Well, I'm going to enter it because if I win, I can maybe get an audition or get onto that show." You guys are changing the world. But there's always to say Mike Greenburg on Stargate, he said to me, "Cliff, the protagonist in a show is only as good as the antagonist. Jeff: Wow.Cliff Simon: I have no idea what to expect. Do you ever get sad that you're type cast as that sometimes? So what's most important to me now and when any youngsters who want to get into acting ask me these kinds of questions, I tell them it's not about the money. I'll do anything for animals. I have to be on that team. Cabaret was huge. If there's something you want to do, like I'd always dreamed about what it's like to skydive and fall through the clouds. It comes from that taking chances and going for what you want or what you believe in. It's what I do. Jeff: Yeah.Cliff Simon: So I got this gig. Jeff: That's what I hear. I'm not going to do this anymore." After three months of being in the chorus there, I ended up being principal for the rest of the year that I was there. If we didn't want to just strive to create bigger and better things that are far beyond our understanding, we wouldn't be where we are today. Death Wish Coffee Co. 2022. I feel this is what's led up to it. You want exposure. Cliff has many upcoming projects and has guest starred in many network TV series and films. It's something I wanted to do, and yes, the premise of this Personal Space blew me away.

Was there a difference in a job like Stargate as opposed to other jobs you've had because there's such a fan base behind that. I missed the sunshine. I mean, it's all in the book. But then I realized, entertainment's very important for people. Well, I got to thank you one more time for taking time to talk with us on this show. They plan to shoot like six movies over the next 10 years. So that's just a little example of I saw something and I needed to do it. The earth is such an amazing, huge place and why should we just live in one little city, in one little suburb, in one little house and go to the same little coffee shop every day? I motioned the guy hits the beach and he's kite boarding.Jeff: Oh yeah.Cliff Simon: I had never seen this. I missed South Africa. I'd always had Olympic dreams as a swimmer, even from a young kid. Jeff: That's so excellent. You see the shots he got was unbelievable. We're all going to meet the same demise one day. But it probably comes from him because he used to take on things that were just unbelievable. Wow.

I gave up gymnastics.

I would go and teach water sports all day at the hotel. I want to be in the show every single day. I got a job down at the coast in South Africa in a town called [inaudible 00:07:10]. I mean, one of the last things he said to me was like, "Why do all you Stargate guys look the same? It doesn't matter what that sensation is.

I'm playing a different character so I'm becoming a different person. One thing about acting is and why I was attracted to the acting industry in the beginning is because every time I got to a job, every time I'm on a set it's different. Goodbye, bud.. On winning this competition in 1992, Simon was offered an audition on the television series, Egoli: Place of Gold. Kurt has got a prosthetic leg. How is this new project been for you? This could have culminated in his competing in the 1984 Olympic Games. Yeah, watch it. Jeff: You started off as a kid as an athlete. He later modeled and after winning a competition, he was offered an audition on the successful television series Egoli Place of Gold. Well, it's great that you kind of broke that down for us because just looking over your Wikipedia page, it says that you wanted to pursue more of a social life. By age 6, he showed some talent as a gymnast. Why don't we just go about our day to day life, wake up in the morning, go to a job? You know people ask me that the whole time. We wouldn't have made it into space. It's really good." It was amazing. [4], He immigrated to the US in 2000, arriving in Los Angeles. So yeah, just go for what you want. I don't know. You're in. I'm going to send you to acting school, acting lessons." If they do what they want to do with it, it's going to be huge. My coach came up to me and put his arm around me and he look at me. I went and studied ballet to get a foundation. My acting teacher told to call him when she thought I was ready to go on the show. I sold it. Tom came along and my manager, Marilyn Atlas, knows him pretty well. I was doing very well with TV commercials and all that kind of thing. Be who you are. This is huge, huge, huge." And he was SO much more a true original, an adventurer, a sailor, swimmer, dancer, actor, author. It doesn't matter where we shot it, it is a great show. Sorry. I thought, "This is brilliant. "[10][11], In 1997, Simon and his wife Collette were married in a game lodge in South Africa. | Cliff Simon: Yeah. The person you are. Then I said, "You know, I know how to swim and I used to do gymnastics and all that kind of stuff." It was quiet. Moving to Los Angeles, he landed a guest star role with Don Johnson on the hit TV series,Nash Bridges. Acting's what I do. I'm a big sailor. There's such a body of history behind the movies and the television shows and stuff like that. So everything that I've seen from you, man, I just turn to goo. It has to be like, "Well, it's very difficult so I want to do it." Cliff Simon: But number one, first and foremost, I mean, when I used to see Edward James Olmos or Richard Hatch at conventions, I always used to go and talk to them and say, "Guys, I'm dying to get onto Battlestar. You can't get better than that or worse depending on how you look at it. Cliff Simon: Yeah. I don't know. Halfway through a training session, Cliff climbed out of the pool, sat on the edge and told his coach that he was leaving and would be returning to sunny South Africa. They offered that to me after three months because the principal had to leave for whatever reason. So it's really cool to have a part of that culture because you're right, on the surface, you'd think that, "Oh yeah. He'd known me for quite a while before I went on that show. I chose the Air Force because they have a great sport's program in the Air Force. I have no idea where it comes from. I felt physically strong. It was amazing. It was such an amazing life. But they put me in every single episode. With acting, it's kind of a job as a job. I'll post that on social media so people can be kept up about it and the website for El Mythia and Land of the Free and all that kind of stuff. It's like, "This is crazy." It's unfortunately one of those things you got to kind of pick and choose what you want to do. I was drooling.

