The Hebrew name Aaron has Egyptian origins and means high mountain or exalted..

Eric. It originates from the Roman name Valentinus and means strong, vigorous, healthy.. As one of the boy names that means hero, Hercules also means warrior. In Greek mythology, Hercules (the Latin form of Heracles) is known for strength and bravery. What makes Marco such a powerful boys name is that it relates to Mars, the Roman god of war. Idris. Cyrus. You dont have to be familiar with Greek and Egyptian mythology to know the powerful symbology of the phoenix. scant meaning nabu meshach ziff ayame noshi hriday malila nox name babynamespedia explorer baby 33. Aaron. 37. 64. If youre on the hunt for powerful male names with royal ties, you might want to consider Augustus. Plus, although the overarching idea of power can certainly come from physical strength, youll find plenty of options on our list that connote inner strength, wisdom, nature, or good character. undercover pro numbers poker academy crack escort maggi noodles xp nestle apco india site Ebert is a strong American boys name but with foreign origins. Malin. 12. 45. If youre looking for unique boy names that mean fighter, or warrior, consider Baron. He appears in Homers epic Odyssey and is featured in several myths and legends. As the Scandinavian form of Andrew, Anders is a good option for a traditional name with a twist. Perhaps you recognize the name Evander from the heroic boxing champion Evander Holyfield. This Old English name means protector of the land, so its a great option if youre looking for boy names that mean protector or relate to a defender. The name comes from the Germanic elements adal and hard, creating the meaning brave, noble.. 119. 69. Of all the boy names that mean king, Arthur might be the most familiar. 54. 85.

Consider our list of 120 strong baby boy names, which can be popular, traditional, unique, or heroic! Valente. 36. Ariel. Caesar. Orion. Maynard is the English version of the Germanic surname Meginhard, which simply means strength and brave., 63. Sasha. Xabat. 26.

Zeus. If you like Irish or Gaelic names, Quinlan might be a nice choice. As far as fierce boy names go, Victor is one of those classics that cant be beat. Barak. 93. Maynard. Why not give your baby boy an uncommon or rare name that still evokes a sense of power with a strong meaning? Eli.

31. Truly a classic, the name Chase does mean chase, but it was originally a nickname for a hunter in the Middle Ages, which gives it a powerful edge. 78. If you like the meaning of the name Farrell above but want a slightly different sound, consider Farris, which is another boys name that means courage, specifically, man of courage., 18. Wayan. Its more and more common to use last names as baby names, and Armstrong is a powerful option. Yashvir. 43. Small but mighty, Cliff means exactly what it sounds like: cliff-side slope. If youd like to select a powerful babys name inspired by nature, this could be a good option for your little boy. Meaning defending man in Greek, Alexander is one of those strong and bold English boy names that never go out of style. 97.

Victor. 5. A Balinese name with Sanskrit origins, Wayan means energy, strength. Traditionally, parents would give this name to their firstborn. A classic Biblical name, Gabriel is one of the most dominant male names on this list. Haile. Meaning swiftness, the name Boaz goes beyond mental or physical strength. Thor. 22.

Also spelled Aidan, this name comes from the old Irish moniker Aodhn, which means little fire. If youre looking for powerful boy names with a touch of sweetness, little Aiden might be perfect. Einarr is an Old Norse name that means warrior and relates to the warriors of Valhalla. It was also used to name the strong pillars of Solomons Temple. Dustin.

88. Etan. Powerful boy names might offer the perfect option for you as you prepare to welcome a new baby boy into your life. Strong and powerful baby boy names will always be counted among the most popular monikers of any given year. Some parents looking for powerful and strong boy names focus on those with the meaning king or lion. Both of these meanings evoke a sense of strength, and the lion is, after all, the king of the jungle. Meaning strong, rigid in both Old English and Old High German, the name Stark certainly evokes a sense of power. Although that reference may be enough to evoke power and strength, the name originates from Old Norse and means warrior..

