Then exams got pushed out because the testing centers were closed due to the pandemic. You will be asked to agree to the specific terms and conditions before you schedule your LRP appointment. firstpost The purpose of the BCOP certification, according to BPS, is: To validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to optimize outcomes for patients with malignant diseases by recommending, designing, implementing, monitoring, and modifying pharmacotherapeutic plans; reducing medication errors; and recognizing and responding to adverse physical and emotional issues that may arise during treatment and when providing education and counseling. Unfortunately, due to the MPJE I cant tell you I have never failed an exam BUT I can say I have never failed a clinical exam, which is more important in my mind anyway.

A cookie stores a small amount of data on your computer about your visit to the website. I had to include this section because the software for this exam is nothing like the NAPLEX or any other computerized exam I have taken before and it really threw me for a loop. The pandemic threw quite a few wrenches in those plans.

Very helpful! There are a few places to purchase study materials. Additionally, I know how difficult oncology can be so when I come across another BCOP I have an instant level of respect for their knowledge and baseline competence. Less time in the Fort Knox testing center is always a perk! If you are applying to medical school this cycle, you can see how long AMCAS is taking to verify applications with the AMCAS tracker, based on updates from AMCAS and previous cycles. Pay attention to the little details while you study, these can really make or break your answers to exam questionsagain it isnt designed to be easy! The only area HYMR doesnt have extensive content on is the regulatory part which is 10% so I dont really blame them lol but if you are like me and want as many points as you can get then you definitely want this study guide! Simply fill out the contact form below by clicking on contact!Please keep in mind I do not provide personal pharmacy services through my blog, it is always best to check with your medical doctor or local pharmacists! I stand by my decision to review all clinical material first before diving into biostats or regulatory because I knew I wouldnt remember all that information longterm since I dont use it in daily practice the way I do my clinical knowledge. They reduced retake fees, presumably because they thought the fail rate would be higher having to take a high stakes exam during a pandemic.

The only reason I bring this up is because on some level I believed that even if I only gave myself a month to prepare I thought I would be able to pass and I was but again not fun and not recommended. However, your coupon for MedEd101 expired .

After you get approved, they give you instructions for choosing a testing date/location. High-Yield Med Review email [emailprotected] for $50 off any course, LiquidIV THELUXEPHARMACIST25 for 25% off, Power Provisions theluxepharmacist for 15% off. So, like always in the spirit of keeping this platform 100% genuine and authentic I am breaking down what I think I did well and what I would change if I could go back and do it again. You canreceive $50 off any preparation course from High Yield Med Review, simply email[emailprotected]highyieldmedreviews.comand mention The Luxe Pharmacist! Since certifications are valid through the end of the year, my strategy was to take the exam in the spring and if I didnt pass to take it (more seriously) in the fall. Go here. Get on the waitlist to be notified when the next program launches! The Luxe Pharmacist is not responsible for the outcome of the BCPS exam or any other Board of Pharmacy Specialties Exams. To do this, consult the help features on your browser.

BPS is committed to providing users with a safe, secure environment in which to secure information. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. HYMR also has review courses for other pharmacy board exams (one of my preceptors used it to pass his Psychiatry board exam) and even the NAPLEX, all their pharmacy review courses are linked HERE. I even had my residency program director (RPD) write me the letter for testing approval before residency ended. They also make it really easy to review weaker clinical areas in a concise way shortly before the exam. If you are someone who has struggled with exams in the past or just in general know it takes you longer to study than this really needs to be taken into account for this exam because it was very challenging.

Once you become board certified, you pay $125 annually in years 1-6 to maintain it.

I have worked with pharmacists that completed PGY1/2 programs in pharmacotherapy but they cannot meet eligibility via this path. I honestly knew I nailed the biostats portion and I have heard so many times that is a huge key to successfully passing the exam!

Accounting for the remaining credits needed based on HOPAs per credit cost, you will likely spend ~$4000 to recertify by CE over the 7 year cycle (closer to $4700 if youre not a HOPA member), not including the BPS recertification fee. Subscribe to my newsletter for all the latest in pharmacy and luxe style! For the most part I have always been good at studying and I have been a good test taker. Scheduling for LRP is now available for.

