Mr Michael Wolf (American). He is also Professor of Administrative Law, Administrative Procedural Law and Public Procurement Law at the Law Faculty of Democritus University of Thrace as well as Arbitrator in administrative law disputes (employment, public procurement and energy law disputes). Moreover, he has been a Professor at the National School of Judges in Greece since 2001.

W. et al v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2004/AT/03 (jurisdiction) [7], On 7 September 2002, it hosted for first time after Kosovo War a friendly match of Kosovo against Albania and finished with a 01 win for Albania.[8][9]. Her areas of practice included administrative law, civil litigation, corporate/commercial law and real estate transactions. This contribution shall also take into account the handling fee paid by the prevailing party (see Article 17.1 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). The arbitration will not proceed until the non-reimbursable handling fee is received in the BAT bank account (see Article 17.1 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). He is also a member of the Administrative Tribunal for GAVI (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. "Prishtina ndrron tapetin pas 50 vitesh", "Stadiumi i qytetit me nder do ta mbaj emrin e tij Fadil Vokrri", "Kryetari i Prishtins, Shpend Ahmeti: Stadiumi i qytetit me nder do ta mbaj emrin e Fadil Vokrrit", "Rapper 50 Cent performs for 25,000 in Kosovo", "Ekskluzive: Unikkatili, prsri n stadium", is formally recognised as an independent state,, Athletics (track and field) venues in Kosovo, Athletics (track and field) venues in Yugoslavia, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Articles containing Albanian-language text, Articles with dead external links from October 2021, Pages using football kit with incorrect pattern parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 10 June 2022, at 11:57. The current composition of the EBRDAT is as follows: Mr Chris De Cooker (Dutch) All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. He studied law at the Law Faculty of Athens University, held postgraduate studies at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 1994, and holds a PhD in Law. Proceedings before the BAT are financed entirely by the parties to the respective dispute. (1 July 2009 - 30 June 2012) The change was announced by Shpend Ahmeti, the Mayor of Pristina. Appellants v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2014/AT/01 Guidelines compiling a non-exhaustive list of the elements that should be included in a settlement agreement when requesting the issuance of a Consent Award are available here. Judges at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers found that Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj, who ran the KLA veterans association, in September 2020 gave Kosovo media and politicians confidential court documents that included names and personal data from witnesses involved in war crimes investigations.

She also has training and experience in conflict resolution and mediation and worked with the Board in developing alternate dispute resolution processes such as Online Dispute Resolution, mediations, med/arbs, and appeal management to resolve its appeals. You can download a template for the Request for Arbitration here. He is the co-author of the book Religion in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide to Legal Rights and Responsibilities. Judge Halfeld was the twelfth President of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal (January 2021 to December 2021). The veterans' association wields considerable influence in Kosovo, where many former KLA fighters are now in political positions and KLA veterans are celebrated as national heroes. He is a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute for Justice and Growth of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO).Judge Raikos has been serving as an administrative Judge since 1985 (first instance Judge from 1985-1996, president of the Administrative Court from 1996-2000, appellate Judge from 2000 2015, and President of the Administrative Court of Appeal from 2016 to present). The parties shall transmit any submissions and communication by e-mail only; transmission by other means shall be strictly limited to cases in which transmission by email is not technically feasible. Appellant v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2011/AT/01 Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2017/AT/07 201920 UEFA Champions League Preliminary Round Tournament.

In order to research previous awards, please note that all BAT awards are published on the BATs website and are available here.

He has also served as a Judge in the Labour Court and was South Africa's first Pension Ombudsman (the Pension Funds Adjudicator) between 1997 and 2003. United Nations | International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, Dubrovnik and Crimes against Cultural Heritage, ICTY Symposium: Final Reflections on the ICTY, Sarajevo Legacy Conference 22 - 24 June 2017, Final Legacy Lecture Series on the Story of the ICTY.

In 2013, Judge Raikos was appointed by the Greek Parliament, for a five-year term, as President of the Independent Authority for Public Procurement of Greece (H.S.P.P.A. Book 3, Chapter 10 of the FIBA Internal Regulations). Since 2010, he has been a judge at a number of international arbitration and administrative tribunals. She has over 30 years' experience as a senior international civil servant at the United Nations. contracts throughout Greece, shape and promote the national strategy and fight corruption in the field of Public Procurement. She has wide international experience, having participated in several international courses, seminars, workshops and congresses, especially in Latin America and Europe, either as a lecturer or as an organizer. Parties seeking FIBA's action must file a request for enforcement with FIBA. The arbitrator shall decide the dispute ex aequo et bono." Judge Colgan graduated LLB(Hons) from the University of Auckland in 1976 and was admitted to the New Zealand bar in the same year. She is fluent in English, has an excellent knowledge of French and a basic knowledge of Spanish. : +41 22 545 00 00Fax. He was appointed as the national representative for the Octopus Interface 2013, a specialized anti-corruption service of the Council of Europe, and has participated in numerous conferences as a speaker and senior law expert.

