Hansel and Gretel's eventual fate in Grimm's Fairy Tales is, well, a little bleak. Heres a fantastic tutorial on making your DIY Minnie Mouse ears.

Shel Silverstein's classic book comes to life in this all-green get-up. That daunting task of coming up with a book character themed costume that your kids will love, that wont cause you a mountain of stress creating them. This Camilla Cream costume is pretty popular on Pinterest and its easy to see why. Shelby Deering is a lifestyle writer who specializes in decor, home tours, wellness, travel, vintage, and feel-good stories for national publications. Download blogger Rachel Faucett's printable mask template, grab your sewing machine, and start crafting this classic costume based on the beloved book. Needs more guy costumes! If the idea of dressing as a princess in a long dress makes you worry about comfort, remember that they key element here are the colors. Max (Where the Wild Things Are) *This might be my favorite book character costume on the list. Country Living editors select each product featured. This, This story kind of creeps me out a little however it does make for a really cool costume for kids or adults! (Bonus points if you bring along a few real cookies for Halloween snacking!). See how you can create a Captain America shield and costume at home on the cheap! Wed love to hear your ideas! I got really into the idea when I taught in a district that didntallow Halloween costumes and instead encouraged kids and teachers to dress as characters from childrens literature. Especially if you dont forget her signature to tea cup! Step into the provincial life with this DIY Belle costume, which also gives you an excuse to show off your favorite books. AMAZING! This 1991 picture book has captured the hearts of thousands of children since its publicationmainly because of its positive messages about self-acceptance. Muggles, here's your chance to embody the wackiest and most wonderful Harry Potter character of them all! Throw a red blazer on top of a yellow shirt, pin on a big bow, put your bunny ears on, and draw some whiskers. This costume was created using a Cricit cutting machine, which not only created the cut out leaf shapes but also printed the tattoo designs. There's a DIY "Where's Waldo?" How adorable is this DIY The Cat in the Hat costume? If you have an old dictionary or book that you dont mind tearing up and if you are quite crafty with paper, then this costume will be worth the time. Another simple Dr Seuss costume that can be created mostly with clothing your kids may already have or some inexpensive basics from the local department store. For some Australian character favourites, these costumes are perfect for Aussie Book Week with everything from classic May Gibbs to recent favourites that kids love: The May Gibbs Gumnut babies are iconic in Australian childrens literature and this tutorial is a simple option for creating a budget-friendly, adorable Australian book character costume. Flapper-style elements like dresses, pearls, and dangling earrings give the novel's glamorous parties modern-day appeal. And what better place to stow your candy than in that no-sew felt apple bag?

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built. As the boy and the tree, all you need is a small pair of overalls, and for you, an all-green outfit covered in felt leaves. Hopefully, this list willinspire you to find a fun book costume thatworks for you! "I grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie series," Ree says of Laura Ingalls Wilder's most popular works. How fun it will be for your kids to walk the Book Week parade with their shield in hand, because lets face it kids love props! Hello, With her copy of The Quibbler and larger-than-life sunglasses, your girl will go from a Muggle to a Hogwarts student in a flash. The Dog Man series by Dav Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame is a popular reading choice for kids. Whats your costume? With this creative costume, you'll have them just as mesmerized. The addition of a tutu gives it a feminine twist. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Most Clever Halloween Instagram Captions, 127 Halloween Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bones, 30 Pumpkin Jokes That'll Carve Out a Smile, Our Best Fall Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door, 36 Fall Dinner Party Menu Ideas to Win the Season, Serve a Cocktail Packed with Crisp Autumn Flavors, These Halloween Puns Are Frightfully Clever, 42 Best Leaf Craft Ideas We're Loving This Fall, 64 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas You've Got to Try. Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. There's a reason that generation after generation comes back to Roald Dahls classic book: It's heartwarming, endearing, and magical. Maybe a long sleeve vest is a good choice. It may seem difficult to recreate Mary Poppins era-specific look, but its not. You could make this any kind of Barbie, since the franchise has well and truly published many books over the years. You can dresseither as Sam Sparks the weather reporter from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 1 or Sam Sparks the baby strawberry savior from part 2. Not everyone has the time or the DIY inspiration to make a costume at home, and thats fine too! Let her raid her own closet for mismatched clothes, and she can help make the felt scarf. Thanks for collecting them in one place! This would not be a proper Book Week costume list without a mention of the Gruffalo. Some of these are less traditional book characters, or they are book characters that dont fit under the other headings. matched cassia ally condie reyes characters bubble books nerds signing series wiki reading trilogy fellow ten reached crossed helm mrs I was thinking of just doing a Mariachi outfit: poncho, mariachi hat, carry guitar all day. Of course Minnie should make an appearance on this list! , Think of your favorite childhood book. Tick off the items on thischecklist here(striped shirt optional) and show up asanadorable Olivia the Pig. How about one of these book character costume ideas from the favorite childrens picture and chapter books? Check out my other round up of teacher costumes: Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? So freaking adorable! Plus the next Thor film will feature a female Thor, so theres no reason little girls cant rock the hammer this Book Day! The tiny witch's hat here couldn't be cuter. All kids have a favourite Dr Seuss book or three and they are often parent favourites too. Which Halloween costume ideas are your favorite? Or create capes inspired by their favourite book superheroes instead.