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If you dont have it when you start, you are expected to achieve it when eligible. Clinical lectures are each very comprehensive. So for starters this software will let you go back to questions if you dont feel comfortable selecting an answer right awayI havent been able to go back to a question to review it since I was on paper exams you guys! In order to qualify to take the exam you need your boss/RDP to certify you have met the requirements or either successfully completing a residency or fulfilling the hour requirement. I stress that it is a difficult exam and I myself know incredible pharmacists who did not pass on their first attempt. ASHP has an innovative monthly program for recertification CE credit, but unfortunately they dont offer oncology yet. Failure to provide BPS with a name matching your identification may result in a denial to enter the testing center on your scheduled examination date. With the increasing prevalence of non-traditional pharmacist roles that dont require a pharmacist license, there is talk about not maintaining active licensure. Its actually overwhelming for me and I have a baseline knowledge. In order to qualify to take the exam you need your boss/RDP to certify you have met the requirements or either successfully completing a residency or fulfilling the hour requirement. Recertification by exam sounds like a fantastic idea for about 6 years until its time to take said exam! PGY2 oncology residents have a leg up in preparing for the exam as their residency year is structured around almost all the content that is tested. There is way more content available to you than what is absolutely necessary to pass the exam, which I personally love because you are getting a great value and if you have specific interests you can always go back and do a deeper dive after the exam when you have more time. I always intended on taking the BCPS exam as soon as I could which I knew would mean a fall testing date. This will help you gauge how you are doing with the material and should help to find those weaker clinical areas to continue to review. I highly recommend making some kind of master study guide as you watch the clinical lectures. BPS staff will not process change requests. Do employers prefer/require it? Here you will find my pharmacy experiences & advice, along with my favorites in fashion, beauty, wellness & much more! Learn how your comment data is processed. If you are a foreign graduate or are licensed in another jurisdiction, you likely still qualify. When you apply to take the exam at the Board of Pharmacy Specialties websiteyou will be prompted to upload verification that you have met the requirements and that is where you will upload the letter! You may disable the cookie function on your browser or erase the contents in your cookies file. Each BCOP pursuing recertification by CE must take at least one preparatory review course in the 7 year period. She founded the ELO Collaborative, the only private member network exclusively for oncology pharmacists. During residency I knew one of my goals was to become board-certified right after. Would you like to partner or collaborate with The Luxe Pharmacist? There are 3 paths that BPS recognizes for this practice experience. This content can be learned with a structured plan and the right mindset! Board certification is a marker of baseline competency. The study schedule I put together for you guys specifically utilizes the HYMR lectures/practice questions because they are what I personally used and are in my opinion the best study material available. Of note, these can change so always refer back to the BPS website for the most up to date information. Do you have a question regarding pharmacy, lifestyle or wellness? The devil is in the details here. I had great intentions of being studious and feeling prepared but that didnt happen. Candidates who arrive at the testing site or launch the remote exam 30 minutes after their scheduled testing appointment may be denied admission and will forfeit all testing fees. This attestation must indicate you have spent 50% or more of your time in the domains described in the Oncology Pharmacy Content Outline. Sorry for the inconvenience! Looking for information about the BPS Test Drive exam?

The testing window will run from September 5 through September 26, 2022.

The exam will let you leave it blank, flag it for review later or obviously select an answer and move on. Kelley is a board-certified oncology pharmacist that strongly believes oncology is the best specialty for pharmacists and that anyone can learn it. (I will include more information about the company and what they offer below). Candidates will be required to sign in and will be instructed where to store personal items and where to keep identification. However, with the BCPS exam obviously being the broadest, you really can get any and all clinical questions thrown at you and that is why preparing is so important! For more information about our Cookie Policy, click here.

For the most part I have always been good at studying and I have been a good test taker.

You can also filter to include only new unused questions or all questions including those you may have seen before. Candidates may cancel or reschedule a Certification or Recertification exam up to five (5) calendar days prior to the scheduled examination appointment. You also must pay the testing fee before they will look at your application for approval! This is one of the most common assumptions I see people make so let me outline what the BPS requirements are to sit for the exam. With our studying time frame in mind however keep this in mind: Other important things to keep in mind with HYMR: MedEd101 created the Regulatory Study Guide that I used to prepare for the BCPS and it is an absolute must have! You can used code luxe20 for 20% off either MedEd101 study guide at checkout! Registration and scheduling for the BPS Fall 2022 administration is NOW OPEN (as of May 16). Theyve likely heard the term in relation to physicians and it implies competence.