The Kosovo Specialist Chambers, a Kosovo court seated in the Netherlands and staffed by international judges and lawyers, was set up in 2015 to handle cases under Kosovo law against fighters of the KLA. This database provides access to ICTY public court records from 1994 to 2017. Since the ICTYs closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/03Decision Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2020/AT/03

In 2003-2004 he was the Presiding Judge in the Special Chamber of the Kosovo Supreme Court for Kosovo Trust Related Matters. C v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2003-01 (merits), Reports of the President of the EBRD Administrative Tribunal, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/05Decision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2022/AT/01JurisdictionDecision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/04PreliminaryDecision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/03Decision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/02Decision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/01Decision, Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2019/AT/072020/AT/05(PreliminaryDecision), Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2019/AT/08(Compensation), Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2018/AT/01+04(Joinder), Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2018/AT/01+04(Decision), Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2017/AT/05(2)(Erratum), Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2016/AT/01(2)(costs), Appellant v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2006/AT/04 (liability), Appellant v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2006/AT/04 (remedy), Appellant v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2006/AT/04 (costs), W. et al v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2004/AT/03 (jurisdiction).

He is a Judge of the High Court of South Africa (Gauteng Division, Pretoria) and an Acting Judge of Appeal in the Labour Appeal Court of South Africa. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the worlds largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. The President of the EBRDAT is appointed by and from among the panel. In addition, the parties are entitled to request the Arbitrator to record their settlement in the form of a Consent Award (see Article 16.7 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). She received her Bachelors of Laws from University of B.C Law School in 1989 and was called to the B.C. For each appeal, the President of the EBRDAT selects three members from the panel to serve for that appeal. Playing for the first time at the recently refurbished Fadil Vokrri Stadium. Simmi (Kanwaldeep) Sandhu is currently the Chair of the Property Assessment Appeal Board of B.C. In 1990 she completed her German legal studies at the University of Freiburg/Breisgau with the first state diploma. Six years ago, an Arbitral Tribunal constituted under the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention delivered a unanimous decision, which is final and binding on the Philippines and the PRC. In its ruling, the Tribunal firmly rejected the PRCs expansive South China Sea maritime claims as having no basis in international law. The Tribunal also stated that the PRC has no lawful claim to the areas determined by the Arbitral Tribunal to be part of the Philippines exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. He is President of the NATO Administrative Tribunal and a judge at the Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal, the GAVI Appeals Tribunal and the OECD Administrative Tribunal. Copyright FIBA All rights reserved. The United States reaffirms its July 13, 2020, policy regarding maritime claims in the South China Sea. We also reaffirm that an armed attack on Philippine armed forces, public vessels, or aircraft in the South China Sea would invoke U.S. mutual defense commitments under Article IV of the 1951 U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. Prior to her appointment to the Board, she had extensive experience in quasi-judicial proceedings, having acted as a chairperson of the Board of Referees (now the Social Security Tribunal of Canada) for over six years. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2019/AT/03 Reporting by Stephanie van den Berg, Editing by William Maclean, Germany's Uniper gets 15 bln euro state bailout to avert collapse, UK consumer mood stuck at record low, GfK survey shows, Russia: New EU sanctions will hurt global economy, hopes for food export progress, German gas consumers won't be left out in the cold amid Uniper bailout, says Scholz, See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. He is a member of the (North American) Association of Workplace Investigators and is the holder of a Training Certificate (AWI-CH) from that body. 2nd Vice President (1 July 2012-30 June 2013), (July 2012 November 2017) The most comprehensive solution to manage all your complex and ever-expanding tax and compliance needs. in Canada. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2019/AT/05 Also, Prof. Flogaitis is Attorney at Law at the High Court and the Council of State, Greece and Academic Bencher of the Inner Temple, London. The profiles of the BAT arbitrators can be found under "Composition of the BAT". Based on previous experience, the parties are advised to include in their settlement agreement a clause determining which party shall bear the arbitration costs. BAT is unable to assist in the enforcement. While Article 16.4 of the BAT Rules provides that the Arbitrator shall endeavour to render the award within 6 weeks of the closure of the proceedings, this is not a binding time limit and in any case the calculation of the 6 weeks depends on when the proceedings are closed. Also, the parties should include a clause regarding the payment of the respective legal fees and expenses (including the non-reimbursable handling fee). He has served on various statutory bodies, including the Council for Medical Schemes. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2017/AT/05(2) ), a public body composed of 90 lawyers and other experts, with competence, among others, to review the legality of P.P. Leader of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) veterans' association Hysni Gucati appears in court before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers on charges of obstruction and intimidation for allegedly revealing names of protected witnesses who testified before the special war crimes court, in The Hague, Netherlands October 7, 2021. On 29 October 2021 the new bureau for 2022 was elected. BAT Arbitration rules - version January 2022, Guidelines for settlement agreements leading to a Consent Award, "Any dispute arising from or related to the present contract shall be submitted to the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) in Geneva, Switzerland and shall be resolved in accordance with the BAT Arbitration Rules by a single arbitrator appointed by the BAT President. He has been advising many international organisations, in particular on their respective internal justice systems. President (July 2014 June 2015) [2][3], On 17 December 2007 the stadium was filled with 25,000 people for first time after the Kosovo War in a concert by American rapper 50 Cent.