There is a gaping hole where he once stood on this earth. I mean, I love the title Fueled by Death like amazing because it was funny. I often paddle surf with him and a few other guys, but he asked me the other day about kite boarding because about four months ago, I tour my pectoral muscle kite boarding. You might not get to what you think but you're going to get somewhere. [4] Taking that job, he performed worldwide in various stage productions as a dancer/acrobat, culminating as a performer at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, in 1989; he later authored Paris Nights: My Year at the Moulin Rouge, a book about his time in Paris. I've never seen a shark in the 18 years that I've been off this ocean here. He's always the bad guy. [12], In 2005, Simon became a United States citizen. I hadn't even thought about that. It was a dream.Jeff: Wow. I can't live without the water. Working on this show though, we're curious because it's a sci-fi show deemed the first reality television show in space. So those are the best ways. As fate would have it, a stage show was in production at the resort and Cliff was informed by one of the performers that the choreographer was looking for a gymnast. I had no dreams about becoming an actor in those days. I was just enjoying what I was doing. There's a lot of projects we get offered. star town 1964 northern cape ss nz zealand north history He's an ex-South African. I said, "Yeah. So he paid and I had private acting lessons. By age 15, Simon had reached a national level in South Africa in both swimming and gymnastics, but discontinued gymnastics to better focus on swimming. He competed in Olympic trials and qualified for the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. This is very sudden, this was clearly not his time but at least he left while doing what he loved. She said, "Cliff, you got to work with Tom. I felt part of something so big and so historical and I couldn't believe that I was working at the Moulin Rogue in Paris. Jeff: It's true.Cliff Simon: You know what I mean? They want to experience new things. I had a girlfriend at that time I was living with. I stayed with that. You're in L.A. You're working with this type of production and this kind of stuff. Was that an interesting experience? Why don't you come in and meet him and chat with him." Maybe you're make $200,000, but you got a dream really big to get anywhere. Please follow me on that and you'll be updated. So she got me swimming at a really young age. We wouldn't have iPhones or computers or just these technologies. Don't let anything stop you. It's the first and last shark you'll see.Jeff: Going back to when you left your dancing career, were you in another situation in your life where you realized, "Okay. Maybe in the street you'll bump into somebody, but you don't get to meet 2,000 fans sitting in a conference room asking you questions and giving you feedback on the show. Cliff somehow knew that this was going to be the first step towards a career on stage. I'm a big supporter of Sea Shepherd and we're working on a huge project now called Land of the Free, which is about illegal hunting in Africa. One thing that I notice is you are incredible at this but you seem to constantly be type cast as the bad Russian guy or the vaguely foreign guy who's going to have a gun and be a little bit scary towards the protagonist of the show. He also appeared in 'Almythea 2 Rise of the Astra' and 'Land of the Free'. This would have culminated in him competing in the 1984 Olympic Games.However, after scraping ice off his car windshield at 5am every morning for 3 years before heading off to swimming training and spending 61/2 hours a day in the pool, Cliff felt waterlogged, burnt out and that he was missing out on his social life as a young man. I wanted to learn. I heard that thing snap, which is terrible. Like I said, I paraglided. You were a swimmer and then that kind of led you into performing on stage, is that correct? You wrote all about this in your book Paris Nights: My year at the Moulin Rogue, which is amazing because, like you said, it is such an iconic thing. The University of Houston and Southern Methodist University in Texas offered him scholarships, where he trained with the United States swimming team, the Mustangs. Or how did one kind of beget the other? This was probably the last show I as ever going to do and I wasn't unhappy about that because I felt I wanted to move on and start experiencing other things. Four years of training in the United States. That's what he wants to do and he is. What fuels you, Cliff, to be Cliff, to keep getting out there and basically being motivated to find that new path, to strike that new way? Dustin: They don't bother you until they do. When I watched the show, I kind of had an idea how I wanted to play this character and I definitely didn't want him to be a standard bad guy. I got offered a scholarship to Houston University and to SMU, Southern Methodist University in Texas, which was unbelievable because they booked the Mustang swimming team, which at that time and I think it may still be now, the best swimming team in the United States. Yeah, just scary but man, was unbelievable. I have to be on that team. Cliff Simon: Well, that same video that's on my website. | I had no idea I would ever become a United States citizen.

