I keep a copy just under the lid of my most prominent storage bin, usually the one that has the pens and the money. This is the perfect opportunity to share what this book means to you. The more options for your potential customers the better. High on the bucket list: publishing my "Bob and Brodie" children's book series.

Dress in something appropriate and relevant to your book. And if you are looking for some ideas to help you write your next book, you may want to check out our Free Brainstorming Your Story Idea Worksheet. Stationery: assorted pens in an attractive container, post-it notes, notepad, book racks, acrylic poster holders, paper bags, tablecloth. The people who attend your book signing may give you useful information or new leads for additional opportunities or maybe even story ideas. Next time I will add another poster with the words, Local Author, for some people asked where I live, assuming I'd flown in from Africa for the book signing. We share our knowledge from years of experience working with both traditional and self-publishing. After a long journey to publication, you dont want to miss out on the satisfaction of a successful book event. A raffle basket or drawing for a free giveaway is a great way to draw people into your event and encourage engagement. Then ask them to arrive a little early at the event to help welcome guests and make them feel comfortable. This is especially convenient if you are doing multiple book signings back-to-back. E-mail: LarryJames@CelebrateLove.com. You may also want to create a spreadsheet to do this before the event, especially if others are helping you, so that all the info is recorded in one place. I hope you have enjoyed our post, Book Signing Checklist for Authors, and that you have gained some new ideas to make your book signings as easy, efficient, enjoyable, and engaging as it can possibly be. Many people who buy more than one book would appreciate a bag to help carry them home.

Book events typically result in few sales, so dont make the mistake of measuring your success solely by numbers. Gazing at these displays gives your fans something else to do, and additional insight into your story, which makes their time with you more worthwhile.

Book signings can require high energy and you may get hungrier than you think. If youre worried about the health concerns of hosting a gathering consider doing a virtual book launch. Such a well-prepared and insightful presentation! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Once you have gathered all these book signing supplies, you are going to need a quick, strong, convenient way to transport everything from your vehicle to your table space and back again after the event is over. Pens have a habit of disappearing at these events. We teamed up with the author to share some pointers. And if your publisher is responsible for shipping the books to an event, call to double-check that the books have arrived prior to the event. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bill said, Youve got to practice and rehearse what youre going to say. You should aim to post every day for at least two weeks prior to the event to remind your followers and build hype.

Create your own or download our Free PDF Book Signing Checklist. He is a personally trained facilitator of Dr. Gray's "Mars Many authors have discovered the ease of using a collapsible folding utility wagon. Since their doors opened in Houston 45 years ago, the booksellers have handled more than 3,000 book events for authors. One of the most important items you can bring is a hard copy (printed out) of the event information. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Attendees of book signings are delighted when authors put together a collage of pictures, maps, drawings, or news articles that pertain to the book on a posterboard. You have Successfully Subscribed!

Give away recipes or something that ties in with your story.

Eileen works as a Development Consultant with a special focus on household food security, the reason she cultivates vegetables in a city. Guests attend these events because they want a personal connection with you as the author, so think about how you can take this deeper than what they can read in the book on their own. he staff at River Oaks Bookstore knows about book signings. A dolly cart may also be useful for the same reasons stated for using the utility wagon. Other take home items you may want to line up on your table for free are pencils (with your name & website on it), or coloring sheets for kids (if promoting a childrens book).

Of course, if you are going to a book signing, you are going to need writing implements. These two goals were even more important to me than making sales.

We also offer tech tips and how-to tutorials to help you excel at blogging, social media, and marketing. Keep your bins ready to go! This is a perfect opportunity to collect reviews from your readers, which can boost your online ranking. I cant imagine a writer going anywhere without a notepad or something on which to write notes. The evening was a culmination of years dedicated to shaping his eyewitness experience into a compelling tale. Some authors choose to have their book cover, author portrait, book title, and name enlarged on a standing poster board. He did not make a purchase, but he left with a smile on his face. Invite people from your circles far and wide. If attending a multi-author event, a tall, standing banner allows your book to be visible from a distance. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Have posters of your book along with images of you to display at the venue.