His international activities comprise, among others, membership in transnational committees, including the Ad hoc Committee for the Negotiation of the UN Convention against Corruption (2002-2003), and acting as vice-chair of the Association of European Administrative Judges (2006-2008). Since 2011, she has been a strong advocate of mediation as a consensual dispute resolution mechanism. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2019/AT/01 He is a former President of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2021/AT/02Decision During its mandate, which lasted from 1993 - 2017, it irreversibly changed the landscape of international humanitarian law, provided victims an opportunity to voice the horrors they witnessed and experienced, and proved that those suspected of bearing the greatest responsibility for atrocities committed during armed conflicts can be called to account. 2nd Vice President (1 July 2013-30 June 2014; 1 July 2009-30 June 2010), (1 July 2009 30 June 2016)

He is a Supreme Grade Justice and currently President of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens (Greece). In fact, the duration of BAT proceedings depends very much on the complexity of the case, the scope of submissions and whether the Respondent participates in the arbitration or remains silent.

"This judgment clearly paints these acts for what they are: criminal not patriotic," president judge Charles Smith said. He practiced as a barrister and solicitor in the fields of employment law, family law, criminal law and general civil litigation until 1987 when he became a barrister sole. President (1 July 2015-30 June 2016) 2nd Vice President (1 July 2014-30 June 2015), (1 July 2009 30 June 2016)

He is also an active member, and on the organising committee, of the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators. Appellant v. EBRD, EBRDAT 2006/AT/04 (remedy) The BAT Arbitration Rules do not provide for a time limit for filing a Request for Arbitration. President (1 July 2011-30 June 2012) In some cases, arbitrators dismissed claims on the basis of fairness and equity because those claims were filed very late (so-called principle of Verwirkung). It is separate from a U.N. tribunal, which was also located in The Hague and tried officials from all over the former Yugoslavia for the 1990s Balkans wars, including several Serb officials and former KLA members for crimes committed in the Kosovo conflict. 2nd Vice President (1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011), (1 July 2009 - 31 December 2013) Judge Murphy was the ninth President of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal (January 2018 to December 2018). The language of the arbitration shall be English. She was General Counsel of the United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) between 2009 and 2014, and prior thereto between 1999 and 2009 Director and Deputy of the General Legal Division, Office of the Legal Advisor of the United Nations. Appellantv.EBRD,EBRDAT2017/AT/05(2)(Erratum) The parties may also file a request to suspend the proceedings in order to discuss a possible settlement of the dispute (see Article 12.4 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). The final amount of the arbitration costs is determined at the end of the arbitral proceedings by the BAT President (see Article 17.2 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). Mr Thomas Laker (German) has over 30 years of experience as a Judge of administrative law courts. UNAT is composed of seven Judges, appointed by the General Assembly. Uniper on Friday received a 15 billion euros ($15.2 billion) bailout from the German government to save the gas importer that is the biggest casualty of Europe's energy crisis so far. A single arbitrator appointed by the BAT President (see Article 8.1 of the BAT Arbitration Rules). Judges found both men guilty of charges of obstructing justice and sentenced them to 4.5 years in prison and a fine of 100 euros. We call again on the PRC to abide by its obligations under international law and cease its provocative behavior. We will continue to work with allies and partners, as well as regional institutions like ASEAN, to protect and preserve the rules-based order. He currently is Vice-President of the European Space Agencys Appeals Board, a member of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites Appeals Board as well as a member of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Appeals Board. She has authored more than 40 published books, chapters, reports, commentaries, presentations and judgments on labour law and labour protection, bullying in the workplace, discrimination, human rights, safety and health at work, constitutional review, alternative dispute resolution, international labour standards, and trainer training. REUTERS/Piroschka van De Wouw/Pool. He added that the men used insults and contempt in addressing those who chose to co-operate with the court and "spoke in terms that could only have been intended to persuade them not to provide further evidence to the Special Prosecutors office nor to testify in any future trial". armenia