This replaces the usual $125/year maintenance fee for this year. Thanks for sharing.

What about those in the pharmaceutical industry? This can be used for ACPE credit if youre studying for the first exam. TLP is all about being a rockstar in healthcare without losing your own flare for style.

There are currently 3,809 board-certified oncology pharmacists (BCOP) as of 1/2022 (up from 3,452 in 4/2021), which makes it the 4th largest board-certified pharmacy specialty (BCCCP is getting close to taking over 4th with 3,570).

Again since I had just learned about this feature I think I got a little too excited and left comments galore (LOL) oh well! You completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency AND you have 2+ years of recent (within 7 years) pharmacist experience working in an area where >50% of your time was in oncology, You have not completed residency training but have 4+ years of recent (within 7 years) pharmacist experience working in an area where >50% of your time was in oncology.

Since it's on a rolling basis, does anyone know if this is done by exam dates or by last name? However, I would love to know processing times because from review of other forums (time between last testing date and release of exam dates) our is late. Know stats like the back of your hand, I was relieved every time I saw a stats questions, doing well in this section will really help your score! BPS has been very responsive and flexible, in my opinion, in response to COVID. I have always made master study guides throughout school and for all board exams I have taken thus far and I swear by it. The candidates identity will be verified every time he/she enters or leaves the testing room. All applicants are responsible for immediately notifying BPS of any address change (including e-mail) or legal name change. I highly recommend getting their package deal that includes over 1,800 practice questions, clinical and biostats/EBM lecture content, ebooks and so much more! Looking for information about the BPS Test Drive exam? You will see in the study schedule that these topics are after all the clinical lectures. Again I did not nail my study plan and I definitely ended up cramming a lot or at least it felt like it to me and I promise you cramming for an exam like this is zero percent fun. HOPAs program offers 28 BCOP hours for $495 if youre a member and $615 for non-members. Hi all! To learn more about our cookie and privacy policy, BPS Board Certification in the Real World, Continuous Testing Frequently Asked Questions, Dual and Multiple Specialty Recertification Offerings, Education Documentation Request Form (International Applicants Only), Helpful Tips for International Candidates, Petitioner's Guide for Recognition of a Pharmacy Practice Specialty, Request for BPS to Consider a New Specialty. HOPAs BCOP self study bundle offers 20 hours for $360 for members or $480 for non-members. If you are striving for board certification and plan to maintain it, you cannot let your license lapse. The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2022 Edition. For more information about our Privacy Policy, click here. The candidate must present a valid government-issued photo identification with signature along with a printout of his/her testing appointment confirmation email. In either case, per my RPD, the letter must have your institutions official letter head and should also be signed by your boss/RPD. What really ended up happening was I got barely into my study lectures and poof realized I was about a month out from my exam date. All the information you need to study for the exam is available on the vast world wide web. To maintain your certification, you need to either retake an exam or accumulate 100 hours of BCOP CE credit every 7 years (more on choosing between these below). *Of note, new as of January 1, 2022, programs accredited by the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board meet the qualifications. Refunds will not be issued for forfeited appointments. I was still learning the process and he was an experienced clinician so I took his advice to heart. They have also published infographics for a quick glance of recertification requirements for domestic and international pharmacists. Like I said before I saved the biostatistics/evidence based medicine/literature and regulatory content for last because I wanted it to be fresh in my memory for the exam. I believe the High Yield Med Review folks specifically recommend about a six month study window and I can definitely understand why they do. Pharmacotherapy Specialist Content Outline. But, it is obviously already typed out and may be nice to re-learn material presented in a different way, especially if biostats is not your thing and you want some extra help! For more information on specific terms and conditions, clickhere. This is where the majority of your fees will come from after you initially become certified. Check out their website for more information. In either case, per my RPD, the letter must have your institutions official letter head and should also be signed by your boss/RPD. Each of us is on our own professional journey so I can only speak to my experiences. This advice is theopinion of The Luxe Pharmacist and is not sponsored or endorsed by Board of Pharmacy Specialties, High Yield Med Reviews, MedEd101 or any other organization. I get asked this question quite a bit - is BCOP worth it? I am wondering because if I took my exam early in the cycle, would I be in the first rolling cycle? Plus, Im okay with a little testing anxiety in year 7 versus the ongoing task list of getting enough BCOP credits every year. You can leave comments about why the question was worded poorly or really anything that may help exam reviewers decide on grading of the exam, if questions should be thrown out, etc. I have used it as an additional descriptor of what I am capable of and what skills I bring to a position. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Which side note this is actually a really important point to highlight. This is helpful to know that the results will be released on a rolling basis. For candidates in need of technical support while taking their ProProctor Exam, please call 800-226-7958. BPS is an autonomous division of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), 2215 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20037-2985 | Phone 202-946-5026 | FAX 202-429-6304 | 2022 Board of Pharmacy Specialties. I see many posts over the years and in various threads asking when the Board of Pharmacy Specialties releases their exam results. Scheduling for LRP is now available forresidents of theU.S., Canada, and Australiaonly. If you are deciding which path is for you, you might want to first review the BPS recertification guide. I was in the job market in early 2020 and saw that BCOP was either required or strongly preferred for traditional oncology pharmacist roles. You must log in or register to reply here.

