This market has many shops and nurseries. After the ennui of some of Bangkoks not-so-hot markets, youd be forgiven for thinking this isnt worth your time. have a whole evening of entertainment for just a basic amount of Baht.

Check out prices and availability forHostel Lullaby. Be warned, though, as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai it does get busy; I mean very busy. The place is a quiet little neighbourhood away from the citys touristy locations. 91% of travelers recommend this experience. Read our Privacy Policy. Thailand boasts a variety of exciting markets, but few are as intriguing and diverse as the markets in Chiang Mai, located in Thailands Northern region. We plan to visit Chiang Mai sometime around August 2nd week. All sorted. Nana Jungle Market is one of the best places to buy bread and baked goods in Chiang Mai. Thung Fa Bot Market is also known as Kad Ngua by the locals and widely referred to as Sanpatong Buffaloes Market. Best seller!! It is the perfect way to spend an evening with great food, good atmosphere and provides the perfect opportunity to do a little souvenir shopping or pick up a new pair of temple pants. Explore the mountains, national park, dense jungles, hill-tribe villages, rivers, caves, waterfalls, ancient temples, lush rice fields, and beyond-stunning countryside sceneries. Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market (also known as the Wualai Walking Street) is located at Wualai Road, which is the south-west side of the old city opposite Chiang Mai Gate (the south gate). With hundreds of stalls dotted along the main (and side) roads, the Sunday Walking Street night market offers some of the best crafts, arts and food that the Northern Thailand region has to offer. From delightful soaps, elephant temple pants and so so much more! This night market is a little bit more westernised than the others. In addition to food, there are a few stalls selling handmade art and crafts items, and even clothing and jewelry. Check out. There are plenty of food stalls here selling delicious snacks, desserts and drinks. I havent yet had the pleasure to travel to Thailand yet, but I hope to one day (especially after reading this). So, if you click on it and purchase something, I get a small percentage at no extra cost to you. Any Questions? From $13.00 per night including a fab breakfast.

We were certainly full enough to explode by the end. Visiting the market is always a great experience a window opened directly onto the daily life of local people. lacquerware awana

The Rustic Market held on every Sunday has the most extensive collection of handmade products in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Gate Night Market has a wide variety of foods, both actual meals and snacks. These help us earn a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thanin Market is a regular neighbourhood market that sells fresh produce and where the locals go for a quick and delicious meal. The Sunday Walking Street Market generally begins around 4pm running along Ratchadamnoen Road from the ThaPae Gate, finishing at around midnight. Chiang Mai kinda market! Read More Sign up and receive our latest travel tips via email. If you are not comfortable in large crowds it is best if you visit during the earlier part of the evening, before 7.00pm. Theyre such fun, vibrant places to explore. The market doesnt attract a lot of foreign tourists, but if you happen to visit the nearby Wat Suan Dok, a beautiful ancient temple, feel free to drop by this local market. Warorot Market is the best place for travellers wanting to get a feel for the local way of life, searching for history, genuine feeling, local souvenirs, and great food. Some locals arrive as early as 6.30am for a queue number. Although Kad Na Mor is very crowded, the market atmosphere is relaxed. No spam - we promise! I hadnt heard of them until my visit a couple of years ago but am now telling everyone to go. Prices are incredibly cheap with most dishes around 40-50 Baht. Vendors warmly welcome and greet you with smiles it feels very different from the likes of say Chatuchak weekend market in Thailands capital. Ton Payom Market is very famous for its local products like the northern-style sausage, fried pig skin, and the green chilli paste. Kad Ngua is the real rural market to see the old way of life and culture of northern Thai people going about their business. YOU MIGHT LIKE: Chiang Mai itinerary the perfect 3, 4 or 5 days in Chiang Mai >. Of course, if you are craving the iconic Thai foods such as pad thai, coconut pancakes, and curry, there is an abundance available. Few are the things you wont be able to find at its numerous markets. Or you may buy some flower or vegetable seeds in the small packet for your garden back at home or as a souvenir. Cham Cha Market is truly a makers market where you can explore the unique craftworks of the talented artisans. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Its not your typical SE Asian market, well there are bugs on sticks, but so many other foods that actually taste good as well. Kham Thiang Flower Market is a beautiful plant, seeds, and gardeners supplies market hidden away from the touristic part of Chiang Mai city. Here is where you can find a lot of cheap fake goods, as well as unique crafts and jewelry within the same area. Check out prices and availability for99 The Heritage, 99 The Gallery Hotel ($$)Cheaper sister hotel of 99 The Heritage with outdoor pool. While in the evening, the streets outside the fresh market are transformed into a busy night market made up of almost 50 food stalls selling a different kind of local dishes at a very low price. Best known for its high quality authentic northern silver and lacquer ware, unique handicrafts, local food, and traditional performances. Other than the usual farmer and organic market for the agricultural products, every Saturday there will be the Hobby Market that sells mainly second-hand items, like a flea market. 94% of travelers recommend this experience. No questions have been asked about this experience. It is common for you to be jammed up next to people inching your way along. Just at the opposite side of the Chiang Mai Gate.