Nicodemus. 1. Combining the Greek words nike and demos, Nicodemus means victory of the people. As theres strength in numbers, perhaps this is the ultimate strong boys name? If you want to give your baby boy a strong name that means brave or warrior, you have quite a few choices for unique, traditional, or rare monikers. 27. Evander. Denzel creates a powerful boys name with the historic meaning of high stronghold. You may associate the moniker with the actor Denzel Washington. Alexander. 99. Godric. The following monikers come from heroes of the past or offer heroic and bold meanings. 38. Of all the powerful boy names to choose from, Kendrick is one that offers a few different origins and meanings. Griffin. Bear. He was also responsible for protecting the Roman state, so Jupiter is an excellent combination of heroic boy names and names that mean or evoke ruler.. If youre looking for Spanish boy names, Abelardo is a good option. 95.


Max. Relating to the name Abram, Abraham means high father in Hebrew, in reference to God. Jarek is a diminutive of these names and means fierce, strong., 62. Of all the Greek mythological names, perhaps Zeus evokes the most power and strength. This Old English surname would make a subtly powerful given name, as it means fortress.. You could name your little boy William and call him Liam for short, both channeling the powerful meaning of protection., 10. If youre looking for Japanese boy names, Kenzo has a cute sound but a strong meaning.

This uncommon yet strong boys name comes with a unique twist. Like Walter, this powerful boys name means ruler of the army., 114. This is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Ferdinand, which means daring, brave journey. It was a common name for royal families of the Iberian Peninsula. In the Old Testament, Ohad was the third son of Simeon. Though more typically considered a rare French boy name, this German moniker comes from the elements ald and ric to mean old ruler.. Andrew. Therefore, you dont necessarily have to stray too far from old-fashioned tradition to give your little man a strong name.

It means great, magnificent and was used by many Roman emperors and German royalty. Abraham. Baron. Short baby names can sometimes offer powerful meanings, such as is the case with the following strong yet mini boy names: 76. Though this name stands on its own, Hudson originates from the traditional moniker Richard, which means brave ruler..

If youre a Harry Potter fan, you may like the name Godric, as in Godric Griffindor from the book and film series. Einarr. Its believed that Apollo means strength, but theres a lot more to the story. You may remember legends of King Arthur, the sixth-century king of the Britons. According to legend, every 500 years, a spark from the heavens set this immortal bird aflame, only for it to rise again from its ashes. Ballard. These names mean ruler, spear and brave, hardy., 92. boy names bad last babynames Anders. Whether you choose to spell it Eric or Erik, this dominant male name means complete ruler and has strong Scandinavian roots. Is there anything more fierce or powerful than a name meaning victor, conqueror?. This Sanskrit name means completely victorious, triumphant. So perhaps one of the most empowering boys names is Sanjaya! There are several boys names that mean courage, but Farrell takes it one step further. Leo. 109. As a Scottish Gaelic name, Ewan means warrior who is young. Its a perfectly cute and unique baby name for your little warrior. ancient egypt kingdom nile egyptian dynasties history cities river civilization paper map essay periods ushistory were close located dynastic flourished

Ezekiel. Barrett.

As a renegade, he left a powerful mark on French and European history, as he rose to fame during the French Revolution. 49.

65. Liam is the Irish short form of the classic name William, which comes from the Germanic elements wil and helm, meaning desire and protection., 8. Some of the most traditional and classic boy names come with strong, powerful meanings, too. Tedmond. Burke. 116. From the Welsh name Gruffudd, Griffin means strong prince. However, in Greek mythology and medieval legendry, Griffin was a fierce and powerful creature that was half eagle and half lion. Social Security Administration: Baby Names, 120 Strong and Powerful Boy Names with Meanings. The most famous bearer of the name might be Alexander the Great, the powerful king of Macedon in the fourth century BCE. Olis. If you like the classic name Walter but prefer something French, consider Gautier. This strong boys name has been linked to the Greek word kyrios, which means lord. The name appears in the Old Testament and was used by several kings of Persia. Denzel. 59. Julius. Samson. A cute and strong unique name for boys, Barrett comes from Old German and means strength of a bear or brave as a bear., 14. Additionally, the moniker Julius relates to the Roman god Jupiter, the next name on our list. Because of his heroics, future emperors also bore the title Caesar.

Ande. Marco. Jason. 103.


Chase. Lucius. Stark. If youre looking for strong boy names that mean lion, Leo is it! Ambrose.


