Umbres says the crisis has also brought back echoes of Romania's own troubled history with Russia memories that remain deeply personal and deeply painful for many. Personnel from bases across Lincolnshire are currently in Romania as part of Nato efforts to reassure countries after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Subscribe now and start making agile business decisions. The French President also called for new in-depth discussions with Ukraine, without confirming if he would travel this week to Kyiv. Romanias own farm output is dwarfed by Ukraines, but it is one of the largest grain exporters in the European Union. Read about our approach to external linking. As we pass through various security checkpoints and wire fencing, our first glimpse of 3(F) Squadron is accompanied by the thunderous sound of two US Army Black Hawk helicopters lifting off in a furious cloud of dust. Unlimited news and objective analysis you can trust, company data and more. Croatian equity indices end mixed in higher turnover, Sofia bourse indices end in red, turnover nearly triples, Croatia's Medika cons net profit up 24% y/y in H1, Ljubljana stock exchange indices, trading turnover rise, N. Macedonia limits exports of wheat, flour. In Italy, water has been rationed in the farm-producing Po Valley after river levels dropped enough to reveal a barge that had sunk in World War II.

As we move around the air base, that is clear to see. CONSTANTA, Romania (AP) With Ukraines seaports blockaded or captured by Russian forces, neighboring Romanias Black Sea port of Constanta has emerged as a main conduit for the war-torn countrys grain exports amid a growing world food crisis. Russias invasion on Ukraine has had a ripple effect across the globe, adding to the. Radu Umbres, a professor of anthropology at the National School for Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest, says he was taken aback by his country's warm response to the refugees from Ukraine. During those early days, he says, "It was, I must say, traumatizing for both Ukrainians and us the authorities on this side. Covid-19 and related supply chain blockages had bumped up prices of fuel and fertilizer, while brutal dry spells and unseasonal floods had shrunk harvests. But in this case, even a rather small and not so affluent country as Romania has offered quite a lot of support for this, for these neighboring people.". If we want to help Ukraine now, we need to look for smaller investment to improve the infrastructure we already have., Comvexs Dolghin said the operator wants to help as much as possible, but added: We hope to see concrete action, not only statements in support of the port operators., An employee of the Romanian grain handling operator Comvex oversees the unloading of Ukrainian cereals from a barge in the Black Sea port of Constanta, Romania, Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Originally from Odesa, they have been living in a village near the border. Mr. Mircea grows barley, corn and wheat on 1,975 acres in Poarta Alba, about 150 miles from Prundu, near the southeastern tip of Romania and along the canal that links the Black Sea with the Danube River. Most of us don't clean our teeth in the right way, Why dark Japanese fairy tale Princess Mononoke was too much for Hollywood, Some street vendors say moonlight and dew are the magic ingredients. The 31-year-old is one of 200 RAF personnel taking part in a Nato mission to police skies across Eastern Europe in the face of Russian aggression. BBC Look North's Phillip Norton went to find out what life is like on deployment. hide caption. So this, again, helps empathizing with them.". Now, with Odesas port closed off, some Ukrainian exports are making their way through Constantas complex. They arrived in Romania alongside hundreds of others after a 20-minute ferry ride across the Danube River. "It's quite possible that many Ukrainians might end up staying in Romania for a long time, given the fact that the Romanian economy is doing rather well in the past few years," Umbres says. "I think the message is incredibly clear to Russia at the moment - that Nato is here, it's here en-masse and it's here ready and prepared.". Faisal Hawat in the medical tent set up at Gara de Nord railway station in Bucharest, Romania, where infrastructure has been put in place to welcome and assist refugees coming from Ukraine. With famine threatening millions, Europe is intent on finding alternatives to one of worlds biggest food exporters, whose landlocked crop is stranded by war. The throng of new arrivals entered the country wheeling large suitcases, pushing strollers and carrying pets across a bumpy metal ramp. Grain from Ukraine being unloaded from a train car in Constanta, a Romanian port on the Black Sea. BUCHAREST (Romania), May 23 (SeeNews) -The Russian invasion of Ukraine is expected to hit Romanias