Set realistic expectations by shaping the event around your original goals. Sometimes its the last people youd expect that show up to support and buy a book. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. My book is non-fiction and relates to public schooling, entitled Visionary Schools, but I am learning the process of becoming an independent author and journalist. I displayed the books and walked a short distance away from the table to view it from the perspective of people entering and leaving the mall and adjusted the table accordingly. You never know when a traffic accident may make you late, or if you have the wrong address, or the door to the event building is locked without warning.

In this case, your venue research could involve choosing which social media platforms to stream on (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, etc.). I like that a small shop can make even a small event feel well attended. We all long to hear stories.

Connect with Xulon Press on the following social media platforms. Some authors like the intimacy that local coffee shops can provide. Look for a practical location for the number of guests you expect will attend as well as for the atmosphere you wish to create. He was Dr. Gray's personal choice to host the popular However, there were some downsides, like the fact that some were pressed for time and had to leave before my speech that was given midway through the evening. You may not have enough time to speak to everyone that attends your launch, but you should definitely attempt to get everyone. All rights reserved.

Kudos on a great job of teaching about book signings and events. http://www.carolwhitemarketing.com/10-tips-for-successful-book-store-events, Your email address will not be published.

Postcards: photos of book covers and where to make a purchase.

A variety of risers also create a tiered high tower effect. A valuable tool to develop story plots again and again. Nearly 60friends, family, and colleagues had streamed into the cozy shop to celebrate. People love winning free stuff!

It takes a lot of thought and effort to make a book signing event a success. To learn more, please visit our Disclaimerpage.

What kind of trinket can you come up with? Try to include short readings, music, and visuals for entertainment. One of the biggest mistakes a new author could make is to not bring enough books to a launch event. Plastic bags can be cheaply ordered online in bulk. Even if you do take cash, it is advisable to also have a digital device that hooks up with your phone or laptop, so you do not miss out on credit card sales. Refreshments help keep the audience around longer, which can result in them buying more books. It was one of the best events weve had, they all said. Its no wonder. Read her inspiring story of how she published her first book and launched a successful writing career.

Remember to always ask for the spelling of a name before you sign the book for someone. One of my children designed and printed 8.5 X 11 posters: Author photo with a summary description of the genre and description of the book series, and an invitation for people to come and ask me what happens when the African girl-child acquires an education and becomes a career woman. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. + 2 bonus pagesfilled with additional story examples. But for the most part, meeting readers is what we want.

performing WestBow Press titles is provided to the acquisition teams at Thomas Nelson and Zondervan for consideration. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Be ready to ask for names and spellings, try to personalize the message, and sign your name legibly. I thanked the store staff for putting up the event, packed up, and returned the store items. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Decide whether you prefer a casual signing or a more structured format that designates a time to share a formal reading and in-depth thoughts. You may want to put tiny book cover stickers on top of miniature candy bars. I didnt send an Evite to everyone I know, said Bill. I drew on experience from my career which included organizing workshops, conferences, and training sessions. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

You dont need to give a long speech, but your guests will be expecting to hear from you during the event. They are certainly colorful and eye-catching, and usually fold up into a zippered case. The only people who will come to your event are those you bring, he said. Even if it is a couple of hours, I would still suggest you bring a bottle of water and a few granola bars. Cybill Shepherd with her book entitled 'Cybill Disobedience' during a book signing 2000, via lost and found blog: snacks at a book signing by Alice Waters, Anthropologie in Georgetown - Design Sponge Book Signing Event. Max. Not only was Mr. White relevant to the evening he added credibility to the book. Who doesnt love them? Please check your entries and try again. and Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers. This helps the people who came to your event remember you far into the future. Now, its time to plan a book signing event. An advocate will provide the accountability and encouragement to see your project to the end. They may decide to buy your story online, so always include your website! Box 12695, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695.