Here are factors to consider: The fee to take the initial exam is $600. You are using an out of date browser. By viewing this blog post you are agreeing to these conditions. 29-5 days prior to appointment: $60 fee collected by Prometric at time of transaction. I intended on giving myself about three months to study so that I could do a little bit each day and still enjoy summer and life post residency. Also, please refer to the Please review the, andidates may cancel or reschedule a Certification or Recertification exam up to five (5) calendar days prior to the scheduled examination appointment. HOPA also has other educational activities on their site you can review as individual topics. (I will include more information about the company and what they offer below). If you are considering LRP for your upcoming exam.

Cancel/Reschedule fees will be charged as follows: Please click on the following link to view the BPS withdrawal policy:, For all information concerning the BPS examination process please visit. There are 2 buckets of eligibility criteria. In oncology jobs I have held or pursued, BCOP is an expectation. I will be honest with you guys I did not study the way I intended to by any means. The different review packages for the BCPS exam are linked HERE. Use of the discount codes provided by The Luxe Pharmacist do result in commission. For BCOP, the initial exam pass rate for fall 2021 was 54% (down from 62% in spring 2021). Effective May 16, 2022, the cancellation/rescheduling policy for BPS exams has changed. To learn more about Dr. Bustis unique and extremely knowledge background you can listen to our, Some content is marked as optional these truly are optional and may be skipped prior to the exam if you do not have time to review them.

BPS recognizes that users may have concerns about privacy issues as they navigate the Internet. What really ended up happening was I got barely into my study lectures and poof realized I was about a month out from my exam date. My ELO Collaborative program is a structured way to prepare for the exam. , before you schedule your examination via LRP. They do offer the Regulatory Study Guide on its own for purchase which is perfect if you are studying how I did with HYMR! Of note, this path does NOT include our colleagues that complete other PGY2 programs. The podcast episode also has a lot of information on board exams themselves so that may be of interest to you!

I may be in non-traditional roles these days, but years of practice experience have taught me more than enough to have that minimum competence level. MedEd101 also makes a Biostatistics Study Guide that is great as well. I went through all clinical lectures on HYMR first, I compiled a master study to review off of later from these lectures (this is how I would always study in school and is how I learn best), When I was really crunched for time and had great topic discussions from residency on a certain subject I felt comfortable with I would skip the lecture, After I went through all clinical material I completed the biostats/EBM lectures, I compiled a master study guide for this too, I also made sure to take ALL practice questions they offered on this subject to make sure I had it down, I used the MedEd101 study guide to review regulatory information (more on MedEd101 below), This portion of the test is only about 10% so I saved this for last, Naplex study guide (utilized for acronyms and lists of drugs that ____), Biostats MedEd101 study guide (optional, see below), The biggest tip I can give you to having a good study plan is to. Address and name changes made after the mailing of certificates will result in a charge for a duplicate certificate. Distributing this material to others as your own is illegal due to copyright laws. Their lecture content is incredible, Dr. Busti has a huge passion for not just helping you pass a board exam but for truly helping you become a better clinical pharmacist and healthcare provider. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Thankfully, I didnt need to take BPS up on their flexible terms as I passed the spring exam but I think it says a lot about this organization and how they are willing to accommodate our profession in unique circumstances. When you apply to take the exam at the, Again I did not nail my study plan and I definitely ended up cramming a lot or at least it felt like it to me and I promise you cramming for an exam like this is zero percent fun. Yes, they are here to promote the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy but they also generate a lot of revenue from that endeavor. Become a donor at the Gold or Lifetime level for access to the Becoming a Student Doctor course! The ProProctor exam support line is available daily from 7 AM - 12:30 AM EDT. BPS staff will not process change requests. Go here: BPS Test Drive | Prometric. Do not forget to pay this fee! But if you are taking BCOP for the first time, I cant imagine curating the content yourself - there is just so much of it! To learn more about Dr. Bustis unique and extremely knowledge background you can listen to our BCPS 101 podcast episode! I thought I would make this as more of a "master thread" to help prevent people from having to call BPS to ask, and as a place for general discussion about test timing and getting results rather than exam prep. They also have some lectures and an eBook, although these are focused more on statistics.

