[2], The Ministry of Public Security issued a statement on 31 July 2017 saying that Thanh had turned himself to the police following accusations against him of causing massive losses at his previous employer. On July 23, Berliners had reported seeing armed men detain Thanh in broad daylight in the Tiergarten, a popular inner-city park. He has a right to appeal the verdict but is being held in custody. Germany is Vietnams leading trading partner in Europe. The kidnapping was carried about by members of the Vietnamese secret service and employees of the Vietnamese embassy in Berlin as well as several Vietnamese nationals living in Europe, among them Ahn TL, the public prosecutor general at the federal court of justice said in a statement. Meanwhile, international news agencies quoted the German Foreign Ministry as saying, "There is no serious doubt about the participation of the Vietnamese intelligence service and embassy in the kidnapping of [Trinh Xuan Thanh] on German soil. The case of Thanh, a former high flyer accused of causing losses and mismanagement at PetroVietnam Construction JSC, was part of a government anti-corruption drive. Subscribe for only $1.99 for first month. Susan Shand adapted this story based on Reuters news report. [9], Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on 4 August, and repeated in an interview with Brbel Krauss, "I want to say this quite clearly: under no circumstances will we tolerate this kind of thing. The Ministry of Public Security issued an international arrest warrant for him in September 2016. Thanh a senior Communist party functionary who was seeking political asylum in Germany has since been sentenced to two life terms in Vietnam on corruption charges. Authorities say the pair were snatched off the street in Berlin in 2017 by Vietnamese intelligence officials and other employees at the countrys embassy. [2] He served as its Chairman from 2009 to 2013. There has been a heightened focus on the issue of the return of Malaysian workers back home as both countries confront the coronavirus challenge. The German government said it was a scandalous violation of its sovereignty, expelled two Vietnamese diplomats, and summoned the ambassador several times. Just $5 a month. It was naive to believe the group would ever give it up. View, About The court sentenced Long N.H. to almost four years in prison. With his partys victory in the Punjab by-elections, he is pushing for early general elections. raging phoenix 2009 movie poster BERLIN (Reuters) German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Wednesday he would use a meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart to discuss resetting ties between the two countries after past differences over the kidnapping of a Vietnamese businessman in Berlin. Maas also said Germany supported a rapid agreement on a free trade agreement between the European Union and Vietnam. In a statement issued before his meeting in Berlin with Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, Maas underscored the importance of human rights and common values in any strategic partnership. He is the former head of the state-owned Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (a subsidiary of Petrovietnam), and the former Deputy-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Hu Giang. License number: 71/GP-CBC, Ministry of Information and Communications, September 22, 2021. This has involved more than 100 people, many from state-owned enterprises, being prosecuted, jailed and in some cases given death sentences. The government had sought him for trial on corruption charges. Full access to premium content and other articles on multiple devices. Abzhan admits a role in the events that led to his arrest, but suggests the situation was a set-up by the Kazakh authorities.. [8], A day later, the German foreign ministry confirmed the kidnapping, blaming the Vietnamese intelligence service and the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany, for what it called "an unprecedented and glaring breach of German and international law". A Vietnamese man has been extradited to Germany to face charges of taking part in a brazen cold war-style kidnapping of an oil executive ordered by Hanoi, prosecutors have said. 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He appeared before a German court last week and admitted guilt in the kidnapping of Vietnamese citizen Trinh Xuan Thanh. Have them selected and delivered to you weekly. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. The ministry however did not reveal how he had returned to Vietnam. Jani also said the court had found that Slovakia played a role in taking the kidnap victim to Vietnam as a Slovak government plane had been involved, but that it was unclear if the country was a direct or willing participant.

These are all areas in which Germany and Vietnam can work together more closely in the future..

A German court has sent to prison a Vietnamese man for helping his country carry out a kidnapping in Berlin last year. ", Berlin subsequently summoned the Vietnamese ambassador, ordered a Vietnamese officer at the embassy to leave Germany within 48 hours and demanded that Thanh be allowed to travel back to Germany so that "his asylum application and a Vietnamese request for his extradition could be examined in full.". This led to diplomatic scandal resulting in Germany to expel a Vietnamese diplomat. The Berlin court sentenced Long N.H. to three years and 10 months in jail. for Us, had also attracted widespread international attention at the time. The suspect, identified only as Anh TL, was sent to Germany from the Czech Republic after he was detained in Prague last month on the basis of German and European arrest warrants. The answer is no, Personal branding: we may cringe, but it works, Positive feedback: the science of criticism that actually works, Abortion and women in America: what the data tells us, Bhutans bold plan to introduce the worlds highest tourist levy, For 4 weeks receive unlimited Premium digital access to the FT's trusted, award-winning business news, MyFT track the topics most important to you, FT Weekend full access to the weekend content, Mobile & Tablet Apps download to read on the go, Gift Article share up to 10 articles a month with family, friends and colleagues, Delivery to your home or office Monday to Saturday, FT Weekend paper a stimulating blend of news and lifestyle features, ePaper access the digital replica of the printed newspaper, Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems, Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users, Subscription management tools and usage reporting, Dedicated account and customer success teams. All Rights Reserved. He was convicted of espionage and being an accessory to unlawful detention. [6][7], The next day, the first of August, the German newspaper TAZ gave further details: Thanh had previously sought political asylum at the beginning of 1990s but had returned voluntarily to Vietnam in 1995, and, despite the fact that there was an international arrest warrant for him issued in September 2016 by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, he was not pursued because the claim "violating Vietnamese law" was not considered concrete enough. Trnh Xun Thanh was sentenced in Hanoi on 22 January 2018 to life imprisonment for embezzlement and economic mismanagement. Long N.H. reportedly worked with Vietnamese security forces to carry out the crime.