And if you're a parent yourself, you've probably also shared the books that meant so much to you with your own child or children. > Get the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books here. Have your kids come up with their very own superhero for Book Week, using this tutorial as a guide to help you create the costume of their dreams. It's fully DIY, easy to mimic at home, and undeniably hilarious. And it wouldnt be right to have scarecrow without the Tin Man.

Or, you can use some of the tutorials here to work your DIY magic. she says. If you have a karate outfit, you can pretty much just add a belt and lightsaber to it and be ready to go! Favourite Australian childrens book series Macca The Alpaca costume and Dharma The Llama are brought to life in this epic sibling costume. We know Ree Drummond would! . Those fuzzy pants look really warm too! But you can remind your kids of the happier parts of the story by dressing them up in these sweet, old-fashioned outfits. Leave a comment below. I have added in some less traditional book character costume ideas to suit the theme of the year too. This ones a classic. We held aBook Character Parade around the school to show off our costumes and it was so much fun to see what all the kids wore! 10 Cleaning Games To Make Chores More Fun, Raising Confident Daughters: 10 Tips For Parents. And of course, classic comic books! We did a Toy Story family Halloween costume and our youngest was Bo Peep. Bring it on, chilly October weather! Don't forget to add a pair of glasses, and be sure to decorate the front door with her favorite titles! Things may have not gone so great for Hansel and Gretel in Grimms Fairy Tales, but we have no doubt that your kids will have a much better outcome this Halloween. Get their friends giggling with this faux "underwear-only" look. Whatbetter costume for a teacher than one which promotes a love of books? When you're that passionate about a book as a child, the love never really goes awayand that's exactly what inspired us to put together this list of the best book character costumes to wear for Halloween. Australian Book Week is one of my favourite times of the year to see all the incredible DIY costumes shared by friends online. I love the simplicity of this Lorax costume an orange hoodie and track pants teamed with some felt. Learn how to make the paper bag dress and crown here. Found on Pinterest. How cute is this? thrift prom follow Go with a classic character like Alice in Wonderland, Madeline, or Max of Where the Wild Things Are. If you enjoy some mystery-solving along with your Halloween festivities, were thinking you should don a Nancy Drew costume. Book Week celebrations are a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading for children and motivate them to read more. With this DIY book character costume, your baby will look just like Max, roaming among monsters and other fearsome creatures. Whatever you pick, its a celebration of reading and books, right? Follow the Yellow Brick Road! If you dont, weve got you covered as well with some pre-made costume options at the end. Here is the link it took me to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bUMs65PZRQ, Thanks for letting me know! Put a smile on the faces of grown-ups and kids alike with this dream-catching outfit inspired by The BFG. All Rights Reserved. Channel the beloved character the Tin Man from this classic work. They make great book week costume ideas for boys and girls as well. If your voracious reader can't settle on a book character costume, she can dress up like a smartly dressed librarian! Because all of these ensembles are easy to DIY, they double as excellent last-minute Halloween costumes as well. Pair with a red-and-white striped shirt and round black glasses for the complete look. There are too many things competing for your attention as a teacher. Harry Potter Kids love to dress up as their favorite book characters from the most popular book series of all time Harry Potter. Below, get inspired by some of our very favorite book character Halloween costumes. Camp Half-Blood t-shirt Gladiator Knight Athena. Get the tutorial at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. I only wish I had young children (or even grandchildren) I could make some fun costumes for! Halloween already comes with all things candy, so why not dress up as the master of chocolate himself? Littles ones will look even cuter in this onesie. The best thing about these rainbow-colored costumesbesides the fabulously silly book they referenceis the fact that they're fully customizable. Like many little girls, my daughters adore unicorns and they love Thelma the Unicorn too. Many of these Halloween costumes for kids start with a few pieces of clothing from your child's closet (and that means creating a last-minute Halloween costume thats close to free!). Luke Skywalker needs his robotic sidekick and this R2D2 costume was too cool not to include. The person who uploaded it must have changed the video settings. Easy Book Week costume ideas are always a winner. Loaded with humour and adventure, this Dog Man costume is sure to make them proud. Each year there is a certain week of the school year that causes mass panic for most parents BOOK WEEK! Felt crafts are some of my favourite due to their simplicity and inexpensive nature. This tutorial includes both Ladybug and Cat Noir DIY costumes. You can also step up your game by throwing in some ofWaldos iconic accessories as listed here. Below are 15 clever, super easy (and super cheap!) For us, it was Toy Story Barbie as part of our family costume. However, if you have no time and energy to make one, you can simplyopt for cutout hatlike the girl in the picture above is wearing. There are some seriously creative parents who put together some epic home grown costumes for their kids. Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin & a Princess. (Updated 9/2021; originally published in 2009. You cant go wrong with choosinga fairytale character. It's pretty simple to make, too!