economy, as indirect effects of the conflict on certain industries could be sizeable, the European Commission said on Monday. There's a very international feel, with French, Italian and Canadian personnel also among those currently working towards the same common goal. There is enormous potential for further growth, he said, though it depends on more investment by farmers in irrigation systems, storage facilities and technology. "I'm very proud to serve. SeeNews is your complete guide to the emerging economies of Southeast Europe. Ioana Moldovan for NPR Romania's embrace of refugees from Ukraine, Umbres concedes, stands in stark contrast to how the nation responded during Europe's last major humanitarian crisis, when millions of migrants and refugees from across the Middle East and Africa sought safety on the continent, including in Romania. Is China really open to making up with Australia? We decided we had to leave.". As a relevant part of the solution to the food insecurity generated by Russia, Romania is actively involved in facilitating the transit of Ukraine exports and in serving as a hub for grain, to reach traditional markets in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia, he said. Constanta is bracing for backups at its port when the bulk of Romanias harvest starts arriving in the coming weeks. Later Wednesday, Macron will travel to Moldova for talks with President Maia Sandu in the capital Chisinau. Is religious tourism damaging India's fragile Himalayas? They dont have the infrastructure. In a hangar, sheltered from the scorching sun, the 27-year-old is working beside one of the Typhoon jets which has been brought in for maintenance. By Phillip NortonReporter, BBC Look North. Read about our approach to external linking. Investments like Mr. Corbeas in irrigation and technology are considered crucial for Romanias agricultural growth to reach its potential. Oil and gas prices, already up as a result of the pandemic, have continued to increase since the beginning of the conflict. "They're just hiding in undergrounds, just waiting for a proper moment," he says, speaking through an interpreter. That is why new transport routes must be considered and consolidated, said George Vulcanescu. His job as a mechanical engineer is to make sure the aircraft is always ready for action. Being able to see the fighting going on between Russia and Ukraine has certainly been eye-opening for us. While Romania has vocally embraced the ambitious goal of turning into a main hub for the export of agricultural products from Ukraine, economic experts and port operators in the country warn that it was much easier objective to set than to actually achieve. What's unclear is how large that number may ultimately grow the longer the war drags on. The couple, who declined to give their last names, came from a village near the ferry departure point in the southern Ukrainian village of Orlivka. But logistical problems prevent more grain from making the journey. Transportation infrastructure across the country and at its ports is neglected and outdated, slowing the transit of its own exports while also stymieing Romanias efforts to help Ukraine do an end run around Russian blockades. He bent down and picked up a fistful of dark, moist soil and caressed it. The 31-year-old from Lincoln says: "You can have an aircraft that may not be very well, it's completely ripped apart and then you're rebuilding it back together. They farm 12,355 acres or so, growing rapeseed, corn, wheat, sunflowers and soy as well as barley. Yellow-vested volunteers stand ready to field questions. The Royal Air Force plays a leading role not only in the defence of the UK but also supporting allies and alliances around the world. A farm in Prundu, Romania, which is one of the largest grain-exporting members of the European Union. You have 3 free articles left this month. After arriving in Romania, they became friends with another family of refugees, Dmytro Ishchuk and his 5-year-old daughter, Dana, from Kharkiv. hide caption. The price of nickel, another key Russian export, has also been rising. But during the busiest periods, my trucks are waiting two, three days just to enter the ports complex so they can unload, he said through a translator. That is one reason he is less sanguine than Mr. Corbea is about Romanias ability to take advantage of farming and export opportunities. hide caption. "We have this idea that developed, rich countries are the ones that help. The roots of Russia's invasion of Ukraine go back decades and run deep. "It definitely makes our job busier, but that's good, because it's always nice to be tested.". Romania has its own transit issues. Still, this Eastern European nation faces many challenges: Its farmers, while benefiting from higher prices, are dealing with spiraling costs of diesel, pesticides and fertilizer. Other alternatives include road and