Will his opponents in the civilian and military establishment concede his demand? It is also not clear exactly how or when Thanh returned to Vietnam.

During that time, my life was precarious and filled with fear. A German federal court said Monday it has thrown out an appeal by a Vietnamese man convicted of involvement in a kidnapping case that strained relations between Berlin and Hanoi. Magazines, Carbon Credits Should Be One of Our Best Tools to Fight Climate Change, What Watergate Experts Think About the Jan. 6 Hearings, Now Connecting Hot Days to Climate Change, Among Black and Indigenous Americans During COVID-19 Pandemic, Or create a free account to access more articles, Germany Expels Vietnam Diplomat After Abduction of Former Hanoi Official. At the time of Thanhs disappearance from the Tiergarten, he was simultaneously fighting extradition charges and attempting to claim asylum in Germany. Power, Crossroads It was not known where Trnh Xun Thanh has been hiding since he left Vietnam. But a month later he fell out of favor and was expelled form the ruling Communist party. Write to Joseph Hincks at [emailprotected]. He is now serving a life sentence in Vietnam. Asia, Central The head of the court said this was a sophisticated secret service operation in which members of the embassy in Berlin were involved, spokeswoman Lisa Jani told Reuters Television. Berlin accused Vietnam of breaking international law and kicked out the countrys intelligence attache. A local intelligence chief has been asked to leave the country, not both the intelligence chief and Vietnams ambassador to Germany. [2] He later worked for the state-owned company in Vietnam. From Europe and North America to the Global South, trust in Beijing has rapidly deteriorated over the past few years. European partnerships form an increasingly important part of Vietnam's omnidirectional foreign policy. In 2007, he joined Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVC). The kidnapping damaged relations between the two countries.

Photo by Vietnam News Agency, Trinh Xuan Thanh: 'I returned to Vietnam and turned myself in'. Germany accuses Vietnam of abducting businessman from Berlin, Sign up to First Edition, our free daily newsletter every weekday morning at 7am BST, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning.

Thanh is wanted on financial mismanagement charges in Vietnam, whose state oil company allegedly incurred losses of $177 million under his stewardship. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. Then $69 per monthNew customers onlyCancel anytime during your trial.

Following family and friends advice, I returned to Vietnam and turned myself in to investigators to be granted clemency by the [Communist] Party, the Government and the law," the letter read.

Recent developments have spotlighted the longstanding problem of abuse and mistreatment of Philippine migrant domestic workers, particularly in the Gulf region. The Talibans regressive ideology lies at the heart of its political program. And the headlines we saw from the rejected appeal this week will be yet another reminder of a consequential event for Vietnam as well as its relations with the outside world as Hanoi is serving as both the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council this year ahead of its significant Party Congress in 2021. While in Berlin, as an asylum-seeker, he was allegedly kidnapped and repatriated to Vietnam on 23 July 2017. He later announced on Vietnam television that he had decided to turn himself in to Vietnamese authorities. [2] He later served as the Deputy-Chairman of the Hu Giang Provincial People's Committee. A court spokeswoman said the judges were convinced that the accused was part of a large Vietnamese intelligence operation and that the case represented unprecedented meddling into Germanys sovereignty. This undated picture received on August 2, 2017 shows Vietnamese national Trinh Xuan Thanh sitting on a park bench in Berlin. journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more. Vietnam, like Germany, is committed to multilateralism and free trade.

The first in a series of post-NSL cyber laws may ironically weaken the tech sector and make Hong Kongs internet less secure. Money, Tokyo Thanh was sentenced to two life sentences in two separate cases earlier this year for mismanagement and embezzlement, which caused losses of around VND3.2 trillion ($147 million) to the oil company. Germany also said it was considering other measures against Vietnam.