Sunday market is where the organic and local producers sell their organic vegetables and homemade products like bread, cheese, jam, kombucha, etc. A visit to Saturday Night Market should be combined with a visit to the Silver Temple i.e Wat Sri Suphan which is located on the same street. It is located a bit outside the old town (10 minutes from the city centre) which you could take a taxi or Grab to get there. We even managed to find some handmade Christmas decorations when we were there in november! Opening Hours: 8.00am-5.00pm every day.Location: At the junction of Suthep Rd. Compared with the other morning market, Baan Kan Wat is rather relaxing and with a smaller crowd. I really loved Chiang Mai when I went and easily much more than Bangkok. 98% of travelers recommend this experience. The best way to explore Northern Thailand is to complete the whole Mae Hong Son Loop road-trip. Beautiful private rooms for $25.00 per night and in the heart of the city with a pool. The stylish arrays of handcrafted products make this market extremely popular with collector and hobby designers alike. Opening Hours: 6.00pm-11.00pm everyday.Location: Beside MAYA Shopping Centre. Not only is it huge, but also bustling with activities and local events. I often ended up in a temple complex where many food outlets are situated as well as a decent amount of seating. Opening Hours: 7.00pm-1:00noon every Saturday and Sunday.Location: Atsadathon Road, near Kham Thiang Flower Market and Tesco Lotus.

Sunday Walking Street night market in Chiang Mai, Food at Sunday Walking Street night market in Chiang Mai, Hotels near to the Chiang Mai Sunday night market, Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai add to Pinterest, Chiang Mai itinerary the perfect 3, 4 or 5 days in Chiang Mai >, Chiang Rai itinerary the perfect 1 or 2 days in Chiang Rai, Check out prices and availability for99 The Heritage, Check out prices and availability for99 The Gallery. I think the vendors in these markets are much warmer to tourists than markets in Bangkok which feel too crowded for my liking. Chiang Mais Jing Jai Market (or more commonly called the JJ Market) is a famous open-air market that combines the farmers market, organic market, flea market and the creative craft market at the same area. You can find a huge diversity of tropical plant and flower species here. Plants and flowers are probably things you wont pack in your suitcase, but its yet another picturesque market and well worth a visit. I remember how much I loved this market (your post brings back good memories). It is located at Changklan Road, on the east side of the old city (about 10 minutes walking distance from Tha Pae Gate). I am sure gonna visit this yummy market asap. Kad Ngua is the place to feel the real rural Thailand atmosphere and see the generations-old way of life and culture. The decor, clothing, and basically anything except the food is a little more difficult as they sometimes do not have pricing. Come and explore this incredible planet with us through our story telling and photography. If you want things made in Thailand, this is the place to go. There are many vendors selling handicrafts, painting, clothes, souvenirs, etc. There are heaps of others during the week and on Saturday if you arent able to make it. As well as hundreds of stalls, youll also see You can also find some cheap and popular restaurants serving mostly Korean or Japanese cuisine at the dedicated food court. On the side streets and at each end of the road is where average prices seem to be a bit cheaper. I totally agree with you! After all, a big part of travelling is to see how people on the other side of the world live. Plenty of locals coming here to purchase fresh takeaway meal like packaged curries, noodles, cooked rice, fresh vegetables, and fruits. These are the products Thai tourists from the other provinces would buy as souvenirs. In all honesty, it is one of the top things to do in Thailand and should be added to your adventure bucket list. Alternatively, it is best practice to counteroffer at least half what the seller first says it costs. on our last trip to Chiang Mai, which was literally 10 seconds away from the start of the walking market, meaning we could visit the market several times in one evening, and escape for a quick break when the crowds got too busy. Muang Mai Market is probably the best wholesale market in the city and its range of fresh products is not only impressive but also mouthwatering. If you like a sit-down meal then there is a food court adjacent to the fresh market selling just about every Thai meal going. This number is based on the percentage of all Tripadvisor reviews for this product that have a bubble rating of 4 or higher. Anything and everything can be bought here, you just have to find it in the mass of stores. Starting at Tha Phae Gate and extending all the way to Wat Prah Singh, Tha Phae Walking Street transforms into a massive night market on Sundays. Love the Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Market. Both night markets are geared toward tourists, but Ploen Ruedee has a much better festival feel that it attracts a huge crowd of regular locals too.