rail shipments across Ukraines western border into Poland and its Baltic Sea ports. The trees and splashes of red-and-pink rose bushes that line every street were planted by and are cared for by Mr. Corbea and his workers. "We had refugees from Iraq, from Afghanistan, from Syria, and the general experience was that they were not welcomed," he says. "Beyond the reforms and investments in the RRP, Romania would benefit from putting an end to the excessive deficit situation by 2024 at the latest, by means of a budgetary consolidation with the objective to secure a lasting correction on the excessive deficit, while being geared towards enhancing the quality of the public finances and reinforcing the growth potential of the economy," the EC added. Warrant Officer Andy Camm, who is based at RAF Cranwell, has three daughters in the UK. Ukrainian refugees Sofia Kotlyarova, 11, from Kyiv, and her grandmother, Lydia Melnik, sit in one of the waiting rooms at Gara de Nord railway station. Ioana Moldovan for NPR Shipments have to be transferred at the border to Romanian trains, or each railway car has to be lifted off a Ukrainian undercarriage and wheels to one that can be used on Romanian tracks. He has been mayor of this town of 3,500 for 14 years and waves to every passing car and pedestrian, including his mother, who is standing in front of her house as he cruises by. Across Romania, yields are not expected to match the record grain production of 29 million metric tons from 2021, but the crop outlook is still good, with plenty available to export. Mr. Mirceas farm is less than a 30-minute drive from Constanta. With famine stalking Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia, a frenetic scramble for new suppliers and alternate shipping routes is underway. But with 20 times that amount still blocked in Ukraine and the summer harvest season fast approaching in Romania itself and other countries that use Constanta for their exports, Dolghin said its likely the pace of Ukrainian grain shipping through his port will slow. Russia has targeted export routes, according to Britains defense ministry. hide caption. "The image that we have of ourselves is that in general, we're not especially generous towards foreigners in particular," he says. Uber Files gives new impetus to discussions on platform workers directive, Canada to return Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany in blow to Ukraine, Ukraine's richest man agrees to hand over media empire, Rome fires mount pressure to diffuse ecological bomb, Shell on cusp of Albanian discovery that could change Europes energy future, Rama says, Russia shuts down terminal after Kazakhstan offers to send more oil to the EU, Germany hotspot for hosting child porn as Berlin wrestles with Commission over privacy, Italys COVID surge is real reason for concern, says health foundation, Ukraine cries foul as Canada sends Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany, Lavrov storms out of G20 talks as West presses Moscow on Ukraine, Terminal: inside Europes summer airport chaos, From Romania, Macron airs messages to Russia, Ukraine. Last year the port handled 67.5 million tons of cargo, more than a third of it grain. "To be honest about the matter, it's clear that the empathy that Romanians felt for Ukrainian refugees comes from a certain amount of shared cultural heritage," he says. Ukraines rail gauges are wider than those elsewhere in Europe. The solutions discussed in Kyiv, Iohannis said, included speeding up Danube barge shipments, increasing the speed of their unloading at Romanian ports, new border crossings for trucks with Ukrainian grain and reopening a decommissioned railway linking Romania with Ukraine and Moldova. Dmytro Ishchuk, Dana's father, says they can't find a way to get her out of the city. Truck traffic in Ukraine has been slowed by backups at border crossings sometimes lasting days along with gas shortages and damaged roadways. It's hard to comprehend the level of responsibility resting on the shoulders of Flt Lt Lewis Travers - one wrong move at the controls of his fully-armed Typhoon jet could have major international consequences. Mr. Corbea, a farmer for nearly three decades, has rarely been through a season like this one. Profits have increased, you cannot imagine, the biggest ever, said Ghita Pinca, general manager at Agricover, an agribusiness company in Romania. During a visit to Kyiv last week, Romanias president, Klaus Iohannis, said that since the beginning of the invasion more than a million tons of Ukrainian grain had passed through Constanta to locations around the world. But after their neighborhood was bombed, says Sofia's mother, Ira, they decided it was time to evacuate. This enabled the port over the past four months to ship close to a million tons of Ukrainian grain, most of it arriving by barge down the Danube River. hide caption.

