden among everyday words. Hope has a spiritual theme to it. Lucky means fortunate, and is perhaps the finest name to give your baby girl. It denotes healing, success, and growth. It is a unique name for a boy and means a person who makes the decision.. Luna is short enough that moms dont even need to create a nickname for their baby girl. The meaning of whimsy is fancy, playful, and extravagant. It comes from Old French and means custodian of wealth., Chandler comes from the Old French word Chandelier. You must remember the surname Chandler Bing, from the famous television show friends.. It is a variant of the name Anna, which comes from Hebrew and means favor or grace., It was a popular name during medieval times. Trail gives a sense of the mountains, nature, or outdoors. It is a common surname and is also used as a first or middle name. Sure, you can name your kid Emma or Austin (which are absolutely beautiful names), but there might be other kids with the same name. A string of some that dont mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime. Rachel Wolchin, Raise your words, not your voice. Bright is an adorable name, and it means full of hope or the exalted one., The name Brio is packed with a lot of energy. It is a contraction of the name Barbara, which has its origin in Greek. So, here we bring you a list of word names for boys and girls you can refer to for naming your baby. So if you are looking for a name that will make your little girl stand out, this is the perfect choice for you. Perhaps, thats why many parents prefer using these words to name their babies. Cool couple Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson named their daughter Pearl Minnie, followed by Jack Osbourne, and several celebs have put it in the middle spot, as in Busy Philipps's Cricket Pearl, Jake Owen's Olive Pearl and Caleb Followill's Dixie Pearl . Rocket is a different name for your boy and it has an Italian origin. (And when youre done with that, crack open that encyclopedia.). The name symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. It is a royal color and symbolizes sovereignty. appellationmountain emery evangeline The name symbolizes courage, passion, and joy. Shepherd or Baker. Fits many criteria sought by modern parents: it's short and strong, with intimations of wisdom as well as fragrant herbal properties. Destiny is a stunning name for a beautiful little girl. Silver is a precious metal, which symbolizes charm, spirituality, and wealth. Credence is a unisex name and comes from the Latin word credere, meaning to believe.. Luna is resting beautifully at number twenty-eight on the popularity list for baby names in 2017. Curious to know more about your family name and the last names and meanings of other countries? This medieval Latin name means strong, brave or bold..

Trinity will be unique and beautiful. It is musically themed, so if mom or dad is fascinated with anything having to do with music, this name would be a good choice. The name Prosper has been used by several saints in the past. It is also popular as a middle name. What this means, is that the name is not too common. Heaven means home of the Gods, and symbolizes purity and spirituality. Lily is of Greek descent, and means from the flower, or in Christianity, it is a symbol of purity or being pure. It refers to the green-colored precious gem. It refers to the oak tree.

The name was likely an occupational name for someone who worked in processing or cutting timber. Violet is a popular American name. Jade is an ornamental stone used for making jewelry and showpieces. The Christian name Parrish refers to an area defined by religion. A girl with the name Crystal will like to be the center of attention at times. It is a contraction of Susan or Susanna, which comes Hebrew and means Lily.. Any girl with the name Crystal will be stunningly Brilliant. Amber is an elegant feminine name. Clay is a very common name used by the characters of many movies and television shows. It is of Latin descent and means the spice sage, or it can also mean prophet. It makes for a sweet and soulful name for a baby girl. It also refers to an aura, especially the one around an angel or a holy person. It is a unique and bold name for your strong baby girl. The name Anthem does not just mean an old or patriotic song. Luna has been used by different celebrity couples such as Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz. Star refers to the many luminous celestial bodies. A unique name that is quite popular among parents who wish their boy to have a strong personality. She will be true and trustworthy. Garnet is associated with the color red and is the name of a precious stone similar to ruby. It is a toponymic name that originally referred to someone who lived in the wild or near a forest. It means light-hearted and happy., Miracle is a common girls name from Latin, and it means marvel or wonder.. It originates from the Irish word brigh, which means powerful or strong. It is a popular name in North America.