He showed bravery at a young age by killing a giant serpent named Python. The unisex Maori name Moana has strong origins, as it means ocean, deep sea. And because its the name of the beloved Disney hero Moana, its certainly heroic! Probably the most famous bearer with this name is the legendary civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. 73. 70. Moana. Ebert. The power in the name Ethan comes from an inner strength, as this popular moniker means solid, enduring, firm. In the Bible, Ethan is known for the strength of wisdom. 44. 105. Probably the most famous bearer of this name is President Barack Obama. Arsenio is the Spanish and Italian version of Arsenios, a Greek name that means virile and relates to power and virility. Henry simply means ruler, which is fitting considering many kings and other royalty bore this name. 20. 56. 67. Jarek. Peter. 82. Ethan.

You might think of the Russian author Leo Tolstoy who wrote classics such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Leo also embodies the strength of the stars as a constellation and sign in the zodiac. Imre. 51. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and the god of the sun and prophecy, among other things. Ansaldo means power, leader, ruler., 13. 11. Bears are some of the strongest animals on the planet, so naming your little boy Bear could be a cute option for a powerful name. This honorific Latin title is often given to kings, especially British kings. Lucius is a Roman given name that comes from the Latin word lux, meaning light. Theres certainly a lot of strength in the light, and you can always go with the variant spelling, Lucian. Garrett. 30. Farrell.

3. If you like the heroic boys name Caesar, you can always opt for Julius instead, as his full name was Julius Caesar. Ajax. Dustin comes from the Old Norse name Torsten, which means Thors stone. Thor is a famous (and incredibly strong) Norse god, and if youre a fan of the Marvel movies, then you know why the name has such a powerful reference.. 29. As the first human on Earth, Adam certainly evokes power. Hudson. Its also the perfect unique and powerful boys name, as it simply means strong.. Ferguson. 57. Short and to-the-point, Ajax is a great option if youre looking for strong boy names that mean or relate to kings. Besides being the name of several kings, Ajax was also one of the heroes of the Trojan War, as recounted in Homers Iliad. Oswald. 96. 80. 71.

77. Maverick. The Japanese word ken means healthy, strong or wise, and zo means three.. With so many options out there, we hope our list of powerful boy names helps you narrow down your options or offers some inspiration. Though you could consider Ande as a short form of Andrew (another strong boy name for babies), the name means pillar of strength within its African origins. Inti. William.

The most notable Napoleon is certainly the French emperor Napolon Bonaparte. 72. Meaning united in Hebrew, Ohad offers a very powerful and humble meaning. Like its traditional counterparts, Sasha means defending man.. 24. In Greek, the name simply means immortal.. Though Liam is gaining popularity in the United States, the traditional name William is starting to make its own comeback. The English word maverick simply means independent, so the name can mean independent one. Interestingly, this strong American boys name was the moniker of a nineteenth-century Texas rancher who wouldnt brand his cattle. Kawan.

As one of the most traditional boy names in the United States, Australia, and Europe, Peter comes with a subtle yet powerful meaning. Ansaldo. Coming from the Greek name Iason, Jason means healer or, from the Greek word iaomai, to heal. In Greek mythology, Jason was a hero who went on an epic quest to get the Golden Fleece from King Aeetes.

Zuberi. The name Njord comes from Norse mythology, as Njord was the god of the sea, sailing, fishing, and fertility. 16. Azim means perseverance, so its a powerful name if you want your boy to never give up. Adam. As a given name, Barlas is one of the many boy names that mean warrior. It also means hero and brave, and originates from Turkey. Choosing a name is a very individual and special process, so go with your gut, enjoy the process, and, before you know, your little strong man will be here! From Greek and Egyptian roots, Amon means the hidden one. In Egyptian mythology, Amon was the god of air.

This Old English name comes from Germanic roots and means bright raven. Bertram is a central character in Shakespeares play Alls Well That Ends Well. 86. From Greek origins, the powerful boys name Zale gets its brawn from nature, as it means sea strength.. As the Swedish version of Ethan, Etan also means solid, enduring, firm. Its an empowering boys name that evokes wisdom and mental strength. In some stories, our heroes never die, which makes Ambrose such an interestingly powerful boy name. If youre a fan of literature or simply enjoy a good story with a hero to love, perhaps youd like to give your boy a tough or heroic name. In Navajo, the name Bidziil simply means he is strong.. 46. As one of the most popular biblical names, Eli is a powerful boys name that means ascension., 101. Bidziil. 21. It comes from the Old English name Wigheard, which means battle and brave, hardy..