This is a costume we have done before since we have our Minnie Mouse ears from our Disneyland trip a couple of years back, just like in the top tutorial, however you can learn how to make your own instead! Or have your kids create their own book-themed superheroes using some inspiration from these superhero book week costume ideas! So it only seemed right to start with Book Week Costume ideas from these classic storybooks. This is an incredible Thor costume tutorial to make at home. What I love most about this DIY, One of our favourite films this year has been Toy Story 4, with, If you have more than one child, they may enjoy dressing up as different Frozen characters for fun themed sibling costume ideas. What an impressive DIY costume with woodgrain vinyl from K-mart to make the wardrobe. Even the striped socks are DIY: Simply apply a coat of acrylic paint to a pair of white socks. Here are some great Dr Seuss costumes: This DIY Sam I Am and his green eggs and ham make a fun, simple Dr Seuss costume for book week. This is one you can easily make at home using items you have already. More about us. I would love to hear it! Are you a big kid who can't stop eating candy (even though you're trying to eat more kale)? Playing cards, craft foam, and patterned tape come together for a look that might make her say, "Off with their heads!". So easy, especially if they already have the orange outfit! This book is certainly a tear-jerker, but you can celebrate those warm fuzzies by partnering up with your little one for Halloween. Woodys sidekick Buzz Lightyear with his signature space ranger outfit is a popular choice for kids who want to grow up to become astronauts some day. Another take on Luna Lovegood, this costume is perfect for the tween set. If you have more than one child, they may enjoy dressing up as different Frozen characters for fun themed sibling costume ideas. You are sure to see one or two of these at each Book Week parade or when scrolling ideas on Pinterest. Get glitzy with this Great Gatsby-inspired costume. This is probably the most comfortable costume on this list. One of our favourite films this year has been Toy Story 4, with Woody the cowboy and his high energy cowgirl friend Jessy making for fun dress up costumes. The loveable God Maui from Moana is a fun choice and not one you would expect to see so often for fancy dress parades. Alice from Alice in Wonderland is always a darling costume, but for a different look from the book, your child can be the short-tempered Queen of Hearts this Halloween. Luckily, they are not that hard to do, asthis guide will show you. This BFG costume is a pretty easy one to make and inexpensive too which is a nice bonus. You probably know The Wizard of Oz as a famous movie, but did you know that it was a book first? This post has been updated with the new theme with fun new ideas added. If there's one person who'd appreciate this Laura Ingalls Wilder costume, it'd be Ree. Learn how to make the paper bag dress and crown here. This adorable costume will remind your adventurer to never grow up! This homage to the classic series by Kay Thompson will delight both kids and adults. The Disney classics and recent hits have all become beloved books as well over the years. They even have some great Book Week costumes for teachers. For her, it was a whole series of books that had her completely captivated as a child. Pippi Longstocking is one of the most cherished book characters of all time. Here's a Halloween costume that's perfect for your pint-sized planet protectors. Oh, and that hat feather is a must-add detail! This one calls for a lot of purple. With a lightsaber and intergalactic skills, Luke Skywalker is an exciting character to dress up as and thankfully a simple one too. Add some cute ears and a tail, and youre set for Fox in Socks! No matter your crafting skill level, you'll be able to transform your little one into the beloved Harry Potter character in no time. "I absolutely adored them.". Most kids dream of getting their letter to Hogwarts, so why not have the Hogwarts robes to get them started! Trust me its WAYYYYY cheaper! Envisioning whats next for schools: Personal reflections & my hope for How to work ONLY your contractual hours as a teacher, These teachers small changes made BIG reductions in their workload. Who could forget Pippi Longstocking's lopsided braids or freckles? To infinity and beyond. Start with Alice, Amelia, and Artemis and continue on to Captain Underpants, Clifford, and the Cat in the Hat, The Mad Hatter girl child style 1or style 2, boy child size, Cat in the Hat(see more Dr. Seuss below), Crayon(The Day the Crayons Quit) /DIY Crayon Costume, Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat, Dragon (Dragons Love Tacos, Puff the Magic Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon, Eragon). However, if you dont have a blue dress like Amy in the picture, you can consider the alternatives inthis detailed how-to. What other book character costume ideas do you have? I always had trouble figuring out a costume for myself that was simple to put together AND super comfortable, since Id probably end up wearing it all day long. There were quite a few Peter Pan appearances at my daughters first Book Week parade in 2018. Knight toddler, child (King Arthur, The Knight and the Dragon, St. George & the Dragon). Alternatively, you can recreate the Maxs wolf onesie with a hoodie and sweatpants by following theinstructions here. As long as you've got a magnifying glass in hand, you can make it work with pretty much whatever you find in your closet!