These days picking a baby name can be as simple as looking around at the everyday items or moments that surround you. It is a unisex baby name of English origin, and it means a dart fired from a bow. Arrow is also a famous US television series, which is based on the comic hero, Green Arrow. Harmony is a very beautiful and stunning name for a little girl. Mercy has an English origin and means compassion and virtue., Merry is one of the classic names for babies born on or around Christmas. Faith is a stunningly beautiful name for an adorable little girl. These word names inspired by various things might not be seen in use commonly but have been around for quite some time. We promise you wont regret it. New to the US Top 1000 in 2015, Wilder is on many parents' possibility lists, one of the new generation of bad boy names growing in popularity. Dont be surprised if you find her gazing up the stars and moon in complete awe. The name is associated with the beauty of dark color. The flower symbolizes rebirth, purity, and passion.

The name denotes a person who is sweet and adorable. Petal refers to the individual components of a flower. The name cloud gives us an airy and cozy feeling. The name comes from Old English and Old Norse. Its also a smart way to select an uncommon name for your little one. Tulip symbolizes perfect love. Indigo is one of the most appealing and evocative of the new generation of color names. Luna will fall in love with the moon and anything that reminds her of it. It is a toponymic name referring to someone originally from the Scottish city of Stirling. It just sounds appealing, and any little girl would love to have this beautiful name. She will be beautiful and completely adorable. It makes for an awesome name for your precious little girl. The sweet name for a baby girl comes from Latin and means praise and worship., Grace is a very common Christian name, and means a blessing., Hale is an Anglo-Saxon name, and comes from haelaeh, which means a hero.. Virtue is a feminine name with a Latin origin, meaning strength. It is associated with uprightness, excellence, and bravery. It is popular in many parts of North America. The word has its origin in Old English and Old Norse. It is the name of the season and originates from Latin. It also refers to the Elm Tree. Names including Lily, Patience, Velvet, or Sugar might not be as commonly used as names as they are in the form of words. Moms wont have to worry about Hope because she is an intelligent and smart girl who is trustworthy and honest. Either way, will mean the same thing and be beautiful. Rose is a very common name and comes from the name of the rose flower.

The name was originally an occupational name for a person who mined the slate rock. It is a common name of American origin. Pixie is another word for fairy. Trek has its origin in Old Dutch and refers to a long and difficult journey. The name represents someone who is protective, safe, and warm. The word Eve comes from Hebrew and means to breathe.. It comes from Old English. It is up sixty-three spaces from 2016. The name Sailor is of German origin, and is a unisex baby name. It is the name of a bird. This easy-to-pronounce name also refers to the Ash tree. Ivory means white or pale, and represents someone with purity and innocence. The name Duke comes from Latin and means nobility or leader.. The name glimmer means to sparkle. It denotes brightness, hope, and purity. It brings out the joy and warmth of the season. The name Steel represents someone strong and resolute. All rights reserved. The possibilities are as limited as your largest and heaviest dictionary. Tulip is yet another flower name, which makes a perfect baby girl name. The name comes from Old Dutch. Heather is an evergreen flowering plant found in several parts of Europe. In the former, Aria's literal meaning, air, is meant as a musical term denoting a kind of song or melody. It gives its bearer a heroic aura. Being a postgraduate in Human Resources from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, she likes understanding people and their relationships. It is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word, which means valley.. Kale is derived from the Germanic name Karl, which means a warrior or hero.. It means the oath of God., Bill is a very well-known old school name with an English origin, and it means with a gilded helmet.. It refers to a short journey and is a common nickname in many parts of the world. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. April is a stunning name for a little girl, and her favorite month will most likely be April thanks to her beautiful name. Try Tiger. The name Pepper means a spicy berry. It is a quirky and cute name for your little girl. It is also a popular feminine name. Lilac is a beautiful shrub bearing a pale purple flower.

A mom who chooses this name for her daughter can tell her, Youre my destiny. and have a cute little saying between mother and daughter. You would always want to give your child a unique name so that they stand out from the crowd. A nickname for a beautiful girl name Lily could be Lil. The word cove means a sheltered area in the hills, valleys, or mountains. It is quite unique and not commonly used, although it is starting to become more popular as people are naming their children new and different things. It comes from the name of Cayenne pepper and makes for a modern feminine name. The name denotes the softness and delicateness of a flower petal. Vitamin A In Pregnancy: Why Is It Important And What.. Apnea Of Prematurity: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, And.. 25 Unusual Mountain Inspired Names For Boys And Girls, 111 Amazing Names Of Hindu Lord Krishna For Your Baby Boy, 133 Notably Beautiful Singaporean Names For Baby Girls And Boys, 28 Incredible Science Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Popular Hungarian Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings, 200 Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings, For Your Baby, 800+ Cute Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boys And Girls, 85 Free Spirited And Quirky Hippie Baby Names For Girls And Boys. Liberty means freedom or right to exercise free will. The name comes from Latin. It originally meant someone with reddish-brown hair. It means loyal, faithful, or reliable.. The meaning of Sincere is honest. This name is popular in many parts of the world, especially North America. Summer has some star credibility to since Christina Aguilera gave her baby girl this name. It means flowing down. According to the Bible the river Jordan is also known as the river of judgment.