You should do it the right way. I have been managing his official website during all this time. If it was easy, everybody would do it. Our relation was more professional but we shared these little bits of time very friendly every now and then. He was a published author of 'Paris Nights my year at the Moulin Rouge'.At a very young age, Cliff aspired to be the first South African swimmer to win an Olympic Gold medal. He was loved by too many to mention and had a great impact on so many lives.

It's pretty nuts.Cliff Simon: No, it's amazing. Dustin: Yeah. Hopefully I'll work on anything he's done. Kiteboarding was a passion for him. Mike just said, "Do your thing." I got out of that and I just felt like the whole world was open to me and I could do whatever I wanted to do. You'll have your walk on role." I don't want it." People are crazy. It's so exhilarating. I tell people, "Don't run down sci-fi and don't run down sci-fi fans." I fell in love with being on stage. But yeah, being outside of your comfort zone, there's nothing better than that to get your adrenaline going and your blood boiling and just try new things. We flying along at whatever, 35 miles an hour. But as he said, acting is what I do, its only a part of who I am. I always watched him. I mean, it was night life and [inaudible 00:11:51]. He died on 9 March 2021, in Topanga, California. We immigrated to England when I was 15 and carried on school. I said, "Get it right, there's no better feeling." We just entertain you." Cliff Simon: No. It's about people. Didn't even have girlfriends because I could never spend time on the weekends with them. It sounds like not only are you the type of guy to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone, but it sounds like you constantly throw yourself outside of your comfort zone. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Air Force veteran and International athlete Cliff Simon's unique presence set him apart every time. The very next day I went and bought equipment and got myself a lesson. [5], Whilst studying drama, Simon secured himself a modelling agent and enjoyed success in ramp, print and television commercials. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with you.Cliff Simon: Thanks, Jeff. He was a phenomenal guy. But once you've got it, it's just like, "Okay. She started talking about We were just chatting. Cliff Simons net worth was estimated to be $0.5 million. I watched the Southern Methodist guys, the Mustangs, and I was just dreaming. Because you got work.Cliff Simon: You're lucky that you're recognized enough to be type cast at something. They'd always use me as an example in saying you want exposure. This is the next step for me to go." He said, "Great. ${formattedTotalDiscount}, "We are all Fueled By Death - We want to experience as much of life as we can. Yeah, either of those two. It is tough for a lot of people to understand who they are and because you have led the life you have, I know you probably don't You're not Cliff Simon the actor. It's an extremely, extremely difficult sport. I've kind of an interesting life. The Simpsons have successfully predicted the future again, Customer accounts enabled in your Store Admin. I'm working with different people. I said, "Honey, I'm going. You start rehearsals tomorrow." "Oh, in episode three, you said that." I want to go into the military." Yeah, I just built up my resume and built up my confidence and my skill. They kept you there for We all loved you as Ba'al. Dustin: Yep.Cliff Simon: The best way is to follow me on Twitter. A short time after that, he acquired the guest star recurring role of Baal on Stargate SG1. At that time, I was a national level gymnast and carried on swimming. The one is actually a sci-fi project called El Mythia, which is going to be huge. We had a party back stage and I took a bottle of wine. But it is done in a very interesting way. It's amazing. You all have the same Stargate thing about you." No, just act like you, and the right work will come. [2][3], In 1975, Simon's parents decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom, due to the then-current turmoil in Africa. Ba'al, the character, was basically written for me with me in mind. It's just amazing. I'd been teaching wind surfing for years and wife was with me. It was there that Simon completed his schooling and was chosen to swim on the British international squad. I love animals. And of course, most of you will remember him as Lord Baal from the TV show Stargate SG-1. Dustin: Yeah.Cliff Simon: But yeah, I started off my mom was actually a swim teacher when I was young. I mean, we've got juvenile great white's out there, but they don't bother you. Cliff Simon: Right.Dustin: So when you left and you went into the military, it sounds like you went to pursue gymnastics again. Social media wise or maybe a website. We never knew what anyone thought about us. It's what I do. Official Sites, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Cliff Simon (7 September 1962 9 March 2021) was a South African athlete and actor, best known for his portrayal of Ba'al in Stargate SG-1.