In Hebrew, this name means strong one, and you can opt for the spelling with just one b, as Gibor. It combines the Hebrew words gever and el to mean strong man, hero and God. It doesnt get more powerful than that! Combine strength and cuteness in your baby boys name with Yashvir (or Yashveer), an Indian moniker that means brave and glorious.. In Ethiopia, the name Haile is pronounced HIE-la and means power, force or strength., 61. Bertram. 91. Phoenix. 90.

Azim. 52. Kendrick. The short form of the name Maximillian, Max is derived from the Latin word maximus, which means greatest., 83. The moniker combines the Old English words god and ric to mean gods ruler.. From the Old Norse word Njrr, the name means strong, vigorous.. It relates to the rare English name Everard, which means brave boar, thanks to the Germanic elements, ebur and hard.

Similar to Zeus and Thor, Barak is a powerful boys name that means lightning. Barak is also a great option if youre looking for a baby boy name starting with B. Although its an old-fashioned name, Wyatt has been gaining popularity since the 1990s. And because Andrew means manly or masculine, its one of the most obvious strong boy names for babies.

Although Garrett has stood the test of time in the United States, it actually originates from two other names: Gerald and Gerard.

87. 74. 41. 48.

In Hebrew, Melech means king and was the son of the prophet Micah. Jupiter. Besides having the word strong right there in the name, it also has the dynamic meaning of strong fighter.. 25.

This Italian boy name is quite rare and combines the Germanic elements ans and wald to create its powerful meaning. 32. 110.

This strong gender-neutral name means power of an eagle in German. A simple yet powerful boys name, Titus comes from the Latin word titulus meaning title of honor. It was the name of the legendary Sabine king Titus Tatius and the main character in the Shakespearean tragedy Titus Andronicus. Though many biblical names refer to God and Yahweh (the Hebrew God), many also offer strong baby boy names and powerful meanings. Fernando. Zeus is the highest of all gods, ruling the earth from atop Mount Olympus with his legendary weapon, the thunderbolt. In Korean, Kawan means strong, but in Swahili, the name means friend. Why not combine the two and have a strong friend?, 115. Choosing the perfect name for your baby isnt always an easy task, but it sure can be a fun one! 55. 42. Its a rare Middle English name that comes from Old French. Among Mexican baby names with powerful meanings, Valente is an excellent option. Short and sweet, Zuberi is a Swahili name that simply means strong.. Conall.

Hercules. Arsenio. Gabriel. Napoleon. Conrad. This short Turkish name offers a twist on what strength means. 106. 19.

108. Arthur. Another classic moniker that still tops the charts, Michael is a strong Hebrew name meaning who is like God., 9. Old-fashioned and traditional, Oswald is a strong boys name that means power, ruler and god. Despite being one of the most powerful boy names on the list, Oswald hasnt been used in the United States since the 1930sperhaps its time to bring it back! 81. The name Thor comes from the Old Norse word rr, which means thunder. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of storms, thunder, war, and strength, so you cant get much more powerful than this boys name. Apollo. This strong and unusual boys name doesnt mean war as you might assume. 68.


Uzziah. If youre looking for unique and strong baby boy names, you have plenty of options. Derived from a Hebrew name, Samson means sun. In the Old Testament, the hero Samson was given great strength from God.


From Ireland, the name means man of valor or man of courage., 17. Sometimes, you just want to cut to the chase and find powerful boy names that simply mean strong. Read on for fierce boy names with uncommon, traditional, and unique themes. Simply meaning man, Adam is a strong boy name that played a big role in the book of Genesis. 15. 112. Idris comes from the Welsh words udd and ris, which mean ardent lord. But if youre looking for boy names that mean leader, this one fits, as many also interpret udd as leader or even prince. The actor Idris Elba is a famous bearer of the name. Aiden. All originate from the Irish name Fearghas, which means man of vigor or man of courage.. 2. Wyatt. No, the name Rex doesnt mean Tyrannosaurus rex, but it does relate to the species Latin name.