The name Justice means doing right, and has become a common name for girls in recent times. It also makes for a strong masculine name for a boy. Pilot comes from Greek and refers to someone who operates and steers a boat, aircraft, or any other automobile. Angel is a common Christian girl name and means a messenger of God.. This name is number four hundred and six on the popularity list of baby names for 2017. It's unique, bold, and memorable, and perfect for moms who love color baby names and, most importantly, the fall season. This name creates a sense of protectiveness and trust. She also specializes in baby names.

The name King comes from Old English and a strong name for a boy. The name Phoenix means dark red. It symbolizes immortality and rebirth. Hunter has been dropping a bit for the past few years but is still one of the leaders of a distinctive band of boys' names that combines macho imagery (Hunter, Austin, Harley) with a softened masculinity. They may want to push forward and be bold and brave. Do you love the name Amber? It is a contraction of Anthony, which comes from the Greek word anthos, meaning flower.. Star may fall in love with anything within the stars and moon theme thanks to her name. Velvet is a soft fabric and also refers to the bluish-purple color. This name creates a sense of creativity and imagination. It comes from the name of the precious jewel. It means bold and courageous.. Cashmere is a type of wool from a Kashmir goat. It is a Latin name derived from the name Rome, the capital of Italy. It is a unique name with musical connotations to it. Thats right! She will be beautiful and genuine. The name Painter means someone who paints, and it is of English origin. The name refers to a person with a strong will. Then you will definitely fall head over heels for the name Scarlett! So, if mom or dad were a fan of the Batman movies, this name would be perfect for their little girl. Resolute is quite a unique name and means to have determination and firmness., It is a simple and sweet name, which means to rejoice or have joy., Revere is a common boys name and comes from Latin. Golden refers to someone who is special and precious. Trinity refers to the holy trinity of the Christian faith. The name Ode means a poem, and it is also used for naming boys. Sepsis (Blood Infection) In Children: Signs And.. Snoring During Pregnancy: Causes And Remedies To.. Rashes After Fever In Toddlers: Causes & Tips To.. Check out our baby name database here. Pace has an Old French origin and it was a popular name during medieval times. The word has its origin in Middle English. While it did drop by sixteen points from 2016, it is still a turning into a very popular baby name for girls. It comes from the name of the Ebony tree, which is known for its deep black wood. It also denotes fierceness, boldness, and strength. The oak tree is a symbol of strength, solidity, and longevity. It is an ideal name for a baby girl born in Christmas or winter. Crystal is a common name and is of Greek origin. Any little one names Luna will most likely love the nighttime when they are able to see the moon at its bed light. The name peace means tranquillity. It is a unisex name, which is popular in many parts of North America. It is of Latin origin and means simply trust or faith. Mom, this is a perfect name for your little girl. Rain is of English origin and means exactly what it says- rain, as in rain showers. May is yet another months name, which is also used as a name of a girl. Mom, if youre looking for a name that is very sweet sounding, then Cadence would be the absolutely perfect fit for your little girl. It is also the name of a famous car manufacturer. Check out our package on last names from around the world. It has risen in popularity and is at number one hundred three on the popularity list of baby names for 2017. It is a unisex name and a variant of Glenn, which comes from the Gaelic language and means valley. The name also symbolizes happiness and joy. Eve is a beautiful name for any little girl to own. Ivy is derived from the Ivy plant, which symbolises faithfulness and fidelity. The name is likely related to the Irish word Ri, which means King..

It has an English origin and refers to someone wealthy or a brave ruler. Rain is stunning for moms baby girl, no matter how she chooses to spell it. It is a short and sweet name for your precious little girl. It is also a shortened version of the name Lillian, and a nickname to the name Elizabeth.