You may also want to get a posterboard of your book cover to set up in the corner of your event.
Mini wire picture frame stands are great to stand up promotional postcards or books because they save space on the table. To join or learn more, visitallianceindependentauthors.org/join. The only thing I wish Id had was a podium to glance down and remember everything I wanted to say and everyone I wanted to recognize.. What ideas would you add to my list above? That got us into a conversation with them asking what my books were about. However, if your book signing is at a bookstore where they collect the money for you, like Barnes & Noble, they will have their own bags at the checkout counter. Make sure you gather a list of emails from the event attendees. When it comes to your written message, choose the page of the book on which youll sign, which might differ in your paperback and hardcover formats. It helps your book stand out in a crowd and lets your fans know where you are located. If you have more money in your budget, you may even want to purchase canvas book bags with the cover of your book on the side to be used as additional promo for everyone who sees it. And it is hard when you have to use your cell phone for calls, payments, recording sales, and etc. I paid attention to people passing by and greeted anyone who paused or appeared to have question. A good color for a book event is black because it helps the book covers stand out, hides smudges if they should occur, and if you get a long one that drapes from the top surface to the floor, it can better hide the extra boxes you may have stored beneath the table. In my case, my primary goals were to share my story with family and friends and to honor Houston leaders, said Bill. Bring plenty of books, a display stand, and several fine-tipped black Sharpies for easy signing.

Some authors stack wooden creates in an artful way to create tiers on which they display their books. Bill said, I visited the shop before the event to introduce myself, ask questions, and scope out the space. Believe it or not, some places, like my own house, are not listed.

Copyright Law. To lighten the load, weve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most out of it. It can be a little crazy at big events. publishing packages managed by Author Solutions. Hi Max, thank you so much for reaching out and commenting. So how can you ensure the same positive experience for your own book signing event? I also read relevant articles by Alison Morton and Lorina Stephens. Bring multiple pens or sharpies to sign with, not just one. Have you submitted your manuscript to dozens of publishing companies only to be turned away, time and time again? You may also want to consider bringing a tablecloth to your event if one is not automatically provided for you by the event coordinator. Bookstore Chain WH Smith Opens Up to Indie Authors: Case Study with Richard Vaughan-Davies, Designing Book Covers that sell the 7 Must-Haves: Derek Murphy. Do not forget to bring your books to the book signing! (Do not use actual grocery store bags that they pack your food inthat is not professional). Order physical copies to arrive in good time. You can also gift things like bookmarks and posters with book purchases. Ignited by Education and Propelled by a Job, Heres how I prepared for a book signing day #indieauthor #selfpublishing #IARTG #ASMRG #writingcommunity. Some authors bring in collapsible bookshelves to set on their tabletop. Those waiting either read the book blurbs until it was their turn, or, on a few occasions, listened to or joined in our going conversation. Your hard work of writing your manuscript and self-publishing has all led to this moment: releasing your book. Thats why their feedback on Bill Herringtons book event last week mattered. Tip #2: Define your goals and expectations.

From my endorsements to my book event, said Bill, Ella has pushed me to go further than I thought possible.

I introduced myself as the author and asked if they like to read books and what genre they preferred. WestBow Press is a self-publishing alliance of HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Authors Solutions. You will also want a folding chair that is comfortable, yet easy to set up.

Its better to overestimate the expected guest list and have books left over than the other way around.

ALLi Author member Eileen Omosa, from Africa now living in Canada, explains how to organize a book signing day. I also took photos of the set-up. You're With: Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love For ALLi campaigns, benefits, refund & membership policies, see the main website, 2022 SELF-PUBLISHING ADVICE | THE ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT AUTHORS | c/o The Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Rd London EC1R 3GA United Kingdom. I was initially hesitant to host an event, but my philosophy became, Go big or go home.. Give a shoutout to those who supported your book journey and also thank everyone for coming to support you that day. Thank your guests for coming and ask them what they think of the book. The Nester's book launch party tablescape.and more! Make a Facebook event for your book launch and send an invite to everyone on your friends list. Its not all bliss, one elderly man stopped by and asked why I'd left Africa with all her poor people behind? Read her inspiring story of how she published her first book and launched a successful writing career.

Finally, keep a water bottle on hand to keep your throat clear. If you have a lot of heavy boxes of books, you may find the dolly cart a better choice. Seven hours later my allocated time was up.

Or you can buy a box of clear wastepaper basket bags from the grocery store. We hope you continue to find our posts valuable and we wish you the very best with your first book.

Drinking water, dry snacks, mints, hand sanitizer. So follow these ten tips and then in Bills words Go big or go home!. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Name tags and Sharpies are useful if youre welcoming people from different social and business circles.

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