Also, please refer to the Please review theProProctorUser Guidein preparation for your examination. If you are one of those people that collects BPS certifications, you are only assessed one maintenance fee per year, not one per certification - good news for all the overachievers! BPS posts certification and recertification results by specialty. HYMR offers great live study sessions that you should take advantage of. In the grand scheme of your professional development, not that expensive in my opinion. It is also important to add that even if you have never failed a clinical exam before and are generally a good test taker like I said I felt I was, if you fail this exam that doesnt make you a bad pharmacist by any means. Again Dr. Busti wants to make you a great clinical pharmacist not just help you pass a test. The candidates name as it appears on the confirmation email must match the candidates name as it appears on government issued photo identification. Each lecture can be watched a maximum of 5 times, 5 views is plenty but it is best to be aware of how many times you can view it! I have purchased this myself and was underwhelmed with the content and the platform. To keep it short and sweet this is how I studied: The biggest tip I can give you to having a good study plan is to simply give yourself enough time. Do you want to get a structured content plan and personalized support to take your oncology knowledge and career to the next level? The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) was created over 40 years ago and offers board certification for pharmacists in 14 specialties. You can purchase some of these separately (usually priced at $40/1 hr credit) but its less expense per credit hour to bundle them. I have created a personalized program that combines curated content, access to oncology pharmacy experts to ask questions, and practice cases and questions to support you on your oncology journey. HOPA also has many one-off programs listed on their website. We recommend visiting the Federal Trade Commission website for more information about general privacy issues. Once you pass the initial exam, youll need to maintain your certification. If you need support on your BCOP journey, I would love to be your guide!

When they hear the term board-certified it resonates as something they can wrap their head around. I would HIGHLY recommend setting up autopay and to give BPS your personal email account and not your employers account so you dont miss any notifications if you change jobs. If you are considering LRP for your upcoming exam,please be sure to review the Appendix Materials regarding Live Remote Proctoring at the end of theBPS Candidates Guide, before you schedule your examination via LRP. Years ago when I was fresh out of residency and newly minted as a BCOP, I received advice to recertify by exam. They also indicated they would make special registration windows for those that didnt pass the spring exam and needed to register for fall past the usual registration window. The best part? I first heard about them from several of my preceptors in residency who used it to pass their board exams in the past and now this past testing session, myself and two of my other preceptors (who also used HYM) all passed our exams! I am so excited to have the BCPS exam behind me and more thrilled of course that I passed! JavaScript is disabled. If youre a HOPA member, youre at $855 per recertification cycle with the review course and program bundle, not including their annual membership fees ($175/yr), and that doesnt even get you half of the way to 100 hours. You can do the practice questions in many different ways including by individual category or random selection. There is a clinical trial and research domain so presumably pharmacists in those area qualify. They dont specify it has to be direct patient care. I cant say it is an absolute must have because the content is very very similar to what you will find in the HYMR biostats lecture series!

The recertification exam taught me that experience holds a lot of weight. I personally used their 12 Month Premium Package. I used High Yield Med Reviews (HYMR) for the majority of my study material and I honestly cannot recommend them enough! High Yield Med Reviews offers a BCOP study package that has a question bank. Welcome to The Luxe Pharmacist (TLP)! If you fail, you can retake it again within a year for $300. Cancel/Reschedule fees will be charged as follows: BPS has announced the availability of Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) for2022 testing some restrictions apply. There are a few ways to get the remaining hours. Something to keep an eye on if youll head down the CE path. So read the outline and make your case! Additionally, they have a one-time 1 year extension you can take advantage of if you arent able to meet the requirements before the end of you expiration year. High Yield Med Reviews is truly an amazing company and resource for pharmacists.