Many other Hawaiian boy names have powerful meanings, too. 89. Concise, rare, and international, Olis is the Ukrainian short form of Alexander. 104. 7. Michael. Barlas. Aldric. 118. Amon. Warrick. King. This classic name is making a comeback as one of the most popular strong boy names. Though thought to be an impossible mission, the quest was necessary to win back the throne from his uncle.

28. Rather, it has the more powerful meaning of leader who defends.. A Scandinavian name, Ballard means brave and strong. Interestingly, the Seattle neighborhood by the same name has historically been a home to Scandinavian immigrants. International baby names can be great ways to honor your familys heritage or roots, but they also offer a different spin on other names you might find on this list. 107. You can take your pick in terms of meanings with the name Kawan. In Quechua, an indigenous language and people from South America, the name Inti means sun. But to make it a bit more heroic, it was also the name of the Inca god of the sun. Zale.

Sewell draws its power from nature, as the name means strong sea or ruling sea. Theres nothing quite as powerful as the ocean! Rex. 4. 100. Amell. Abelardo. Angus. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was a supreme god who ruled over the heavens and light. 120. 98. This biblical name comes from the Ancient Hebrew words oz and yah to mean strength, power and god., 66.

Another Hawaiian name, Koa can mean brave, bold, fearless, or warrior.. 39. 53. Henry. From the Old French word proux, this name is a truly rare, strong boys name, as it simply means brave or valiant. Pru or Prew is a great nickname, too! 111. 50. Gautier. Ewan. Therefore, like Alexander, Olis means defending man., 84.


Farris. Quinlan. Augustus. Xabat is the Basque version of the name Salvador, so its a unique choice if youre looking for boy names that mean savior. You may think of the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dal. 23. 60.

Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant who famously traveled the Silk Road in the thirteenth century. An Irish boys name that means strong wolf, Conall has been used as a heroic title in several Irish legends. Meaning brave counsel, Conrad is an excellent choice if you want a strong name for your baby boy that goes beyond physical strength. 47. Liam. 40. Titus. If youre a fan of the Game of Thrones or Marvel films, this moniker has an even stronger meaning. 75. If you prefer boy names that mean king, why not just go with the word itself? 35.

Caesar simply means hairy, but this is a strong boys name that evokes the power of a famous ruler. Julius Caesar ruled the Roman Empire in the first century BCE. 113. In the Bible, Peter is one of the apostles of Jesus. Armstrong. 34. 117. Like Leo from above, Leonard is another option among boy names that mean lion. But because it also uses the Germanic element hard, Leonard takes this powerful boys name a step further and means brave lion..

In Slavic languages, many empowering boy names start with Jaro, such as Jaroslav.

58. Put a Russian twist on the classic name Alexander (or Alexandra) with the name Sasha. Sanjaya.

In Old English, the name either means royal power or bold power, but in Welsh, it means chief, hero. Or, as another option, Kendrick could relate to the name Henry, which means ruler.. In Hebrew, ari means lion and el means God. Therefore, Ariel means lion of God, a truly powerful boys name. 79. This Ancient Hebrew name comes from two root words, together forming the meaning to strengthen God.. Orion was a legendary Greek hunter whose name was given to a constellation. An Irish name, Angus simply means one strength. Many Irish kings bore this moniker. But if you want to keep it classic, swap Anders for Andrew and you still have the same meaning of manly. Andrew is the perfect masculine boy name if youre looking for something traditional and strong. It means stone in Greek. 94. Koa. Cliff. Gibbor. A common moniker in Hungary, Imre comes from the German name Emmerich, which means universal ruler. The Hungarian revolutionary Imre Nagy is a famous bearer of the name. Pruitt. In Norse mythology, brave fighters met with kings and heroes in the land of Valhalla after they died. This could be a good option if youre looking for boy names that mean king but youd also like a biblical name. Below youll find some of the trendiest strong male names in the United States. Ohad. If youre reading this list in full, youll be familiar with the meaning of Ferguson from the names Farrell and Farris above. 102. Marco is the Italian name for Mark, which comes from the Latin moniker Marcus. Rex is one of the many strong boy names that mean king, and the T-Rex was certainly the king of all dinosaurs! With Old English origins, the unisex name Malin means little strong warrior. Its a great option if you want a strong boy name but one with a gentle twist.