"There's always been Russian activity in this area, but the levels of activity are higher. This is perfect land, he said. While British air crews have been carrying out air policing deployments here since 2017, at the request of the Romanian government and as part of UK Nato commitments, Vladimir Putin's invasion of neighbouring Ukraine in February changed everything. The political context and the decisions that the European Union and several nations will have to take justify new in-depth discussions and new progress.. 1999 - 2022 | Efficacit et Transparence des Acteurs Europens. In many ways, Romania is well positioned. "The area we routinely operate in is not at all far from Snake Island. Stopping at the edge of a vast field of barley on his farm in Prundu, 30 miles outside Romanias capital city of Bucharest, Catalin Corbea pinched off a spiky flowered head from a stalk, rolled it between his hands, and then popped a seed in his mouth and bit down. The sharpening of the confrontation has also forced countries in Europe and elsewhereto rethink their reliance on Russian energyand seek alternative sources.

We've had times where our Quick Reaction Alert has launched up to three times in one day. "What we focus on primarily is being utterly professional in the way we conduct ourselves - to ensure there's no risk of misunderstanding or miscalculation," he calmly explains. For many of the more than 690,000 Ukrainians who have passed through Romania, the port city of Isaccea is the final stop on a difficult journey. The EC said that lowering the fiscal deficit below 3% by 2024, in line with the June 2021 Council recommendation, will remain a challenge without corrective measures, even though the deficit is projected to decline somewhat by 2023 due to growth recovery and increased revenue collection, supported by the RRF. Macron arrived in Romania on Tuesday for a three-day trip to NATOs southern flank including Moldova before possibly heading to Kyiv on Thursday on a visit with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, two diplomatic sources said. No single operator can invest in infrastructure that will become redundant once the war ends, he added. Macron will pledge Frances support in the most direct way possible to the former Soviet republic wedged between Romania and Ukraine. "But we are so, so grateful. The fallout from the war has hobbled efforts by major economiesto recover from the pandemic, injecting new uncertainty and undermining economic confidence around the world. In November, the EC said no additional measures need to be taken within the excessive deficit procedure (EDP) for Romania for the time being but it will reassess the situation once the new government presents the 2022 budget and a medium-term fiscal strategy. Some important Romanian industries, such as automotive, machineries and construction are particularly vulnerable to energy imports, energy price movements and raw material needs, the European Commission (EC) said in its country-specific recommendations on Romania which are part of the European Semester Spring 2022 Package. Sofia Kotlyarova, an 11-year-old singer and actor from Kyiv, is at the station with her mother and grandmother after her family spent more than a month volunteering in the Ukrainian capital. Some smaller farmers like Mircea Chipaila have had a tougher time. "My kids have had to go and live with their nan for an extended period and they've had some difficulty adapting, probably more so than me because I've been so busy. "Outside of their missions there's a very cohesive group," says Col Kendrick Traylor. Typhoon jets and RAF troops deployed to Black Sea, Boston man jailed for assaulting pregnant ex-partner twice in one day following row over abortion, Man released without charge after reports of attempted child abduction in Skegness, Health chiefs urged to 'keep promise' on surgery pledge. The thought of travel encouraged AS1 Chelsie Piddington from Okehampton, Devon, to join as an RAF reservist. About 200 miles southwest of Isaccea, Romania's biggest train station, located in the capital of Bucharest, has transformed into another central hub for Ukrainians fleeing the war. "Ukrainians are very similar to Romanians in many ways. High-speed rail is rare, and the country lacks an extensive highway system. An abandoned storefront now houses refrigerators of food prepared by World Central Kitchen one of the American-based NGO's 42 distribution sites in Romania providing hot meals to refugees. Russias economy faces slowdown. Efforts to lift the Russian blockade have got nowhere, up to 181 million people in 41 countries could face food crisis or worse levels of hunger this year, visit to Kyiv with the leaders of France, Germany and Italy. Almost every corner of the Gara de Nord station is being used to assist refugees. Macron had dinner with French soldiers on the Mihail Kogalniceanu base near the Black Sea and decided to spend the night in a tent instead of a hotel, according to his lyse office. hide caption. Last year, it sent 60 percent of its wheat abroad, mostly to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Even before the war, though, the global food system was under stress. Sasha and Eugenia had just crossed into Romania from Ukraine, carrying their 2-year old son and heavy duffle bags as they walked through a ferry checkpoint. Another 10 days to two weeks, he said, explaining how much time was needed before the crop was ready for harvest. That's going to be etched in my memory forever.". Western leaders, meanwhile, have accused Russia of weaponizing global food supplieswith its blockade of Ukrainian grain. The costs of diesel, pesticides and fertilizer have doubled or tripled, but, at least for now, the prices that Mr. Corbea said he had been able to get for his grain had more than offset those increases. Ioana Moldovan for NPR

"We're providing an airborne deterrence - working alongside our Nato partners, making sure that we as an organisation are very, very strong, prepared and act as required," says Wing Cdr Dutch Holland, the 45-year-old in charge of the whole operation. Because of the war, there are opportunities for Romanian farmers this year, Mr. Corbea said through a translator. In the area sheltering women and children, 5-year-old Dana, who's traveling with her parents, happened to be in Sri Lanka when Russia invaded Ukraine. Overseeing the fitting of the spare parts is Sgt Mike Bevan's job, who was brought up in an air force family. Vulcanescu said a combination of fast and minimal, not maximal investment is needed. ", The ferry ride carrying Ukrainian refugees crossing the Danube into Romania takes about 20 minutes.

In June, the Council adopted a recommendation with a view to bringing an end to the situation of an excessive government deficit in Romania by 2024 at the latest. Ioana Moldovan for NPR But he doesn't see such a moment in the near future. Belgian NATO troops stand in line while being reviewed by French President Emmanuel Macron at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, near the city of Constanta, Romania, 15 June 2022. Many of these people, he says, are struggling with insomnia and anxiety. The farm is a family affair, involving Mr. Corbeas two sons and his brother. hide caption. Its Romanias biggest port, home to Europes fastest-loading grain terminal, and has processed nearly a million tons of grain from Ukraine one of the worlds biggest exporters of wheat and corn since the Feb. 24 invasion. As the summer harvest in Romania gathers momentum, all port operators will turn to Romanian cereals, he warned. "So many people have personal histories in which their ancestors have been, in one way or another, hurt by the Russian power, by this kind of authoritarian state. But her teenage sister is stuck in Kharkiv, one of Ukraine's hardest-hit cities. The invasion of Ukraine has also unleashed a wave of protectionismas governments, desperate to secure goods for their citizens amid shortages and rising prices, erect new barriers to stop exports. ", Zomi Frankcom, World Central Kitchen's operations manager and Romania country lead, together with colleagues and volunteers, stacks meals at Gara de Nord railway station in Bucharest on Wednesday. But the thought of missing out on life back home is never far away.

Normally a major grain and trade hub, the port connects landlocked central and southeastern European countries like Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldava and Austria with central and East Asia and the Caucasus region. Send your story ideas to [emailprotected]. However, he added, port operators need financial support from Romanian authorities, but the funding should come from the European Union.. The conflict has caused dizzying spikes in gas pricesand product shortages, and has pushed Europe to reconsider its reliance on Russian energy sources.